基础句型两百句 Module 1 Unit 1
  1. 好朋友就是能和你分享快乐和忧伤的人.(share…with) Keys: A best friend is someone who can share happiness and sorrow with you.

  2. 如果你们两停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激.(be grateful, advice, get along with) Keys: I would be grateful if the two of you stopped fighting and tried to get along with each other.

  3. 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流. (the first time, communicate with) Keys: This is the first time he has used e-mail to communicate with his pen pal.

  4. 爱好是不会让你感到厌倦的??你投入的时间越长,乐趣越多. (the more… the more; devote to; get tired of) Keys: A hobby is something that you never get tired of?the more time you devote to it, the more fun you have.

  5.网络使人们即使身处世界的不同角落也完全可能面对面地交流.(face to face; even if; entirely) Keys: Computers make it possible for people to talk face to face even if they are in different parts of the world, which has entirely changed our life.
Because of the Internet it is now entirely possible for people to communicate face to face, even if they are in different parts of the world.

  6.根据新闻报道,是天气决定神舟七号发射的准确时间.(according to, it is ….that 强调句 ) Keys:According to the news report, it is the weather that will determine the exact launch time of Shenzou Seven.
Module 1 Unit 2
  1.现在, 每年有超过 100 万的旅客来广州观光旅游. (at present, more than) Keys:At present, more than one million visitors travel to Guangzhou every year.
  2. 他们的友谊是建立在多年相互开放沟通的基础上的. (base on, communication) Keys:Their relationship was based upon years of open communication with each other.

  3. 世界淡水资源十分有限,因此我们必须充分利用. (make use of, resources) Keys: The world's fresh water resources are very limited so we must make good use of them.

  4. 我将十分乐意参加任何能丰富我对世界认识的讨论.(take part in, enrich) Keys: I will gladly take part in any discussion that enriches my knowledge of the world.

  5. 不管你相不相信, 我们已经逐渐地可以用英语流利地表达自己了. (believe it or not, gradually, express, fluently) Keys: Believe it or not, we have gradually become able to express ourselves fluently in English.

  6. 实际上学好英语有很多简单的方法, 例如看英文电视或和外国朋友在线聊天. (actually, a number of, such as) Keys: Actually, there are a number of simple ways to improve your English, such as watching English TV shows and chatting with foreign friends online.

  7. 即使这工作要花掉我六个星期的时间,我仍决心要完成这份工作. (even if, determined ) Keys: Even if it takes me six weeks, I am determined to finish the job.

  8. 政府应该尽快想出更好的办法来解决高油价所带来的问题. (come up with, petrol) Keys: The government should come up with a better solution to the problems caused by the high price of petrol.

  9. 全体同学都要准时参加明天举行的会议. (request) Keys: All students are requested to attend the meeting to be held tomorrow and to get there on time.
Module 1 Unit 3
  1. 杰克给了我一个坚定的眼神, 这眼神表明他不会改变主意, 也不会屈服. (determine, change one's mind, give in) Keys: Jack gave me a determined look, which showed me that he would neither change his mind nor give in

  2. 花了一周时间才把衣物和药品送达灾区.(transport) Keys: It took one week to transport the food, clothes and medicine to the disaster-hit area.

  3. 那个老人很固执,病了还拒绝搬到他女儿家中住.(stubborn) Keys: The old man was stubborn and refused to move in with his daughter after he became ill.

  4. 请耐心点.火车十分钟后到.(be doing 表将来) Keys:Please be patient. The train is arriving in ten minutes.
Module 1 Unit 4
  1. 好像他的事业就快要结束了.(It seems/ seemed that…, at an end) Keys: It seems that his career is at an end.

  2. 百分之六十的旅客宁愿住在窗朝南的房间.(用定语从句) Keys: Sixty percent of the travelers prefer to live in the rooms whose windows face south.

  3. 消防员没有多考虑个人的安危,像平常一样将困在大火中的人员援救出来.(think little of, rescue, be trapped in) Keys: The firefighters thought little of their personal safety and as usual rescued the people who were trapped in the fire.

  4. 在村庄的东边有一幢蓝顶的白房子.(on the east, with ) Keys: On the east side of the village there is a small white house with a blue roof.

  5.听完他的话,那个可怜的女孩泪水夺眶而出,冲出门外.(burst, rush out ) Keys: After hearing his words, the poor girl burst into tears and rushed from the room.
Module 1 Unit 5
  1. 一些人破门设法从失火的房子里逃了出来. (escape from; by doing sth) Keys: Some people managed to escape from the burning building by breaking down the doors.

