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安徽 A A group of frogs were traveling through the forests, but unluckily two of them fell into a hole. The other frogs tried to help them. When they saw how 51 the hole was, they cried to the two frogs that they could not be saved. The two frogs didn't 52 and tried their best to jump up out of the hole. The other frogs 53 saying that they were sure to die. 54, one of the two frogs, who heard what the other frogs were saying, 55 . Then he fell down and died. The other frog, however, 56 to jump as hard as he could, and at last made it out. When he 57 , the other frogs asked, "Didn't you hear us?" The frog, who had a poor 58, explained, "I thought you were encouraging me all the timid." The story teaches us a 59 : There is power(力量) of life and death in the tongue. An 60 word to those who are down can help them out while a discouraging word can kill them.

  51. A. small
  52. A. care
  53. A. kept
  54. A. Luckily
  55. A. went on
  56. A. happened
  57. A. got out
  58. A. smelling
  59. A. way
  60. A. interesting
B. deep B. refuse B. finished B. Finally B. ran away B. continued B. ran away B. eyesight ]
  3. skill B. exciting
C. big C. insist C. practiced C. Suddenly C. jumped out C. planned C. got off C. hearing C. sentence C. excellent
D. wide D. think D. stopped D. Happily D. gave up D. wanted D. woke up D. looking D. lesson D. encouraging
B Everybody dreams. Some people think dreams can tell us about the future. Other
people think dreams tell us about ourselves. It's like our 61 is talking to us. Why are dreams 62 strange and hard to understand? Some people think our brain uses 63 to talk to us. When we fly, swim, or fall down in our dreams, it has a 64 meaning. Lots of doctors help people 65 their dreams. They find that dreams tell us about our 66 and fears. These days, many scientists 67 that dreams are very important. During the day, we have many 68, and our brain receives a lot of information. When we dream, our brain 69 information that is not important, and puts the most important information into our
  70. As we learn more about the brain, we may find answers to our questions about dreams.

