八年级英语期末考试试卷 八年级英语期末考试试卷
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第一部分: 第一部分:听力试题
一、 听力选择 A)句子理解,选择与所听句子意义相近的答案,句子读两遍。 (5%)
  1. A. My mother is a worker. B. My mother is a teacher. C. My mother is a doctor.
  2. A. Tom doesn't like eggs at all. B. Eggs are Tom's favourite food. C. Tom usually has eggs for breakfast.
  3. A. Lucy does well in Chinese. B. Lucy can’t speak Chinese at all. C. Lucy doesn’t study Chinese.
  4. A. I went to the party first, and then, the cinema. B. I went to the party, not the cinema. C. I didn't go to the party, instead, I went to the cinema.
  5. A. We arrived after two o'clock. B. We arrived at two o'clock. C. We arrived before two o'clock. B)对话理解,根据所听对话选择正确答案,对话读两遍。 (5%)
  6. A. Jack B. Simon C. Amy
  7. A. Seven hours B. Six hours C. Eight hours
  8. A. Comfortable B. Exciting C. Terrible
  9. A. It’s raining. B. They’re coming home. C. There’s going to be a storm
  10. A. Go to the theatre with the man B. Go out with his grandfather C. Stay at home C)短文理解,根据所听短文选择正确答案,短文读两遍 (5%)
  11. An elephant can see something clearly if. A. it is big enough B. it is close to it C. it is in the daytime
  12. There are elephants in the world. A. only two kinds of B. more than two kinds of C. three kinds of
  13. It is for people to catch the elephants in Africa. A. easy B. pleasant C. difficult
  14. In the story, are able to know people’s voice. A. elephants B. the elephants in Africa C. the elephants in India
  15. The elephants in India are the elephants in Africa. A. cleverer than B. different from C. not so clever as D)短文填空,根据所听短文填入所缺的单词,短文读两遍。(5%) Killing and16 wildlife is a great problem these days. We must take 17 as soon as
  18. Everyone can do something, I think. First, I think it’s 19 to stop people from cutting down trees in order to protect the living 20 of wildlife. Second, people should not hunt wildlife for their
  21. I also think it’s bad to wear
  22. But the most important thing is that we should tell more people the23of 24 wildlife. If we do nothing, there
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will be no wildlife in the
  25. So let’s begin to do something to help before it’s too late.
第二部分: 第二部分:笔试部分
二.选择填空 (15%)
  26. You watched the film yesterday, didn’t you? I missed the beginning. Yes, A. so B. and C. but D. then .
  27. You must try A. making us to understand B. to make us to understand C. to make us understand D. make us understand
  28. I’m sorry I my exercise book at home. Don’t forget it to school tomorrow, please. A. forgot, to take B. left, to bring C. forgot, to bring D. left, to take
  29. It’s necessary us read English every day. A. of, to B. for, to C. for, for D. to, to
  30. Our teachers always tell us in the class. A. not run B. don't run C. not to run D. not running
  31. They had a wonderful time . A. to chat on the Internet B. chatting on the Internet C. to chat in the Internet D. chatting in the Internet
  32. Mrs Smith and her twins the dancing club. A. is going to join B. is going to join in C. are going to join D. are going to join in
  33. This piano is too big. Can you make for it? A. a space B. some spaces C. some rooms D. some space
  34. Do you know if Tom fishing in the afternoon? I’m not sure. But if he go, I won’t go, either. A. goes, won’t B. goes, doesn’t C. will go, doesn’t D. will go, won’t
  35. Could you tell me at the meeting? A. what did he say B. what does he say C. what is he saying D. what he said
  36. What place will you choose in Korea? A. to visit B. visiting C. visit D. visited
  37. Hainan is the second island in China. A. large B. the larger C. the largest D. largest
  38. tins of dog food can we buy the money? A. How many, use B. How many, with C. How much, use D. How much, with
  39. The boss looked at the girl when she broke the cups. A. angry B. angrily C. happily D. unhappy
  40. Jim on the computer when his father returned home. A. works B. worked C. was working D. is working 三. 完形填空 (10%) Perhaps you have learned a lot 41 the Internet, but what is it, do you know? The Internet is a network. It uses the telephone 42 millions of computers together around the world. Maybe that doesn’t 43 interesting. But when you’ve joined to the Internet, there are lots and lots of things you
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can do. You can 44 E-mails to your friends, and they can get them in a few seconds. You can also do with all kinds of information on the WWW 45 There are many different kinds of computers now. They all can be joined to the Internet. Most of them are small machines 46 on people’s desks at home, but there are still many 47 in schools, offices or large companies. There are lots of places for you to 48 the Internet. For example, your school may have the Internet. You can use it during lessons. Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming 49 . It is 50 for you to work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information you need. You can buy or sell whatever you want by the Internet. But do you know 98% of the information on the Internet is in English? So what will English be like tomorrow?
  41. A. of B. about C. / D. at
  42. A. to join B. join C. joining D. joined
  43. A. hear B. listen C. sound D. listen to
  44. A. get B. receive C. give D. send
  45. A. Wide World Web B. World Wide Web C. Wide Word World D. Wide Window World
  46. A. sit B. sat C. sitting D. to sit
  47. A. other B. the other C. another D. others
  48. A. go into B. go to C. go D. enter into
  49. A. larger and larger B. smaller and smaller C. stronger and stronger D. older and older
  50. A. important B. useless C. impossible D. possible 四.阅读理解 (15%) (A) A man and his wife had a small restaurant near a train station. The restaurant often stayed open until after midnight, because people came to drink and have meals while they were waiting for trains. At two o’clock one morning, a farmer was still sitting at a table there. He was asleep. The wife of the owner of the restaurant was very sleepy and wanted to go to bed. She looked at the farmer several times and waited for him to wake and go, but each time she looked, the farmer was still there sleeping. Then at last she went to her husband and said to him, “You have woken him six times now, but why haven’t you sent him away? It’s very late.” “Oh, no, I don’t want to send him away, ” answered her husband with a smile. “You see, whenever I wake him up, he asks for his bill, and when I give him the bill, he pays it and then goes to sleep again.”
