ns his wishes come at a price. When the boy wants to borrow a picture book in the library, the book's stolen instantly into his schoolbag. When he wishes to get the answers in an exam, his classmate's paper flies onto his desk! This time the teacher finds out, and Wang's in big trouble.
B. teach the students in a better way
B. headmasters
C. invigilators
chaos (混乱 混乱) The gourd brings chaos (混乱) to Wang's life, at school and in his neighbourhood. It's up to Wang to find the courage to give up his secret friend. Will he make up his mind? Is it too late to return to the way things were? The film hard will give you the message that working hard to earn things truly matters.
  1. The article is written to . A. warn people not to be lazy B. introduce a movie for kids C. advertise a magic gourd
  2. The film teaches us that . A. you can succeed without help from others power B. there is magic power in the world C. one can not succeed without hard work
  3. What does Wang Bao have to do to make the gourd work for him? A. He has to speak to the gourd. C. He must give him lots of money.. underlined
  4. The underlined phrase means that Wang Bao . A. gets into trouble after the gourd helps him B. can get whatever he wants free of charge C. has to pay a high price to keep the gourd D. can't afford to buy such a magic gourd happens
  5. According to the passage, what happens to Wang Bao at the end of the movie? A. He gives up the magic gourd. B. He keeps the gourd in his house. C. The article doesn't say. B C B A C (八) When should you start to buy Christmas presents? One week before the day? Two weeks? Western children start buying presents months before Christmas Day. As the day comes nearer, children write lists of what presents they want to give and receive. shopping Big shopping streets get crowded from late November. Everyone counts down "the number of shopping days left until Christmas". Stores put up coloured lights, and Christmas trees. You will hear Christmas songs like Jingle Bells in shop after shop. Some stores offer (填充动物玩具 填充动物玩具) offer many dolls, stuffed animals (填充动物玩具) and computer games. You can play with them to see if you like them - there are people to show you how things work. People try to get to the shops early, to buy presents before they sell out. In the Some week before Christmas, shops stay open late. Some stores open their doors at 9 am and close them at 9 pm, not 9 am until
  5.30 pm as normal. It's very tiring for salespeople! Some people save for months before the holiday, to have enough money to spend on their
B. He just needs to imagine what he wants
friends and family. But not everyone goes shopping for Christmas presents. Some people like to make their own gifts and cards.
  1. Christmas shopping usually starts in . A. December computer A. computer games B. November C. October C. coloured lights
  2. You may NOT see in stores during the Christmas season. JackB. Jack-O-Lanterns
  3. People have to go to the shops early because . A. the shops close earlier than usual B. the shops open earlier than usual C. there might be a shortage of certain goods shopping
  4. If you go shopping at 6pm on December 20, you'll probably . A. find a present to buy B. find the shops closed
  5. The best title for this passage is . A. Christmas trees A B C A C (九) How can international trade be improved? People from poor countries will meet with those from richer countries in Hong Kong this week to study the question. The meeting, (世界贸易组织第 世界贸易组织第六 the Sixth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference (世界贸易组织第六 次部长级会议), 次部长级会议), will be held from December 13 to
  18. Poor countries say that the WTO's international trade rules are not fair. The rules allow rich countries, like the US and those of the EU, to give money, or subsidies subsidies, (津贴), to their farmers. With the subsidies, farmers are able to sell their crops 津贴), at lower prices. As a result, world prices go down. Farmers in poor countries that don't have subsidies get less money and even lose their livelihoods. Since China joined the WTO in 2001, for example, lots of subsidized US cotton (棉 (棉 花) has been sold in the country. Cotton prices fell from about 6 yuan to less than 3 yuan per kg in 2001 and 20
  02. Every year, rich countries support their farmers with more than US$300 billion. During the coming Hong Kong meeting, poorer nations will ask the rich nations to get rid of the subsidies. (商务部 商务部), Zhang Xiangchen, a senior official from China's Ministry of Commerce (商务部), said China believes that rich countries should end their subsidies by 20
  1. What problem will the Hong Kong meeting try to solve? A. Air pollution. B. International trade.
C. lose your way home C. Shopping for Christmas
B. Christmas parties
C. Agricultural modernization.
(有利于 有利于)?
  2. Who might the meeting benefit (有利于)? A. Farmers in rich countries. countries. countries.. are
  3. Why are the WTO's international trade rules considered unfair? A. Because they allow rich countries to support their farmers and thus bring down the prices of agricultural products. B. Because they don't allow poor countries to give money to their farmers. Because C. Because they set low prices for agricultural products all over the world.
  4. According to the official, China believes . A. rich countries will never stop supporting their farmers years B. rich countries should stop giving money to their farmers in a few years C. rich countries don't need to stop supporting their farmers
  5. It can be inferred from the story that . A. farmers in poorer countries are losing money . B. international rules are never fair for poor countries world C. there's too much cotton in the world now B C A B A (十) (持久的 持久的) First published in 1888, "A Little Princess" is still an enduring (持久的) classic. eight-year(具有吸引力 具有吸引力) Today, the story of eight-year-old Sara Crewe continues to charm (具有吸引力) and (使娱乐 使娱乐) entertain (使娱乐) readers. Sara finds herself lonely and friendless at Miss Minchin's School for Young Ladies in 19th century London. She is sent to the school when her wealthy father, Captain Crewe, has to return to India. (嫉妒 嫉妒) At first, some people feel jealous (嫉妒) of the rich young woman, then she begins Princess to make friends. Her new friends call her Princess Sara. They come to her beautiful room to hear Sara tell them stories. But Miss Minchin, who owns the school, just pretends to like Sara. She's nice to Sara only because of Sara's father's money. (钻石矿 钻石矿) In faraway India, Sara's father puts his money in a diamond mine (钻石矿) and loses it all. Then he dies. Sara is left alone in the world and penniless. Miss Minchin turns (阁楼 阁楼) bad. She moves Sara to an ugly attic (阁楼) room and makes her work hard every day. What will become of Sara? The book will tell you. Also look for other books like "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and "Dracula" in the "Bullseyes step into Classics" series.
  1. This passage is a(n) . A. news report B. book review
B. Only farmers in China.
C. Farmers in poorer
C. advertisement