  2. 上一次考试考砸了之后,那个男孩向父母许诺今后会努力学习.(After doing…) Keys: After doing such a poor job in the last exam, the boy promised his parents he would study much harder in the future.

  3. 我在小学的时候就认识他 事实上我们那时在同一个年级. (as a matter of fact) Keys: I knew him when we were in primary school- as a matter of fact we were in the same grade.

  4. 德兰修女(Mother Teresa) 把自己毕生的精力都倾注在照顾穷苦人之上. (devote …to…) Keys: Mother Teresa has devoted all her life to caring for the poor.

  5. 有好几个商店,你可以在那里买你想买的东西.(介词+which) . Keys: There are several stores in which you can buy the items you want.

  6. 约翰要给捡到他钱包的出租司机一百元作为酬劳. (reward; wallet; who) Keys: John wanted to give 100 yuan as a reward to the taxi driver who had found his wallet.
Module 2 Unit 1
  1.除非我们净化我们的环境,否则人类可能将无法生存. (clean up, survive) Keys: Unless we clean up our environment, human beings may not survive.

  2.这时目前为止我所看过的最好的电影中的一部. Keys: This is one of the best films that I have ever seen.

  3.他已决定去巴黎渡假,而不去伦敦.( rather than ) Keys: He has decided to go to Paris for his holiday rather than London.

  4.我家门前的漂亮新车是我邻居的,不是我的. ( belong to ) Keys: The beautiful new car in front of my home belongs to my neighbour not me.

  5.她给我们食物和衣服,没有要求任何回报,这一切都让我们很感激. (in return; which; be grateful ) Keys: She gave us food and clothes and asked for nothing in return, which made us very grateful.
  6.他那么粗鲁地和老板说话,难怪会被解雇. ( no wonder ) Keys: After speaking the boss so rudely it was no wonder that he was fired.
Module 2 Unit 2
  1. 当午餐的铃声敲响的时候, 学生们一个接一个走出教室.(one after another) Keys: When the bell rang for lunch the students came out of classroom one after another.
  2. 经理不在时, 他负责这个商店. (in charge of) Keys: He was left in charge of the shop while the manager was away.

  3. 他最终向警察承认他也加入了犯罪活动.(admit, take part in, crime) Keys: He finally admitted to the police that he had taken part in the crime as well.

  4. 他训练了很长的一段时间,所以获得比赛的胜利是他应得的. (deserve, so) Keys: He's been training for a long time, so he deserved to win the race.

  5. 在大部分西方国家,商店明码实价,不能讨价还价. (bargain) Keys: In most western countries store prices are fixed and people cannot bargain
Module 2 Unit 3
  1.尽管多数人都认为他的目标不切实际,他确信他可以通过努力达成目标.(achieve; goal) Keys: Although most people considered his goal to be unrealistic, he was sure that he could achieve it with hard work.

  2. 由于新一轮抛售的波浪,股市出现了进一步的下跌.(as a result of, there be, a further fall) Keys: As a result of a fresh wave of selling, there was a further fall in the stock market.

  3. 随着社会和经济的发展,不可避免地会有新问题产生.(arise) Keys: New problems will inevitably arise as our society and economy develop.

  4. 她将会公开露脸,为她最新的小说签名. (appearance, sign) Keys: She will be making a public appearance, signing copies of her latest novel.

  5. 这个母亲正看护着她熟睡的孩子.(watch over) Keys:The mother is watching over her sleeping child now.
Module 2 Unit 4
  1. 由于人类的过度猎捕,许多动物都已经灭绝了.( die out,) Keys: Because of over-hunting by human beings, many animals have died out.

  2. 飞机安全着陆之后,一些人喜笑颜开,而另一些人欣慰地哭了.(burst into laughter; while; cry in relief) Keys: After the plane landed safely, some people burst into laughter while other cried in relief.

  3. 开车的时候,你应该注意路标.( pay attention to; road signs) Keys: While driving, you should pay attention to the road signs.

  4. 香烟含有很多影响健康的化学成分,这是众所周知的事实.(contain; chemicals; affect) Keys: It is a well known fact that cigarettes contain many chemicals that will affect your health.

  5. 政府提出了一项新的政策,旨在保护城市里一些重要的历史遗迹.( put forward, pay attention to, preserve ) Keys: The government has put forward a new policy aimed at preserving the city's important historic sites.

  6. 根据气象报告,今天将会是一个晴朗的日子.( according to) Keys:According to the weather report, it will be sunny today.
Module 2 Unit 5
  1. 我梦想将来的某一天能周游全世界.(dream of) Keys: I dream of traveling around the world one day in future.

