2010 年全国各地中考英语真题分类汇编??完形填空 全国各地中考英语真题分类汇编??完形填空 中考英语真题分类汇编?? 一 (20
  10.江苏省无锡市中考) The sun was shining quite brightly as Mrs Grant left her house,so she decided not to _16_an umbrella with her.She got on the bus to the town and before long it began to rain.The rain had not stopped -17_the bus arrived at the market half an hour later.Mrs Grant stood up and absent-mindedly(心不在焉的)picked up the umbrella that was _18_on the seat in front of her. A cold voice said loudly, “That is mine,Madam!” Suddenly remembering that she had come out without her umbrella,Mrs Grant felt _19_for what she had done,trying at the same time to take no notice of the unpleasant _20_the owner of the umbrella was giving her. When she got off the bus,Mrs Grant made straight for a shop where she could buy an umbrella. She found a pretty one and bought it.Then she _21_to buy another as a present for her daughter.Afterwards she did the rest of her_22_and had lunch in a restaurant. In the afternoon she got on the homeward(回家的)bus with the two umbrellas under her arm,and sat down.Then she _23_that,by a curious coincidence(巧合),she was sitting next to the woman who had made her feel _24_that morning. That woman now looked at her,and then at the umbrellas. “You’ve had quite a good _25_,’she said.
  16.A.keep B.bring C.take D.leave
  17.A.before B.until C.though D.when
  18.A.hanging B.appearing C.dropping D.losing
  19.A.angry B.sorry C.lucky D.glad
  20.A.reply B.call C.suggestion D.look
  21.A.promised B.decided C.agreed D.remembered
  22.A.hiking B.shopping C.trying D.searching
  23.A.meant B.explained C.saw D.forgot
  24.A.jealous B.bored C.satisfied D.uncomfortable
  25.A.day B.meal C.journey D.present 答案: 16~20: CDABD 21~25: BBCDA 二 (2010?福建省晋江市中考) When people find something valuable and return it to its owner, they are often given a reward. This is because the person not only found what was lost but also spent time 46 its owner or taking it to the police station. There was once a young boy 47 found a woman’s purse in a shopping centre. Inside the purse there 48 some money and the woman’s driving license. Her name and 49 were printed on the license, so the boy knew where she lived. That evening he went to her house and 50 her door. When she opened it, he said, “ I found your purse,” and handed it to her. “Thank you very much,” she said. She opened her purse and took out all the money. She wanted to give the boy a small reward, 51 there were only bills of $20 in the purse and she thought that $ 20 was too 52 to give the boy. “ I’ sorry,” she said, “ but I don’t have any m small 53 to give you.”
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The boy said, “That’s all right,” and he went away. A few days later he found 54 woman’s purse. It also had her driving license in it, so he knew where she lived. He went to her house and said “ I found your purse,” and handed it to her. “Thank you very much, “ she said. She opened her purse and took out all her money. “That’s 55 ” , she said, “ Before I lost my purse I had a $100 bill and a $20 bill in it. Now I have a $100 bill, a $10 bill and two $5 bills.” “Yes,” the boy said, and smiled.
