英语二真题 Section I Use of English Directions: Read the following text.Choosethe best word(s) for each numbered blan k and mark A,B,C,D on answer sheet1(10points) The outbreak of swine flu that was first detected in Mexico was declared a global epidemic on June 11, 20
  09. It is the first worldwide epidemic __1 by the Word Health Organization in 41 years. The heightened alert __2an emergency meeting with flu experts in Geneva that assembled after a sharp rise in cases in Australia,
and rising__3in Britain, Japan Chile and elsewhere. But the epidemic is _4__ ”in severity,according to Margaret Chan,the organization’s director general, __5_the overwhelming majority of patients experiencing only mild symptoms and a full recovery,often in the__6_ of any medical treatment. The outbreak came to global _7__in late April 2009,when Mexican authorities noted an unusually large number of hospitalizations and
deaths_8_ healthy adults.AS much of mexico City shut down at the
height of a panic,cases began to__9__ in New York Ciity,the southwestern United States and around the world. In the United states,new caases seemed to fade _10__warme r arrived.But weather in late September 2009,officials reported there was_11 every state and that virtually all the new swine flu,also
__ flu activity in almost the__12__tested are
known as(A)H1N1,not seasonal flu.In the U.S,it has__13_ more than one million people,and caused more than 600 deaths and more than 6,000 hospitalizations. Federal health officials__14_Tamiflu for children from the national stockpile and began15_ orders from the states for the new swine flu vaccine. The new vaccine, which is different from the annual flu vaccine, is 16__ahead of expectations. More than three million doses were to be made available in
early October 2009,though most of those_17__dose were of the FluMist nasal spray type, which is not __18for pregnant women, people over or those with breathing difficulties, heart disease or several other_ 19_.But It still possible to vaccinate people in other high-risk groups was ,
health careworkers, people_20infants and healthy young people.
  1. d
  2. ed
  3. [A]digits rs
  4. e
  7. [A]with [A]progress [A]reality [B]in [B]absence [B]phenom enon
  9. 1
  0. 1
  1. 1
  2. es e [A]categori s [A]excessiv us [B]example [B]enormo t [C]patterns [C]significan ent [D]samples [D]magnific [A]over [A]stay up [A]as [B]for [B]crop up [B]if [C]among [C]fill up [C]unless [D]to [D]cover up [D]until [C]from [C]presence [C]concept [D]by [D]favor [D]notice [A]moderat [B]normal [C]unusual [D]extreme [A]proceed d [B]numbe [C]amounts [A]criticize d [B]activate [B]appointe ed [C]followed d [D]sums [C]comment ed [D]prompte [D]designat
  3. 1
  4. 1
  5. 1
  6. 1
  7. 1
  8. 1
  9. 2
  0. s d t e d
[A]imparte d [A]released
[C]relieved d
[A]placing ng [A]feasibl le [A]prevalen l [A]presente d [A]problem
[B]availab b [B]principa e [B]restricte
[C]reliable able [C]innovativ
[C]recomme nded ed
[C]agonies gs
[A]involv ed in for
[C]concerned with
[D]warding off
Section II Reading Comprehension Part A Directions:
Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A,B,C,D.Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEE
  1.(40 points) Text1 The longest bull run in a century of art-market history ended on a dramatic notewith a sale of 56 works by Damien Hiret,Beautiful Inside My Hea Forever, at Sotheby’s in London on September 15th 20
  08.All but two pieces sold,fetching more than ?70m, a record for a sale by a single artist.It was a last victory.As the auctioneer called out bids,in New York one of the oldest banks on Wall Street,Lehman Brother, filed for bankruptcy. The world art market had already been losing momentum for a while after rising bewilderingly singce20
  03.At its peak in 2007 it was worth some $ 65 billion,reckons Clare McAndrew,founder of art
Economics,a research firm?double the figure five earearlier. Sinc then it may have come down to $ 50 billion.But the market enerates
interest far beyond its size because it brings together great wealth, normous egos,greed, assion and controversy in a way matched by few other industries.
In the weeks and months that followed Mr.Hirst’s sale, spending of any sort became deeply unfashionable.In the art world that meant collectors stayed away from galleries and salerooms. Sales of contemporary art fell by two?thirds, nd in the most verheated sector,they were down by nearly 90 % in the year to November 20
  08.Within weeks the world’s two biggest auction houses,Sotheby’s and hristie’s,had to pay out nearly $200m in guarantees to clients who had placed works for sale with them. The current downturn in the art market is the worst since the Japanese stopped buying Impressionist at the end of 19
  89.This time experts reckon that prices are about
  40% down on their peak on average, though some have been far more fluctuant.But Edward
Dolman,Christe’s chief executive, says :“I’m pretty confident we’e at the bottom.” What makes this slump different from the last,he says, is that there are still buyers in the market.Almost everyone who was
interviewed for this special report said that the biggst problem at the moment is not a lack of demand but a lack of good work to sell.The three Ds?death,debt and divorce?still deliver work0s of art to the market.But anyone who does not have to sell is keeping away,waiting for confidence to return.

