2010 年研究生入学考试英语作文大预 测(二) 二
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2010 年研究生入学考试英语作文大预测
2010 年研究生入学考试英语作文大预测
精神空虚(the void spirit/ A lot of people who commit suicide are result from their void spirit. there is a spiritual void in China. Establish and implement the scientific view of development and push forward the coordinated development between socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization。)
传统美德(traditional virtue/ For decades, we have made more criticism than inheritance of our own traditional culture and more negative than confirmative. We should certainly learn from the West, but it is of equal importance that we retain virtues of our own. The Confucian Tradition(The Three Essential Confucian Values: I. Filial Piety II. Humaneness III. Respect for Ritual) 铺张浪费(extravagance and waste/勤俭节约 industry and economy/ The Chinese government, therefore, is promoting the concept of a thrifty society and frugal economy as a matter of urgency. Chinese laws and regulations concerning energy conservation currently in operation leave a lot to be desired。) 传统伦理(The traditional ethical requirements / The traditional ethical requirements same with the basic principles:
  1) In its negative form: "Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire"。 "Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you."(己所不欲,勿 施于人)。
  2) Although it is argued to be too much pushing one's own way to others, the positive form of the requirement is found in many classics: "Do to others what you wish others do to you" (欲人施诸己,亦施于人)。 "A benevolent man helps others to take their stand in that he himself wishes to take his stand, and gets others there in that he himself wishes to get there" (己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人)。
  2. EVERY HUMAN BEING SHOULD BE TREATED HUMANLY。 "To do humanly is to be human" (仁者人也) "'Benevolence' means loving your fellow men" (仁者爱人) Chinese tradition even advocates both the respect for human life and even the respect for all kinds of life, which seems to be very close to the idea of "Green Peace" and ecological criticism. These thoughts do not only seek for human peace but also for the harmony between human and nature and other creatures. And therefore, "the virtue of respecting for life" (生生之德) and "friend others and affiliate with
all creatures"(民胞物与) is always taken as the great virtue in Confucian teachings and philosophy。 There are many other traditional Chinese ideas related:
  1. In regard with the human relationship, "Harmony in diversity" or "harmony with diversity" (和而不同) is typically emphasized in Confucianism. Compared with "Baha'i", a new religious community who takes "Unity with diversity" as the main doctrine, the Confucian spirit of the harmonious co-existence of different cultures might be more relevant for the foundation of human existence and development。
  2. Confucius believes "honesty-sincerity is the Dao of Heaven" (诚者,天之道 也) which is out of the control of human beings, and "to be honest and sincere is the Dao of human beings" which is the only thing we could do (诚之者,人之道也). In this case, a gentleman (君子)should "cultivate himself to be honest and sincere" in accordance with the Dao of Heaven, which is something upper or a more or less religious standard of honesty and sincerity. This might be clearer in the interpretation of Dao. In Chinese, I think either 道 (way) or 德 (virtue) means "to walk your talk" originally, because both 走 and 彳 are symbols of walking carefully with small steps. In this case, "way" is formed in the walking and in virtue of moral practice "virtue" appears. Just as David Tracy noticed, the famous saying of Socrates "The unexamined life is not worth living" is in sharp contrast with a saying in a Buddhist scripture, "The un-lived life is not worth examining."
  3. So Dao is not only metaphysical but also physical; "honesty-sincerity" is above us and what we could do is nothing but learning to be honest and sincere; Dao could be justified in faith, as well as in behavior. I am not sure if it is "religion", but it is of course something like "Acts of Religion" (in terms of Derrida) or "Acts of Faith" (in terms of Rodney Stark). You may know that the sacred "Word" or "Wisdom" in the Gospel of John and other biblical scriptures is translated into "Dao" in this sense。
  4. For the same reason, traditional Chinese ethics ask for our "Consideration for others" (恕) and a spirit of tolerance: "great virtues have a huge capacity to contain things" (厚德载物), and "to tolerate is a sign of greatness" (有容乃大)。
  5. And probably related to the consideration for others, traditional Chinese ethics place a great emphasis on family, viewing family as the foundation of society. Among the "five cardinal relationships" (emperor and his officials, fathers and kids, husbands and their wives, brothers and sisters, and friends), three of them are concerned with family relationship. It is even believed that "The relation between the officials and the emperor may find origin or archetype in the relation between