  46. A. to find B. finding C. find
  47. A. who B. whose C. which
  48. A. is B. were C. was
  49. A. e-mail B. address C.age
  50. A.cut down B. knocked on C. broke into
  51. A. so B. but C. or
  52. A. little B. few C. much
  53. A. change 全品中考网 B. menu C. purse
  54. A .another B. the other C. other
  55. A interesting B. exciting C. strange 【答案】46-55 B A C B B B C A A C 三 (2010?河南省中考) Long ago,in a small village of Wakefield lived two farmers,Harry and Peter.Harry was very hard.working while Peter was 36 .Every day Harry got up early and came home late,but Peter walked around for fun. One summer there was no 37 and the crops(庄稼)were dying.Harry thought, must do “I something to save these crops,or they shall die. ”With this 38 in mind,he went out to find a river so that he could dig a canal(沟渠)to his field.He walked on and on, feeling tired and thirsty.After a 39 search,he found a river full of blue water.He was very happy.He started digging a canal to his field. 40 it was noon his wife sent their daughter to bring Harry home 41 lunch.But Harry did not go.He did not want to leave his work unfinished.He completed his work 42 at night.He Was very satisfied. He went home。had a good meal and 43 into a sound sleep. Peter did the same.But he was not at all determined(有决心的).He also 44 digging a canal to his field but he didn’t have his work completed.His field did not get 45 water and all his crops died. Harry’ field would be watered when needed. had a good harvest because of his hard work. s He ( )
  36.A.cruel B.1azy C.careless D.silly ( )
  37.A.rain B.wind C.cloud D.river ( )
  38.A.feeling B.dream C.problem D.thought ( )
  39.A.quick B.long C.slow D.special ( )
  40.A.Whether B.Although C.When D.Unless 全品中考网 ( )
  41.A.for B.to C.with D.at ( )
  42.A.early B.far C.1ate D.deep ( )
  43.A.fell B.1ooked C.turned D.walked
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( )
  44.A.stopped B.1oved ( )
  45.A.clean B.enough 【答案】BADBC ACADB
C:forgot C.1ittle
D.started D.fresh
四 (2010?湖北省荆州市中考) A young man was about to finish school. For a long time he had 26 to get a beautiful sports car. He knew his father could well 27 it, so he told him that a sports car was all he wanted. Then on the morning of his graduation 毕业) was called to his father’ room. His father ( ,he s told him how 28 he was to have such a fine son, and told him how 29 he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful gift box. 30 , the young man opened the box and found a lovely Bible(圣经)with his name on it. Angrily, he raised his 31 to his father and said, “With all your money you give me a Bible? ” He then 32 out of the house, leaving the Bible. Many years passed and the young man was very 33 in business, and had a beautiful home and a wonderful family. 34 that his father was very old, he thought perhaps he should go to see him. He had not seen him 35 that graduation day. Before he could go, he received a 36 telling him that his father had died. He had to go home immediately and take 37 of the things that his father left him. When he began to search through his father’s important papers, he saw the still new Bible, 38 as he had left it years ago. He opened the Bible and began to 39 the pages. As he was reading, a car key with a tag(标牌) dropped from the back of the Bible. On the tag was the 40 of his graduation, and the words “PAID IN FULL”. Sadness and regret(悔恨)filled his heart.
  26. A.expected B.believed C.enjoyed D.felt
  27. A.afford B.spend C.cost D.pay
  28. A.excited B.proud C.angry D.anxious
  29. A.far B.much C.long D.often
  30. A.Interested B.Tired C.Surprised D.Relaxed
  31. A.hand B.head C.voice D.sound
  32. A.looked B.moved C.walked D.rushed
  33. A.careful B.helpful C.wonderful D.successful
  34. A.Wanting B.Suggesting C.Noticing D.Realizing
  35. A.on B.since C.after D.from
  36. A.bag B.ticket C.phone D.book
  37. A.care B.part C.notes D.time
  38. A.just B.only C.always D.already
  39. A.use B.open C.turn D.close
  40. A.place B.date C.test D.name 【答案】
  26. A
  27. A
  28. B
  29. B
  36. C
  37. A
  38. A
  39. C
  40. B 五 (2010 四川省成都市中考)
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  30. C
  31. C
  32. D

  33. D

  34. D

  35. B
A man is driving home on a cold rainy night.At a bus top,he sees three people waiting for a bus.The first person is _51_best friend.This friend saved(救)his life years ago.The second one is his aunt.She’s very _52_and needs to go to hospital at once.The third one is the man’s girl friend.He loves her very much.The man wants to help _53_of them,but his car is very small and he can _54_only one in the car.Now be has his biggest-55_--who’s the one that he can take?