  61. A. body
  62. A. never
  63. A. symbols pictures
  64. A. special
  65. A. finish continue
  66. A. hopes
  67. A. reply
  68. A. experiences inventions
  69. A. passes on
  70. A. feelings memories
B. spirit B. seldom B. examples
C. brain C. ever C. numbers
D. heart D. often D.
B. serious B. forget
C. similar C. understand
D. great D.
B. rights B. believe B. dreams
C. positions C. doubt C. mistakes
D. abilities D. worry D.
B. looks into B. stories
C. throws away C. lives
D. asks for D.
北京 It was yearbook day and we were given an hour to sign each other’s yearbooks in the cafeteria. I was president of the class and I played sports. When I sat down at a table, people started to come over to get their yearbooks signed and to sign __36__. Among them, a weak boy with ugly teeth and thick glasses kept shaking. I had seen him around, and I knew he was always laughed at. He seemed __37__ of himself, and was so pale that it __38__ us to look at him. He came up and asked me nervously, “Can you sign this?” I took his yearbook but I didn’t know __39__ to write. I saw that there was the name “Ricky Sanders” written on the front of it. So I wrote:
I put down the yearbook and turned around to get some signatures from some of my friends when I __40__ my yearbook was gone. I saw that Ricky had sat down with my yearbook. “What are you doing?” I asked him. He looked up calmly(平静地) and __41__said “Sign!” My friends broke into a loud laugh, and I saw that he was carefully frying to put a signature in my yearbook. He hadn’t even finished the “R” yet. I thought for a while and __42__ to let him sign. It took him nearly five minutes to sign and when I got my yearbook back, there was a very shaky “RICKY”. He hugged(紧抱) his yearbook and __43__. I couldn’t help but smile back at him. In that moment, my __44__ changed completely. I gave him a high five and suddenly everyone at my table wanted his signature. He was asked politely to write in their yearbooks and the signature __45__ of his yearbook were filled up. He was smiling so big that it lit up the whole room. I changed school the next year, and I never saw Ricky again. However, I will never forget the day that he became the most __46__ guy in school. Whenever I’m __47__, I still look back at that yearbook.
  36. A. mine B. his C. ours D. theirs
  37. A. unafraid B. unsure C. proud D. tired
  38. A. worried B. surprised C. taught D. hurt
  39. A. how B. which C. where D. what
  40. A. saw B. noticed C. thought D. believed
  41. A. still B. ever C. even D. just
  42. decided B. meant C. began D. prepared
  43. A. smiled B. waited C. left D. rose
  44. A. sense B. value C. attitude D. idea
  45. A. lists B. pages C. boxes D. tables
  46. A. different B. patient C. popular D. important
  47. A. away B. out C. behind D. down
沈阳 Do you have the ability to live cheaply? Now here's a true story of an American girl,Sarah. 21 Sarah left university, began to live in New York City on her own. she She in a publishing house,but the salary(薪水)was life would be hard, Sarah but that 25 22 a job
23 $
  30,000 a year.Her parents thought her
24 Iive on her salary and stilI saved $
  5, 000 in a year. How was
in one of the most expensive cities in the world? 26 starts with keeping the big cost small.For most people,that 27
Cheap living
housing.So Sarah chose to share a flat with three other friends.Her next biggest cost was 28 . When she ate out, went to cheap restaurants. 29 she at a local restaurant.She then she bought a $
  9. whole chicken 99
30 the chicken bones(骨头)home and made soup out of 31 a lot of money on entertainment(娱乐).But Sarah
them.Nowadays young people often said,“I enjoy walking
32 in New York City.I love going to museums and parks.” Did
Sarah feel poor 33 cheap living? Not really.She even managed to take two trips,one to the Netherlands, 34 to Portland. “Don't think of saving money as something
  23.A.more than
  35.A.hard B.Because B.tried B.less than B.may B.possible B.sometimes B.becomes B.rest B.Finally B.took B.lend B.up B.up B.the other B.interesting 35 .It's a kind of game,”said Sarah. D.Unless D.Iooked for D.higher than D.might D.different D.always D.means D.playing D.Again D.picked D.save D.around D.between D.the others D.great
C.After C.asked for C shorter than C.could C.useful C.hardly C.makes C.studying C.Once C.caught C.spend C.down C.at C.others C.nice
武汉 Denny Crook was a famous photographer. He traveled all over the world, taking pictures for magazines and newspapers, and won many prizes. “I’ll do anything to get a good photo,” he often said. “I’ll go anywhere at any time, even if it is (
  41).” And he told the (
  42). He had photos of earthquakes, forest fires, floods and even wars. If something interesting happened, Denny went to photo it. He was a married man and his wife often asked him to take her with him, but he always (
  43).”I’ll travel for my work, not for (
  44),” he told her . “You won’t enjoy yourself, and I won’t have (
  45) to look after you. Sometimes there’s not even anywhere to (
  46), and I have to sleep outside. I often don’t have a good (
  47) or a bath for days. You won’t like it.” “Denny, I’m not a child,” his wife didn’t (
  48). “I can look after myself. Please take me with you the next time you go overseas.” Denny did not say anything, but he (
  49) about it, and when he was asked to go to Africa he said to his wife, “You can come to Africa with me if you want to. I’ve got to take photos of wild (
  50) there. It should be interesting and not too uncomfortable.” His wife was very (
  51), and at first she had a very enjoyable time. Then Denny went to off to (
  52) some lions to photo. His wife went with him, but before long they became separated. She walked down one path while he walked down the other. Suddenly, Denny heard her (
  53). He ran back and saw her running toward him. A huge lion was chasing her. Quickly Denny took his camera out of its case and (
  54) it at his wife and the lion. Then he shouted, “(
  55), woman! I can’t get you both in the picture!”
  41. A. dangerous
  42. A. lie
  43. A. allowed
  44. A. wealth
  45. A. money
  46. A. meet
  47. A. meal
  48. A. agree
  49. A. worried
  50. A. land
  51. A. confused
  52. A. find
  53. A. singing
  54. A. threw
  55. A. Hurry up B. natural B. reason B. refused B. prize B. time B. work B. picnic B. understand B. forgot B. flowers B. excited B. feed B. crying B. fired B. Look out C. convenient C. news C. failed C. pleasure C. interest C. shop C. room C. reply C. asked C. animals C. surprised C. drive C. laughing C. showed C. Slow down D. impossible D. truth D. joked D. luck D. ability D. stay D. party D. complain D. thought D. people D. disappointed D. shoot D. cheering D. pointed D. Go ahead
其他模拟试题 一、The women’s college had a very small car park, and because several of the teachers and students, and many of the students’ boyfriends, had cars, it was often The head of the college, Miss Baker, had a 2 white 3 1 to find a place to park.
in the car park for her own small car. There were
around it, and it had a small blackboard saying, “Only for Head of College.”
One evening when Miss Baker got 4 to the college a few minutes before the time all the students should be in, she 5 another car in her parking place. There were two 6 in it, one of
her girl students and a young man. Miss Baker 7 that the young man would have to leave soon, 8 she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, for her to park her car in the place for the
night 9 going to bed. Because the young man’s car was 10 to the railing, Miss Baker had to drive up beside it on the other 11 , where the girl was sitting. She came up on this side, and tapped her horn lightly. The girl was having her head on the 13 in 12 her own window
shoulder. She looked round
14 . She was even more surprised when she 15 Miss Baker say, “Excuse me, but may I
change places with you?”
  1. A. late
  2. A. place
  3. A. pictures
  4. A. out B. difficult B. seat B. maps B. up C. important D. quick C. room C. lines C. away C. caught C. teachers C. knew D. card D. walls D. back D. missed D. people D. waited D. so D .from D. same D. corner D. cleaned D. man’s D. hurry D. close

