1-5 BCCAB 26-30 CBCBA 41-45 BACBC
  51. ill / sick
  56. homework 题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分 扣分。 注:92-98 题允许多种答案,对不影响交际功能的应尽量减少对非关键性错误的扣分。
  57. He is skating now…
  58. The sweater cost(s) Joe $
  30. / It cost(s) Joe $30 to buy the sweater…
  59. Lucy’s favorite sport is (playing) tennis…
  60. The bus had already left when she came to the bus stop… 短文写作评分参考标准 第一档(10-12 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;语言准确、丰富、流畅,富有个性和说服力; 基本无语法错误; 第二档(7-9 分):能够清楚地表述自己的观点和想法;行文比较自然,但语言表达较平淡,个性化和说 服力 较一般,且存在少量语法错误; 第三档(4-6 分):观点表述不够鲜明,比较缺乏说服力;同时各种语言用法错误较多; 第四档(1-3 分):内容比较空洞或不切题,词汇和句式用法错误很多。 6-10 ACACB 31-35 ABBCC 46-50 BCABA
  52. doctor
  53. math(s)
  54. hard/difficult
  55. help 11-15 ACBBA 36-40 ABBAC 16-20 CABCB 21-25 ACCBA
I. Listen and choose the right pictures. (听音,选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍 听音, 听音 选择符合内容情景的图片。听两遍)
  1. Half of my classmates go to school by bike.
  2. My father bought me a new backpack as the Christmas gift.
  3. John can play the piano. He wants to be a pianist.
  4. My favorite food is the hamburger, so I often go to McDonald’s.
  5. It’s still raining hard. I’m afraid we can’t go out for the picnic. II. Listen to some short dialogues and choose the right answers to the questions you hear. (听简短对话,然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍 听简短对话, 听简短对话 然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍)
  6. W: Are you going to watch the robot show, Jack? M: No. My mother is in hospital. I am going to look after her. Q: Where is Jack going?
  7. W: Bob, what are you doing? M: I’m cleaning the room. W: Why? M: My grandmother is coming. Q: What’s Bob doing now?
  8. W: What’s the name of your pen pal, Tom? M: Her name is Jenny. She’s very nice. We write to each other in English. Q: Who is Jenny?
  9. W: Dave, Please make the bed, put away your clothes and take out the trash. M: Mom, I’m busy with my homework. I’ll do it in a moment. Q: What did Dave’s mother ask him to do?
  10. M: What’s wrong with you, Anna? W: I have a little pain in the head. M: You’d better go to see the doctor this afternoon.
Q: What’s wrong with Anna?
  11. M: What kind of movies do you like? W: I like action movies best, but I don’t like comedies and documentaries. Q: What’s the woman’s favorite kind of movies?
  12. W: Where did you work before you came to our bank? M: I used to work in a TV station. But it was really a challenge to be a reporter. I think it’s more suitable for me to work as a clerk now. Q: What does the man do?
  13. M: Where have you been, Kathy? I called you this morning, but you weren’t at home. W: I went out to buy some eggs, fish and vegetables. You know, I found nothing at home when I started to cook the lunch. Q: What was Kathy doing when the telephone rang?
  14. M: Hello, Anne. Are you from Australia? W: No, I’m from the USA. I come from New York, Mr. Li. M: Do you study in Beijing? W: Yes. I’ve been here for 2 years. I like China very much. Q: Where does Anne come from?
  15. M: How much are these things? W: The computer is 4000 yuan. The TV set is 3500 yuan, and the camera is 2000 yuan. Q: Which is the most expensive? III. Listen to a long dialogue and a passage, then choose the right answers to questions 16-
  20. (听一篇较长对话和一篇短文,然后选择正确答案作答 16 ? 20 小题。听两遍 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文, 小题。听两遍) 听一篇较长对话和一篇短文 Text A Dave: Hi, Mom, I’m home! Mom: Hi, Dave. How was your school trip to the beach today? Dave: It was fun. We saw some dolphins in the sea! Mom: Really! That was lucky. Did you take any photos? Dave: No, they were too far away. Mom: Oh, OK. What else did you do? Dave: We had lunch on the beach and then Miss Wu bought ice cream for us! Mom: That’s nice. Did you buy this hat at the beach? Dave: Yes, I did. There was a souvenir shop there. Text B Hello, everyone! The topic today is “My Future”. I’m Peter. What will my life be like in ten years? I will be 25 years old. I will live in Paris. I went there last year and loved the city. I am learning French now. In ten years, my French will be great! I will be a fashion designer because I love clothes. I will have a beautiful house in Paris and I will live alone. I won’t have any pets because I will be so busy and I won’t have time to look after them. I will have a sports car and drive everywhere. I don’t like taking the bus!



