5.he (宾格)
  6.buy(过去式 )
  7.stop(过去式 )
  9.went( 原形 )
  10.photo( 复数 ) 二、选择 ( )1 Is it really a dog? A Yes, it isn't. B No, it is. C No, it isn't. ( )2 What do you want to eat? A Cola B Vegetables C Book ( )3 How much is the hot dog? A Two B Three dollars C Four hot dogs ( )4 bananas do you want? A How much B How C How many ( ) 5What does Simon want to drink? A He wants to drink meat. B He wants to drink tea. C He want to drink milk. ( )
  6.How many sheep are there on the hill? A Ten dollars B Twenty C Ten yuan ( )7Can I help you? I want a hamburger. A hamburger me, too. A to B for C of ( )
  8. Who’s the woman blue? A. in B. on C. with ( )
  9. We usually stay home Saturday afternoon. A. at; in B. at; on C. in; at ( )
  10. any milk in the room? A.. Is there B. Are there C. There aren’t ( )
  11. The coats are over there. A. twins B. twin’s C. twins’ ( )
  12. We like this zebra, because this zebra is than that one. A. big B. bigger C. biger ( )
  13. Who’s fatter than ? A. your B. his C. him . ( )
  14. Whose school bag is that? It’s A. Tom B. my sister C. mine ( )
  15.-- What’s your father? -- He’s . A. at home B. ill C. a bus driver ( )
  16.Hello!Is that Liu Tao? Yes, Liu Tao speaking. A.I am B. That is C. This is ( )
  17.Here a pen and two books for you. A. is B. are C. have ( )
  18. she milk cows last Sunday?
A. Did B. Does C. Do ( )
  19.It’s time school. Let’s . A. to; go B. for; go C. for; to go ( )
  20. I usually go to school seven the morning. A. at, on B. at, in C. about, on ( )
  21. The doctor often tells him more exercise. A. to take B. taking C. taken D. take ( )
  22. “What did you do last night?” “I did my homework and TV.” A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watching ( )
  23. I’m hungry. Please bring me some . A. kites B.desks C. boxes D. cakes ( )
  24. This is Miss Gao. She your new teacher. A. be B. am C. Is D.are ( )
  25. “ were you born?” “On May 12, 1985”. A. What B. Which C. When D.where 三、连词成句
  1、go,usually,school,I, to,foot,on (.) .
  2、going are where you(?) ?
  3、look,so,you,excited (.) .
  4、birthday,June,her,in,is (.) .
  5、you,me,please,could,help (?) ? 四、用所给单词的适当形式填空
  1. Listen! Nancy ( sing ) an English song now.
  2.It’s a _ (rain, rainy) day today.
  3. How many (foot) does a monkey have?
  4. My birthday is on (three) of July.
  5.Shall we (start) our lesson now?
  6. (who) comb is this? It's (she), I think.
  7.Mr Green is very (excite).
  8.Ben an Benny are good at (skate).
  9. She wants (buy) a new pen.
  10.Look!The girl (dance)under the tree. 根据汉语意思完成下列各句。每空只填一词。 五.根据汉语意思完成下列各句。每空只填一词。
  1.我们该去吃晚饭了。 It’s time us have supper.
  2.这座楼房和那座楼房一样大。 This building is as that one.
  3.如果你不早起,上学就会迟到。 you don’t get up early, you’ll late for school.

  4.王力跑得如此快,以致于我赶不上他。 Wang Li ran fast I couldn’t catch up with him. 六、阅读理解 Xie Na is one of the popular TV hosts(主持人)now.But when she first hosted the TV program Happy Camp(快乐大本营)in Hunan five years ago,many people were critical(批评) of her.They didn't like the way she did the job.Xie was quite active,but they also thought she was loud and childish.This made her unhappy. "I felt so bad that I wanted to give up the job and go home,"she says,"But as soon as we started making the next program,I changed my mind."Xie Na really believed she could be a good host,so she tried to put the problem right. She learned a lot and understood a lot. Now she is better at hosting and welcomed by young people.She still works hard,"I'm seif-critical,"she says."When I look at my old programs I notice what I did wrong.I'm always tring to improve(提高)my hosting." And she was glad she didn't give up."Sometimes you need to go after your dream without too much,"she said. ( )
  1.People liked Xie Na very much when she first hosted the TV program Happy Camp in Hunan five years ago. ( )
  2.People didn't liked the way Xie Na did the job,because they thought she was loud and childish. ( )
  3.Xie Na felt so bad that she gave up her job and went home. ( )
  4.Now Xie Na is better at hosting and welcomed by all the people. ( )
  5.Xie Na believes that every needs to go after his (or her)dream without worrying too much. ( )
  6.Young people can learn a lot from Xie Na. This is a nice classroom. You can see some boys and girls in it.Do you know the boy in a black and green shirt? His name is Mike. He sits beside the window. The boy behind Mike is Liu Tao. He’s a Chinese boy. He likes stamps. He has many Chinese stamps. The girl next to him is Lucy. She’s American. Her twin sister is Lily.They are in the same row but in different groups. Look at the girl in a green dress. She is Wang Ying. She sits between Mike and Helen.She’s Helen’s good friend. 1What colour is Mike’s shirt? . 2 Where’s Lily? . 3Who are in the same? . 4 What’s the name of the girl’s in the green dress? . 5 Who is the nearest to the teacher’s desk? .



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   一、根据要求写出下列单词 1.want(三单) 2.come(现在分词) 3.Simon(所有格) 4.eat(过去式) 5.have(过去式) 6 stop(现在分词) 7 talk (现在分词) 8 have(动词的第三人称单数) 9 say (第三人称单数) 10 send(过去式) 二、选择 ( )1.What’s English for “禁止吸烟”? A.No swimming B.No Smoking . C.No parking .D.No photos ( )2.I to ...