  5. A. stopped B. found
  6. A. boys
  7. A. said
  8. A. until B. women B. forgot B. since
C. though C. about C. ready C. hand C. opened C. park’s C. surprise C. taught

  9. A. before B. after
  10. A. next
  11. A. way B. far B. side

  12. A. closed B. pulled
  13. A. car’s B. woman’s

  14. A. trouble B. time
  15. A. heard B. learned
Dear George, we said goodbye to each other at the Kaitak airport (飞机场) . 3 any
Half a year has gone by 1 Except for letters 4 2
hurriedly written notes you have not written to any of your old 5
a few days. We are studying
a foreign university, but know 6 of what is
going on about you. Last night, John, Tom and I 7 a happy reunion (重聚) in dinner. It was all like the old 9 we all felt 10 you. We
high school 8 except that you were not in this get together.
then began to talk about you and wondered 11 at that moment. At last we 12
to your health. 13 ? And
What kind of life you are living in London? Is your school-work keeping you there are a thousand things we want to My 15 14 . Please tell us.
regards (问候) , also John’s and Tom’s. Your old friend, Tonny

  1.A. since
  2.A. little
  3.A. classmates
  4.A. in
  5.A. in
  6.A. something
  7.A. made
  8.A. time
  9.A. Suddenly
  10.A. to miss
B. after B. a little
C. before C. few
D. when D. a few
B. friends’ C. comrades’ D. masters’ B. for B. at C. with C. on D. during D. to C. anything D. did D. teaching D. And D . missing D. how D. nothing
B. everything B. started B. place B. But C. had C. days C. Or
B. in missing C. miss

  11.A. what were you doing you were doing
  12.A. drink
  13.A. busy
  14.A. understand
  15.A. good B. drank B. happy
B. what you were doing C. how were you doing
C. had drunk D. was drinking C. free B. hear D. sorry C. see D. know
B. better
C. best
D. well
One will feel happy when others flatter( 奉承) him in his face. It is said that the best
way of flattering someone is to give him a “top hat” 1 . A student was going to leave the capital to become 2 official(官员) in a city far away. Before he started, he came to say 3 “It is 4 to his teacher.
job to be a good official.” his teacher said. “ you must be strict 5 yourself and
never be careless.” “Don’t worry about me, sir.” The student answered. “I have already 6 hats, which will 7 those people quite happy.” could a real gentleman do such a thing” his teacher was a one hundred top
“But we are really gentlemen! 8
bit 9 . “Never forget 10 I taught you in class!” “ 11 are always right, sir I also hate such things. But, sir, 12 no one really ge



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