2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语真题答案 Section I Use of English
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Section II Reading Comprehension Part A
  31.B Part B
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  42. F
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  44. G
  45. A
  24. A
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Part C Translation
  46.科学家们赶紧拿出某些明显站不住脚的证据前来救驾,大致说的是如果鸟儿不能控 科学家们赶紧拿出某些明显站不住脚的证据前来救驾, 科学家们赶紧拿出某些明显站不住脚的证据前来救驾 制害虫的话,害虫就会把我们吃掉。 制害虫的话,害虫就会把我们吃掉。
  47.但是我们至少已经几乎承认了这样一种观点:那就是鸟儿的生存是它们的固有权 但是我们至少已经几乎承认了这样一种观点: 但是我们至少已经几乎承认了这样一种观点 利,不管它对我们是否有经济利益。 不管它对我们是否有经济利益。
  48.曾几何时,生物学家总是重述以下的这条证据:这些生物是为了维持食物链的正常 曾几何时,生物学家总是重述以下的这条证据: 曾几何时 运行去捕食弱小的生物或“没有价值的物种 。 运行去捕食弱小的生物或 没有价值的物种”。 没有价值的物种
  49.在生态林业较为先进的欧洲,没有成为商业化对象的树种被视为原始森林群落的成 在生态林业较为先进的欧洲, 在生态林业较为先进的欧洲 员适当地加以保护。 员适当地加以保护。
  50.他容易忽视并最终消灭很多缺乏商业价值的物种,然而这些物种对于整个生物群落 他容易忽视并最终消灭很多缺乏商业价值的物种, 他容易忽视并最终消灭很多缺乏商业价值的物种 的健康运行是至关重要的。 的健康运行是至关重要的。 Section III Writing
  51.小作文 小作文
以研究生会的名义写一封通知,通知的内容是为全球一体化的国际会议招募志愿者, 以研究生会的名义写一封通知,通知的内容是为全球一体化的国际会议招募志愿者, 这个通知必须包括申请者的基本职位要求及你认为相关的其他信息。 个字左右, 这个通知必须包括申请者的基本职位要求及你认为相关的其他信息。写 100 个字左右,不 要在通知末尾写你自己的名字, 代替。 要在通知末尾写你自己的名字,用“Postgraduates’Association”代替。 代替 参考范文一: 参考范文一: Notice Volunteers for the International Conference of Global Integration are wanted. Anyone who is in good command of English and experienced in cross-cultural communication are expected to take part in this activity. The major task for this position are as follows: to begin with, to propaganda the theme of globalization to people all over the world; in addition, to provide E-C interpretation service to those representatives of the international conference, aiming at facilitating the process of the meeting; at last, you should be strictly available according to the time schedule of the conference. Those who are interested in this post are cordially welcome! Postgraduates’ Association 参考范文二: 参考范文二: Notice Twenty volunteers for the International Conference of Global Integration are wanted among the students in our school. The positions recruited include receptionist, conference guider, transportation guider and English interpreter. The volunteers are requested to speak fluent English and are expected to be active, open-minded and conscientious. The Conference falls on September 23 at China Institute of International Studies, and all the volunteers will be trained for 5 days before the conference and provided with free transportation and meal. For those who are interested in taking part in the activity, please send your resume to the email address: postgraduates@zju.cn before September
  1. Postgraduates’ Association 参考范文三: 参考范文三: Announcement Postgraduates’ Association is recently looking for Volunteers for the International Conference of Global Integration. Applicants should be currently studying at the university, and should preferably have the experience of being a part-time volunteer in several international events。 。
The successful applicant will be expected to propaganda the theme of globalization in the city and on campus. The position will commence at the end of May and will last through to the end of August. Fair pay for the position is available and will be based on your experience。 。 If you are interested, please send your resume to the following email: postgraduates@zju.cn before September 1st。 。 Postgraduates’ Association
  52.大作文 大作文 根据下图写一篇 160~200 个单词的文章

  1. 解释它要表达的意思
  2. 简单描述这幅图
  3. 给出你的评论 注:火锅里的文字有:佛、功夫、解构、礼、毕?、儒、后现代、老舍、莎士比亚、 火锅里的文字有: 功夫、解构、 毕?、 后现代、老舍、莎士比亚、 爱因斯坦、 爱因斯坦、道、仁、天鹅湖、启蒙、京剧等 天鹅湖、启蒙、 参考范文: 参考范文: The enlightening picture portrays that a hot pot, with numerous ingredients in it, includes such domestic and alien cultures as literature, moral values and performing arts. It seems that the hot pot tastes very delicious because of the rich nutrition of the multi-cultures。 。 Obviously, the picture characterizes the status quo of Chinese society in which Chinese and Western culture conflict with each other but also merge into a unique form to a certain degree. Since China has opened its door widely to the outside world, many people from different countries have been deeply fascinated by Chinese culture. They will accept and love the Chinese culture as a whole. In addition, Chinese culture should be well shared with foreign people, who have shown their enthusiasm towards China. Meanwhile, the Chinese people are also exposed to foreign cultures when more foreign people come to this oriental country. In this way people from various nations in the world will be able to acquire better understanding of each other and live peacefully in this world。 。
In my opinion, the culture of any nation is a kind of precious heritage, and belongs to the whole mankind. With economic globalization, the blending of different cultures has become inevitable trend of the time. No country is an isolated island, be it China or the western world. The clearer we grasp the current situation, the more it would be beneficial to the global villagers。 。



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