2010 小升初英语每日一练(
  15) 小升初英语每日一练( ) 一、单项选择
  1. He often me my English. A.helps, with B. help, with C. helps, learnt D. help, learn

  2. Sorry, I can’t go with you. I have to my little cousin. A.take care B. look at C. babysit D.babysitter

  3. Have you ever argued your parents? A.with B.to C.on D. of

  4. The match made them at last. A.happily B. quickly C. slowly D. friendly

  5. Some of the boys enjoy football. A. play B. playing C.to play D. played
二、阅读理解 Once an old man was walking in a street with his horse. It was raining hard. The ol d man was cold because he was walking in the rain. He wanted to stay in a restaurant. I t was a quarter past three in the afternoon. The old man got to a small restaurant. There were a lot of people in it. The old man couldn’t come near the fire. He thought and tho ught. At last he said to the waiters, “take some fish to my horse.” The waiter and the pe ople were very surprised. The waiter said,” A horse doesn’t eat fish.” The old man told t he waiter,” This horse is very interesting. It can sing, dance and does all kinds of things. It can eat fish, too.” So the waiter brought the horse some fish. All the people in the re staurant ran out to see the horse eat fish except the old man. Now the old man sat besid e the fire. After a while the waiter came back and said,” Your horse didn’t eat any fish.” The old man said,” All right, take the fish back and put it on the table. I’ll eat it.”
  1. The old man felt very cold because. A.It was a cloudy and windy day. C.He had traveled in the heavy rain B. It snowed. D. He was hungry.

  2. The people in the restaurant all ran out because .
A.they wanted to see the old man.
B. they wanted to see the horse eating fish. D.there was no fire over the stove.
C.they had been told there came the horse.

  3. Indeed, the horse can neither nor nor. A. walkspeakeat B.singdancesleep D. speakwalksit
C. singdanceeat fish

  4. All the people in the restaurant rushed out but. A.to see the horse singthe old man C. to look for the horsethe old man B. to watch the horse play gamesthe waiter D. to see the horse eat fishthe old man

  5. Why did the old man ask the waiter to take some fish to his horse? Because __. A. his horse liked eating fish B. he was cold
C. he wanted to sit by the fire, but wasn’t able to do so at first. D. he himself also liked to eat fish. 2010 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析(
  15) 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析( ) 一、单项选择
  1. A 解析:help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事,要注意单三。
  2. C 解析:babysit 临时受雇佣替外出的父母照料(孩子)。这个词在外国很常见,但 课本上很少学到。即使不认识这个词,其实也能做出来。如果是 A,应该是 take care of,B 是看的意思,不行,D 以 er 结尾应该是名词,只能选 C。
  3. A 解析:argue with 与某人争论
  4. D 解析:本题与选项的句意无关,主要根据 make 的用法来做,make 做使役动词时 有 make sb +adj.的用法,应该选择形容词 friendly.
  5. B 解析:enjoy 后面应该跟 doing。 二、阅读理解。
  1. C 解析:本题从第二句就可得出答案。
  2. B 解析:本题从倒数第四行可以得出答案。

  3. C
  4. D
  5. C 解析:本题从第四行跟第五行便可得出答案。



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