2010 牛津六年级英语小升初试卷 听力部分( 听力部分(30 分)
(5 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容,听两遍。 5 分) 听录音,选出你所听到的内容,听两遍。 ( ( )
  1. A.ride a bike B.write a card C.fly a kite ( )
  2. A.contest B.concert C.country ( )
  3. A.6:45 B.7:15 C.6:15 ( )
  4. A.machine B.match C.museum ( )
  5. A.envelope B.eleven C.elephant 判断图意是否与所听内容相符。相符的写“T” 不相符的写“F” “T”, “F”。 二 、 判断图意是否与所听内容相符 。 相符的写 “T” , 不相符的写 “F” 。 (10 分)
  5. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答语,听两遍。 (5 三、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答语,听两遍。 5 分) ( ( )
  1.A.Yes,speaking B.Yes,I’m Nancy C.That’s Nancy speaking ( )
  2.A.Yes, I do. B.I like winter best. C. Yes, I like winter. ( )
  3.A.No, she isn’t. B. Yes, she can. C. No, she doesn’t. ( )
  4.A.On the hill. B. In spring. C. On foot. ( )
  5.A.It’s Thursday. B.I t’s the 17th of April. C.It’s on the 17th of April. 听录音,根据短文内容选择正确的答案, 两遍。 (1 四、听录音,根据短文内容选择正确的答案,听两遍。 10 分) ( ( )
  1. What subject does he study at school? A. Piano. B. Art. C. PE. ( )
  2. When will he stop his study? A. April. B. June. C. July. ( )
  3. What is he going to do in the evening? A. To have dinner. B. To play the piano. C. To study Art. ( )
  4. How many hours will he sleep? A. Four hours. B. Eight hours. C. Nine hours. ( )
  5. He will go home by . A. bus B. bike C. taxi.
笔试部分( 笔试部分(70 分)
根据所给的图片,找出正确的句子,并用正确的格式抄写。 一、根据所给的图片,找出正确的句子,并用正确的格式抄写。 2 分) (
  1、 The sign on the wall means “Danger”
  2、 We are going to go on an outing this weekend.
( 二、英汉互译。 10 分) 英汉互译。


