【八,新生事物评价(热点)】 新生事物评价(热点) 这是中考热点,这类文章的特点是写作难度大,因此需要学生掌握方法,和基本句式,以做到考试时心中不乱. 典型例句: 典型例句:
  1.Computer is becoming more and more important
  2.we should make good use of it.
  3.It maybe get in the way of(妨碍) our study.
  4.We can do lots of things with(有多种方法来应对/处理) it.
  5. It makes our life more easy
  6.Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. 例文 1,网上购物 Doing Shopping Online With the help of the Internet, shopping is not a difficult job. Just click your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn't step out of the room. It seems easy and quick. But there's always a trap(陷阱) online. If you are careless, it will bring you some trouble. You may find the color of the article is different from what you want, or the size is either too small or too big. If you want to be different, you"d better not buy clothes online. Once you put on the clothes you bought online and go out, you will find many people wear the same clothes in the street. 2,关于中学生使用手机 赞成意见:
  4.只要正确使用好手机,紧跟时间并无过错,追求时尚可以理解,但学习是首要任务. 反对意见:
  3.学生玩手机游戏或接发短信,将无法集中精力学习. 注意:
  2.词数:100 左右; Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. In my opinion, … ………………… Yours truly, Wang Lin 参考作文: 参考作文: Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school. As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we ought to(应该) (应该) make the best use of it. Suppose(试设想) there's a sudden accident, it is more convenient for us to dial for help immediately. There're also some games in the mobile phone. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we're tired of our studies. In my opinion, it's not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way. Yours truly, Wang Lin 3,书面表达.(计 10 分) 假如你叫李平.最近,你就使用电子词典的问题调查了各方面的意见(见下表).现在,请你根据表格中的信息用英 语给某报社编辑写一封信. 注意:

  4.词数在 80 个左右
生词提示:electronic adj.电子的 发表意见者 同学 家长 英语教师 本人
对使用电子词典的不同意见 有用,方便,节省查阅时间 便于携带,多数家庭买得起 对单词的解释太简单,不该使用 会使我们变懒惰,不该使用
Dear Editor, Recently(最近) I made a survey(做调查) about the use of the electronic dictionary.My classmates think that the electronic dictionary is useful,convenient and it can help to save time looking up the words.The parents also think the electronic dictionary is easy to carry and most families can afford it.But my English teacher doesn't think we should use it,because she/he thinks its explanations for the words are too simple.I suppose the electronic dictionary will make us lazy and we shouldn't use it. Yours, Li Ping
  4.看图作文 同学们, 看到下面的四幅图片及相应的报道后, 你感到最担忧的是哪两种情形?请简述 你担忧的理由并提出建议或希望. 要求:⒈ 从所给素材中任选两种情形进行阐述,不可多选或少选. ⒉ 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确; ⒊ 词数 80 ~ 1
  00. 参考词汇: 建议 suggest v. suggestion n. 气体 gas n. 污染 pollution n. THE POLLUTIONS ① One third of the world"s people don"t have enough clean water. ② More and more diseases are caused by polluted air. ③ People are disturbed quite often by kinds of noises. ④ Every person in our city makes about
  1.8 kilos of rubbish every day. 这道看图作文题,主题和图片连接得不是很紧密.从考查的形式上来说,虽是看图,实 质上却属于提示性的作文.这个作文应该结合个人的观点,选择的余地还是很大的.做这个 题应该注意几个方面: 1,认真读题.注意,题目虽然给了四幅图,但是却只要求写其中的两个就行. 2,题意要求的是阐述个人的观点-最担忧的两种情形.而不是对图片进行描述. 3,结合所给的提示.提示中,对每种污染都进行了阐述,考生可以这些描述进行写作. 4,注意字数,语法,拼写等,避免错误. 下面是两个例文,大家可以参考一下. 范文: 范文:观点一 The environment is becoming worse and worse. There are many kinds of pollution I worry about. The most serious two are water pollution and air pollution, because people can"t live healthily with dirty water and polluted air, nor can animals. More and more diseases are caused by polluted air. I think factories should not pour dirty water into the river directly or produce more waste gas. We"d better go on foot or by like instead of by car, because more cars mean more waste gas. We should make our world more and more beautiful. 范文: 范文:观点二
The first fact I worry about is noise pollution. People can"t sleep well if there is too much noise. That"s why so many people prefer to live in the countryside rather than live in the noisy city. I suggest all the factories and cars shouldn"t make terrible noises. If they make terrible noise that isn"t allowed, they will be fined, and we can also produce the cars which can"t make terrible noise. The other pollution is rubbish pollution. If everyone makes so much rubbish, one day we may live in a world filled with rubbish. Some people throw the waste paper about. I suggest rubbish should be put into different kinds of dustbins or paper bags.



