年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题一? 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题一?单项选择 考点一、 考点一、名词 (2010 湖南省娄底市
  1)?It’s said that you have moved into a new house.? ?Yeah, and we need to buy some in the mall nearby.? A. food B.furniture C. hamburger ? (20
  1)?Well,you look so happy! 全品中考网 --Because I got a good . A.work B.news C.job (2010 江苏省宿迁市
  1)Sandy didn’t tell her parents that she was going home because she wanted to give them a . A. gift B. call C. surprise D. note (2010 年上海市
  1)You can get muchabout the World Expo on the Internet. A.map B.picture C.ticket 全品中考网 D.information (2010 年上海市
  1)The customers are pleased with theof the restaurant. A.balance B.experience C.surface D.service (2010?福建省晋江市,
  1)?Lily has a silk .Listen,she is singing in the next room! -- How nice!. A. look B. noise C. voice (2010?江苏省扬州市,
  1)?Wow,so many beautiful cars!I don’t know which one to buy. --Anyway ,you have to make a. A.conclusion B.connection C.decision D.presentation (2010? 吉林省通化市,
  38, We need to come up with a/anand make a decision at once.
  1) A.information B.advice C.idea D.news (2010?浙江省湖州市,
  1)?Would you like some ? --No,thank you.I’m not hungry at all. A.water B.books C.clothes D.bread (2010?山西省,
  1)I Iike a Iot, and my mother usuaIIy cooks it in different ways. A.fish B.potatoes C.noodIes (2010?湖北省荆州市,
  1) ?When will the 2010 World Expo(世博会) come to a close? ?It’ll close at the end of . A.September B.October C.November D.December (2010?湖北省武汉市,
  1)?Why are you still waiting in line? --I’ve missed my . 全品中考网 A. place B. order C. turn D. time (2010?河南省,
  1)( )It was very hard for me to make a?but J decided to leave my job
A suggestion B decision C plan D speech (2010?湖北省黄冈市,
  1)?Good news.We will have a holiday. --I’ve heard of it.But it’s coming in. A.three days;three days’ time B.three days’;three days’ C.three-day;three days D.three days;three-day time (2010?山东省聊城市,
  1)?Why not go to Qingdao on May Day,Jim? --I’m afraid it’s not a good .I have been there several times. A.way B.place C.advice D.idea (2010?新疆省阜康市,
  1)( )Mr Black gave us on how to learn English well. A.an advice B.many advices C.some advice D.some advices (2010? 湖北省黄石市,
  1) With whom did you watch 2010 World Cup Opening Ceremony ?
  29, ? ? . A. A friend of mine B. A friend of me C. A friend of my sister D. A friend of you (2010?湖北省荆门市,
  1)Oh, my god! The kids are making too much▲ here. I can’t do anything. A. sound B. voice C. noise D. footstep (2010?湖北省黄石市,
  1) ? You seem to like watching TV very much . Which do you like best ? 全品中考网 ? Lucky
  52. I like Li Yong very much. A. programme B. screen C. progress D. Deseription (2010?湖北省襄樊市,
  1)? What’s your job , Henry? ? I’m a ,I work late . I’m very busy when people go out to dimters . A. waiter B. reporter C. teacher D. nurse (2010?黑龙江省鸡西市,
  1)( ) -How many can you see in the picture? -Only one. A. dog B. sheep C. child (2010?广西省定西市,
  1)( )??What’s your ? ??I like swimming. A. job B. age C.hobby D. number (2010?广西省定西市,
  1)( )??What would you like,sir? ?? . A. Two pop 全品中考网 B. Two bottles pop C. Two bottles of pop D. Two bottle of pop (2010?山东省莱芜市,
  1)I have a. for breakfast everyday.