  2、have a chat
  4、collect boxes
  6、a moment ago

  8、get off
  10、go for a walk 根据所给图片的提示,填入所缺的单词。 三、根据所给图片的提示,填入所缺的单词。 8 分) (
  1、Helen than Nancy.
  2. Listen,the girl is ,she is a good
  3. Where is Nancy from? She is from the .
  4. I carrots on the farm last Sunday.
  5. Where are my ? They were on my desk just now. 选择题( 四、选择题(10 分) ( )
  1、 Do you like ,Mike? Yes, I do. A. jog B. joging C. jogs D. jogging ( )
  2. My birthday is the 2nd of June .Nancy’s birthday is June ,too. A. on,on B. in, on C. on, in D. in,in ( )
  3. After a football match, Jim is black and blue.”black and blue” means . A.蓝色和黑色 B.青一块,紫一块 C. 黑白分明 D. 身上很脏 ( )
  4. Thank you very much. A.Thank you B.That’s right C.Oh,yes D.That’s all right ( )
  5. Do you have brothers sisters in your family? A. some…and B. some…or C. any…or D. any…and ( )
  6. There is a lot of in spring there. A. rain B. rains C. rainy D. rainy ( )
  7.Mr Green is father. A.Jim and Kate’s B.Jim and Kate C.Jim and kates’ D.Jim’s and Kate’s ( )
  8.Is this your pen, Nancy? Yes, A.this is B.it’s C.it isn’t D.it is ( )
  9、His classroom is on the second floor . is on the third floor. A. Their B. They C. Theirs D. They’re ( )
  10、The girl often home at 5:
  20. A. go B. go to C. goes D. goes to
(4 五、从Ⅱ栏中找到与Ⅰ栏相对应的答句。 4 分) 栏中找到与Ⅰ栏相对应的答句。 ( Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  1.How do we go there? A.I’ve got a headache. ( )
  2.Are you Mr Brown? B.It’s in January or February. ( )
  3.Can I have your e-mail address? C.Her mane’s Mary. ( )
  4.What’s the matter? D.Thank you! ( )
  5.What’s your penfriend’s name? E.Yes,I am. ( )
  6.When’s Spring Festival? F.Sorry, wrong number. ( )
  7.Hello, may I speak to Gao Shan? G.Yes,of course. ( )
  8.Oh, your new dress is nice! H.By taxi. 看图完成对话,每空一词。 六、看图完成对话,每空一词。 15 分) (
  1、A: Which do you like ? B: I like . A: Why? B: Because it’s , I can . me the
  2、A: Excuse me, can you to the park? B: Go this street and at the crossing. A: How is it from here? B: It’s about 5 kilometres away. You can NO.
  11. A: Thank you very much. B: You’re welcome. 情景选择。 七、情景选择。 5 分) ( ( )
  1.当你想知道这个周六的天气如何时,问: A. What is the Saturday? B. What is the weather like this Saturday? C. It’s Saturday today? ( )
  2.当你想了解别人是否需要一杯茶时,问: A. What are you looking for? B. What do you like best? C. Would you like a cup of tea? ( )
  3.当你想了解别人多长时间去一次肯德基时,问: A. How do you go to the KFC? B. How long do you go to the KFC? C. How often do you go to the KFC? ( )
  4.当别人对你说:Happy New Year 时,你应该说: A. Thank you B. That’s OK C. The same to you ( ) 5 当你想知道这些桃子多少钱时,问: A. How much are these peaches? B. How much are these peach? C. How many peaches are there? 八 阅读,判断正误,回答问题并完成表格(10 分)
Dear Mary I saw your name in the newspaper, you asked for penfriends in China. I would like to be your penfriend. I am twelve years old. I live in Nanjing. I am a student at Liuyuan Primary School. We study Chinese, English, Maths, Science, Art, PE and some other subjects. My favorite subjects are Maths and PE. I like playing the guitar, collecting stamps and taking photos. I like summer best because my favourite sport is swimming. I will finish primary school soon and go to a middle school this year. My family is not so big. There are five people in it: my grandfather, my father, my mother, my little sister and I. My father is an engineer, my mother is a doctor. My grandfather was a policeman and now he is retired(退休). My sister is a student of Grade(年 级) 4 in my school. We live in an old house. Near our house, there is a beautiful park. Our family often take a walk in the park after supper. I would like to know something about you and the UK. Please write to me soon. My e-mail address is Liuyuan@1
  63.com. My fax and telephone number is 86-25-820118
  53. With best wishes Yu Ren 根据所给提示用英语完成虞仁同学的个人简历表 Name: Telephone and fax number: School: Favourite subjects: Hobbies: Favourite sport: Favourite season: Favourite food: Penfriend’s name 九、看图回答问题(6 分)
  1、When’s Children’s Day?
  2、Do you like Children’s Day? Age:

