Passage 28 What do Napoleon, Clinton and Wang Nan have in common? They are all left-handed. Today, about 15% of the number of people is left-handed. But why are people left-handed? The answer is the way the brain (大脑) works. The brain has two halves the right half controls the left side of the body, and the left controls the right side of the body. So right-handed people have a strong left-brain and left-handed people have a strong right brain. The two halves of he brain are about the same size. But each side controls different things. The left side controls language, math and logical (逻辑的). When you remember new words, or when you put things in order, you use your left side. The right side of the brain controls your love of art, colors and music. It is also good at recognizing (识别) faces. This does not mean that all 课件下载[]artists are left-handed and all accountants (会计) are right-handed. Some right-handers have a strong right brain, and some left-handers have a strong left-brain.
  1.The phrase "in common" in the first sentence means . A. the same B. different C. strange D. interesting
  2.People who are right-handed or left-handed are mostly decided by . A. their parents B. their minds C. the way the brain works D. the way the head works
  3.Each side of the brain . A. likes music and math B. controls different things C. controls the same thing D. has two halves
  4.When you are singing, you are using your . A. logic thinking B. heart C. left brain D. right brain Passage 29 Before you use your new microwave oven, read the instructions carefully. Each oven has its own control panel (控制板), but most microwave ovens operate in a similar way. Look at the control panel shown here. It shows the time at the top of the panel. Under the time are the different functions(功能).You can press (按) Defrost, Cook, Clock, or Power. You can also warm food by pressing Reheat Times.
Under the functions are the numbers. These numbers are shown as on telephone, from zero through nine. You can press the numbers to set the coo 课件下载[]king time in seconds or minutes. Under the numbers are Start and Clear. A microwave oven will automatically (自动的) cook on HIGH (power level
  10) unless you enter a lower power level. Suppose (假设)you want to cook
a serving of broccoli for two minutes and forty-five seconds on MEDIUM power (level
  5). First, press the numbers 2, 4 and 5 (two minutes, forty-five seconds). Then press Power. Next, press the number
  5. At last, press Start to begin cooking. If you make a mistake, press Clear. This will clear the display and allow you to start over again. 阅读短文,然后根据其内容回答下列问题.

  1.What is the main idea of the passage?
  2.What functions does a microwave oven have?
  3.How would you cook green beans for two minutes and thirty seconds at power level 7?
  4.What is the last function you press each time you set the controls?
  5.What does "Clear" allow you to do when you press it? Passage 30 No one knows why we sleep, but it's certain that we need to. People who are prevented from sleeping begin to suffer obvious effects after a few days?they think less clearly, and they fall asleep during the working hours. There are no rules about sleep. Generally speaking, grown-ups sleep about 7 and a half hours each night and probably more than 60 percent get betw 课件下载[]een seven and eight hours. But perhaps eight percent are quite happy with 5 hours or less, and four percent or so find that they want ten hours or more. If you feel all right, you're probably getting enough sleep. The important thing is not to worry how much other people get?their needs may be different. Exercise doesn't seem to increase the need for sleep?office workers, for example, sleep for about as long as people doing physically active work.
Children sleep more than grown-ups?perhaps 14 to 18 hours soon after birth, going down to grown-up levels by early teenage (青少年). Sleep patterns also tend (倾向) to be different in the old people, who may sleep less at night than they did when younger, find sleep getting more broken, and often make it a rule to sleep during the daytime.
  1.Some people can't think clearly because . A. they have bad memory B. they feel sleepy during the working hours C. they don't have enough sleep D. they are certain to be kept from
going to bed
  2.Whether you have got enough sleep is judged (判断) by . many hours you have slept B. how many hours you need to sleep C. if you do exercise and physical work D. if you feel fresh energetic
  3.According to the passage, a boy of 14 years old sleeps . long hours as a grown-up B.much longer hours than a grown-up C.for 14 hours each night D.for less than 8 hours each night
  4.Which of the following is True? A.All grown-ups much have at least eight-hour sleep. B.Most of grown-ups sleep for seven or eight hours. C.Quite a few people need only 5 hours or less for them to sleep. D.No grown-ups sleep more than ten hours. Passage 31 Some people want to be sent into space after their death, others want to lie deep under the sea. But most people want to go into the freezer (冷藏库). These 课件下载[]are believers in cryogenics (低温冷冻学). Now some diseases can't be cured, but they may be cured sometime in the future. So some people hope that their bodies can be frozen after they die. When a cure is found,warm up his or her body, bring it back to life and take the cure. Once the body is frozen, it is kept in liquid nitrogen(液 态氮)at a temperature of 328 degrees below zero. Now around a thousand people are going to take cryogenic treatment (处理), though most scientists say it won't work. If we freeze huge creatures(生物)like humans, every one of their cells(细胞)will be broken. Can they be brought back to life in the future?
  1.Where do most people hope that their bodies are kept after their death?
  2.Why do they want the world to keep their bodies well?
  3.How do scientists usually keep a dead man's body?
  4.How many people are going to take cryogenic treatment after they die?
  5.Can a man who died of cancer come back to life in the future if his body is frozen?Why?



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       本文由mmhdt贡献     坚持“多说”、“多听”、“多读”、“多写”,你一定可以顺利通过CET--6      一、多“说”。      自己多创造机会与英语教师多讲英语,见了同学,尤其是和好朋友在一起时尽量 用英语去问候,谈心情……这时候你需随身携带一个英汉互译小词典,遇到生词时查 一下这些生词,也不用刻意去记,用的多了,这个单词自然而然就会记住。千万别把 学英语当成负担,始终把它当成一件有趣的事情去做。 或许你有机会碰上外国人,你 应大胆地上去跟他打招呼,和他谈天气、谈风景、 ...