  2. Sara's father works . A. in a factory A. she really likes her heart (态度 态度)
  4. What makes Miss Minchin change her attitude (态度) towards Sara? A. The death of Sara's father. B. The loneliness of Sara.
  6. It can be inferred from the story that . A. Sara's mother is not with her C. Sara's father is too careless. B C B A D (十一) 十一) The Chinese table tennis team began to make another start on Sunday. The world championships(锦标赛) championships(锦标赛) opened in Shanghai and China wants to win everything. 锦标赛 championship The competition is held every two years and runs until May
  6. At the championship in 2001, China took all the titles in Osaka, Japan. But it lost the men's single s men s at the next championship in Paris. disappointment(失望) Korean( More disappointment(失望) followed at the 2004 Olympic Games: South Korean(韩 国人) China's men's singles 国人) Ryu Seung Min beat China s Wang Hao in the men s singles final. So this time the Chinese table tennis team makes up their minds to get this title again. Cai Zhenhua, head of the Table tennis and Badminton Administration Center China's men's (乒羽管理中心), has set China s goal: "We must win back the men s single titles at 乒羽管理中心) We cost. any cost." World No.1 Wang Liqin is widely expected to take the event. Wang, from Shanghai, first won in 20
  01. women's men's China will face little challenge in winning the women s singles and doubles, men s mixed(混合) doubles and mixed(混合)doubles titles this time again. That's There will be 574 players from 140 countries. That s a record for the world championships ( ( )
  1. The table tennis championship was held in the years except . A. 2000 B. 2001 C. 2003 B. the championship in 2003 men's )
  2. China won the men s singles at . A. the championship in 2001 C. the 2004 Olympic Games ( )
  3. What does all the titles mean? A. Took part in all the games at the championship
B. in a bank
C. in the army C. she has a warm

  3. Miss Minchin is nice to Sara at the beginning because . B. she wants her father's money
C. The beauty of Sara.
B. Sara likes cooking for her friends
women's men's B. Won the women s singles and doubles, men s singles and doubles and mixed doubles players C. Took all the players of the Chinese table tennis team there ( ( )
  4. The championship in 2003 was held in . A. Japan B. China C. France B. the mixed doubles men's C. the men s doubles )
  5. China will face great challenge in this time. men's A. the men s titles AABCA (十二) 十二) Queen" (亚得里亚海 亚得里亚海). Venice is the "Queen of the Adriatic Sea (亚得里亚海). Every year thousands of Queen people from all over the world travel to Italy to visit the city. Do you know why they like to go there for a visit? Venice is a very beautiful city. It is quite different from other cities in the aren't aren't world. There aren t any roads or streets in the city, so there aren t any cars or buses. There are many canals in the city. There is one big canal and one hundred and seventyPeople boats seventy-seven small canals. People move up and down the canals in boats to go to work, go shopping or visit their friends. But Venice is sinking. It is going down and the water is going up. In 2040 Venice Venetians(威尼斯人 威尼斯人) will be under water. The Adriatic Sea will cover the city. The Venetians(威尼斯人) love their city and want to stay there. So they want to save Venice form the sea. They do not want to leave. How can they save Venice? They can build some strong huge walls water and gates in the sea. The gate will close to keep too much water out. Thus Venice will not sink. ( )
  1. From this passage we know Venice is . A. a very beautiful country of the Adriatic Sea B. the most important city in Italy C. a very important and beautiful place of the Adriatic Sea ( )
  2. People from all parts of the world go to visit Venice because. A. there are 177 canals in the city B. there are a lot of kinds of boats on the canals C. it is not only beautiful but also quite different from other cities ( ( )
  3. The Venetians usually go to work or visit their friends. A. by bus B. in boats C. in cars )
  4. Year by year the Adriatic Sea and Venice. A. is rising; is sinking B. is going down; is going up C. will go up; will go down ( Venice, )
  5. Because the Adriatic Sea will cover Venice, the Venetians.
A. want to stay there until the water covers the city B. have to leave Venice in 2040 C. will try to do something to save their city C C B A C (十三) 十三) areas(经济特区 经济特区): China has three economic areas(经济特区): eastern China, central China and western China. Shannxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunna, Guizhou and Tibet are in western China. It comers 5,385,700 square kilometers, making up
  56.4% China's of Chinese land and is home to 230 million people. It is 23% of China s population. (矿区 矿区) (能源 能源) The western area is rich in mineral (矿区) and energy resources (能源) (water, coal, sun energy and wind power). It also has large grassland, ice and snow resources waiting to be developed. It is home to many animals and plants, and it gives us with important medicine resources. The Chinese leaders have decided to develop the western area. Jiang Zemin said, "Without development of the western area, how can we build the whole country, and how Without country, power?" can China become an economic power? People's Since 1949, when the People s Republic of China was founded, it is not the first time for China to develop its western part. China will make its western area a base rich for economic development and use its rich resources to develop economic power. ( ( ( ( )
  1. Western China is one of the areas in China. (工业的 工业的) A. industrial (工业的) A. 230,000,000 B. Economic B. 5,385,700 C. political C. 352,000,000 C. Ice and snow resources. What's )
  2. What s the population of the western Ch



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