   全国 2010 年 7 月高等教育自学考试国际商务英语试题 课程代码:05844 Ⅰ. Translate the following words and expressions from English into Chinese (10%) 1. income distribution of a market 2. set forth 收入分配的市场 陈述,提出 3. clean credit 光票信用证 4. equity investment 股票投资 5. akin to 同类 近似 ...


   时代学习网??职业人士网上考试辅导学习的家园 ,资料由本站网上收集整理。 时代学习社区(http://bbs.nowxue.com/)是一个专门提供计算机类、外语类、资格类、学历类,会计类、建筑 是一个专门提供计算机类、外语类、资格类、学历类,会计类、 时代学习社区 是一个专门提供计算机类 类、医学类等教育信息服务的教育学习交流社区。希望大家本着人人为我,我为人人的服务态度相互信任, 医学类等教育信息服务的教育学习交流社区。希望大家本着人人为我,我为人人的服务态度相互信任, 相互支持,分享学 ...


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   section A 1-5:A D C A C 6-7:B B 8:had an Internet Addiction 9:professional help 10:online dating 11-15:C A C A A 16-20:D C D B D 21-25:D B A C B section B 26-30:A D B B C 31-35:D D B A C section C 37.figuring 38.independent 39.unusual 40.interactin ...


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   扬州市 2010 年初中毕业、升学统一考试英语试题 年初中毕业、 说明: 说明: 1.本试卷共 8 页,包含选择题(第 1 题~第 45 题,共 45 题)、非选择题(第 46 题~第 81 题,共 36 题)两部分。满分 120 分,考试时间为 100 分钟。考试结束后,请将本试卷和 答题卡一并交回。 2.答题前,考生务必将本人的姓名、准考证号填写在答题卡相应的位置上,同时务必在试卷 的装订线内将本人的姓名、准考证号、毕业学校填写好,在试卷第一面的右下角填写好 座位号。 3.所有的试题都必 ...


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   英语口语考试试题 NAMES Does your Chinese name have any special meaning? What special habits do Chinese have when giving names? What special meaning does your Chinese name have? How did you get your name? How do Chinese have their names? Is your surname pop ...


   1.How can we keep friendship alive. Friendship is absolutely crucial for us. We have to do hard work to build up and sustain friendship. Here are some important ways to keep friendship alive .First of all, let your friends know that you care about ...



   找错 " They is teachers.I am a students. I does some homeworks.I want drink a coffee.But I cann’t.I won cann’ do my home work now.I want do fastest. Do you want to do some homworks?I homework is very easy. 1、是动词 " " " " " " " " am is are=be Exercis ...


   五年级英语晚练习试题 姓名: 姓名: 听力部分 一.听录音,选出你所听到的内容。 (10 分) ( )1. A.laugh B.coffee C.cough D.right ( )2. A.writes B.reads C.lights D.line ( )3. A.quietly B.carefully C.beautifully D.aeverybody ( )4. A.toe B.backache C.earache D.neck ( )5. A.stop B.down C.stron ...


   职称英语考试试题(综 B)阅读一 职称英语频道 更新:2009-9-28 编辑:简单爱 阅读: 职称英语考试试题综 B 阅读一 Feast On Turkey and Good Wishes at Thanksgiving Four weeks ago US children dressed as monsters and asked for sweets.That was Halloween.‘In a few weeks American houses will be red and g ...


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常用英语口语 - 贸易与银行篇

   常用英语口语 雏鹰文化培训中心 http://www.bgyclub-edu.com.cn 顺德碧桂园业主论坛 http://bgyclub.5d6d.com 第一部分 外贸常用口语 1.我们的价格和国际市场的价格相比还是合理的. Our price is reasonable as compared with that in the international market. 2.我不同意您的说法. I'm afraid I don't agree with you there. 3.你们 ...