A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 昨晚在晚会上你玩得开心吗?(have a great time) Did you have a great time at the party last night?
  2. 这个学期她选修了英语、计算机和驾驶三门课程。 (take a course) This term she has taken courses in English, computers/computing, and driving.
  3. 朋友帮了他很多忙,他欠他们的情。 (have a debt) He has a debt to his friends who have helped him a lot.
  4. 我明白了一个道理:永远不要让你的朋友失望。 (let down) I have learnt one thing: never let your friends down. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. True, there will be many people ready to help you, but you will often have to take the first step in whatever you choose to do. 的确,会有很多人帮助你,但是无论你决定做什么,你常常得自己走出第一步。
  2. As a teacher, I always tell my students to work hard and keep up from day one. 作为老师,我总是告诫我的学生从第一天开始就努力奋斗、积极向上。
  3. For a rich full life of college, you should make the most of the opportunities at hand. 为了你的大学生活过得充实、丰富,你应该充分利用即将得到的机会。
  4. So, as you begin your college career, make up your mind to learn as much as possible. 因此,在开始你的大学生涯时,请下定决心好好学习。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 假如你让他待在你家,你就是在自找麻烦。 (ask for) If you let him stay at your home, you are asking for trouble.
  2. 善于学习语言的人能够把他们的错误变成通向成功的一大步。 (turn...into) Good language learners can turn their mistakes into a big step toward their success.
  3. 这次事故(accident)给了他一个教训,从此他再也不会酒后驾车了。 (teach someone a lesson) The accident taught him a lesson, and from then on, he would never drive a car after drinking.
  4. 我们都应该以李明为榜样,学好英语。 (take a leaf out of someone's book) We should all take a leaf out of Li Ming's book and learn English well. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. Within four years, she has managed to become so fluent in English that she doesn't even have a foreign accent! 在短短四年的时间里,她能说一口流利的英语,而且不带外国口音!
  2. She knew they were having the same troubles that she had experienced. 她了解他们正在经历着她以前经历过的同样的麻烦。
  3. She calls her book Looking for Trouble. She chose this name to show that the road to success in learning a second language can be difficult. 她将她的书命名为《寻找麻烦》 ,她选择这个书名以表明学习第二语言的成功之路会充满艰辛。
  4. These experiences taught Kim an important lesson: if you want to learn English well, you have to be brave. 这些经历给金上了重要的一课:要想学好英语,就必须要大胆。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 出于同情,布莱克太太(Mrs. Black)给了这位可怜的老人一些钱。 (out of sympathy) Out of sympathy, Mrs. Black gave some money to the poor old man.
  2. 英语教师指着一个苹果用英语对全班同学说: “这是一个苹果。(point to) ” The English teacher pointed to an apple and said to the whole class in English: "This is an apple."
  3. 当我们互相帮助时,我们的房间里就充满了爱。 (be filled with) Our room is filled with love when we help each other.
  4. 我们应该听从这位老人的劝告,现在就回家去。 (take someone's advice) We should take the old man's advice and go home right now. B. Translate the following into Chinese.

