1.Volunteering spirit in China In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people, especially among youngsters. According to a survey, in 2008, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers who offered service for Olympic Games. Actually, an increasing number of people become volunteers every year in China. Volunteering actions are of tremendous benefits to both those in need and the society. Olympic Games are a good example. As is known to all, volunteers played an active role in Beijing Olympic Games. Without them, it would be a tough task to hold this un-precedent Olympic Games. Therefore, we can say that it was those volunteers who ensured the success of these games. As modern college students, we should get actively involved in volunteering activities. By participating, we can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve our interpersonal skills and organizational ability. Undoubtedly, all of these are critical for our person growth. So, we should take this chance to learn and to grow.
  2.Studying abroad Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity among adolescents. Importance should be attached to studying abroad. There are a great many advantages of studying overseas. First and foremost, living and studying abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On a university campus, international students are likely to encounter their counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to diverse ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best opportunity for the real-life use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken. Generally speaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive to the growth of adolescents.
  3.Recreational Activities In the era of information and technology, there are all kinds of recreational activities. Some people think those recreational activities are great and necessary, because they can help people relax from the hard work and study. Some of the activities, such as hiking, jogging, can help people relax physically; while some of them, such as surfing the Internet, can help people relax mentally. However, some people think that so many kinds of recreational activities may have a bad effect on our lives. Some people may not resist some temptations from those
activities, and indulge themselves in those activities. At last they are lured away from their study or their work. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the advantages of various recreational activities and make the most of them. Meanwhile, we should learn how to use those activities positively, and make them a helpful tool for our development.
  4.Free Admission to Museums

  3. 越来越多的博物馆免费开放的目的是什么? 也会带来一些问题 你的看法
Nowadays, an increasing number of museums are admission-free to visitors home and abroad. The hidden reason behind this is not hard to analyze as there's a growing awareness for the authorities regarding the urgency of popularization of culture, knowledge and history with every average person in our society. Only with free access to this live 'database', can most people fully enjoy what museums could offer to them. However, free admission to museums might lead to some social problems as well. The most obvious problem is that it might give museums a very heavy economic burden which directly impedes the sustainable development of these organizations. As a result, our government has to work out other ways to collect funds from different channels, which might be difficult to operate or control. On the other hand, free admission attracts too many visitors, some of which might not be well-purposed and do some conscious or unconscious damage to the valuable treasures which used to be well-preserved in the museums. As a university student, I am in favor of the free-admission conduct. Yet it is proposed that some measures should be taken to solve the potential problems caused by it. For example, museums can make some regulations to guide the behavior of visitors or set some 'closed' days for museums for regular maintenance. Only in this way can free-admission to museums become a long-lasting phenomenon and have sustainable development.
  5. A Letter
  1. 想终止两门课程;
  2. 解释原因;
  3. 询问能否退款
Dear Professor Smith, I am writing to formally request to withdraw from two courses: Introduction to Elementary Education and Teaching Methods. The main reason for reducing my course load is that I am finding it's extremely difficult to manage six courses. If I want to learn these two courses well, I have to do
much research in the library after class. However, I have to do part-time job to make an independent living. Therefore, I don't have enough time. I would also like to request a tuition refund. I am sorry for any inconveniences I have caused by this change in plans, this decision was not taken lightly, and I do appreciate your kind consideration. Thank you for your attention to these requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 8986-55
  55. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, LiMing
  6.The Average Worker Expense in City X Year 1999

Food Clothing Fuel Housing Articles for Daily Use 62% 12% 12% 6% 3% 10% 14% 8% 14%
Culture & Monthly Service 2% 3% Income (Yuan) 697 1080
2009 54%
根据上图描述该市一般居民家庭支出的变化; 分析产生这些变化的原因; 你的结论
The table shows us the changes of the average worker expense from 1999 to 20
  09. There are six components of a worker's expense. According to the table, the total income has increased during that period of time with nearly 50 percent. With the increase of income, the percentage of components of a worker's expense has varied accordingly. Workers spend less money on food. What's more, expense on fuel in 2009 decreased to half that of 19
  99. On the contrary, workers spend more money on housing and articles for daily use while spending on clothing remained unchanged. Expense on culture and service increased a little with the percentage from 2% to 3%. What does this change indicate? With the living standards improved rapidly, workers require more comfortable and better lives. They could afford to buy houses, spend more on daily use articles and pay more attention to spiritual lives. However, the money spent on culture and entertainment is rather small compared with that of articles for daily use. Though workers begin to realize the importance of their spiritual lives, expense on it is far from enough. We believe, with the increasing income of workers, expense on culture and entertainment would rise. 7 On the Importance of a Name There is no denying the fact that it is a controversial topic whether names are important or not. Some hold the positive view. They claim that a good name, or a name that can be easily remembered, can bring one a lot more opportunities than others.
Some Chinese may also believe that a name designed according to the traditional theory of five elements can bring good luck. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They argue that a name is nothing but a code to distinguish one from another. A person "good" name may not be as successful as the name indicates. In the same way, a person who has a common or casually given name can also achieve tremendous success. Personally, I believe that both sides have something right, so we should not go to extremes. On the one hand, we have to admit that a well designed name can help a person to some extent. On the other hand, we should not exaggerate the effect of a name on a person's fate. Anyway, a person's success mainly depends on his hard work and desirable personalities. 8 How to improve student's mental health 1, 大学生的心理健康十分重要 2, 因此,学校可以...... 3, 我们自己应当...... Students' mental health has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Indeed, it is widely accepted that it has gained growing popularity among persons in all walks of life. There is a general discussion today about the issue of disorder in brains. Obviously, it is necessary that effective actions should be taken to prevent problems. Authorities in universities play a critical role in the situation. To begin with, schools, such as colleges or universities, can provide chances for the young men to ease their attention. What's more, some are physically strong, but psychological problems are able to bring potential threats. Teaches may have a chance to find them in advance. Besides, specialists in this field are to be required to make full preparation for cases in time. Facing the crisis, experts can deal with it in a professional way, which means they have more or better opportunities to save us than others. From the factors mentioned above, we may safely draw the conclusion that we can free ourselves from mental illness by taking certain precautions. For example, if you have pains or puzzles in mind, finding a friend to express these is a good way to release pressure. Certainly, there is little doubt that further attention will be paid to the issue.



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