  51.A.her B.his C.their
  52.A.sick B.healthy C.strict
  53.A.one B.two C.all
  54.A.bring B.take C.hold
  55.A.problem B.idea C.plan 【答案】BACBA (2010?湖北省武汉市中考) Denny Crook was a famous photographer. He traveled all over the world, taking pictures for magazines and newspapers, and won many prizes. “I’ll do anything to get a good photo,” he often said. “I’ll go anywhere at any time, even if it is (
  41).” And he told the (
  42). He had photos of earthquakes, forest fires, floods and even wars. If something interesting happened, Denny went to photo it. He was a married man and his wife often asked him to take her with him, but he always (
  43).”I’ll travel for my work, not for (
  44),” he told her . “You won’t enjoy yourself, and I won’t have (
  45) to look after you. Sometimes there’s not even anywhere to (
  46), and I have to sleep outside. I often don’t have a good (
  47) or a bath for days. You won’t like it.” “Denny, I’m not a child,” his wife didn’t (
  48). “I can look after myself. Please take me with you the next time you go overseas.” Denny did not say anything, but he (
  49) about it, and when he was asked to go to Africa he said to his wife, “You can come to Africa with me if you want to. I’ve got to take photos of wild (
  50) there. It should be interesting and not too uncomfortable.” His wife was very (
  51), and at first she had a very enjoyable time. Then Denny went to off to (
  52) some lions to photo. His wife went with him, but before long they became separated. She walked down one path while he walked down the other. Suddenly, Denny heard her (
  53). He ran back and saw her running toward him. A huge lion was chasing her. Quickly Denny took his camera out of its case and (
  54) it at his wife and the lion. Then he shouted, “(
  55), woman! I can’t get you both in the picture!”
  41. A. dangerous B. natural C. convenient D. impossible
  42. A. lie B. reason C. news D. truth
  43. A. allowed B. refused C. failed D. joked
  44. A. wealth B. prize C. pleasure D. luck
  45. A. money B. time C. interest D. ability
  46. A. meet B. work C. shop D. stay
  47. A. meal B. picnic C. room D. party
  48. A. agree B. understand C. reply D. complain
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  49. A. worried
  50. A. land
  51. A. confused
  52. A. find
  53. A. singing
  54. A. threw
  55. A. Hurry up 【答案】
B. forgot B. flowers B. excited B. feed B. crying B. fired B. Look out
C. asked C. animals C. surprised C. drive C. laughing C. showed C. Slow down
D. thought D. people D. disappointed D. shoot D. cheering D. pointed D. Go ahead
(2010?陕西省中考) One day before my final exam,my dad gave me a gift.It completely changed my life. On that day I had a _31_with my friends and it was a difficult time with my studies.I was unhappy .Then I noticed the gift.I _32_it and saw a DVD inside.Its name was “THE SECRET”.However ,I was in no mood (心情)to watch it.I sat down to study ,but the _33_in my life-the fight,the sleepless nights and my poor health…Everything came to my mind.I wanted an answer but I wondered _34_there was any.Just then,I saw the DVD again.May be it would be helpful.I _35_my DVD player.I had no words to describe the feelings I experienced while watching it.The moving(动人的)stories of human beings made me so moved that I wouldn’t _36_any of them. Thanks to my father’s gift “THE SECRET”,I discovered _37_.Everyboday has difficulties in their lives .The important thing is that you should be _38_enough to face them.Now I have started _39_my studies and my friends.And I’m in good health,too.I often hear people say, “Wow!_40_perfect life you have!’
  31.A.trip B.party C.talk D.fight
  32.A.opened B.kept C.moved D.broke
  33.A.chances B.problems C.suggestions D.mistakes
  34.A.why B.that C.if D.how
  35.A.turned on B.looked for C.put away D.paid for
  36.A.report B.forget C.think D.remember
  37.A.yourself B.itself C.himself D.myself
  38.A.mad B.brave C.sad D.weak
  39.A.being busy with B.worrying about C.getting on well with D.being afraid of
  40.A.What a B.What C.How a D.How 【答案】DABCA BBBCB
(2010?福建省福州市中考) It was almost 9:00 p.m.When Mary left her office to go home,it was _46_.She started her car and drove back to her home in the country. The snow was heavy.Then Mary crossed a small_47_.Suddenly the car rushed out of the
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bridge which was covered with ice.Mary hit her head on the steering wheel(方向盘)and lost consciousness(感觉). When she woke up,her head was bleeding(流血),and she was shaking from the _48_.She didn’t know _49_she was.Mary opened her ear door and looked around.She was _50_the bridge,and her car was sitting on the frozen river!She felt very sad.She knew the ice wouldn’t hold her car for very _51_.She tried to climb up to the bridge several times,but she kept _52_in the snow.Mary tried again and again,but still she couldn’t get up.She realized that _53_could see her car under the bridge.She was lying in the snow,and she couldn’t move.Mary closed her eyes and waited to _54_. Th



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