2010 年全国中考英语真题汇编 (六)补全对话 【江苏?宿迁】补全对话 补全对话 A) 阅读下面对话,从方框内 7 个选项中选择 5 个恰当的选项完成此对话,使其意思完整。 (D=Daniel; L=Linda) D: Hello, Linda. Nice to meet you. L: Hello, Daniel.
  66. D: You see, summer holiday is coming.
  67. L: I’m going to travel to the Shanghai Expo Garden. D:
  68. By the way, will you go there alone? L:
  69. My cousin will go with me. D:
  70. L: We’ll start on July
  8. D: I think you will enjoy yourselves there. A. How do you do? B. It’s a good place to travel. C. What’s your plan for it? D. When will you go? E. No, I won’t. G. I’ll go there by train. F. Nice to meet you, too. B) 根据情景,把下面对话内容补充完整,使其意思连贯。 (P=Peter, an exchange student from the UK; W=Wang Tao, Peter’s classmate) W: Hi, Peter. Shall we play football after school? P:
  71. But I would like to try something new. W: Oh, what’s that? P: Table tennis.
  72. W: Yes, we play it a lot. Can you play it? P: No, I can’t. I tried, but
  73. W: Well, never mind. You can play football very well. P:
  74. for saying so, but you must teach me how to play table tennis. W: No problem.
  75. P: Great. Every Friday after school. 答案:
  71. Good idea. /Yes, I’d like(love) to./That sounds nice./…
  72. Do you often play it?/I find table tennis is very popular here./People here like table tennis very much./ …
  73. I failed./I still can’t play it well./it is(was) difficult for me./I find it (is/was) difficult./I find it hard to play./ …
  74. Thank you/Thanks/Thanks a lot
  75. Let’s practise every Friday after school./Let’s play together every Friday after school./I’ll teach you every Friday after school./Why not play it every Friday after school./Shall we play it every Friday after school?/What (How) about (playing it) every Friday after school?/… 【山东?滨州】根据对话内容,从方框内选择恰当的句子,并将其字母标号填入对话相应的空白处,使对话完整,合乎 情景。 (有两个多余选项) Jack: Was the concert good? Sadie: (
  96) Jack: Why are you angry then? (
  97) Sadie: Well, after the concert I waited outside the theatre?in the rain. I wanted their autographs. Jack: Did you see them? Sadie: (
  98) Jack: Did they talk to you?
Sadie: No, they didn’t. They didn’t wave. They didn’t smile. They didn’t say hello. (
  99) They just jumped into a big, black car and then disappeared. Jack: (1
  00) Sadie: Yes. But that was yesterday. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. They didn’t even look at us. No. You love them as before. Yes, it was great! What’s the matter? Were they friendly to you? You once loved them so much. Yes, I did.
【山东?菏泽】情景交际 阅读 下面对话, 从方框中选择五个最适当的句子完成对话。 Jack: Hi, Steve!
Steve: (
  76) , Jack. How is it going? Jack: Great! (
Steve: I’m not feeling well. Jack: Yeah? (
Steve: Oh, I have an important English test tomorrow. Jack: Well, (
Steve: Yeah, a little. Jack: Come on. Let’s go to play basketball.
Steve: Ok, (
  80). 请将选项的代号填入下面对应的横线上:
  80. 答案:AGBDF 【四川?巴中】从对话后方框内的选项中选择适当的选项补全对话,并将其字母标号填入题后相应的横线上。 A: Good morning, Sue. Did you enjoy your holiday in the country? And some friends went with us. B: 86 A: 87 B: In a hotel. And we could enjoy the beautiful scenery from the window. A: Sounds goood. 88 B: The sun shone nearly every day and it didn’t rain at all. A: 89 B: Yes,they were great. We met some farmers and had some food in their houses. 90 Did you have a good weekend? A: Yes,but I didn’t do much. I just stayed at home. A.What was the weather like? B.Where did you stay? C.How about you? D.Yes,we had a great time. E.Did you like the people there?
  90. 【四川?巴中】A: Hello, Sally! Congratulations to you for winning the first prize in the speech contest! B: 91 A: You used to be shy when you talked to others. Why did you take part in the speech contest?
