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全国翻译专业资格(水平) 全国翻译专业资格(水平)考试 英语二级《笔译综合》 英语二级《笔译综合》试卷 Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (60 points) This section consists of 3 parts. Read the directions for each part before answering the questions. Part 1 Vocabulary Selection In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices marked by letters A, B, C and D respectively. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  1. All the students of this university have free to the Internet via a broadband connection. A.acess B.entrance C.permission D.passageway

  2. It is rumored that Mr. Smith, the grandson of the founder of the university and a professor of philosophy, will be as president in March. A.indulged B.inaugurated C.induced D.integrated
  3. When I visited the area after the hurricane, I became by what I saw and heard there. A.stressed B.compressed C.impressed D.distressed

  4. When the actor appeared on the stage again, shouts and cheers broke from the crowd and continued for about five minutes. A.in B.off C.forth D.up
  5. The value of a coin, i.e. the value of the metal in it, is usually less than the value of what it will buy. A.external B.interior C.intrinsic D.extrinsic
  6. Hotels and restaurants are an part of the city, without which the tourist industry could not exist. A.additional B.inseparable C.accommodated D.integral
  7. We can find a full of his political belief in his newly-published books. A.composition B.exposition C.deposition D.disposition I don't think you can persuade him ; he always to his own principles. A.adapts B.devotes C.adheres D.dedicates In the advanced course of our training, students must take objective tests at monthly . A.distance B.length C.gaps D.intervals



  10. Going around at the top of the mountain, we watched the fog from the valley below; it seemed that we had entered a fairyland. A.descend B.decrease C.arise D.ascend
  11. Richard has an manner, although he comes from a middle-class family background and has received his education at Cambridge. A.abrupt B.absurd C.active D.agreeable
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  12. The history teacher told us the ring was a piece of treasure because it had been handed down from an ancient king. A.invaluable B.valued C.previous D.precise
  13. In the last few years, the of regular folks going under the cosmetic knife skyrocketed. A.amount B.figures C.group D.number
  14. He was too busy to do any exercise at all until he turned
  58. And he is much better now than ever before. A.form B.condition C.look D.shape
  15. All of us in research have focused on a drug that is so that it can change brain chemistry. A.monstrous B.powerful C.vigorous D.heavy
  16. He was only a ruler of the country, the real one was his mother, who actually handled state affairs and possessed the power of making decisions. A.oblivious B.notable C.obscure D.nominal
  17. that she is interested in children, I am sure that teaching is the right profession for her. A.However B.Provided C.Given D.Unless
  18. She had opportunity to exercise leadership, which she has dreamed of since she was young. A. utter B.utmost C.ambitious D.ample
  19. They intend to remove the rules and regulations that are discouraging foreign investment in their country. A.henpecked B.garnished C.unmitigated D.onerous
  20. The Central Bank is interested in how much money is in in the economy. A.circulation B.circle C.reserve D.rotation Part 2 Vocabulary Replacement This part consists of 20 sentences. In each of them one word or phrase is underlined, and below each, there are 4 choices marked by letters A, B, C and D respectively. Choose the word or phrase that can replace the underlined part without causing any grammatical error or changing the basic meaning of the sentence. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  21. Tom felt sure he would get the post, but he was never even considered for it. That was a smack in the eye for him. A.nothing serious B.nothing important C.a humiliating rebuff D.an expected disappointment
  22. Our neighbors are so reserved and unfriendly that they never speak to us. A.aloof B.relieved C.airy D.resistant
  23. Security men believe the tit-for-tat murders were the result of the bombing which had occurred in the city center. A.furious B.retaliatory C.malevolent D.chain
  24. The conclusion reached at the workshop was that the manufacturing process was obsolete.
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A.dilapidated C.archaic
B.extant D.outdated

