年中考英语作文预测(含分类) 2010 年中考英语作文预测(含分类)
这类作文难度适中,注意时态变化此类题型常常用将来时态,但是要想得到好成绩,背诵范 文非常必要. .
典型例句(略 典型例句 略)
  1.一天生活 一天生活(My Pleasant Day) 一天生活
Some days are unforgettable in our life. I had a pleasant day last month.
In the morning, I got up late and then began to do my homework. It took me about two hours to finish it. Next, I watched TV and had fun playing computer games.
While my mother was cooking lunch, I cleaned the house and washed my clothes. We had delicious food. In the afternoon, I went shopping with my mother, and then I played tennis happily with my friends. Before I went to bed, I listened to music. It made me relaxed.
What a happy day I had!
  2.生活 生活(The Happy Life) 生活
My school life has a lot of fun.
I like studying in the classroom with my lovely classmates. We get on well with each other. We play sports and sing songs together. But sometimes there is too much homework. I didn't have free time to play with my pet.
I wish to have a job I like and have a house with a nice garden. I will share my success with my parents.
Now, I must study hard to make my dream come true. And I strongly believe my dream will come true in the future.
  3.寒(暑)假生活 My winter holiday 寒 暑 假生活
Winter holiday is coming. I have a plan about it. During the holiday, I want to get relaxing. I will do morning exercises everyday. If I have time, in the afternoon I will go to visit my best friends and relatives during the holiday .I like reading very much. So I will spend some time reading books. I will also try my best to learn maths hard because I am not good at it. During the holiday, I will help my parents do some housework as much I can. I am sure I will have a good time this winter holiday.

  4.我的学校生活 My School Life 我的学校生活
Hi! I am a girl. I'm fourteen years old. I come from a small village of Guangxi. I am a student of Class 1, Grade
  2. My School life is very interesting. Class begins at 7:45a.m. I have five classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I often have two or three classes. We learn Chinese, English, math, history, biology, geography, politics, physics and so on. I learn them with great interest. I like P.E. best. Because having sports is good for us and build us up. And we'll have a sport meet this term, I want to take part in the long jump. I have lunch at school at about 11:50, because my home is a little far from the school. : After school, I often play basketball with my classmates on the playground. Sometimes, I go to the school library. In my spare time, I often practice speaking English with my good friends at the English corner. English is very important to us.. Speaking English will help me to make more foreign friends. My teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. I like my school life very much. What about your school life? Can you tell me?

  5.关于春节(练习册里) .关于春节(练习册里)
Dear Mike,
Thank you for your letter.Thank you for telling me something about Christmas in the USA. Now let me tell you something about the spring festival in China. The spring festival is also called new year in China. We Chinese people often clean our houses and paint our doors and windows in red. It means good luck. Families often get together and have a big dinner together on the spring festival eve. we often wear new clothes and go to visit our friends and relatives during the spring festival. We also send the best wishes to each other. We have a good time in the spring festival.

  6.将来生活(My Future)
What will your life be like in 10 years? I'm thinking about mine. I think it must be very different from now!
In ten years, I'll graduate from college and I'll be a businessman. I'll live in a big apartment with my parents and drive my own car. I'll take a ride with my parents on weekends. And I think I'll travel all over the world. I'll also keep pets although I know I have to spend much time taking care of them. But I think they can make my parents less lonely when I am not at home.
In a word, the life in the future will be very wonderful. And I will work hard now and try to make it more colorful and meaningful!



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