  51. The persons who come to the restaurant are those who . A. want to stay for night B. want to meet friends C. wait for the train D. want to look for trains
  52. The wife did not go to bed because she was waiting for the farmer to . A. get on the train B. talk C. pay his bill D. wake up and go
  53. The underlined phrase “send…away” may mean . A. fire B. make somebody leave C. put away D. get on a bus
  54. Why didn’t the man send the farmer away? Because he wanted the farmer . A. to sleep a little longer B. to feel sleepy C. to give more money D. to have more food .
  55. From the passage we know the husband is A. honest B. gentle C. greedy (贪婪的) D. warm-hearted (B) )
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Do you want to say that what you think in a letter to Jimmy Carter, president of the United States? You will get an answer from him?written in ink, not typed?after only a few days. Jimmy Carter gets about 4,000 letters every week. He answers every letter on special White House paper. But he doesn’t need a lot of time for it. In fact, he only gives 20 minutes a week to look at his private letters. He has the most modern computer in the world to help him. It costs about US$1,200,0
  00. This computer has its own rooms on the first floor of the White House: It has a lot of electronic pens (电子笔) and they write like the President writes, in his favourite light blue ink. Each letter takes less than a second to write. A White House official said, “It’s not important that the letters come from a computer. Each letter says what the president wants to say.”
  56. What is the passage mainly about? . A. President of the United States B. The letters of president C. President’s computer D. How president writes letters
  57. How long does the computer spend in writing a letter? . A. A minute. B. An hour. C. A second D. Less than a second. .
  58. How long does he spend in reading his private letters every week? A. Twenty minutes B. Twenty seconds C. Ten hours D. Half an hour
  59. The computer cay say in its letters. A. the same words B. the different words C. the words that president wants to say D. the simple words
  60. The computer is very . A. clever B. friendly C. cheap D. useless (C) People travel a lot with Bel Air because they know they will get what they want. They want to go quickly and safely across the country, across the sea or right across the world, and they know Bel Air will take them where they want to go, when they want to go. Bel Air flies all the newest and fastest planes to more towns and cities, in more countries of the world than any other airline. (航空公司) Do you want to go to Paris, Washington DC, Tokyo? Bel Air will take you there, at all times of the day and night, right through the week. But Bel Air flies not only to the biggest cities, in the rich countieswe fly two or three times a week to towns and cities in the centre of Asia, Africa and South America. People who travel a lot fly with Bel Air, because they know they will leave on time and arrive on time. They know that they will receive the best food and watch the best films. Bel Air is second to none. When you fly, fly with Bel Air.
  61. Bel Air is . A. the name of a plane B. the name of an airline C. an air lab D. a radio programme
  62. Bel Air’s planes . A. are fast, but not safe B. fly quickly, but not fast C. are safe, but new D. fly fast and fly safely
  63. The airline flies planes to cities like Paris . A. day and night, through the week B. two or three times a week C. at any time of the day D. at any time of the night .
  64. The reasons why people fly with Bel Air are the followings except A. they provide best food B. people can enjoy best films C. they can arrive on time D. the price is not high
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  65. “Second to none ” may mean . A. the second B. the last
C. the best
D. the worst
五.填入适当的单词 (10%)
  66. London is not as (fog) as it used to be because the government is trying its best to solve the problem of air pollution.
  67. The (noise) they shouted, the happier the naughty boys felt.
  68. Please give my best (greet) to your teachers.
  69. I found my daughter (happily) because she lost her expensive mobile phone.
  70. Amy walked behind me as (quiet) as she could and covered my eyes with her hands.
  71. I saw f in their faces because they didn’t know what would happen to them next.
  72. Jane was so careless that she d the cup and it broke.
  73. Can you describe your father’s a in detail so that I can recognize (认出) him easily.
  74. If you support us, please c for our team.
  75. The model Eiffel Tower is made of m and it looks really tall. 六.用动词的适当形式填空 (10%)
  76. Chinese people never (forget) the earthquake in Tangshan in19
  77. Would you please (not prevent) me from becoming a member of the Birdwatching Club?
  78. I’ve got no idea about how (stay) alive in the wild.
  79. Luke spent as little time as he could (play) computer games.
  80. My father encourages me (not lose) hope any time.
  81. Jack said he (mop) the water up at that time.
  82. Did you have a nice time (ski) last week ? (not make) the same mistake again.
  83. I hope you
  84. Look, Daniel (have) an application form in his hand.
  85. Laura (learn) another language next year, isn’t she? 七.用适当的介词填空 (5%)
  86. Max can walk fast, but when he walks the desks, he knocks our books off the desks;
  87. Suddenly, a moment of excitement went his body.
  88. Let’s see what she has to provide us.
  89. What did you go there ? To help the people in need.
  90. It’s dishonest him not to tell us the whole matter.
  91. There are altogether ten people here, three women.
  92. I couldn’t do the bird watch well my teacher’s help.
  93. Can we do something to keep ourselves safe floods?
  94. Why are you such a great hurry to sell the house?
  95. What will the weather be the



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