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假如你是李华,在网上看见一位美国网友迈克(Mike)发帖,说很想了解中国最新的卡通 片《喜羊羊与 灰太狼》(Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf).请你根据下列提示给他回贴. 提示: 《喜羊羊与灰太狼》 是著名卡通编剧黄健最新的作品. 该片以羊和狼两大族群间妙趣横 生的争斗为 主线,剧情轻松诙谐,情节爆笑,对白幽默,深受小朋友,大朋友甚至老朋友的喜爱. 要求:
  1. 根据提示可适当增加细节,以使行文流畅; 不少于 80 词(贴子的开头和结尾已经给
  2. 出,不计入 总词数). 参考词汇:卡通编剧 cartoon maker Dear Mike, Yours, Li Hua 参考范文 Dear Mike, I'd be happy to tell you something about the cartoon Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf. It is Huang Jian's latest cartoon. Huang is a very famous cartoon maker in China. The cartoon tells us stories about how some young and brave sheep fight against the wolves. The stories are very interesting. The sheep and the wolves are very funny. We children, our parents and even our grandparents like to watch it. The sheep have a lot of fans both in China and overseas. If you are looking for entertainment, stay at home and watch it. Don't miss it. Yours, Li Hua (
  2) 为迎接 2010 年的上海世博会(World Expo 2010 Shanghai China),某英文报社正举办以"How to behave well?"为主题的征文比赛,请你写一篇短文参赛.
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  1. 守时,守信,不撒谎,不说脏话;
  2. 礼貌待人,热心助人;
  3. 遵守交通规则;不 在公共场所 喧哗,不乱扔垃圾.
  4. …… 参考范文 To welcome World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, we Chinese people should behave well. As a student, I think it's very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never lie to others or say dirty words. We should be polite to others and ready to help people in need. We'd better not talk loudly in public. Don't throw litter or spit about. And remember to obey traffic rules. Finally, learn to work with others. We need good team work in our life. (
  3) 第 16 届亚运会将在中国举办,广州成为中国第二个取得亚运会举办权的城市.假设你是亚 运会志愿者, 在下周的英语角活动中, 请你根据下面的表格提示, 用英文简单地介绍一下即将举行的这届 亚运会的盛 况.要求:80 词左右. 名称 第 16 届亚运会 时间 20
  11.12-27 举办地点 中国广州 比赛项目 41 项 体育馆 43 个 参赛运动员和领队 14700 人 参赛国家和地区 45 个 吉祥物 乐羊羊 参考词汇:Asian Games 亚运会 地区
event 项目
team official 领队
mascot 吉祥物
参考范文 The sixteenth Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China from November 12th to 27th in 20
  10. Guangzhou has become the second city in China to host the Asian Games. There will be
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41 events in 43 gyms. During the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, about 14,700 athletes and team officials from 45 Asian countries and regions will come to Guangzhou. The mascot is a group of five goats called "Leyangyang", which means happy in Chinese. Guangzhou welcomes friends from all Asian countries and regions. 出题方向二 应聘在亚运会做 volunteer 的信. Dear Sir or Madam: I'm writing to you because I want to work as a volunteer for the Asian Games 20
  10. One one hand, as a Chinese, I really want to do something for our country. On the other hand, I think I can learn a lot from this work. I'm a middle school student. My name is Wanglei. I 'm 16 years old now. my hobby is playing sport. And of all my subjects, I do best in English. So I think I can work as a translator. I can help the people who come from English-speaking countries. And I'm hard-working. So I could help to clean the street as well. I think I can also show the foreigners around the city. Everyone in my class thinks that I am a helpful and friendly boy. So I'm sure I will be a good volunteer. Please give me a chance to try. Call me at 12345676, my e-mail address is Mr Wang @1
  63.com. Wang Li (
  5) 针对目前学生学习压力较大的现状,有人以"How to Reduce the Pressure"为题调查采访了 你校的 100 名学生. 请你根据以下调查结果的图表写一份报告, 并谈谈自己或身边同学释放压力的有效 方法. 注意:
  1. 词数:80 左右;
  2. 调查报告的题目和开头已为你写好(不计入总词数). How to Reduce the Pressure Nowadays more and more middle three students are getting stressed in their studies.
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参考范文 How to Reduce the Pressure Nowadays more and more middle school students are getting stressed in their studies. In order to find out good ways to reduce the stress, we made a survey among 100 students in our schools last week. About thirty-five percent of the students get relaxed by doing sports. Another forty?five percent of them make their stress less by listening to music. The rest usually get help from their teacher. They often have a talk with their teacher. When I'm stressed, I usually play sports. Then I'll have a good sleep. In this way, I'll feel relaxed and forget all about my worries. 出题方向二 中学生适当的放松方式 中学生学习时间长, 压力大, 专家建议学生每天课后应采取适当的方式放松自己. 某英文报" 学生习作 "专栏正在就"学生适当的放松方式"这一话题进行征文.假设你是二十二中初三(
  3)班 的班长,最近 你对班上同学课后放松方式进行了调查. 请根据表格提供的调查信息和要求写一篇短文向该 报投稿. 对 象:二十二中初三(
  3)班.人 数:60 人(男:31 人;女:29 人). 常用放松方式:
  1. 看电视(30 人 )
  2.玩电脑游戏(12 人)
  3.听音乐(8 人)
  4.进行体育锻炼(5 人)
  5.没有时间放松(5 人). 你的观 点:哪一种(些)放松方式是适当的? 为什么? 注意:
  00.题目和开头已 为你写好, 不记入总词数. The Proper Way(s) for students to Relax I am the monitor of Class 3,Grade3,No.22Middle School.Recently I have made a survey of the students in my class on ways to relax after class.