  2. 说实话,我要在公共场合演讲还是太紧张了. (to be honest;too… to) Keys: To be honest, I'm too nervous to give a speech in public.

  3.有时候他在街头或地铁里为过路人演奏来挣些额外的钱. (passers-by; so that; earn; extra) Keys: Sometimes he plays his guitar to passers-by in the street or subway so that he can earn some extra money.

  4. 我很独立,不喜欢依赖别人来获得帮助.(be independent; rely on ) Keys: I am independent and don't like to rely on others for help.

  5. 在我还没来得及熟悉这个乐队的音乐之前, 他们就解散了. have the chance to; get familiar ( with; break up;) Keys: Before I had the chance to get familiar with their music, the band broke up.

  6. 除了自信,她还非常漂亮也非常敏感.(in addition to; confident; attractive; sensitive) Keys: In addition to being confident, she is also attractive and sensitive.

  7. 我将与你的友谊视为是最重要的. (above all else) Keys:I value your friendship above all else.
Module 3 Unit 1
  1. 这间医院是为了纪念孙中山先生而建的. (in memory of) Keys: The hospital was built in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

  2. 孩子们盼望着万圣节,在那时候他们可以盛装打扮并互相捉弄.(look forward to; dress up; play tricks on) Keys: Children always look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and play tricks on each other.

  3. 他已经答应参加今天的会议,所以我肯定他在会议上出现,因为他是一个守诺言的人. (keep one's word) Keys: He has promised to attend today's meeting so I'm sure that he will come because he is a man who always keeps his word.

  4. 大家都很清楚他在撒谎.(obvious) Keys: It was obvious to everyone that he was lying.

  5. 她的相貌令他想起他亲爱的母亲.他母亲多年前已经去世.(remind … of …,定语从句) Keys: Her face reminded him of his dear mother, who had passed away many years earlier.

  6. 他屏住气,一头扎进河里.(hold one's breath) Keys: He held his breath and dived headlong into the river.

  7. 农民们正在地里收割庄稼时,就在那时他们听到了溺水女孩在呼救.(gather; drown) Keys: The farmers were gathering crops in the field when they heard the drowning girl calling for help.

  8. 如果你想获得她的原谅,就必须真诚地道歉.(apologize; forgive) Keys: If you want her to forgive you, you should sincerely apologize.

  9. 他们一获得许可就马上出发去灾区.(set off; permission) Keys: They set off for the disaster area as soon as they got the permission.
Module 3 Unit 2
  1. 如果你时常请教老师的话,你将会受益匪浅. (benefit,consult with) Keys: You will benefit greatly if you regularly consult with your teacher.

  2. 他认为自己能够逃过学习而考试,但最后他失败了.( get away with ) Keys: He thought he could get away with not studying for the exam, but in the end he failed.

  3. 除非你保持均衡的饮食,否则将会增加体重. (a balanced diet, put on weight ) Keys: Unless you keep a balanced diet, you will put on weight.

  4. 他对家乡的巨变十分惊讶.(amaze) Keys: He was amazed at the great changes that had taken place in his hometown.

  5. 在做了一个另人惊叹的演讲之后,他又赢回了同事们的支持.(win back…) Keys: After making a wonderful speech, he was able to win back the support of his colleagues.
  6. 他谋求良好生活的能力受到了他缺乏教育的限制.(earn a good living, be limited by; lack of) Keys: His abili



   基础句型两百句 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译成英语: 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译成英语: Module 1 Unit 1 1. 好朋友就是能和你分享快乐和忧伤的人。(share…with) 好朋友就是能和你分享快乐和忧伤的人。 2. 如果你们两停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激。(be grateful, get along with) 如果你们两停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激。 3. 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流。 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流。 (the first ...


       本文由星辰0?毕     ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     江苏省初中英语 听力口语自动化考试     (培训教程) 培训教程)     江苏省教育厅 中国科学院自动化研究所 牛津大学出版社(中国) 牛津大学出 版社(中国)有限公司 2010年 2010年1月     一、总体介绍     ? ? ?     目录     考试简介 考试系统架构及功能展示 考试的组织 考试流程     二、英语教师     题型介绍 ?  ...


   提高听力水平的 60 个基础句子 1、across 、 1、表方位。 Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的。 2、表动作,穿越。 You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐。 2、age 、 1、年龄。最一般的表达。在此不赘述。 2、衰老。 the aging people ...


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   1. 如果你们俩停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激。(be grateful, get along with) I would be grateful if the two of you stopped fighting and tried to get along with each other. 2. 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流。(the first time, communicate with). This is the first time he has used e-mail ...

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