   中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度网 www.eduu.com 2010 中考英语作文预测及范文参考(10 大分类) 中考英语作文预测及范文参考( 大分类) 10 大分类 1.突发事件(自然灾害、流行疾病等) 6.写人记事 2.身心健康 7.旅游和介绍地方 3.环境保护(水、土、大气等资源保护) 8.新生事物评价(互联网,网上购物,手机等) 4.语言学习 9.梦想和未来 5.兴趣爱好 10.烦恼 【一、突发事件问题(热点)】 突发事件问题(热点) 突发事件问题是中考书面表达的热点话题,从非典到雪 ...


   【八,新生事物评价(热点)】 新生事物评价(热点) 这是中考热点,这类文章的特点是写作难度大,因此需要学生掌握方法,和基本句式,以做到考试时心中不乱. 典型例句: 典型例句: 1.Computer is becoming more and more important 2.we should make good use of it. 3.It maybe get in the way of(妨碍) our study. 4.We can do lots of things with(有多种方 ...


   【十,烦恼篇】 烦恼篇】 这类作文难度较大,掌握基本句式,背诵范文非常必要. 典型例句: 典型例句: 1.I am sorry to hear that…… 2.you shoud learn to forget…… 3.you had better…… 4 you shoud learn to relax 5.you can ask your teacher for help 例文: 例文: (陕西省卷)假如你是 Han Mei, 下面是一封你的笔友 Alice 给你发来的 e-mail, ...


   2010 年中考英语作文预测大全 假设你叫陈泉,昨天收到了笔友 David 的 e-mail,得知他不久要到芜湖来学习中文。他想了解如何学好中 文。请你用英文给他回复一封 e-mail,介绍学习中文的体会和方法,提出你的建议,以及表达你帮助他学 好中文的愿望。 Sample: Dear David, I'm glad you'll come to Wuhu to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many foreigners are le ...


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   2003 年 1 月 第 24 卷 第 1 期 外语教学 F oreign L a ngua ge E duca tion J an. 2003 V o l 24 N o. 1 . 标准化统计分析法在大学英语教学测试统计中的实践 李跃平, 邵永真 ( 广西师范大学 大学外语部 广西 桂林 541004; 浙江大学 外国语学院 浙江 杭州 310027) 摘 要: 教学离不开测试, 测试离不开数据的统计和分析; 只有运用科学的统计分析方法, 才能获得全面、 真实、 准确、 可靠的数据。 在充分 ...


   小学英语复习课基本要求 英语是一门语言实践课, 要将学生学到的语言知识转化为语言能 力不是靠讲出来的,而是练出来的。复习是一种通过重复来强化和巩 固已学知识,进而发展学生学习技能的学习活动。在英语教学中,复 习是通过复习课的形式来完成的, 复习是整个教学环节中不可缺少的 一个环节,也是十分重要的一个环节,是学习的继续。复习课的主要 任务是帮助学生梳理知识,使知识系统化、结构化,以加深对知识的 理解与记忆;帮助学生进一步巩固和熟练《课标》规定的所要掌握的 基本技能与技巧; 帮助学生进一步提高运 ...