  21.In the first paragraph,Damien Hirst’s sale was referred to as “a last victory”because. [A]the art marker had witnessed a succession of victories [B]the auctioneer finally got the two pieces at the highest bids [C]Beautiful inside My Head Forever won over all masterpieces [D]it was successfully made just before the world financial crisis

  22.By saying “spending of any sort became deeply unfashionable”(Line 1-
  3),the author suggests that [A]collectors were no longer actively involved in art ?market auctions [B]peoele stopped every kind of spending and stayed away form galleries [C]art collection as a fashion had lost its appeal to a great extent [D]works of art in general worth buying
  23.Which of the following statements is NOT ture? [A]Sales of contemporary art fell dramatically from 2007 to 2008 had gone out of fashion so they were not
[B]The art market surpassed many other industries in momentum. [C]The art market generally went downward in various ways. [D]Some art dealers were awaiting better chances to come.
  24.The three Ds mentioned in the last paragraph are [A]auction houses’ favorites [B]contemporary trends [C]factors promoting artwork circulation [D] styles representing Imperssionists
  25.The most appropriate title for this text could be [A]Fluctuation of Art prices [B]Up-to-date Art Auctions [C]Art Market in Decline [D]Shifted Interest in Arts Text2 I was addressing a small gathering in a suburban Virginia living room ?a women’s group that had invited men to join them.throughout the
particularly talkative,frequently
offering ideas and anecdotes,while
his wife sat silently beside him on the couch.Toward the end of the evening,I commented husbands don’t talk that women frequently complain that their to them.This man quickly nodded in
agreement.He gestured toward his wife and said,”She’s the talker in our family.”The room burst into laughter;the man looked puzzled and hurt.”It’s true,”he explained.”When I come home from work I have nothing to say .If she didn’t keep the conversation going,we’d spend the whole evening in silence.” This episode crystallizes the irony that although American men tend to talk more
that women in public situalions,they often talk less at home.A nd this pattern is wreaking havoc with marriage. The pattern was observed by political scientist Andrew Hac ker in the late 1970s.Sociologist Catherine Kohler Riessman reports in her new book Divorce Talk that most of the women she interviewed-but only a few of the men-gave lack of
communication ashe reason for their divorces.Given the current divorce rate of nearly 50percent,that amounts to millions of cases in
the United States every year-a virtual epidemic of failed conversation. In my own research,complaints from women abouttheir
husbands most often focused not on tangible inequities such as having given up the chance for a career to accompany a husband to his ,or doing far more than their share of daily life-support work like cleaning,cooking and social arrangements.Instead,they focused on
doesn’t listen to me.””He doesn” talk to
me.”found,as Hacker observed years before,that most wives want their husbands to be,first and foremost,conversational partners, but
few husbands share this expectation of their wives. In short,the image that best represents the current crisis is the stereotypical cartoon scene of a man sitting at the breakfast table with a newspaper held up in front of his face, while a woman glares at the back of it ,wanting to talk.
  26.What is most wives’main expectaion of their husbands? [A] Talking to them. [B] Trusting them. mba [C] Supporting their careers. [D]Sharing housework

  2)most probably means . [A] generating motivation [B] exerting influence [C] causing damage [D] creating pressure
  28.All of the following are true EXCEPT_ [A] men tend to talk more in public than women. [B] nearly 50 percent of recent divorces are caused by failed conversation [C] women attach much importance to communication between couples [D] a female tends to be more talkative at home than her spouse
  29.Which of the following can best summarize the main idea of this text? [A] The moral decaying deserves more research by sociololgists. [B] Marriage break-up stems from sex inequalities
[C] Husband and wife have different expectations from their marriage. [D] Conversational patterns between man and wife are different.
  30.In the following part immediately after this text, the author will most probably focus on__ [A] a vivid account of the new book Divorce Talk [B] a detailed description of the stereotypical cartoon. [C] other possible reasons for a high divorce rate in the US. [D] a brief introduction to the political scientist Andrew Hacker. Text3 Over the past decade, many companies had perfected the art of creating automatic behaviors -habits-among
consumers, These habits have helped companies earn Billions of dollars when customers eat snacks or wipe counters almost without
thinking ,often in response to a carefully designed set of daily cues. “There are fundamental public health problems, like dirty hands instead of a soap habit, that remain killers only because we can’t figure out how to change people’s habit,” said Dr.Curtis, the director the
Medicine.”We wanted to learn from private industry how to create new behaviors that happen automatically.” The companies that Dr.Curtis turned to ?Procter & Gamble, Colgate - Palmolive and Unilever ? had invested hundreds of millions of dollars finding the subtle cues in consumers’ lives that corporations could use to introduce new routines. If you look hard enough, products we you’ll find use that many of the every day
chewing gums,skin moisturizers,disinfecting wipes, air fresheners,water purifiers,health snacks ,teeth whiteners,fabric softeners,vitamins are results of manufactured habits.A century ago,few people regularly brushed their teeth multiple times a day.Today,because of shrewd advertising and public health campaigns,many Americans habitually give their pearly whites a cavity-preventing scrub twice a day,ofen with Colgate,Crest or one of the other brands. A few decades ago, many people didn’t drink water outside of a meal. Then beverage companies started bottling the production of far-off springs, and now office workers unthinkingly sip bottled water all day long. Chewing gum, once bought primarily by
adolescent boys, is now featured in commercials as a breath
freshener and teeth cleanser for use after a meal. Skin moisturizers are advertised as part of morning beauty rituals, slipped in between hair brushing and putting on make up . “Our products succeed when they become part of daily or weekly patterns”, said Carol Berning, a consumer psychologist who recently retired from Procter&Gamble, the company that sold $76 billion of Tide, Crest and other products last year.” Creating positive habit is a huge part of improving our consumers’ lives, and it’s essential to making new products commercially viable.” Through experiments and observation ,social scientists like Dr. Berning have learned that there is power in tying certain behaviors to habitual cues through ruthless advertising. emerged, when the tactics As this new science have used to sell questionable of habit has erupted beauty
controversies have been
creams or unhealthy foods.
  31. According to Dr.Curtis, habits like hand washing with soap A. should be further cultivated B. should be changed gradually
C. are deeply rooted in history D. are basically private concern
  32. Bottled water, chewing gum and s



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