B: Yeah, I used to be shy. And my mother was really worried about it. She told me I must have confidence in everything. She encouraged me to do that. A: 92 B: I practiced the speech every day. In order to make it good, I had practiced it hundreds of times. A: 93 B: I got excited and couldn’t help crying when I won the prize,but at first I could hardly believe I was the winner. A: 94 B: Yes, it changed me a lot. And it made me feel confident. I’m very thankful to all the people who helped me. A: Thanks for answering my questions. B: 95 A.How could you do such a good job? B.How did you feel when you won the prize? C.Thank you. D.You’re welcome. E.Did it change you?
  95. 【四川?眉山】阅读下面对话,从方框内 7 个选项中选择 5 个恰当的句子完成此对话,并将其番号填入题前括号内。 A. I’ve gone to a paper factory. B. That would be fine. C. That’s terrible! D. Yes, of course. E. Good idea! F. The river has become very dirty. G. I’ve been to a paper factory. A: Where have you been, Fang Li ? I called you, but you weren’t in your office. B: __66__ A: What did you do there? B: I found out that the factory was pouring waste water into the river near it. __67__. Lots of fish have died. A: __68__. B: Do you think “Greener China” can do something? A: __69__ . We can write a story about it to the TV station and the newspaper. B: __70__ . Businessmen are afraid of newspapers and TV stations.
  70. 【四川?巴中】根据 A 句完成 B 句,使其意思相同或相近,每空填写一词。
  96.A: What do you think of the movie Avatar( 《阿凡达》 )? B: do you the movie Avatar?
  97.A: He liked chocolate, and he liked biscuits,too. B: he likedchocolate biscuits.
  98.A: I hope I can forget all my problems. B: I hope all my problems.
  99.A: I will fail the exam without your help. B: If you help me, I won’t the exam. 1
  00.A: In her eyes, the cute dog is her best friend. B: Shethe cute dogher best friend.
初中英语中考二轮专项训练(八 初中英语中考二轮专项训练 八) 补全对话
学习日常交际用语的目的是,培养同学们具备与讲英语的人士进行口头交际的能力,要正确掌握谈话的对象和场 所,使用得体的语言。因此,首先要求同学们能听懂别人所讲的日常交际用语,并做出正确应答,同学们不仅要能听 懂,还要知道在什么时候,什么地方,用什么方式,对什么人给予适当的应答。在复习日常交际用语时,首先应熟记 常用的交际用语。其次要能灵活运用它们进行简单的交谈。考查重点为在生活实际中应用广泛的六种情景。如打电话、 问路、购物、看病、就餐和谈论天气时所使用的语言。 目前,由于口语考试受到一些客观条件的限制,以补全对话形式来间接考查同学们对交际英语的掌握情况。这种 形式尽管效度不高,也不失为口语考试的一种替代性的过渡形式。 测试题型一般有:问答选择、排列句子的顺序和补全对话等,做此类题首先应确定是哪方面的话题。如:打电话, 然后想一想, 有关这种话题的开头句和结尾句。 如打电话通常以 Hello! May 1 speak to Lucy, please?或 Hello! Is that Lucy speaking? 买东西,通常以 Can l help you?或 What can l do for you?开头。 做情景交际题还应注意上下文的联系,特别是对话的形式,一定要注意,根据答语选问句,或根据问句选答语。 上下一定要紧密联系,不管是哪种题型,做完后都应通读对话,看是否符合逻辑,语言是否流畅. 例题: A: Excuse me. A: 2 B:OK. 1 B: Yes, and you are ...... This is my certificate(证件). Would you please show we your passport(护照)? 3
A: Welcome to Beijing, Miss White. I'm so glad that the first one I meet is my guest. B: Thank you, Miss Chen. 4 5
A: Let me help you with the luggage(行李). Our car is waiting for you just at the entrance. B: Thank you very much. A: It's a pleasure. A. I'm a tour guide(导游) from Beijing China Travel Service. B. Here you are. C. I'm from New York. I'm a tourist(旅游者). D. Are you Miss White from New York? E. It's very kind of you. F. I'm so lucky I could meet my guide as soon as I got off the plane. G. It will take us right to the hotel. 解析:
本篇对话讲述了来自纽约的怀特小姐在机场上受到导游的热情接待。完成这篇对话时,应先把对话浏览一下,抓 住文中人物分别干什么等主要内容,再通过上下文找出答案。
  1.[D]通过阅读全文可得知 A 为导游,去机场接人,那么首先得问“Are you…”?