  1. Some think wealth is more important; some success; others think love is the most important of all. 有些人认为财富更重要;有些人认为成功更重要;另一些人则认为爱最重要。
  2. Could it be possible for a person to choose one and somehow get the other two as well? 一个人能不能选择一个并同时设法得到另外两个?
  3. Let him come in and fill our home with wealth! 让他进来把我们家装满财富!
  4. Wherever there is love, there is also wealth and success! 只要有爱的地方就会有财富和成功! A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 虽然有战争的威胁(threat) ,人们仍一如既往地工作着。 (go about) Despite the threat of war, people went about their work as usual.
  2. 请允许我就这些问题讲几句话。 (allow somebody to do) Please allow me to say a few words about the problems.
  3. 她站起身来惊讶地盯着我。 (stare at) She stood up and stared at me in surprise.
  4. 大火迅速蔓延到大楼的其他部分。 (spread) Fire quickly spread to the other parts of the building. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. The most frightening words in the English language are: "Our computer is down." 英语中最令人恐惧的字眼莫过于“计算机死机了” 。
  2. All the people behind the counter were just standing there, drinking coffee and staring into a dark screen. 所有在柜台后面的人都只是站着,一边喝着咖啡,一边盯着黑暗的屏幕。
  3. Why don't I give you the money, you give me a receipt, and I'll show it to the pilot as proof that I have paid? 何不这样:我把钱给你,你给我开一张收据,然后我把这张收据作为我已付费的证明给飞行员看。
  4. When our computer is down, it can't tell the credit card computer to charge the fare to your account. 计算机死机时根本就不能告诉信用卡机该从你的账户中扣多少钱。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 人们期望看到有更多的优秀球员到国外去打篮球。 (look forward to) People look forward to seeing more excellent players play basketball abroad.
  2. 球迷们都围着他要签名。 (surround) The football fans surrounded him and asked for his signature.
  3. 她没有足够的力气来推开这扇门。 (strength) She doesn't have enough strength to push this door open.
  4. 你应该意识到担心是无济于事的,你该做点什么才行。 (aware) You should be aware that it is no use worrying; you need to do something about it. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. There are times when all Yao Ming wants to do on his time off is sleep. 往往一有空,姚明想做的就是睡觉。
  2. Sport is a universal language and Yao has often been the translator, bringing two very different countries together, and developing the close ties between two peoples. 体育是一种全球性的语言,而姚明常常就是个翻译,他把两个非常不同的国家联系在一起,加深两国人民的友好往来。
  3. As Rockets' strength coach says, there is something inside of Yao that makes him work harder and want to do even better. 正如火箭队体能教练说的那样,姚明身上有一种内在的东西,激励着他更加努力,努力干得更漂亮。
  4. Perhaps his right attitude towards the sport and his success in the United States will advance the development of basketball in China and encourage other young players to practice harder in order to realize their own dreams. 也许,他对待体育的正确态度以及他在美国的成功将会促进中国篮球的发展,并且激励其他的年轻球员更加刻苦训练,从而实现他们各自的梦想。 A. Translate the following into English.

  1. 政府要在附近(neighborhood)建一个新的购物中心。 (put up) The government is going to put up a new shopping center in the neighborhood.
  2. 一个愚蠢的错误就能给你带来许多麻烦。 (involve) One foolish mistake can involve you in a good deal of trouble.
  3. 他知道从错误中学习的重要性。 (importance) He knew the importance of learning from mistakes.
  4. 成功是不能用(in terms of)金钱来衡量的。 (measure) Success cannot be measured in terms of money. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. In some countries, New Year's Eve is the most important celebration of the year, but this is not true of the United States or Europe. 在某些国家,除夕夜是一年中最重要的节日,但在美国和欧洲却不尽然。
  2. Many people give this celebration even more importance than people in East Asia give the Spring Festival. 许多人对这个节日的重视程度甚至超过东亚人对春节的重视。
  3. In the USA, the biggest and noisiest party takes place in Times Square in New York City. 在美国,最大、最热闹的聚会在纽约的时代广场举行。
  4. At midnight, everyone stops talking and dancing to join in the television broadcast from New York. 午夜,人们停止谈话、跳舞,收看来自纽约的电视实况直播。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 根据一个古老的习俗,新娘应该戴婚礼面纱。 (according to) According to an old custom, the bride should wear a wedding veil.
  2. “4”这个数字在中文里听上去与“死”很接近。 (sound close to) "4" is a number that sounds close to the word "death" in Chinese.
  3. 在欢迎会上,学生代表上台发了言。 (reception) At the welcome reception, a student representative made a speech.
  4. 买衬衣之前最好试穿一下。 (try on)You'd better try it on before you buy a shirt. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. There are a lot of rituals and superstitions at weddings. 婚礼上有许多礼仪和迷信。
  2. Female friends and relatives gather around, preparing the bride for the ceremony. 女性亲戚朋友聚在一起,给新娘作婚礼的准备。
  3. This is considered a good economic sign for any couples getting married on this day. 人们认为对任何在这天结婚的夫妻来说这都是个预示富足的祥兆。
  4. She is trying on the dress that she is planning to wear later at the wedding reception. 她正在试穿礼服,准备晚些时候在婚庆宴席上穿。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 在西方人看来,与人交谈时不看着对方的眼睛是很不礼貌的。 (have a conversation) To Westerners, it is very impolite not to look at his or her eyes while having a conversation with him or her.
  2. 有的手势在不同的文化中表达的意思完全相反。 (entirely) In different cultures, some gestures have entirely different meanings.
  3. 库克先生不仅能左手使筷子(chopsticks) ,而且还能用左手写字。 (what is more) Mr. Cook can use chopsticks with his left hand, and what's more, he can write with his left hand, too.
  4. 他的优点之一就是敢于向权威挑战。 (challenge) One of his strong points is that he dares to challenge the authority. B. Translate the following into Chinese.
  1. It is also interesting to note that in talking, Americans are likely to end a sentence with a dropping of the head or hand, as well as with a lowering of the eyelids. 同样能有趣地发现,美国人讲完一句话时可能低一下头或垂一下手,还可能垂一下眼帘。

