2010 年 12 月英语六级作文 My View on University Ranking
  1. 现在有很多高校评级
  2. 人们对此看法各异
  3. 你认为 范文一 Nobody could have failed to notice the fact that university ranking has gained increasing popularity institutions home and abroad are always interested in it; newspapers and magazines are fond of carrying the news. Unfortunately, it has also given rise to some problems never thought of. Confronted with the dilemma, should we carry on the practice? When it comes to this question, people’s views vary from one to another. People who support ranking have their reasons. They are convinced that it can stimulate people, teachers and students alike, to work harder so that they can climb on the ladder or at least maintain their position. In this way, universities can produce more talents and knowledge demanded by our society. Also, supporters of university ranking maintain that it can act as a guide for employers when they decide where to find right employees..
But others may not agree. These people would argue that university ranking might force universities to care more about their position in the ranking
but not about research that they are expected to do. For instance, it is often reported that some professors spend more time in bribing than in labs in order to have an edge in the fierce competition. Another good case in point is that some scholars even sacrifice their integrity to plagiarize under the pressure of “publish or perish”.
Who is right? Of course both sides have their reasons. As far as I am concerned, we might as well stop the practice for the good of universities and society. Universities are a place for free academic study. Only when scholars are free to in their pursuits, can they make contribution to society. 范文二 Nowadays, University and college ranking has become increasingly popular throughout the nation. According to the survey conducted by China Daily , an estimated 85$ universities are closely concerned about the ranking. In other words, we cannot fail to notice the obvious trend that university ranking has become a social focus , triggering a wide concerns across the nation, especially room on and off school campus.
A host of individuals are divided over this issue about university ranking . an army of folks deem that we are supposed to be concerned about the ranking because the ranking is the sole standard of measuring the school ’s
comprehensive level , plus, when choosing the university for their kids, a growing number of parents take the ranking into account. However, others maintain that it’s not a wise and rational idea to view the university ranking as the only standard, put in another way , we should not over-value the ranking. The ranking is the outward style of the university.
On my personal level, however, ranking matters much to a university , but enhancing the teaching and comprehensive quality is on the top of university’s priority, ranging from the faculty to teaching methods to teaching instruments and so forth . Only in these ways can we bulid up fast-paced and Flagship University smoothly 2010 年 12 月英语四级作文范文 How Should Parents Help Children to be Independent
家长是否应该帮助孩子走向独立 有些家长替孩子包揽一切 为了帮孩子自立,家长应该 范文一 Nowadays, there is a growing concern over such a phenomenon, that is, some parents take care of almost everything concerned with their children, including study, work, and marriage. Some parents believe that this is love, however, it is only to destroy children’s independence thoroughly.
For the future of the next generation, more efforts should be made by parents to help their children to be independent. The fundamental one is to cultivate the awareness, namely, the importance and necessity of being independent, which is supposed to begin from childhood. Children should be taught that no one can be stronger and more helpful than themselves in this world.
The quality of independence is so indispensable for us that parents had better act as a tutor, not a dictator. And only with parents’ trust, can the next generation accumulate confidence step by step.
今年的作文主题非常贴近考生的生活,给了考生很大的发挥空间,擅长写日常生 活细节的学生可以写上三五个句子勾勒父母对于子女的过度关爱,而擅长逻辑思 考的学生则可以更多地阐述父母怎样的行为才可以培养子女独立的品格,而过度 宠爱正导致了独立精神的消失。 从具体操作的角度来说,对于基础较为薄弱的考生,这次的考试题目是比较容易 套用模板的,第一段,把现实状况描述清楚;第二段,写清楚父母亲帮助子女独 立的策略;第三段,呼吁父母亲多给自己一些自由。怎样解决(解决方案的优缺 点) 沪江考前模板专题里面关于解决问题类作文提到了类似的结构: In recent days, we have to face a problemA, which is becoming more
and more serious.(说明 A 的现状). Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing, (解决方法一). For another (解决方法二). Finally, (解决方法三). Personally, I believe that (我的解决方法). Consequently, I’ m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because (带 来的好处). 像这样子的模板能够帮助无话可说,或者说英语表达能力比较弱的同学迅速找到 思路,只需要填入关键的字词就可以完成作文。 但是对于能够用流畅的英语表达自己的思路的同学来说,写作如果希望取得比较 高的分数,则需要注意语言必须尽可能简洁才能够在规定字数以内说清楚自己的 论点,而句子的表达要求,也从有话可说,上升到言之有理,甚至上升到语言精 致优美,内在逻辑严密的高度了。 在我们给出大家的这篇范文里面,三段文字结构清晰,语言简明优美又没有落入 模板的窠臼,属于在临场作文中的优秀之作。
范文二 In our modern and contemporary society, whether parents should offer a helping hand to making their children independence has become a hot button. In other words, we cannot afford to lose sight of the trend that the kids’ independence has become a social focus, which triggers wide concerns across the nation, especially the parents. This tide does exist in our
In our society, a sizable portion of parents, especially the young parents, spoil their kids from all aspects. Specially speaking, they help their children pile and clear up their school bags, wash their clothes, even socks. Besides, they also talk to their children “if only you succeed in your study, please leave anything to me”.
