2010 小升初英语每日一练(
  13) 小升初英语每日一练( ) 一、根据所给出的汉语完成英语句子。
  1. (四分之三) of the water in the bottle is red.
  2. When did you (毕业)? Last year.
  3. I want to travel the (周游世界).
  4.Everyone works (几个) hours every day.
  5. If he (违反) the rules, he’ll have to leave. 二、阅读短文回答问题 Helen was a very clever and pretty girl. When she was six months old, she could re ad some words. But at the age of two she was badly ill. She could not see anything and could not hear, either, and soon she could not even talk. Since then she had to fight for what she wanted. When she was six, her parents asked for a teacher to teach her. With the teacher’s h elp, she began to see and hear the world around her through her hand. She learned to rea d the books for the blind. The teacher took her for long walks, and told her about all the beautiful sight. Helen touched flowers, climbed trees and smelled a rain storm before it c ame. She also learned how to swim and ride a horse. After she grew up, she became a famous writer in America. Her first and mosr famo us book is “The story of My Life”. Her story brought new hope to many blind and deaf. It has given light to those in darkness and encouraged them to live and work.
  1. When could Helen already read some words?
  2. Why couldn’t she see or hear later?
  3. How could Helen begin to see and hear the world around her?
  4. What did Helen become after she grew up?
2010 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析(
  13) 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析( ) 一、根据所给出的汉语完成英语句子。
  1. three forths 解析:本题考查分数的说法,分子用基数词,分母用序数词,要注意分 子大于 1 时分母要用复数。
  2. Graduate
  3. around, world 解析:travel around the world 是环游世界的意思
  4. several/some
  5. break 解析:break the rule 破坏规则 二、 阅读短文回答问题。
  1. six months old.
  2. Because she is badly ill.
  3. With her teacher’s help, she could learn to hear the world around her.
  4. She became a famous writer.



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