   小升初英语口语的十二个基本话题 话题一 个人情况(Personal information) 能够向他人介绍个人的基本情况(姓名,年龄,出生日期,家庭成员,电话号码, 爱好,邮箱地址,外貌特征和自己的生活情况等),并能够写出自己简单的基本情况. 能够听懂他人的有关个人信息,并且记录简单信息. 话题二 家庭(Family and home) 能够介绍家庭成员(姓名,年龄,职业,外貌特征,爱好等)的基本信息. 能够利用所学的语言,互相询问有关对方家庭的基本情况. 能够简单地写出家庭成员的基本信息 ...


   小升初英语口语的十二个基本话题 话题一 个人情况(Personal information) 能够向他人介绍个人的基本情况(姓名、年龄、出生日期、家庭成员、 电话号码、爱好、邮箱地址、外貌特征和自己的生活情况等),并能够写出自 己简单的基本情况。 能够听懂他人的有关个人信息,并且记录简单信息。 话题二 家庭(Family and home) 能够介绍家庭成员(姓名、年龄、职业、外貌特征、爱好等)的基本 信息。 能够利用所学的语言,互相询问有关对方家庭的基本情况。 能够简单地写出家庭成员的基本 ...


   2010 小升初英语试卷(六) 小升初英语试卷( 写出下列单词的适当形式(10 (10% 一, 写出下列单词的适当形式(10%) 1.buy(过去式 ) 3.play (现在分词 ) 5.watch (过去式 ) 7.photo( 复数 ) 9.win (过去式 ) 英汉互译(10 (10% 二, 英汉互译(10%) 1.打棒球 2.给我买枝钢笔 3.棒球队 4.汤姆的小弟弟 5.在自行车上 2.stop(过去式 ) 4.give(过去式) 6.went( 原形 ) 8.eat ( 过去式 ...


   2010 小升初英语测试题(二) 小升初英语测试题( 一.按要求写出各词的形式:(10) 1.miss ( 三单 )2. shine(现在分词) 3.swim(现在分词) 4.SAT( 全写 ) 5.write(现在分词) __ _6. have (过去式) 7.photo( 复数 )8.come( 现在分词) 9.wear ( 过去式 )10.day ( 反义词 ) 二.词组互译:(10) 1 有趣的一天 2.sing in the tree 3.踢足球 4.have a picnic 5 ...


   小升初英语测试题( 2010 小升初英语测试题(一) 写出下列单词的适当形式(10) 一、 写出下列单词的适当形式(10) 1.buy(过去式 ) 2.stop(过去式 1.buy(过去式 ) 2.stop(过去式 ) (现在分词 4.give(过去式 过去式) 3.play (现在分词 ) 4.give(过去式) (过去式 5.watch (过去式 ) 6.went( 原形 ) 7.photo( 复数 ) (过去式 9.win (过去式 ) 英汉互译(10) 二、 英汉互译(10) 8.e ...


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   2009 小升初英语试题(二) 小升初英语试题( 一,单项选择. 单项选择. ( )1. Lucy and Lily China next week. A. is visit B. are visiting C. visit D. visits ( )2. ?How do you go to work? ?I usually go to work . A. by a car B. in a car C. on a car D. by cars ( )3. ?Must I finish my ...


   2010 小升初英语每日一练(03) 小升初英语每日一练( ) 来源:乐加乐英语网(原创) 文章作者:林敏 2010-01-22 17:07:01 [标签:英语 小升初] 本次选题参考了一些真题集中学期中考题,希望对大家有帮助。 本次选题参考了一些真题集中学期中考题,希望对大家有帮助。 一、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. (not smoke) here. I’m sorry. Can you see a sign on the wall? It means “No (smoke)”. 2. ...



   英文最基本的五个时态 英文最常用的时态有五个:一般现在时;现在进行时;一般过去时;一般将来时和现在完成 时。 一、 一般现在时: 用动词原型表示,但单数第三人称后要加-s,在词尾加-s 时要注意: 1. 一般情况:加-s 例:reads,writes,says 2. 以 s,x,ch,sh 收尾的词加-es 例:teaches,washes,guesses 3. 以辅音字母+y 结尾的词变 y 为 i 再加-es 例:try?tries,carry?carries。 这个时态的疑问句一般以句 ...


   2011-2012 考研英语词汇 2011第一部分 考研英语核心词汇 abide 遵循(…by) ;容忍 The one thig she cannot abide is lying. abnormal 反常的 abnormal behavior abolish 彻底废除(法律、制度、习俗等)abolish old custom abrupt 突然的,意外的 an abrupt departure absolute 纯粹的,完全的 have absolute trust in sb. abs ...


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   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-reading Task Script for the recording: Have you ever heard of the pop singer, John Lennon? Here he is singing a song he wrote for his son. It's called Beautiful Boy. Close your eyes Have no ...


   2009 年小学五年级第一学期 号里划“√” 不相符的请划“×” 号里划“√”,不相符的请划“×” “√” 不相符的请划 。 英语联考试卷 (全卷 100 分,40 分钟完卷) 考号 听力部分 题号 得分 一 二 三 四 五 六 笔试部分 七 八 九 十 总分 11、 ( ) 12、 ( ) 13、 ( ) 14、 ( ) 15、 ( ) (本题 读两遍) 三、对话理解。 本题 15 分,每小题 1.5 分,读两遍) 对话理解。 ( 听录音,在下面每小题的 A,B,C 选项中,选出正确的选项 ...