This prevalent tide sparks our deep thought. From my viewpoint, in an effort to reverse and eliminate this unfavorable trend mentioned above, considering the seriousness of this headache, Parents are supposed to teach their kids how to cope with a variety of complex situations. In addition, parents also should take every opportunity to equip themselves with advanced educative knowledge and keep pace with the times and communicate with other parents who enjoys a wealth of educative experiences. In a word, We all hope that these children have less reliance on their parents and become independent economically and mentally.
2010 年 6 月英语四级 作文范文: Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling
Correct spelling is a basic skill in English study. However, nowadays many students do not pay much attention to it.
They have their own reasons for misspelling. First of all, they like an easy way of studying, which causes some omissions and changes in spelling. Second, the teachers might not be very strict in students’ spelling. In China, teachers seem to be more concerned with grammar and vocabulary but not spelling.
To change this situation, in my opinion, the teachers and the students should work together. On one hand, the teachers should give more attention to students ’ spelling, asking the students to be conscious of the importance of correct spelling from the very beginning of their English study. On the other hand, the students themselves are supposed to be aware that correct spelling is a must in English study.
To sum up, correct spelling is so important that both students and the teachers should spare no efforts to achieve correct spelling. 2010 年 6 月英语六级 作文范文
Due Attention Should Be Given To the Study of Chinese
With China’s opening up, intercultural communication has become more and more frequent between Chinese and foreigners. A good command of at least one foreign language has increasingly been an essential skill for us. People, especially the youths, pay much more attention to foreign language acquisition than Chinese study.
Various factors can account for this situation. First of all, a good comm. and of a foreign language may help young people to get a good job while Chinese skills may be of no significance in one’s job hunting and even their career. Consequently, some students may not treasure Chinese language any longer. Apart from that, nowadays fewer and fewer universities stimulate Chinese language study in campus, which has caused it to be marginalized. Under this circumstance, Chinese language becomes less and less popular in universities. It is clear that professors in the field of Chinese study are not so respected than they were before.
In view of this situation, effective measures should be taken to change it. First, the whole society should emphasize the importance of Chinese language in order to make it clear that it is one indispensable part of Chinese culture and Chinese race. Second, schools should promote Chinese language study and research. In addition, we individuals should contribute
our own efforts to the study and protection of Chinese language.
To conclude, we should pay great attention to Chinese language, since the importance of it is never too great to be exaggerated. 专业八级 如何看待在校大学生打工(1) 【题目】 In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details. 【范文】 In many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school, while in other societies this is virtually unheard of. In the latter situation, students are expected to spend all of their time on their studies and consider schoolwork their "job". In my opinion, students benefit more from a more balanced lifestyle, which may include working at a part-time job. Therefore, I believe that it is a good idea for students to work while studying.
While it is true that a student's most important goal must be to learn and to do well at his studies, it does not need to be the only goal. In fact, a life which consists of only study is not balanced and may cause
the student to miss out on other valuable learning experiences. In addition to bringing more balance to a student's life, part-time work can broaden his range of experience. He will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and will be faced with a wider variety of problems to solve. Furthermore, work helps a student to develop greater independence, and earning his own pocket money can teach him how to handle his finances. Finally, a part-time job can help a student to develop a greater sense of responsibility, both for his own work and for that of the team he works with.
For all of these reasons, I firmly believe that most students would benefit from taking a part-time job while they are in high school. Of course, they must be careful not to let it take up too much of their time because study is still their primary responsibility. In sum, living a balanced life is the best way to be successful.



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