2010 年小学升初中英语模拟测试题 小学升初中英语模拟 升初中英语模拟测试题
笔试部分 一.按要求写出各词的形式:(
  10) 按要求写出各词的形式:
  1.miss ( 三单 )
  2. shine(现在分词)
  4.SAT( 全写 )
  5.write(现在分词) __ _
  6. have (过去式)
  7.photo( 复数 )
  8.come( 现在分词)
  9.wear ( 过去式 )
  10.day ( 反义词 ) 二.词组互译:(
  10) 词组互译: 1 有趣的一天
  2.sing in the tree
  4.have a picnic
  6.look out of the window
  8.look for
  10.spoil my fun 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子: 三. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子:(6')
  1.What’s the weather like today?It's w__.Let's w__TV at home .
  2.In this photo the sun is s.The birds are sin the trees .

  3.Look! The ducks are e our picnic.Our picnic is wet . But the ducks l it .
  4.Daming often gto school by bike . But he wto school on foot yesterday .
  5.It's going to s tomorrow . We'll make a snowman .
  6.We are l at some ducks. 四.改错:(5') 改错: ( )
  1.They are play with dogs . ( )
  2. Xiaoyong like reading books . ( )
  3. They drinking water now . ( )
  4. We are haveing dinner. ( )
  5. Do you have some pictures? 选择(10') 五. 选择(10') ( )
  1.I to school by bus this morning . A.walked B.went C.come D.came ( )
  2.Where is the bird ? It's the tree. A.inside B.in C.on D.outside ( )
  3.My father is tall , but your father is him . A.all B.taller C.taller than D.tall than ( )
  4.Mary a Chinese book.
A.is B.has C.have D.does ( )
  5.Ben: I want to buy a new football. Mum: go to the City Centre . Ben: How get there ? A.We, are we going to B.Let's , do we want to C.you , do we want to D.Let's , are we going to ( )
  6. Sam's grandma and grandpa are old . Look ! They slowly . A.walk B.walked C.walking D.are walking ( )
  7.This is Mr Wang's room . room is clean . A.His B.He C.Himself D.Her ( )
  8. Sam and Daming a funny day last Saturday . A.have B.has C.had D.were ( )
  9. Here the photos . A.is B.are C.have D.has ( )
  10.Look ! The ducks are . A.swiming B.eattingC.hungrily D.hungry 六.阅读理解(9') 阅读理解(9') The sun , the earth , and the moon
The sun is a fixed star . It is very , very hot and it gives out heat and light .Nine planets(行 星) move around it . The earth is one of them . As far as we know , the earth is the only planet with life on it . The earth has air and water , and it gets heat and light from the sun .Life needs airs ,water ,heat and light . The earth moves arounds itself , too. It turns from west to east .The earth has a satellite(恒星) , the moon . The moon moves around the earth . There is no air or water on the moon , so there is life there . 判断正误,正确写 T,错误写 F( 5' ) ( )
  1.The sun gives out heat and light . The earth gives out heat and light ,too. ( )
  2. The earth and the moon move around the sun . ( )
  3. The earth turns from east to west . ( )
  4. There is air and water on the moon. ( )
  5.The sun sometimes hot and sometimes cold. 根据短文内容选择正确答案( 4') ( )
  1.The earth is a . A: satellite B: a fixed star C:planet ( )
  2. is the only planet with life on it . A: The moon, B: The earth C: The sun ( )
  3.The earth gets heat and light from . A. the moon B.the sun C.the other planet
( )
  4.The earth has a satellite .It's . A.the moon , the sun , B.the sun , C.a fixed star. 七.用所给单词的正确形式填空:(5') 用所给单词的正确形式填空:
  1.Look, we (have ) an English class .
  2.There ( be)a baseball game in our school next Saturday .
  3.A long time ago ,there (be)an old man who was very patient .
  4.Lingling (study )English every morning .
  5.Sam (not clean )his room. 书面表达:给你的朋友写一封信,介绍一下你星期天去公园野餐的情况 园野餐的情况, 个单词。 八. 书面表达:给你的朋友写一封信,介绍一下你星期天去公园野餐的情况,不少于 50 个单词。(5')



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