2010 年市委党校英语水平测试
  1. What they are after is profit? 利润
  2. Why the left the country is a secret.
  3. That she’s still alive is sheer luck. 侥幸
  4. The travelers who/that knew about the floods took another road.
  5. Come any time when you like.
  6. Johnny is the only boy who/that is not six feet tall.
  7. Ann examined the apples one by one and threw away those which/that were spoiled.
  8. Smith was one of those old men who/that always seem in fine health.
  9. You should eat a good breakfast which/that gives you lots of energy and keeps you from getting hungry again too quickly.
  10. I thought of the days when I studied English in middle school.
  11. We are going to visit the park which/that is just around the corner.
  12. Is there s shop around where we can get fruit?
  13. The woman who/that is standing there is my mother.
  14. When John arrived, I was cooking lunch.
  15. Through air is light ,it has weight.
  16. As long as you try ,you will succeed.
  17. It is difficult to have where there is no water.

  18. No matter what you say ,I won’t agree with you.
  19. Although/Though he is over 60,he keeps going swimming in winter.
  20. Some children can play the piano very well as if/as though they have a natural ear for music.
  21. He is very healthy, as are his brothers.
  22. The work is not so easy as we expected.
  23. She does not solve the problem the way her sister does.
  24. As the weather was fine , we decided to go outing.
  25. As he can get no help, he has to do it himself.
  26. She was so angry that left the room without a word.
  27. The film was so boring that I gave it up after a few minutes.
  28. As it is snowing, the buses have to go very slowly.
  29. She advised me to take a taxi so that I might be in time for the graduation

  30. I got there as fast as I could.
  31. As is known, the earth is round.
  32. One of her students who knows she likes the old things sent her the pipe, which used to belong to his grandfather.
  33. People gathered at the Town Hall expecting to see the famous sports star, whose performance in the Olympic Games was a hot topic in the town.
  34. I may have to work late, in which case I’ll call you.
  35. The New Year Concert was well-accepted by the students, whose majors ranged from electronics to management.
36 . We knew an old couple, whose garden was one of the largest in the village.
  37. Both players, neither of whom reached the final, played well.
  38.He is too young to travel alone.
  39. I don’t know him well enough to ask him for help.
  40. Many of the most intensively advertised products are those which people buy every day or every week.
  41. There are few developed countries in Asia. Most of the Asian countries are developing countries.
  42. The teachers visiting the USA will come back next week.
  43. The man chairing the meeting is his father.
  44. Goods associated with Christmas become best-sellers at this time.
  45. The audience sitting in the hall felt excited when they watched the show.
  46. The students were laughing and shouting when they saw the teacher come in. Then they stopped to read books.
  47. Mary regrets not helping her brothers and sisters finish their university study.
  48. I’ll never forget finding that rare old coin in my garden that day.
  49. I tried to persuade her to attend adult college again and again but she didn’t agree.
  50. I remembered posting your application letter on the way to my office yesterday.
  51. If I had remembered to close the window, the thief would have got in.
  52. He didn’t have the courage to put his hat on with Philip watching him.
  53. We left the classroom with the door closed behind.
  54. After the Arab states won independence, great emphasis was laid on education
expansion, with girls as well as boys encouraged to go to school.
  55. All flights having been cancelled because of the bad weather, many passengers had no choice but to wait at the airport.
  56. Every country having different cultural background, overseas students should pay attention to studying problems by cultural differences.
  57. The city has a population of over 30 million, most of them living in the countryside.
  58. The student has a problem getting used to the new environment. Have a problem (in) getting the student used to the new environment.
  59. Christmas Day is (the)greatest of the Christian festivals.
  60. He is good at taking advantage of opportunities.
  61. This custom has been passed down from generation to generation.
  62. Most of the time Americans accepted gifts that people give to them.
  63. They don’t want their other employees to think that they have favorites among the employees.
  64. In addition, banks try to make using money easier with electronic machines.
  65. It is very difficult to get into the vault of a bank.
  66. I took no notice of him, so that he was very angry.

  67. The are more friendly than my other neighbors.
  68. She makes fewer mistakes than you do.
  69. This is the better of the two.
  70. The earlier you star, the sooner you’ll be back.
  71. The sea was less smooth than I had hope.
The sea was not as/so smooth as I had hope. The sea was rougher than I had hope.
  72. She is less proud than her sister. She is not as/so proud as her sister. She is humbler than her sister. 谦虚的
  73. A cigarette is less strong than a cigar. A cigarette is not as/so strong as a cigar. A cigarette is milder than a cigar.
  74. Nanjing is one of the hottest cities in China.
  75. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.
  76. John runs (the) fastest in his school.
  77. It became by far (the) most widely used code because it was the easiest to understand and the fastest to transmit.
  78. I’ve just had the most interesting evening of my life!
  79. Had it not been for his help, we could not have succeeded.
  80. Were there no friction, we could not stop a car.
  81. Mary doesn’t want to get g job right away because she thinks that if she were to get a job, she probably wouldn’t be able to see her friends very often.
  82. In the absence of memory, man would/could not learn from experience.
  83. Every one was given the order that no one (should) be let into the building.
  84. It important to learn English.
  85. It takes us three hours to go there by bus.