  2.[A] -I'm a tour guide…”这是进行自我介绍,根据上文可知。
  3.[B]根据上文“show me your passport"可知填 Here you are .
  4.[F]根据上文选 F 而不能选 E.因为上文说“我很高兴我碰到的第一个就是我要接待的人,”而怀特小姐回答“我也 很幸运我一下飞机就遇见了我的导游”。
  5.[G]根据上文 Our car is waiting..”,那么后一句话就应为“It will take you …” .
一、选择恰当的句子,补全对话。? 选择恰当的句子,补全对话。 (A) A.Fine,thanks.And you? B.It's about today's homework. C.You're welcome.Bye. D.Could I speak to Sandy,please? E.Very well,thank you. F.Yeah, I forget it.Could you tell me what Miss Gao asked us to do? A:Hello! B:Hello! 1 A:Speaking! B:Hi! Sandy,how are you? A: 2 B:I'm fine,too. A:What can I do for you? B: 3 A:Homework? B: 4 A:OK.She asked us to do Exercise 3 on Page
  90. B:Thank you,Sandy. A: 5 . (B) A.Who's broken it? B.That's great! C.I'm afraid he can't. D.What's the matter? E.He's good at mending tables and chairs. Sam: Don't sit on the chair! Alice: 1 Sam:Look!One of its legs is broken.It's dangerous to sit on it. Alice:Thank you for telling me. 2 Sam:I don't know. Alice:Let's tell our teacher about it.Maybe he can mend it. Sam: 3 But I can mend it myself. Alice:Yourself? Have you learned to mend a chair? Sam:Yes. My father is a worker. 4 And he's taught me how to do that. Alice: 5 May I help you with it? Sam: Certainly. Let's begin. (C) A.So I'll call the police. B.What can I do for you? C.Are you all right? D.Who is it? E.My phone is broken. (There's a knock on Mrs. Gold's door.) Mrs.Gold: 1 Mr.Smith:John Smith. I live on the top floor. Mrs.Gold: (opening the door) Come in. I'm Mrs.Gold.I saw you move in the other day.2
G.It doesn't matter.Bye.
Mr.Smith:Can I use your
phone,please? 3 They said they would connect my phone today,but they didn't.I just moved in this week. Mrs.Gold:I know.OK.The phone's over there. Mr.Smith:I was on the roof just now,and…and I… Mrs.Gold:John.You don't look well. 4 Mr. Smith: Yes,I'm all right,thanks.I was on the roof just now and…and I saw a dead body lying there in the corner. Mrs.Gold:A dead body on our roof? How terrible! Mr.Smith:Yes,it is! 5 Mrs.Gold:All right.I'm sure that they will arrive soon,John.
(D) A.Do you have a name for the dog? B.Last night in my home. C.And it looks like a fox. D.I know I can help you. E.What can I do for you,Madam? F.What does your dog like to do? G.What's your dog like? W=Woman P=Policeman W:Good morning,sir. Could you help me,please? P:Sure. 1 W:Somebody has stolen my dog. P:When did this happen? W: 2 P:Did you see the thief? W:Not clearly.I was sleeping when I heard something. P: 3 W:It's small,but lovely.It's brown. 4 because it has small ears and a big tail. P:I see. 5 W:Yes. Its name is Huanhuan. P:OK.I'll let you know when we get some information about your dog. W:Thank you,sir.
(E) A.Shall we go and watch it together? B.That's great. C.I don't know. D.We are sure to beat them. E.They are a rather strong team. F.We will win the team. G.But I hear there is going to be a football match in our school. A:What are you going to do this afternoon? B:I haven't decided. 1 A:Yes. Are you going to watch it? Jack and Tom are both on our school team. B: 2 But do you know who they are going to play against? A:No. 6 Middle School.
B:Really? It isn't easy to win the match. 3 A:But our team is even stronger. 4 B:It seems a very good match. A:I think so. 5 B:OK.Well,I'll wait for you at 4 o'clock in front of the classroom.
(F) A.How could it be made in your home? B.It doesn't work. C.When did you get it? D.I know nothing about computer. E.I haven't checked my e-mails today. F.How long did it take you to make it? G.My father wants to buy a new one for me. Laura:Hi,Rose!I've sent you an e-mail. Have you got it? Rose:Sorry, I haven't



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