2010 小升初英语每日一练(
  17) 小升初英语每日一练( ) 一、 根据句意补充单词,使句子的意思完整
  1. I will g from the primary school in several months.

  2. Is the monkey more c than the elephant?
  3. S is the first day of a week in western countries. for the party.

  4. The children are p

  5. Do you think it is good for a to live in the zoo? 二、阅读理解 Mr Robinson worked in Africa. His son was born there. His name was John. One wi nter Mr and Mrs Robinson went England, and they took John there. John was seven year s old then. One day it snowed. The boy went into the garden, and he played in the snow. He said,”Snow is very beautiful, but it is very cold.” Then he said,” What is this? It is a big, round piece of glass. It is beautiful, but it is very cold, too.” But it was not glass. It was ice. It was on a bucket(桶)of water. John said,”Who put this glass here? I am going to take it into the house.” He took the ice to his father and said,” This is a beauti ful piece of glass, but it is very cold and wet. It was on a bucket of water in the garden. Mr Robinson smiled and said,”Take it to the kitchen, put it in front of the stove there, and dry it.” The boy took the ice to the kitchen and put it in front of the stove. He drie d his hands, because they were very cold and wet, and then he went to the ice again. He looked at it, and then he took it to his father again. He said,” I put this glass in front of the stove, but it does not get drier. It becomes wetter and smaller.”
  1. John didn’t know what the ice was, because. A.he was very foolish B.he was young C.he was born in Africa D.he didn’t go to s chool
  2. One winter Mr and Mrs Robinson went England with . A.their son B.a boy of their friends C.their daughter D.one of their friend’s son
  3. One day John found on a bucket of water. A.a piece of glass B.a piece of ice C.some snow D.some water
  4. What did Mr Robinson ask John to do?
A.He asked John to take the ice out. B.He asked John to put the ice in front of the stove. C.He asked John not to play with ice. D.He asked John to dry his hands at once.
  5. After John put the ice in front of the stove, he found that it became . A.dry B.wetter B.bigger C.bigger D.colder 2010 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析(
  17) 小升初英语每日一练答案及详细解析 及详细解析( ) 一、根据句意补充单词,使句子的意思完整。
  5.Animals 二、阅读理解
  1. C 解析:本题从第一段可以得出答案,应为 John 从没见过雪所以不知道雪是什么。
  2.A 解析:第一句就提到 John 是他们的孩子,他们把他一起带到英国。
  3. B 解析:本题从第五行可以得到答案。
  4. B 解析:从第八行 Mr Robinson 的话中可以推出答案。
  5. B 解析:本题从最后一句可以得出答案。



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