A.hot dog B.cookie C.dumpling D.hamburger (2010?山东省菏泽市,
  1)Please pick up the . Don’t keep it on the floor. A. water B. paper C. books D. bottles (2010? 黑龙江省哈尔滨市,
  22, (
  1) ) A low-carbon(低碳) lifestyle has effect on our daily life. People are paying more and more attention to saving these days. A. the, energies B. a, energy C. an, energy (2010 福建三明
  1)?What a fine day! Shall we go hiking ,Bob? --I’d love to.But is’s not the right .I am busy now. A.place B.moment C.weather (2010?天津市,
  1)If you work hard,you’ll get good . A.grades 全品中考网 B.notes C.lessons D.answers (2010?山东省泰安市,
  1)?Lucy,do you like ? -Yes.Most of my clothes are .全品中考网 A.an orange an orange B.orange ,orange C.oranges ,oranges D.orange,an orange (2010? 青海省, 宁夏,
  29, ( ) Mr. Li regards Ningxia as his second because
  1) he has been here for over twenty years. A. family B. house C. room D. home (2010?辽宁省沈阳市,
  1)I'm not sure about the meaning of the word. You'd better look it up in a . A.letter B.dictionary C.postcard D.notice (2010?湖北省咸宁市,
  1)? I hear you have to run for half an hour every day. ? Right. It is one of the in my school. A. choices B. plans C. hobbies D. rules (2010?江苏省连云港市,
  1)What’s the news about ? entertainment stars gathered to attact donations for Yushu. 全品中考网 A.A member of B.A kind of C.A packet of D.A number of (2010? 四川省巴中市,
  32, My cousin gave up the chance of working abroad and returned to his
  1) hometown. A.opportunity B.challenge C.experience (2010?四川省巴中市,
  1)What a pity! Liu Xiang didn’t win thehurdles(跨栏). A.110-meter B.110-meters C.110 meter (2010?四川省卷,
  1) ( )
  22. When I was a student, I liked to sit in the front of the classroom so that I could see the words more clearly on the . A. blackboard B. desk C. dictionary D. postcard (2010?浙江省东阳市,
  1) ( )
  17. I saw many eating grass on the hill.
A. horse B. cow C. rabbit D. sheep . (2010?浙江省卷,
  1)?The land in the southwest of China is in great need of ?Yes ,it hasn’t rained for a long time there. A. milk B.tea C coffee .D water (2010?台湾省,
  1)The pants I bought last year are too small now. I think I need a new (A) belt (B) pair (C) shirt (D) space (2010?台湾省,
  1)Mike: I always forget what I want to buy when I go to the market. of things you want to buy. Oscar: Well, you can make a (A) habit (B) list (C) pack (D) wish (2010?四川省巴中市,
  1)? What is theof the 2010 World Expo(世博会)? ? It is “Better City, Better Life”. A.song B.theme C.custom (2010?四川省眉山市,
  1)?Would you like some drinks, boys? ?Yes, , please. A. some oranges B. two boxes of chocolate C. some cakes D. two boxes of cola (2010?山东省滨州市,
  1)?Can I help you? ?I’d like for my twin daughters. A. two pair of shoes B. two pairs of shoe C. two pair of shoe D. two pairs of shoes 考点二、 考点二、代词 (2010?福建省晋江市,
  1) --Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? -- is OK.I don’t care. A. Either B. Neither C. Both (2010?吉林省通化市,
  1)?Look ,that’s Mike,your classmate. --Yes,Let’s go and say hello to. A.him B.he C.her D.hers (2010?湖北省黄冈市,
  1)?Look! Do you know man under the tree? --Sorry .It’s too far to see clearly. A.this;him B.that;his C.this;her D.that;him (20
  1)?Which of the caps will you take? --I’ll take ,one for my father ,the other for my brother. A.neither B.both C.all (20
  1)?Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday?
