2010 年小学四年级英语上册第二单元试卷
Class Name
一.在一线格上抄写下面单词,并译成中文. 16 分 forty( notebook( ) thirty( ) schoolbag( ) ) twentytwenty-one( Chinese book( ) ) English book( )
math book( )

二、抄写下列字母。10 分 Ll Jj Mm Kk Oo Qq Pp Nn Rr Ii
三、默写字母从 Aa 到 Rr。18 分 四、找邻居。12 分
  1. M
  4. q
  2. P
  5. j
  3. K
  6. o
五、看图写单词。 分) (6
六、找出下列句子的汉语意思。10 分
  1.( )How many story-books do you have?
  2. (
  3. (
  4. (
  5.( ) I have a new schoolbag. ) Put your notebook under your bag. ) How many English books can you see? ) What colour is your bag? B.你能看到多少本英语书? C.你有多少本故事书?
A. 我有一个新书包。
D.你的书包是什么颜色的? 七、选择题。10 分 (
  1、What’s in it? A、Thank you. B、Good idea. C、8 pencils and 10 sharpeners.
  2、??May I have a look? A. Sure. Here you are.
?? B、Yes. C、How nice!
  3、How many do you have? A、math books B、math book C、a math book
  4、?? What colour is your Chinese book? ??. A、It’s white and pink. B、It’s beautiful. C、It’s four
  5、 A:How many English books do you have ? B: A、I have ten. B、They are thirty yuan. C、 It’s orange.
八、句子配对.6 分 ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.What colour is it? )
  2.How many books do you have? )
  3.How many English books can you see? )
  4.What’s in your bag? )
  5.May I have a look? )
  6.Let’s clean the window. A. I have
  6. B. It’s yellow. C. Good idea. D. I can see fifty. E. 3 pencils and many books. F. Sure. Here you are.
九、写出下列数字的左邻右舍。12 分
  1. six
  4. twenty-one
  2. two
  5. thirty-three
  3. ten
  6. forty



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