  25. Some people wish to amend the law so that children must stay at school until they are
  16. A.gratify B.pacify C.rectify D.verify
  26. Prof. Clark disregarded the warning from his colleagues and continued his research work. A.ignored B.deplored C.explored C.implored
  27. Some observers say the recent coup of a military government in that country will lead to anarchy. A.monarch B.maniac C.disorder D.discipline
  28. As a conductor, Leonard Bernstein was famous for his intensely vigorous and exuberant style. A.enticing B.enthusiastic C.extravert D.exultant
  29. His peers admonished him that he had to increase his study time as the final examination was around the corner. A.astonished B.warned C.threatened D.alarmed
  30. Isolated cases of disaffection ? or harbingers of a mass cross-border movement that threatens Europe’s economic stability? The question is pressing. A.sing B.forerunner C.messenger D.vanguard
  31. Justices of the Peace have jurisdiction over the trials of some civil suits and of criminal cases involving minor offenses. A.supremacy B.authority C.guidance D.administration
  32. What these young men and women need to do now is to develop a mentality to reconcile their ideals with reality. A.interact B.interface C.harmonize D.pair
  33. The search for eternal youth is no less fervent now than it was 2,000 years ago. People are trying practically anything. A.prolonged B.external C.protracted D.excessive
  34. SD Memory Cards are versatile high-capacity storage cards that are extremely small - about the size of a postage stamp. A.adaptable B.adoptable C.variable D.veritable
  35. This book comes as a revelation to one who was nourished in his youth on the englightened English socialitst tradition represented by George Bernard Shaw. A.replacement B.discovery C.representation D.resolution
  36. Johnson was so absorbed in his novel that he forgot about his dinner cooking in the oven. A.obtained B.enlivened C.obliged D.engrossed
  37. The man we met this morning grows many kinds of plants in his garden, most of which are flowers including succulent and cacti. A.rises B.raises C.plants D.plows
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  38. The scientist contested the assumption of previous scientists that the fate of human beings could not be predicated. A.suspended B.rejected C.suspected D.repulsed
  39. In the last 10 years we have all witnessed an impressive growth in our knowledge about environment. A.impreative B.observable C.important D.obvious
  40. In their culture and in their eyes success all too often means imply outdoing other people by virtue of achievement judged by some single scale ? income or honors. A.outfitting B.outbidding C.outraging D.outshining Part 3 Error Correction This part consists of 20 sentences. In each of them there is an underlined part that indicates a grammatical error, and below each, there are 4 choices marked by letters A, B, C and D respectively. Choose the word or phrase that can replace the underlined part so that the error is corrected. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  41. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see be carrying out next year. A.carry out B.carrying out C.carried out D.to carry out
  42. The examiner failed some candidates, and 15 of them being students without work experience. A. 15 being B.among 15 were C.15 of them were D.15 of whom were
  43. Despite of their opposition, he went his own way and started his preparations. A.Despiting of B.Despited of C.Despite D.Despited
  44. Network television, magazine, and direct mail ? that will be the big gainers in advertising revenues next year. A.which B.these C.they D.all
  45. I hear that he knows four languages, such as Chinese, French, German and Japanese. A.for example, B.namely, C.like D.as
  46. The more people you know, the less you have time to see them but you can always reach them on the Internet. A. less you have the time B. the less time you have C. the less time do you have D. less the time you have
  47. Having heard the weather forecast, the boat was stopped in the harbour. A. the boat did not sail out of B. they did not sail out of C. the boat remained in D. they were stopped in
  48. Once they had fame, fortune, secure futures; now all that left is utter poverty. A.that all is left B.all that is left C.all what is left D.all which is left
  49. Mary must have received my mail; otherwise she could have replied before now. A.Mary should B.Mary ought to C.Mary shouldn’t D.Mary couldn’t
  50. We will ship the goods on Monday according to your order less we hear from you by Friday. A.nevertheless B.unless C.lest D.until
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  51. When this agreement if signed, a circular will be prepared for given to our customers. A.given out B.given off C.dispatches D.distribution
  52. It is now clear that no such creatures as vampires have been seen and none been found in the world. A. was found B.are found C.have been found D.have been found out
  53. My company is Excellent Kitchenware Company, there nearby is a big market for kitchenware in our city. A.there near B.and there near C.there nearly D.and nearby there
  54. The government has hardly taken measures to crack down on there crimes when new ones occurred. A. Hardly had the government taken B. The government took hardly C. Hardly the government had taken D. The government is hardly taking
  55. The general manager demanded that the job will be completed before the summer holidays. A.would be B.must be C.be D.had to be
  56. Our company will provide you with free transportation as you requested and charge the installation. A.installation with charge B.in the installation C.freely installation D.installation in charge
  57. Doctors warned sun-starved tourists who received too much sunlight that they were at serious risk than others of contracting skin cancer. A.with more serious B.at seriously C.at more serious D.seriously with
  58. We have sent an order slip to all that we have reason to believe are interested in our books. A. who are believed by us B. with who we have reason to believe C. who we have reason to believe D. with whom we believe
  59. As an English major student at one of the most famous universities in China, I strongly believe that business English is more practical than other fields. A.a student in English B.a major English student C.an English major D.an English student major
  60. The engineers are going through with their highway project, in spite that the expenses have risen. A.just because B.even though C.as though D.now that Section 2: Reading Comprehension (30 points) In this section you will find after each of the passage a number of questions or unfinished statements about the passage, each with 4 (A, B, C and D) choices to answer the question or complete the statement. You must choose the one which you think fits best. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET. Question 61-70 are based on the following passage. Next door to a lunch counter advertising a grilled cheese special is a gallery where Van Gogh’s “Irises” shares the walls with Monet landscapes and works from the Italian Renaissance. They are all fakes. They are all for sale. “A forger? Yes. We’re expert forgers you could say.
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But we make no attempt to deceive. We don’t pretend to sell original works. We have all the thrill of being a forger, but no risk.” With prices for original art rising into the tens of millions, some art lovers are turning to high-quality copies done by expert artists. In addition, some museums confronting skyrocketing insurance premiums are considering stashing the authentic pieces and displaying a reproduction. No major U.S. art museum is known to be displaying reproductions in place of originals. Such a practice would raise questions about why people visit museums in the first place. But museum security has become a growing concern. Bids for paintings have climbed at auction houses. But prices for fakes run only from about $1,000 to $10,000 for paintings, depending on the size and complexity of the original. In Europe where copyi



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