--.I cleaned it all by myself. A.Somebody B.Nobody C.Everybody (2010?江苏省扬州市,
  1)?Can I have some more ice cream,Mum? --Sorry. There is left in the fridge. A.none B.nothing C.no one D.anything (2010 四川省成都市
  1) ?Excuse me .I want to buy some stamps.Where can I find a post office? --I know not far from here.You can easily find . A.that;it B.it;one C.one;it (2010 四川省成都市
  1)of the hats suited him,so Jack had to try on the third one. A.Neither B.Either C.Both (2010?湖北省荆州市,
  1)?Is the woman a teacher? ?Yes. She teaches English. A.you B.us C.our D.your (2010 四川省成都市
  1)?Have you got ready for the sports meeting? --Not yet.We still haveto do. A.anything;nothing B.something;everything C.everything;something (2010?山西省,
  1)Don’t wear jeans,orwon’t be Aiiowed to go to the concert. A. I B.you C.they (2010?湖北省武汉市,
  1)?How many students are there in the classroom? --. They are all in the lab. A. Some B. None C. All D. Neither (2010?河南省,
  1)( )To help Tommy learn better, his parents have done they could:cards, tapes,special learning centers,in short, everything they can think of. A both B all C none D neither (2010?湖北省黄冈市,
  1)?How many students like this song? --of us likes it.It sounds terrible. A.None B.Nobody C.Every one D.All (2010?湖北省黄冈市,
  1)?I don’t know to do next? --It’s easy .Press the red button in 2 minutes. A.what B.how C.where D.when (2010 江苏省宿迁市
  1) ?Excuse me, is this new camera? ?Yes, it’s . A. your; my B. your; mine C. yours; my D. yours; mine to Alice? I want to meet her. (2010 .河北省卷,
  1) Emma, can you introduce
A. him B. his C. me D. my about her. (2010 .河北省卷,
  1) She is new here, so we know A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything (2010 湖南省娄底市
  1)?How heavily it rained this early morning.? ?Yes. But of the students in our class was late for school. ? A.some B.none C. all ? (2010 湖南省娄底市
  1) ?Lucy’s skirt is black. What about ?? ?Mine is white.? A.you B.your C. yours ? (20
  2.?How was your visit to the World Park in Beijing? --Wonderful!We enjoyed very much. A.itself B.myself C.yourselves D.ourselves (20
  1)?Oh,you’re reading a newspaper .Is there in it? --I don’t know. I read it just now. A.new something B.anything new C.something new (20
  1)?Who is Mr Xu? --He isteacher and he teaches P.E. A.our;us B.our;our C.ours;our (20
  1)?Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? --I’d love to ,but of us couple has tickets.Do you have some? A.both B.neither C.none (20
  1)?Could you please tell mein today’s newspaper? --Sorry,. A.something special;special nothing B.special something ;special nothing C.something special;nothing special (2010 山东省潍坊市
  1)I’m expecting a pet dog for long,but mom has no time to buyfor me. A.it B.one C.this D.that 潍坊市
  1)?Would you like tea or coffee? --is OK.I really don’t mind. A.None B.Either C.Neither D.Both (2010 江苏省南京市
  1)?Is this model plane yours,Susan? --Yes,it’s mine.It’s made by. A.myself B.yourself C.himself D.herself (20
  1) His name is Thomas ,but usually calls Tom.
A. him B. himself C. her D. Herself (20
  1)Maybe bamboo has more uses than in the world. A.any plant B.all the plants C.other plant D.any other plant (2010 年上海市
  1)The volunteers lovestudents in that small village in the west of China. A.they B.them C.their D.themselves (2010 年上海市
  1)New Zealand has two islands.One is North Island and is South Island. A.another B.the other C.other D.the others (2010?湖北省十堰市,
  1)?The exam was very easy,wasn’t it? --Yes,but I don’t think would pass it. A.somebody B.anybody C.everybody D.nobody (2010?陕西省,
  1)This is classroom,but where is ours? A.they B.them C.their D.theirs (2010?广西省梧州市,
  1)I’m from England ,and name is Jacky. A.her B.his C.your D.my (2010?新疆省阜康市,
  1)( )There are onlynew words in the passage,but I know of them. A.some;all B.a few;none C.lots of;a few D.few;none (2010?新疆省阜康市,
  1)( )?Your tea,please. --There must bein the tea.I like this kind of tea with sugar. A.nothing sweet B.something sweet C.sweet something D.sweet nothing (2010?山东省聊城市,
  1)--Hi!A purse is on the ground.Whose is it? --There’s a girl over there.Maybe it’s . A.her B.hers C.she D.herself (2010?新疆省阜康市,
  1)( )Earthquakes happen when two plates(板块)move againstother. A.both B.all C.each D.every (2010?山东省莱芜市,
  1)--Whose shirt is this? Is it Tom's? No, it isn't, is white. A.Mine B.Hers C.His D.Yours (2010?福建省福州



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