  86. It’s fun to collect stamps.
  87. I don’t think it worthwhile typing the letter again.
  88. People think it easier to start a conversation with others by talking about the weather.
  89.Scarcely had I finished speaking when James jumped to his feet.
  90. Never before have I heard such a lot of nonsense.
  91. Not only did they spend all my money, they also wasted a good deal of my time.
  92. So did I spend the whole evening watching television.
  93. The industry of this area rapidly expanding.
  94. She is willing to pay the price he asked.
  95. He doesn’t like to share the hotel bedroom with stranger.
  96. The researchers are more and more concerned about the environmental pollution.
  97. Most teachers favored bright students.
  98. Exercise, fresh air and sleep are essential for one’s health.
  99. She is giving me English lessons in exchange for Chinese lessons. 1
  00. The crop was greatly affected by the flood. 1
  01. There were no tickets available for today’s film. 1
  02. Nanjing today is no longer the Nanjing of the past. 1
  03. The poor husband is fed up with his wife nagging. 1
  04. In manufacturing, cheaper materials are constantly being substituted for the more expensive.
  05. Here is the menu. You can take your time to order. 1
  06. John has been used to the eating habits of the local people. 1
  07. The fire had consumed that the forest away before it was stopped. 1
  08. You’d better have your tooth pulled out. 1
  09. The mother got a good job on the farm, which provided extra income for the family. 1
  10. For years they have lived a life in the countryside, which was very enjoyable. 1
  11. The injured soldier, whose leg had been broken, was carried away. 1
  12. Martin’s garage, where the car had been parked, was not far away. 1
  13. We sill put off the outing until next week, when we won’t be so busy. 1
  14. Most significantly, the boy has a magic violin, which lets him travel across time and space and lets him zip between heaven and earth. 1
  15. She made all kinds of suggestions, most of which I couldn’t understand. 1
  16. Being a good businessman, you should always care about the interest of customers. You mustn’t be too aggressive. 1
  17. Working in the Customer Service Department is very interesting because there is a lot of direct contact with customers. 1
  18. The volume of the earth is 48 times larger than that of the moon. 1
  19. When the guest came off the plane, the president went forward and shook hands with him. 1
  20. Having entered the college, the students found they had many things to adjust to.
  21. The whole family were having their dinner with the door closed. 1
  22. The famous dancer dislikes to be surrounded by crowds of her fans. 1
  23. Have you ever stopped to think how many of the everyday things in your life are the product of someone’s hard work or imagination genius. 1
  24. The lecture hall was almost empty. The speaker was disappointed at the poor attendance. 1
  25. Christmas Day is the greatest of the Christian festivals. 1
  26. You may find that younger women shake hands more often than older women do. 1
  27. They got used to smoking and it was hard for them to give up. 1
  28. He devoted himself to writing all his life. 1
  29. She filed a suit against the college for sex discrimination. 1
  30. I felt depressed at the thought of having to take the test again. 1
  31. He has been engaged in politics for 20 years. 1
  32. This new motor is three times as light as the old one.
  1. 1Nonverbal 2taboos usually 3relate to body language. For example, one of the biggest differences among many Western, Asian, and African cultures is the use of eye contact. In the U.S., people make eye contact when they talk to others. If a person avoids eye contact, others might think they are being
dishonest or that they lack confidence. If two people are having a
conversation and the listener is not making eye contact, the speaker may think that the listener is not interested. In many Asian cultures, however, making direct eye contact with someone is often considered 5bold or 6aggressive. In many African cultures, making direct eye contact with an older person or a person of higher social 7rank or 8status is considered rude and disrespectful. In many Asian and African cultures, children are taught to lower their eyes when talking to their elders, or those of higher rank, as a way to show
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
非信仰的 禁忌 与…有关 不诚实的 冒失的 挑衅的 职务 地位 尊重

  2. When I think of the post office, I’m reminded of that awful little man who is in charge of the parking lot. He won’t let me leave my car there even for a moment, unless I park exactly as he wishes. And he’s very difficult to please! I hear that soon my local post office will arrange a program to have stamps sent to homes, so that I won’t have to visit the post office to buy stamps when I need them. What’s more, the post office will soon install a drive-through letterbox. That way, I will hardly have to stop my car to drop off mail. So with all these new and modern postal conveniences, I won’t have to deal with that rude little parking lot officer. I just hope I never see his face on a postage stamp!

  3. Advertisers use many methods to get us to buy their products. One of their most successful methods is to make us feel dissatisfied with ourselves and our imperfect lives. Advertisements show us who we are not and what we do not have. Our teeth aren't white enough. Our hair isn't shiny enough. Our clothes aren't clean enough. Advertisements make us afraid that people won't like us if we don't use the advertised products. "Why don't I have any dates?" a good-looking girl sadly asks in a commercial. "Here," replies her roommate, "try Zoom toothpaste!" Of course she tries it, and immediately the whole football team falls in love with her. "That's a stupid commercial," we might say. But we still buy Zoom toothpaste out of fear of being unpopular and having no friends.

  4. The two styles of interviewing used by companies today are the traditional job interview and the behavioral interview. The traditional job interview uses broad-based questions such as, "why do you want to work for this company," and "tell me about your strengths and weakness." Interviewing success or failure is more often based on the ability of the job seeker to communicate than on the truthfulness or content of his answers. Employers are looking for answers to three questions: does the job-seeker have the skills and abilities to perform the job; does the job-seeker possess the enthusiasm and work ethic that the employer expects; and will the job-seeker be a team player and fit into the organization. The behavioral job interview is based on the theory that past performance is the best indicator of future behavior, and uses questions that probe(探测) specific past behavior, such as, "Tell me about a time when you are confronted with an unexpected problem," "Tell me about an experience when you failed to achieve a goal," and "Give me a specific example of a time when you managed several projects at once." Job seekers need to prepare for these interviews by recalling situations that fit the various types of b



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