必修 3 unit1
Festivals and celebrations
Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times.Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of cold weather,planting in spring and harvest in autumn.Sometimes
celebratewould be held after hunters had caught animals.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find,especially during the cold winter months.Today’s festivals have many origins ,some religious,some seasonal, and some for special people or events.
Festivals of the Dead
Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm.For the Japanese festival.Obon,people should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors.They also light lamps and play music because they think that this will lead the ancestors back to earth.In Mexico,people
celebrate the Day of the Dead in early November.On this impoutant feast day,people eat food in the shape of skulls and cakes with”bones”on them.They offer food,flowers and gifts to the dead.The Western holiday Halloween also had its origin in old beliefs about the return of the spirits of dead people. It is now a children’s festival,when they can dress up and to to their neighbours’homes to ask for sweets.Ifthe neighbours do not give any sweets,the children might play a trick on them.
Festivals to Honour People
Festivals can also be held to honour famous people .The Dragon Boat Festival in China honours the famous ancient poet,Qu Yuan.In the USA Columbus Day is in memory of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in New World.India has a national festival on October 2 to honour Mohandas Gandhi,the leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain.
Harvest Festivals
Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals can be very happy events.People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over.In European countries,people will usually decorate churches
and town halls with flowers and fruit,and will get together to have meals.Some people might win awards for their farm produce,like the biggest watermelon or the most handsome rooster.China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals,when people admire the moon and in China,enjoy mooncakes.
Spring Festivals
The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring.At the Spring Festival in China,people eat dumplings,fish and meat and may give children lucky money in red paper.There are dragon dances and carnivals,and families celebrate the Lunar New Year together.Some Western countries have very exciting carnivals,which take place forty days before Easter,usually in February.These carnivals might include parades,dancing in the streets day and night,loud music and colourful clothing of all kinds.Easter is an important religious and social festival for Christians aroud the world.It celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead and the coming of spring and new life.Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival happens a little later.The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as thought it is covered with pink snow.
People love to get together to eat , drink and have fun with each other.Festivals let us enjoy life,be proud of our customs and forget our work for a little while
Li Fang was heart-broken.It was Valentine’s Day and Hu Jin had said she would meet him at the coffee shop after work. But she didn’t turn up. She could be with her friends right now laughing at him.She said she would be there at seven o’clock, and he thought she would keep her word. He had looked forward to meeting her all day, and now he was alone with his roses and chocolates, like a fool. Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. He would drown his sadness in coffee.
It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave-he wiped the tables, then sat down and turned on the TV-just what Li Fang needed! A sad Chinese story about lost love.
The granddaughter of the Goddess of Heaven visted the earth. Her name was Zhinü,the weaving girl. While she was on earth she met the herd boy
Niulang and they fell in love.(“Just like me and Hu Jin,”thought Li Fang.)They got married secretly, and they were very happy.(“We could be like that,”thought Li Fang.)When the Goddess of Heaven knew that her granddaughter was married to a human, she became very angry and made the weaving girl return to Heaven.Niulang tried to follow her, but the river of stars,the Milly Way, stopped him.Finding that Zhinü was heart-broken, her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year. Magpies make a bridge of their wings so the couple can cross the river to meet on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. People in China hope that the weather will be fine on that day, because if it is raining, it means that Zhinü is weeping and the couple won’t be able to meet.
The announcer said,”This is the story of Qiqiao Festival.When foreigners hear about the story, they call it a Chinese Valentine’s story.It’s a fine day today, so I hope you can all meet the one you love.”
As Li Fang set off for home, he thought,”I guess Hu Jin doesn’t love me .I’ll just throw these flowers and chocolates away. I don’t want them to remind me of her.” So he did.
As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way home, he heard
a voice calling him. There was Hu Jin waving at him and calling , “why are you so late?I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!And I have a gift for you!”
What would he do? He had thrown away her Valentine gifts!She would never forgive him. This would not be a happy Valentine’s Day!
Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. It had been a very strange morning. Usually he got up early and prepared his menu of barbecued mutton kebabs, roast pork, stir-flied vegetables and fried rice. Then by lunchtime they would all be sold. By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. But not today! Why was that? What could have happened? He thought of his mutton, beef and bacon cooked in the hottest, finest oil. His cola was sugary and cold, and his ice cream was made of milk, cream and delicious fruit. "Nothing could be better," he thought. Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by. "Hello, Lao
Li," he called. "Your usual?" But Li Chang seemed not to hear. What was the matter? Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. Wang Peng followed Li Chang into a new small restaurant. He saw a sign in the window. Tired of all that fat? Want to lose weight? Come inside Yong Hui’s slimming restaurant. Only slimming foods served here. Make yourself thin again! Curiosity drove Wang Peng inside. It was full of people. The hostess, a very thin lady, came forward. "Welcome," she said. "My name is Yong Hui. I'll help you lose weight and be fit in two weeks if you eat here every day." Then she gave a menu to Wang Peng. There were few choices of food and drink on it: just rice, raw vegetables served in vinegar, fruit and water. Wang Peng was amazed at this and especially at the prices. It cost more than a good meal in his restaurant! He could not believe his eyes. He threw down the menu and hurried outside. On his way home he thought about his own menu. Did it make people fat? Perhaps he should go to the library and find out. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! He had better do some research! At the library Wang Peng was surprised to find that his restaurant
served far too much fat and Yong Hui’s far too little. Even though her customers might get thin after eating Yong Hui’s food, they were not eating enough energy-giving food to keep them fit. They would become tired very quickly. Wang Peng felt more hopeful as he drove back home. Perhaps with a discount and a new sign he could win his customers back. So he wrote: Want to feel fit and energetic? Come and eat here! Discounts today! Our food gives you energy all day! The competition between the two restaurants was on!