  3、What do children usually do on Children’s Day?
听力稿: 听录音,选出你所听到的内容。听两遍。 (5 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。听两遍。 5 分) (
  1.Would you like to fly a kite with me?
  2. There’s a concert in the school tomorrow afternoon.
  3. We’re going to meet at a quarter to seven.
  4. The museum is on the left.
  5. Can I have an envelope? 二、听录音,判断图意是否与所听内容相符。相符的写“T” ,不相符的写 “F”(听一遍) 。
  1.The girl’s kite is higher than the boy’s.
  2. I like winter,because we can stay at home.
  3. Can I have some gule? Sure.
  4. Today is windy.
  5. We are going to have a picnic tomorrow. 根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答语。听两遍。 (5 三、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答语。听两遍。 5 分) (
  1. I think you’ll get stronger soon.
  2. Which season do you like best?
  3. Does your sister dance better than you?
  4. When do you usually plant trees every year?
  5. What’s the date today? 四、听录音,根据短文内容选择正确的答案(听两遍)12 % John Brown is an Art School student. He will leave the school in July this year. He is going to work in the evening. He is going to play the piano at the restaurant of the Star Hotel. After work he will have dinner. He will take a taxi home at three in the morning. He will go to bed at four and get up at one in the afternoon. He likes the work because he only works three nights a week. 哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站: 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供
学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了”。为什么有好多学生对英语 的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英语与汉语一样都是一 种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于一个汉语环境中, 如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。但很多中学生没有 很好的英语环境,那么你可以自己设置一个英语环境,坚持“多说”、“多听”、 “多读”、“多写”,那么你的英语成绩肯定会很出色。 一、多“说”。 自己多创造机会与英语教师多讲英语,见了同学,尤其是和好朋友在一起 时尽量用英语去问候,谈心情……这时候你需随身携带一个英汉互译小词 典,遇到生词时查一下这些生词,也不用刻意去记,用的多了,这个单词 自然而然就会记住。千万别把学英语当成负担,始终把它当成一件有趣的 事情去做。 或许你有机会碰上外国人,你应大胆地上去跟他打招呼,和他谈天气、谈 风景、谈学校……只是别问及他的年纪,婚史等私人问题。尽量用一些你 学过的词汇,句子去和他谈天说地。不久你会发现与老外聊天要比你与中 国人谈英语容易的多。因为他和你交谈时会用许多简单词汇,而且不太看 重说法,你只要发音准确,准能顺利地交流下去。只是你必须要有信心, 敢于表达自己的思想。 如果没有合适的伙伴也没关系,你可以拿过一本书或其它什么东西做假想 对象,对它谈你一天的所见所闻,谈你的快乐,你的悲伤等等,长此坚持 下去你的口语肯定会有较大的提高。 二、多“听” 寻找一切可以听英语的机会。别人用英语交谈时,你应该大胆地去参与, 多听听各种各样人的发音,男女老少,节奏快的慢的你都应该接触到,如 果这样的机会少的话,你可以选择你不知内容的文章去听,这将会对你帮 助很大,而你去听学过的课文的磁带,那将会对你的语言语调的学习有很 大的帮助。 三、多“读”。 “读”可以分为两种。一种是“默读”。每天给予一定时间的练习将会对你提高 阅读速度有很大的好处,读的内容可以是你的课本,但最好是一些有趣的 小读物,因为现在的英语高考越来越重视阅读量和阅读速度。每道题的得 分都与你的理解程度有很大关系,所以经过高中三年阅读的训练后,你必 定会在高考中胜券在握。 另一种是“朗读”这是学语言必不可少的一种学习 途径。
四、多“写” 有的同学总是抱怨时间紧,根本没时间写作文。其实“写”的形式很多,不一 定就写作文才提高写作能力。比如写下你一天中发生的一些重要的事情, 或当天学了某一个词组,你可以创设一个语境恰如其份地用上这个词。这 样即可帮你记住这个词的用法,又可以锻炼你的写作能力,比如学“wish” 一词时,可写一小段如下: The teacher often asks us what we want to be in the future.My good friend Tom wishes to be a soldier.However,I'm different .I wish I were a teacher in the future.But my mother wishes me to be a doctor. 只几句话:但 wish 的几种用法已跃然纸上,这样写下来印象会深刻得多, 这样比死记硬背 wish 的用法也有趣轻松的多。 学习英语不用花大块的时间,10 分钟的散步可以练"说",吃完饭后可以读一 会儿英语小说,睡前听几分钟英语,可以使你得到更好地休息……只要你 每天抽出一些时间来练英语,你的英语成绩肯定会很快提高的。 背英语单词技巧
  1、循环记忆法 艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线 人的大脑是一个记忆的宝库,人脑经历过的事物,思考过的问题,体验过 的情感和情绪,练习过的动作,都可以成为人们记忆的内容。例如英文的 学习中单词、短语和句子,甚至文章的内容都是通过记忆完成的。从"记" 到"忆"是有个过程的,这其中包括了识记、保持、再认和回忆。有很多 人 在学习英语的过程中,只注重了学习当时的记忆效果,孰不知,要想做好 学习的记忆工作,是要下一番工夫的,单纯的注重当时的记忆效果,而忽 视了后期的保持和再认同样是达不到良好的效果的。 在信息的处理上,记忆是对输入信息的编码、贮存和提取的过程,从信息 处理的角度上,英文的第一次学习和背诵只是一个输入编码的过程。人的 记忆的能力从生理上讲是十分惊人的,它可以存贮 1015 比特(byte,字节) 的信息,可是每个人的记忆宝库被挖掘的只占 10%,还有更多的记忆发挥 空间。这



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   重庆市云阳县向阳中学八年级上英语期末考试试卷经典必备笔试部分(80%) I.选出划线部分的英文注释 (5%) ( )1. When did your mother return? Last night. A. leave B. come back C. give back D. turn ( ) 2.Are you good at your schoolwork? A. Are you good for B. Do you like C. Did you do well in D. Are ...


