2010 英语中考模拟测试 (
二、基础知识(共 20 分)
Ⅵ.单项选择: 从每小题的四个选项中,选出一个正确答案。(15 分)
( ( that ( to ( ( ( . ( )
  4. “Autumn” British English and “fall”(秋天) in American English. A. is used in A. regarded as A. How about C. What do you think )
  7. She's been late twice this week. It’s nothing strange. It happens . A. usually ( ( . ( ( A. say problems. A. if A. to read A. how long B. whether B. reading B. how far C. unless C. reads C. how soon D. when D. read D. how often )
  10.There's nothing worth in this newspaper. )
  11.I really don’t know the bridge will be finished. B. at times B. speak C. all the time C. talk D. never D. cry )
  8.I was so angry that I couldn't . )
  9.Please have a good rest at home. I won't call you there are any B. are used to B. regard as C. is used to C. regarded like B. How do you think D. Will you please D. is used for D. thought as )
  5.She is one of the greatest singers this century. )
  6. going out for a picnic if we are free this weekend. )
  3.I think he help you. A. be able to B. are able to C. will can D. will be able )
  1.We them ?600 the work. A. paid, for A. are afraid of B. spent, on B. are afraid that C. take, to C. are afraid to D. cost, for D. is afraid )
  2.Many people they might lose their jobs.
( (
  12.The accident happened the afternoon of May 18 th. A. in B. at C. on D. until )
  13. What do you think of your new job? It’s not bad, but the hours are long. Oh, . A. that’s really something C. you’ll soon get use to it B. how about that D. you will be successful B. but, or
  14. We get knowledge from books through practice. A. not, but
C. neither, nor ( A. to write with C. for writing on Ⅸ.完形填空:
D. not only, but also B. to write on D. to write with it 1 the eighth wonder of the world.
  15. I want to copy the passage, but I have no pen .
The Taj Mahal is India's most famous building. It is known It also 4 2 a great love story.
In the year 1607, Emperor Shah Jahan of India 3 a girl in a market. She was so beautiful he fell in love with her at once. The girl's name was Mumtaz Mahal. Five years later, Mumtaz and Shah Jehan got 5 . They had 14 children. 6 mausoleum (陵墓) on earth for her, the Taj Mahal. It 9 22,000 workmen 22 years to finish it. The beautiful white marble (大理石) building its walls. By the way, to visit the D. at D. talks D. seen C. as C. love C. Or C. died C. much C. taking C. with A Time flew while I was in Sydney. Soon came Christmas, then the New Year. I had never spent the New Year without my family. But this year, I was so far away from them. I missed (思念) my parents very much. But I was too busy to make a telephone call to them. Sometimes I thought about what my family was doing. I didn't know if they missed me as much as I missed them. That afternoon, my school held a New Year party for us. But this made me miss my family even more. In the evening, I couldn't wait to phone my family. When I heard their voices , I began to cry. I found that I missed them so much. This had been the first time I cried since I arrived in Australia. My homestay mother held me in her arms and told me not to cry. This made me feel better. I was so lucky that I had a good family in Sydney. Now those days in Australia have become the sweetest time of my life. 阅读短文,并根据短文的内容选择最佳的选项。(10 分) ( )
  1. What was the writer’s life like in Sydney? D. quite D. take D. at D. while D. family D. So D. dead stands beside the Yamuna River. It has expensive stones 10 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. as )
  2.A. speaks )
  3.A. sees )
  4.A. if )
  5.A.married )
  6.A. And )
  7.A. passed )
  8.A. the more )
  9.A. took )
  10.A. in B. for B. tells B. seeing B. that B. lost B. But B. disappeared B. the most B. takes B. on C. saw C. to C. says Mumtaz 7 in beautiful
  30. Shah Jahan missed his wife so much that in 1638, he ordered the building of 8
Taj Mahal, you'll have to take off your shoes and leave them at the front door.
A. Unhappy. (
B. Busy.
C. Homesick.(想家的)
D. B and C.
  2. Why did he miss his/her family so much? A. He/She had never spent the New Year without the family. B. He/She was too far away from his/her home. C. He had no friends here. D. Both A and B.
  3. What may be the writer’s job? A. A student. C. A scientist. B. An engineer. D. An artist. B. In an Australian family. D. In a friend’s home.
  4. Where did the writer live in Sydney? A. In a hotel. C. At school.
  5. Which of the following is true? A. The writer cried very often in Sydney. B. The writer phoned his/her family every week. C. The people there are very friendly to the writer. D. The writer did not like the days in Australia. B Kids make different wishes for new year. Some hope that the days will pass by more quickly. Why? Because they are waiting to read a new book, "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
(《哈利?波特和半血王子》)"! It is the sixth book in the Harry Potter stories. It will be in bookstores in Britain and the US on July
  16. Chinese kids will be able to read it three months later. The last one, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" came out on June 21, in 20
  03. "I only hope you feel it was worth the wait when you finally read it," said the writer J. K Rowling, on the Internet. Rowling, 39, is going to have her third baby. The latest book tells of Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (霍 格沃兹巫术和魔法学校). Rowling has been thinking about how to start the new book for many years. She gave her readers some hints (提示) on what the book was about. Rowling hasn't said who the Half-Blood Prince is. But she did say it is neither Harry nor Voldemort. One of her characters (角色) will die in the book. No one knows who it will be. It's still a secret. However, fans can be sure Harry is safe for now. Rowling has said this may be the sixth and final book about Harry as a young boy. On the Internet, Rowling said the book will probably be shorter than the 870 pages of the last one. For more information go to Rowling's Website: http://www.jkrowling.com/
根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Some children like Harry Potter stories very much. )
  2. Chinese readers will be able to read the sixth book )
  3. The writer of Harry Potter is a young man. )
  4. The writer gave the reader some hints on what the )
  5. There will be five books about young Harry Potter.
in October.
book was about. 五、书面表达(共 10 分) As we all know, the environment around us is becoming worse. Do you think it is very important to protect the environment? As a student, do you often see somebody harm the environment? What should we do to protect the environment? 以 “ It’s our duty to protect our environment” 为题, 用所给的词语, 写一篇 60 至 80 字的短文
Ⅵ.1-5 ABDAA 6-10 ACCCB 11-15 CCCDA Ⅶ.1-5 GCFBD Ⅷ.
  1.What are you doing?
  2.Do you have any tickets?
  3. Of course./ Sure./ I can.
  4. How many (tickets) do you want?
  5.See you then. Ⅸ.1-5 ABCBA 6-10 BCBAA Ⅹ.A DDABC B TTTTF C
  4.faces,why D ABDAB



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