王鹏做在他那空荡荡的餐馆里,感到很沮丧。这个上午真是怪的 很。通常他很早就起床,准备他的菜肴?烤羊肉串、烤猪肉、炒菜和 炒饭。然后到午饭时分,这些菜都会卖完。到了这个时候,他的餐馆 本该宾客盈门的,但今天却不是!为什么会这样?发生了什么事?他 想起了他用滚烫的精制油烹制的羊肉串、牛排和腊肉。他的可乐又甜 又冷,冰激凌用牛奶、奶油和水果制成的。他想: “再没有比这些更 好吃的了” 。突然间,他看到自己的朋友李昌匆匆地走过。他喊道, “喂,老李!你还是吃老一套的吧?”可是李昌似乎没有听到。怎么
王鹏跟着李昌来到街尾一家新开张的小餐馆。 窗子上的标牌写着 这样一些字: “肥腻的东西吃厌了吧!想变瘦吗?请到雍慧减肥餐馆 来。此地只供应减肥食品,让你恢复苗条! ”
王鹏受到好奇心的驱使,走了进去。里面坐满了人。店老板,一 个清瘦的女人走上前来说道: “欢迎光临!我叫雍慧。您要是每天来 这儿用餐,我可以保证在两周内去掉您的全部脂肪, ”然后,她递给 王鹏一张菜谱,菜谱上有很少几样食物和饮料:米饭、蘸醋吃的生蔬 菜、水果和水。王鹏对此感到吃惊,特别是对它们的价格。这比在他 的餐馆里吃一顿好饭花的钱还要多。他几乎不能相信他的眼睛!他甩 了菜谱就急急往外走。在回家的路上,他想起了自己的菜谱。那些菜 让人发胖了吗?也许他该去图书馆查查看。 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们 后跑掉。他最好做一番调查!
在图书馆,王鹏很惊讶地发现,他餐馆的食物脂肪含量太高,而 雍慧餐馆的食物脂肪含量又太低。 尽管顾客吃她的餐馆里的饭会变得 苗条,但他们摄取不到足够的热量来保持健康,很快就会感到疲乏。 开车回家时,王鹏觉得又有了希望。也许写个新的标牌、打点折,能 够帮他赢回顾客!于是他写下了他的标牌:
我们的食物能够给您提供一整天所需的热量! ”
  2) A week later, Wang Peng' s restaurant was nearly full and he felt happier. Perhaps he would be able to earn his living after all and not have to close his restaurant. He did not look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. He smiled as he welcomed some customers warmly at the door but the smile left his face when he saw Yong Hui walking in. She did not look happy but glared at him. " May I ask what you were doing in my restaurant the other day? I thought you were a new customer and now I know that you only came to spy on me and my menu," she shouted. " Please excuse me," he calmly explained," I wanted to know where all my customers had gone last week. I followed one of them and found them in your restaurant. I don' t want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started
advertising the benefits of my food. Why don' t you sit down and try a meal?" Yong Hui agreed to stay and soon they were both enjoying dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic. When they were served the ice cream,Yong Hui began to look ill. "I feel sick with all this fat and heavy food,"she said,"I miss my vegetables and fruit. "Wang Peng was enjoying a second plate of dumplings so he sighed. " Yes," he added," and I would miss my dumplings and fatty pork. Don't you get tired quickly?""Well,I do have to rest a lot,"admitted Yong Hui. "But don't you think it would be better if you were a bit thinner? I’m sure you ' d feel much healthier. " They began to talk about menus and balanced diets. " According to my research, neither your restaurant nor mine offers a balanced diet," explained Wang Peng. " I don' t offer enough fibre and you don' t offer enough body-building and energy-giving food. Perhaps we ought to combine our ideas and provide a balanced menu with food full of energy and fibre. " So that is what they did. They served raw vegetables with the hamburgers and boiled the potatoes rather than frying them. They served fresh fruit with the ice cream. In this way they cut down the fat and increased the fibre in the meal. Their balanced diets became- such a success that before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. After some time the two found that their business
cooperation had turned into a personal one. Finally they got married and lived happily ever after! 到这里来用餐吧(
一周后,王鹏的餐馆几乎坐满了人,他感到高兴些了。也许他仍 然能够谋生,而不至于关闭自己的餐馆。他不希望由于餐馆不受欢迎 而负债。他微笑地站在门口热情地迎接他的客人。但他一见到雍慧走 进来, 脸上的笑容马上就消失了。 雍



   必修 3 unit1 Festivals and celebrations Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times.Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of cold weather,planting in spring and harvest in autumn.Sometimes celebratew ...

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