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There are 60 students in my class(31 boys and 29 girls ).Different students have different ways to relax.Half of the students often watch TV.12students like to play computer games while 8 enjoy listening to music.5 students think doing sports is a good way and another five are too busy to relax. As we study too long every day and have too much pressure,every student should choose proper ways to relax.In my opinion, watching TV or playing computer games is not a proper way to help us relax.I thing taking exercise is a proper way because it can rest our brains and eyes. Besides,It can help improve our health.Therefore,I often play pingpong after class.It's really helpful to both my health and my study.
  6) 迈克尔杰克逊(Michael Jackson) 被誉为"流行音乐之王" (the king of pop).他的逝世令全 世界震 惊,也是全世界歌迷们的遗憾.假如你是校报英文版的编辑,下期报纸你想带着同学们走近 这位艺人, 走进他的世界.请你根据下面表格内容,写一篇不少于 70 词的文章. Name Michael Jackson (August 29th, 1958 -- June 26th, 20
  09) Birth place Gary in Indiana Hobby Singing and dancing Experience
  1. The most successful album, Thriller, came out on November 30, 1982
  2.Billie Jean - the most successful song in the world
  3. gave money to a lot of charities from different countries 参考范文 Michael Jackson was called the king of pop. He was born in Gary in Indiana on August 29th, 19
  58. He had great talent in music and loved dancing. His most famous album, Thriller, came
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out on November 30th, 1982, and it was very popular. At the same time, he was also a very warm-hearted person. He gave his money to a lot of charities from different countries. Unfortunately, he died in his early fifties. He will live in our hearts forever. (
  7) 现在很多孩子喜欢玩电脑游戏,有的孩子长时间打电脑游戏,导致眼睛近视;有的孩子甚至 沉溺于电脑 游戏,无心学习. 假设你的外教凯瑟琳(Katherine)想要了解你对该问题的看法,请你就该话题写一篇短文,跟 她聊聊学生 打电脑游戏对生活的影响,并提出一些解决该问题的建议. 要求:
  1. 内容合理,语言流畅,条理清楚.
  2. 70 词左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数. Nowadays, many children are very interested in computer games. This causes a lot of trouble. 参考范文: Nowadays, many children are very interested in computer games. This causes a lot of trouble. They spend a lot of time playing computer games. It is very bad for their eyes. Many children have to wear glasses for this reason. What is worse, some of them don't pay attention to their studies any more. To solve this problem, parents should help them. Give them time to play, but the time mustn 't be more than half an hour or an hour. Parents should also encourage them in their studies. Help them to be interested in their studies again. (
  8) 新中国成立 60 周年来,我国发生了翻天覆地的变化,请你据此写一篇 80 字的英语作文,谈 谈自己的感想 . 要求:
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  1. 列出生活中反映一两件家乡变化的事, 如购新车,住新房等.
  2. 列出最近发生的一两件国家大事, 如成功举办奥运, "神舟七号" 顺利升空等.
  3. 要表达出你的喜悦和自豪之情,并谈谈你的感想. ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ??????????????????????????? 参考范文: Great changes have taken place since our country was founded 60 years ago. In the past we lived in the small and old houses and now we move into new broad ones which are more than one hundred square meters. At the same time, many families have own their new cars. Besides, our country hosted the 29th Olympic Games successfully in 2008 and we took the first place in winning gold medals. Another inspiring event was that the Shenzhou Ⅶ was sent into space smoothly, which shows our scientific research get great achievements. We are very happy and proud of all these achievements. I am sure our country will become even stronger and richer. I love our motherland very much. Let's work hard to make contribution to our country in the future. (
  9) 近年来,青少年的心理健康问题引起了越来越多人的关注.你校英语角这周的主题就是"青 少年的心理 健康问题大家谈" .假如你叫肖鹏,请你根据下面的要点提示写一篇文章,就这个话题进行 发言. 提示:
  1. 学校方面:建立专门机构;
  2. 家长方面:给予更多关注;
  3. 青少年自己:正确处理困难. 参考词汇:心理健康 mental health 部门 department 要求:
  1. 词数:80 词左右;
  2. 根据所给信息可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯.



   2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题十书面表达 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题十 考点一 考点一、话题作文 (2010 湖南省娄底市,Ⅲ、C)书面表达,10 分) Zhou Hui 和 Ge Bin 是“一帮一”活动中结成的一对学习伙伴。 Zhou Hui 在 Ge Bin 的帮助下 有了明显的进步。请根据下表信息写一篇 60 字左右的短文。(开头已写出,不计入总词数) Zhou Hui Ge Bin In the past Now didn’t listen carefull ...


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