husbands and wives, which even extends to the relation of heaven and the earth." (君子之道,造端乎夫妇。及其至也,察乎天地)。
  6. And so, in Chinese traditional philosophy, "humanity is Benevolence" (博 爱之谓仁), "filial piety" is the origin of human morality and sentiment (立爱自 亲始). And, it is encouraged that "love your family so as to love others and all creatures" (亲亲而仁民, 仁民而爱物), "cultivate moral character, and then you could cultivate your family, administrate the country, and bring peace all over the world" (修身、齐家、治国、平天下). When it is promoted to the realm that "honor the aged of other people as we honor our own, take care of the young of other people as we take care of our own" (老吾老以及人之老, 幼吾幼以及人之幼), we may naturally relate the traditional Chinese teachings with the famous prayer by St. Francis in the Medieval Europe: to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love; it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in dying that we are born to eternal life。 view(完全背诵 完全背诵) Give your comments/Give your point of view(完全背诵): We must first understand the nature of the problem./in my view/in my opinion, On the one hand, It is true that many of China's current/present/existent/contemporary problems are the inevitable side effects of rapid economic development, which, of necessity, had to occur in an unbalanced way. On the other hand, without the economic development in/about the great number of developing countries or third world countries, like china, there will be no real development, prosperity and Stability for the whole country. Notwithstanding/nonetheless/nevertheless/however/after all, in the long run, Economic development had to come first, but now a more complex agenda of social and political requirements must be integrated and optimized with pure economic growth. So we must promote the coordinated development of material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization to build China into a socialist country that is prosperous, powerful, democratic and culturally advanced. (Comments 评论) 中文:我们必须先要理解这个问题的本质。以我来看,一方面,目前中国存在的许多问 题 都是由于别无选择的不平衡的经济快速发展造成的避免不了的负面影响。另一方面,对 于大多数像中国这样的发展中国家或第三世界国家来讲, 没有了经济的发展, 将不存在整个 国家的真正的发展、繁荣和稳定。不过,从长远来看,尽管,我们不得不先发展经济,但是 如今过多的社会和政治需要必须同纯粹的经济增长结合起来使其最优化。 因此, 我们必须推 动物质文明、政治文明和精神文明协调发展,把我国建设成为富强、民主、文明的社会主义 国家。
I have some/several suggestions about this problem. First and foremost/firstly/primarily/mainly/largely /mostly, China should learn from many developed countries/some western countries to dispose of/deal with/handle/solve/settle/iron out this social problem, including other social problems moral and non-moral, by means of/by/ state legislation, social policy and other relative regulations, especially/particularly because/since China has joined/become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 and taken place/held the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 as well as. Secondly, our government should clearly/definitely stipulate/establish the responsibilities and obligations of the relative/specific departments for the fulfillment/performance/implementation/execution. Thirdly, in the long run/from a long-term point of view, we should set up/found/constitute/institute a special education system/organization to promote and strengthen/encourage citizens' awareness of environmental protection, and hence improve their values/ideas/notions of consumption and morality. In addition, I recommend that children should start some education of Chinese traditional virtue as early as possible, such as thrift, honesty, affection, filial piety, courtesy, loyalty, humaneness and so on. (Suggestion/建议) 中文:关于这个问题,我有一些建议。首要地,中国应该向众多发达国家学习,通过国 家立法、 社会政策和其他相关的规章制度来解决这个社会问题, 也包括其他的道德的和非道 德的社会问题, 特别是因为中国已经在 2001 年加入了 WTO, 并且中国将在 2008 年举办第 29 界奥运会。其次,更重要的是我们的政府应该清晰地规定相关部门应履行的责任和义务。第 三,从长远来看,我们应该设立一个专门的机构去宣传和加强公民对环境保护的意识,从而 改变他们的观念。另外,我建议应该尽早地开始对孩子们进行中国传统美德的教育,诸如节 俭、诚实、亲情、孝顺、谦恭有礼、忠诚、仁爱等等。 In summary, to maintain a sustained, healthy, rapid and coordinated economic development, achieve socialist modernization and a society where man and nature live as friends, and build a harmonious and dynamic society with democracy, rule of law, justice, honesty and decency, stability and order, we will encounter no fewer difficulties and problems, but we are confident in our ability to overcome them and arrive at our set goal triumphantly. (Predicting 预测+conclusion 结束语) 中文:总的来讲,为了维持一个可持续的、健康的、快速的和协调的经济发展,为了达 到社会主义现代化和人和自然像朋友一样共生的社会, 并且为了建造一个和谐的、 有活力的、 民主的、法治的、 公正的、 诚实庄重的、稳固有序的社会, 我们肯定会遇到很多困难和问题。 但是,我相信我们有能力克服它们,最终会胜利地达到我们的目标。 In summary, China still has a long way to go in this problem and accordingly, great efforts are essential to make in order to solve it. But I am deeply convinced
that she, a nation which has civilization for 5,000 years, never loses any good things, physical, intellectual, or moral, till she finds a better substitute, and then the loss is a gain. (Predicting 预测+conclusion 结束语) 总之,中国在这个问题上仍然有一段长路要走,因此为了解决它,我们必须要做出巨大 的努力。但是,我深信她,一个拥有 5000 年文明的民族,决不会丢掉任何好的东西,物质 的、精神的或道德的,直到她找到一个更好的替代,那么到那时侯这种丢失就是一种获得。 更多信息请访问:新浪考研频道 考研论坛 考研博客圈 特别说明: 由于各方面情况的不断调整与变化, 新浪网所提供的所有考试信息仅供参考, 敬请考生以权威部门公布的正式信息为准。



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