My deepest gratitude goes first and foremost to Ren Li, my supervisor, for her constant encouragement and guidance. She has walked me through all the stages of the writing of this thesis. Without her consistent and illuminating instruction, this thesis could not have reached its present form. Second, I am also greatly indebted to the professors and teach at the Department of Foreign Languages. Last my thanks would go to my beloved family for their loving consideration and great confidence in me all through these years. I also owe my sincere gratitude to my friends and my fellow classmates who gave me their help and time in listening to me and helping me work out my problems during the difficult course of the thesis.
With the quality-oriented education put into force in our country, the teaching method in English has been changed from the traditional “duck-filling” method to the elicitation method. Using well-chosen games in teaching English is a good way that not only simple and convenient, but also effective. It is one of the best ways in the elicitation methods of teaching. This paper is made up of four parts: the significance and importance of games, the characteristics of games, the fields of using games and something that the teacher should pay attention to. A well-chosen game is invaluable, it helps the teacher to create contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful, help many learners to sustain their interest and work. A game is a closed activity, has a ludicrous element that other interaction patterns do not have. It must be easy for the players and needs less
supervision from the teacher .the game is used in several fields .When learning phonetics, letters, vocabulary, sentences and grammar, we often use the game because it is dull, it can make the activity more attractive. In addition, in order to communicate with the others, we must grasp the skills of listening, speaking and writing, the game plays an important part in these classes .But we should pay attention to some aspects: as a teacher you must have the rich knowledge, the basic teaching skill, the intelligence of controlling classes, a sense of humor and the quality of an announcer. The game rulers must make clear to the player. During the game, the teacher must note down every current mistake without interfering. At last a summary must be given, the teacher should be very careful to encourage students, highlight the good point that occurred during the game, and take the opportunity to motivate the students. Only this way, all the students will benefit from it.
Key Words: “duck-filling” method; elicitation method; significance; characteristics
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随着素质教育的实施,我国的英语教学一改以往“填鸭式”方法,逐渐以“启发式”取 代。使用精心挑选的游戏进行英语教学不仅简便,而且。本文由四部分组成:游戏的重要性 和意义和重要性, 游戏的特点,使用游戏的领域,老师 应该注意的事项。一份精心选择的游 戏是非常宝贵的,它有助于教师创造有益并且是富有意义的情境语言,帮助许多学习者,保 持工作和学习的兴趣。游戏是一个自我封闭的活动中,有一个十分有趣的内容,对参与者来 说,它必须很容易和需要老师较少的监督。比赛可以使用在不同的几个领域。当学习拼音、 字母、词汇、句子和语法时,我们通常使用游戏,因为它可以使枯燥无味的学习变得更具吸 引力。在使用游戏的这些班级中,我们应该注意以下几个方面:作为一名教师,你必须有丰 富的知识,基本的教学技巧,良好的智能控制,幽默感和演讲家的素质,游戏规则必须明确 给参与者。在游戏中,教师必须在不干涉学生的情况下记下每一个当前的错误。此外,教师 应该十分谨慎的鼓励学生,并借此机会,激励学生。只有这样,所有的学生将从中受益。
关键词:填鸭式;启发式;意义;特点 关键词:
Using Games Effectively in English Class
I. Introduction

  1.1 The Importance of Using Games
Language learning is a hard task which can sometimes be frustrating. Constant effort is required to understand, manipulate the target language; well-chosen games are invaluable as they give students a break and at the some time allow students to practice language skills. Generally, they is a common perception that all learning should be serious and solemn in nature, and that if one is having fun and there is hilarity and laughter, it is possible to learn a language as well as enjoy oneself at the some time one of the best ways of doing this is through games. Games help the teacher to create contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful, also can provide intense and meaningful practice of language .there are many advantages of using games in EFL class for children.

  1.2 The Significance of Using Games
Games are a welcome break from the usual route of the language class .Games are fun and children like to play them , it can be lower anxiety , thus making the acquisition of input more likely .they can learn a lot without stress through playing games. Games are motivating and challenging, they add variation to a lesson and increase motivation by providing a plausible in creative to use the target language. For many children between four and twelve years old, especially the youngest, language learning will not be the key motivational factor .games can provide this stimulus. Learning a language required a great deal of effort. Games help student s to wake and sustain the effort of learning. They must be more than just fun, should involve “friendly” competition, should keep all of the students involved and interested, should encourage students to focus on the use of language rather than on the language. Games provide language practice in the various skill-speaking, writing, listening and reading .They should give students a chance to learn, practice or review specific language material. Games encourage students to interact and communicate through them children experiment, discover and interact with their environment. They can give shy students more opportunity to express their opinions and feelings, and make the reasons for speaking plausible even to reluctant children.
Using Games Effectively in English Class
Games create a meaningful context for language use, their context makes the foreign language immediately useful to the children, and it brings the target language to life.
II. The Characteristics of Games
A game is governed by rulers .Playing just to pass the time will not have the same effect .To make a simple activity into a game just a couple of rulers and that is all. A game has objectives .This objective can be something like making points for correctness or finishing and an end. It must be easy for the players, or the teacher, to know who is a about reach the aim. A game needs less supervision from the teacher. This must be understood as linguistic supervision. Sometimes the game is conducted by the teacher who acts as judge, scorer and/or referee. It is easier for students to keep going. Compared with pair or group work, a game has a lucid element that other interaction patterns do not have. This makes the activity more attractive.
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III. The Fields of Using Games
In a word, when we teach English as EFL. Games can be used for a communicative activity in a large or small class which can be a method for testing or even a way to teach a class a specific point which students have had trouble in comprehending. Now I would like to focus on some very practical, tangible ways in which language teachers can effectively use games as a part of their classroom .In the games describled below the emphasis on skills and knowledge.

