2010 中考英语单项选择题分块复习 代词、数词 中考英语单项选择题分块复习-代词 代词、 ( )
  1. Class 2 will go for a picnic. They made A. it ( B. that C. them 6 o’clock to meet at the foot of Mt. Tai. D. /

  2.一 Who can help with my English? --Wang Lin can.He does well in English. A.him B.me C.he D.I

  3.I asked Lily for some water,but she didn’t have . A.some B.few C.many D.any

  4.--What a big box! Can I help you? --No, thanks.There’s in it.It’s empty. A.nothing B.everything C.anything D.something

  5.-- Mom,I want to ask grandpa a question. -- Oh. is reading a newspaper upstairs. A. He B.Him C. His D. Himself

  6.There's a red car parking in our neighborhood. Do you know it is? A. what B. who C. whose D. whom

  7.-- Do you like the pop star Zhou Jielun or the movie star Liu Dehua? . I am not their fan. A. Both B.Either C.Neither D. All

  8. ? Do you know about David? A. he B. himself
? Yes, I know very well. C. him D. his

  9. ? Got any information about High School Examination? ? Well, I was trying to, but found. A. one B. no one C. none D. some must be Susan .

  10. ?Who is singing in the classroom ?? A. She B. It C. This D. He

  11.-Frank can't find dictionary . Can you lend to ? ?Certainly. A.her;mine;her C.my;yours;he B.不填;yours;his D.his;yours;him I wrote name on its cover. B. mine ; my ,myself D. myself ; mine ; my

  12. The book is . A.my, my ,myself C. mine ; myself ; my

  13. ?Which of the two cameras are you going to buy? --I’ll buy of them, so I can give one to my friend. A. all B. both C. neither D. every one

  14. You look so happy. What happened?--I have got an “A” in P.E. test. A. your B. her C. his D. my

  15. Money is important in my life. But it isn’t to me. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

  16. Most young people findexciting to watch a football match. A. it B. this C.that D. one

  17.Jimmy’s parents are teachers. of them teaches Chinese.They both teach French. A.Neither B. Either C.All D. Both

  18.What a hot day! Have you had a drink? Yes. But I’d like to haveafter work. A.it B.one C.other D.another

  19. My aunt has two children. But of them lives with her. A. each B. neither C. either D. both

  20. school is much bigger than . A. Our ; their B. Ours; theirs C. Theirs; our D.Their;ours

  21. Do you want tea or coffee? . I really don`t mind. A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither

  22. ?Whose are those books? A. our B. mine
?They are . C. your D. their both work in the same factory. C. He D. She

  23. My parents are workers. A. Them B. They here?

  24. -Are you A. all B. anybody
-Yes, we are. C. everybody -It's hers. C. Whom D. Whose at seven or even earlier. D. somebody

  25.- A. Who
bag is this? B. When

  26. ? What about leaving at 8 o’clock, Mr Green? ? No. Let’s make A. him B. it C. that D. this ? D. your

  27. My bike is broken. May I borrow A. you B. yourself C. yours

  28. Our city is beautiful. There are a lot of trees on A. both B. all C. either
side of the streets.
D. neither . D. new nothing

  29. This is a good book, Each time you read it, you will find A. something new B. new something C. nothing new

  30.2008 will be the time for China to hold the Summer Olympics. A.one ( B.once C.first D.second
  31. This is a big class, and of the students are girls.
A. two third (
B. second three
C. two thirds
D. two three
  32.-How old is your son? _ . We had a special party for his birthday last Sunday. D. Ninth; nine
A. Nine; nine (
B. Nine; ninth C. Ninth; ninth
  33. Is there in today’s newspaper? A. something important C. anything important B. important anything D. important everything
  34..He became a famous writer when he was. A. in his fifty B. in his fifties C. in fifty years old D. in fifties
  35. This is the time in days that he has made the same mistake. A. second, third B. two, three C. two, third D. second, three
  36. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy?I want to buy,too. A. one;one B. it;it C. it;one D. one;it
  37. the twins enjoyed at the party yesterday. A. Both; them B. Both; themselves C. Neither; them D. All; themselves
  38. Ted’s mother kept telling Ted not to tell lies, but didn’t help. A. which B. it C. she D. he
  39.-Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? - _ A. Neither . I enjoy using QQ. B. Either C. Both D. None
  40. ?Is this Lucy’s eraser? A. she B. her
?No, it’s not . D. herself
C. hers



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