   2010 上海中考英语试卷及答案经典必备 ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站: 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了”。为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头 疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此 流利?那是因为你置身于一个汉语环境中, 如果你在伦敦呆上半年 ...


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   2008-2009 学年上学期 pep 四年级英语期末测试卷 final 经典必备 2009~2010 学年第一学期期末水平测试 四年级英语 (时间 60 分钟 满分 100 分) 听力部分( 听力部分(40 分) Ⅰ.听辨单词(10 分) A) 听录音,从 A, B, C 三个选项中选出你所听到的单词。每个单词读两遍。 ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) 1. A. spoon 2. A. phone 3. A. forty 4. A. chicken 5. A. he’s B. sc ...


   英语试卷 (时间:50 分钟 总分:100 分) 注意事项: 1、 试题共六页,七大题。 2、 请考生在试卷上用蓝色或黑色圆珠笔、签字笔或钢笔作答。 题号 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 分数 第Ⅰ卷(50%) 一、 语音知识(10%) A) 找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的词。 (5%) ( ) 1.any A.make B.factory C.many ( ) 2.often A.soldier B.come C.kilo ( ) 3.football A.food B.look C.bro ...


   2009 小升初英语模拟测试题(一) 小升初英语模拟测试题( 笔试部分 大小写)。 Ⅰ.依次写出含有与 f 共同读音的字母 大小写 。 依次写出含有与 共同读音的字母(大小写 . 汉译英。 Ⅱ. 汉译英。 1.看起来像 3.中等身材 5.明天见 7.他的朋友 9.手机 句型转换。 Ⅲ. 句型转换。 1. My hair is black.(就划线部分提问)。 is your hair? 2. He looks a little heavy.(就划线部分提问) he look like? ...


   Part I Writing (30 minutes) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given be ...



   《全新版大学英语阅读教程》 (通用本)1 册课后练习答案 UNIT ONE 1.Goodbye school Key to the Exercises I 1. B 2. D 3. D II 1. fling 2. supercilious Key to the Reading-skill Exercises Paragraph 1: 1. B 2. D 4D 5. C 6. A 3. zoom 4. trudge paragraph 2 1. D 5. hoist 2. A 2.The S ...


   7542024.doc Lesson 121 I love you! 1.I love you!我爱你! 2.For love1 为了爱! 3.My love!I miss you so much!亲爱的!我好想你! 4.I loved her at first sight.我对她一见钟情。 5.For the love of God,help me!看在上帝的份上,帮帮 我! Lesson 122 Cheers! 1.Cheers!干杯! 2.Cheers!To your good hea ...


   初中英语语法专项习题 8-数词 数词 1 ( ) 1 There are days in a year. A. three hundreds sixty-five B. three hundreds and sixty-five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty five ( ) 2 There are students in this school. A. eight hundreds and forty- ...


   初三英语八年级上重难点整理 Unit 1 Will people have robots ? 1. Do you think there will be robots in people’s homes? Yes, there will . No , there won’t . / Yes, I do . No, I don’t . 2. Kids won’t go to school . 3. They’ll study at home on computers. 4. There’ll ...


   zcm277实习小编 一级|消息|我的百科|我的知道|我的空间|百度首页|退出到百科首页新闻网页贴吧知道MP3图片视频百科文库 剑桥商务英语 进入词条 搜索词条 帮助设置首页自然文化地理历史生活社会艺术人物经济科学体育有模有样世界杯编辑词条剑桥商务英语目录[隐藏]考试性质BEC共分三个等级BEC的评分的标准图书资料BEC证书认可度高被称“外企绿卡”[编辑本段]考试性质剑桥商务英语  Business English Certificate[图]  教育部考试中心和英国剑桥大学考试委员会合作,于 ...