  3.1 Games in Teaching the Basic Knowledge
Game teaching is a kind of activity which center on teaching aims and put the games into practice. Teaching English games not only can increase the feeling reaction, meet their feeling needs, but also encourage the students. It plays an important role in learning basic knowledge.
  1.1 Phonetics Games English is a sound language, if you want to speak an idiomatic, Standard English and make the others understand you clearly, phonetics is necessity, basic of learning English. For example ,get two students wearing a cap with the consonant phonetic symbols to build a “London bridge “using their hands ,let a group of students wearing a cap with the vowel phonetic symbols get through the “London bridge “,the rest of the students sing a song called “London bridge is “falling down” together. They are
singing a part of the song when the music stops, and the bridge falls down.. Anyone who is caught under the bridge must read two consonants and his/her own vowel or the class read them altogether. Many students can take part in the game, it can review the phonetics, at the same time the beautiful music makes you feel happy, it is more effectively than reading the phonetics simply. Another example, in class at first the teacher puts the bag, box, cap, clock, pen, pencil and some other real objects in different places, then asks several students to dress up the hen, the fox and the cat, let them look for the same phonetics symbols as
hers/his from the objects in the classroom, the one who finds the most in best. At this time the students on their seats pay attention to the performance carefully, learning it by heart and laughing. They are very interested in it. The fox finds box, clocks…… The hen finds pen, pencil…… The cat finds cap, map……
  1.2 Letter Games Letter is the beginning of learning English, all of the words consist of some of 26 letters, and so teaching letters well becomes very important. The kids have more realization; the way of teaching letters is only using games the children like them very much. For example, the teacher asks the students to speak out all the letters from the beginning one by one. If someone makes a mistake or can’t relay quickly, he /she must give a performance .It is very interesting and all of them can join it. Another one, write down several words on the blackboard , let one of the students in each team go to the front and add or get rid of one part, and change it into another word. e.g.: F-E, P-R, we can make a competition, choose the best one.
  1.3 Vocabulary Games A vocabulary game is one of the games on which the learners’ attention is focused mainly on words, and it gives the learners an opportunity to practice many of the high frequency words and expressions they have learned. For example, this game is to test the students ability to act while rein forming the vocabulary of high-frequency .Tell the first student to begin with a word, and the second student speak another one ,but the last letter of word 1 and the first letter of word 2 must be the same ,then go on it like this with the following students .the follows: Student1: foot Student2: tell Student3: look Student4: kite …….
On the Wine Culture of China and Western Countries
This is a quick reaction game; it is good to review the words the students have learned. In order to make the game more colorful, you can ask him /her to give a performance as punishment when he /she can’t give next word quickly. There is another game called” the guessing words “. The name of the game is from a TV game provided two players to work together. You write a word on the blackboard. In the two person teams, one can see the word, the other can not. The one who CAN see the word gives single-word clues to the partner who cannot, two with their backs to the board, the other two facing this word choice. If the word is jacket, the clue-giver says “cold”, the other guesses “winter”. This being wrong it goes to the other two players. Their clue-giver says “weather”, the other guesses “rain “ .It goes back the other team , the clue-giver saying “clothes”, the other saying “……” to go back and forth until the answer is arrived at . After the word is guessed , the clue-giver becomes the clue-receiver for one round ,the four new players are chosen .Two full rounds is about as long as this should go.
  1.4 Sentence Pattern Games The words form a sentence, the passage is made up of sentences, so if we have mastered the sentences, that is to say, we can know the text comprehensively .how can we learn the sentences easily? For example, when we help the students practice the general question of “there be”, we design a guessing game. The teacher prepares a bay for the lesson, put some real objects in it, and then says to the students “now, let’s play a guessing game. There are many things in my bag .Touch and guess what is in my bag, but do it using the sentence is there in the bag? This game intrigues all of the students; they all want to know what is in the bag on earth and make an active part in it. A suitable game can call the students rich imagination, arouse them the enthusiasm of learning sentences. For example, when the teachers teach the sentence pattern “touch you “we divide the students into two teams, every team one of the students comes to the front, and does the action accord



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