  2. Everything from your sex, racial background, social class, and communication style all influences your body language. 你的性别、你的种族背景、你所属的社会阶层和你的交际风格,这一切都会影响你的肢体语言。
  3. What the nonverbal gestures put across very often and very efficiently is the emotional side of the message. 非言语的手势极其频繁而且极其有效地传递的是情感方面的信息。
  4. Total communication = 7 percent verbal + 38 percent oral + 55 percent facial. 总交流量=
  55%的面部表情交流。 A. Translate the following into English.
  1. 我们刚要开始比赛就下起了雨。 (be about to) We were about to start the race when it rained.
  2. 北方冬季寒冷,而相比之下南方却相当温暖。 contrast) (in In winter, it's cold in the north. In contrast, it's pretty warm in the south.
  3. 约翰没来是因为生病了,而你的


2011,2012 黑龙江 专升本 公共英语 习题 原题 练习题 例题 (5)

   大学里怎样才酷 上大学了?你真幸运!上了大学你将很快活,有很多乐趣。但是你的学习也是件严肃的事。在很大程度上,你将靠自 己。的确,会有很多人帮助你,但是无论你决定做什么,你常常得自己走出第一步。你们中多数人已经决定了自己将来干什 么。即使有些人以后可能改变主意,但是还得自己确定目标,并且一步一步为之努力奋斗,直到毕业。 作为老师,我总是告诫我的学生从第一天开始就努力奋斗、积极向上。你也应该想想选修其他科目。为了你的大学生 活过得充实、丰富,你应该充分利用即将得到的机会。 我希望到现在你已理解 ...

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   第一家麦当劳餐馆 虽说第一家麦当劳餐馆只售汉堡包和薯条,它还是成为了一种文化象征。如今,在加州南部唐尼市,人们正努力保住 历史上第一家麦当劳餐馆。然而,麦当劳却称这幢房子应该拆掉。 坐落于加州唐尼的这家餐馆建于 1953 年, 是美国所有带双拱形金色标志的建筑中历史最久的, 它的设计也是麦当劳最 早的建筑设计。 许多人对那家老餐馆有着美好的回忆。这些人想到餐馆连同他们美好的回忆一起将被摧毁,感到很气愤。 麦当劳方面解释说,那家老店在一次地震中遭到损坏,因此必须拆掉。不过,唐尼的许多人却不同意 ...


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2010.12 英语四级作文预测

   2010 年 12 月英语四级作文命题预测 鉴于作文的评分带有一定的主观性, 与一些非智力性的因素密切相关, 所以考生应该对评分 的原则和标准有一个详细的了解,做到胸中有数,尽量使自己的作文符合阅卷的要求,只有 如此才能获得理想的成绩。 一、四级写作的各种要求的说明 研究《大纲》关于写作部分的要求、评分原则和标准,我们不难发现,写作的得分是一种综 合分数。归纳起来看,写作分数主要包括总体印象、语言表达、文章结构和思想内容四个大 的方面,而各个方面又有一些具体的细节内容。具体见下表: 总体印象 ...


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   Part I minutes) 2010 年 12 月大学英语四级考试真题 Writing (30 Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent? You should write at least 150 words following the outline giv ...


   2010 年 12 月大学英语四级真题 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given ...



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   <单词游戏 单词游戏> 单词游戏 1、变换字母(Change a Letter of a Word) 、变换字母( ) 活动目的:总结词语记忆规律,扩大和巩固英语词汇 适用对象:初学者及以上 活动时间:10 分钟左右 材料或工具:卡片 (一)活动过程 1、教师事先制作一些卡片,每张卡片上写一个英语单词。在写单词时,要注意所选的词都可以通过改变其中 的一个字母变成另一个英语单词。例如:foot(可变为 food) 、from(可变成 frog) 、glass(可变为 grass)等 ...


   疯狂口语背诵宝典 上海疯狂英语高级讲师:刘安乐 编著 上海疯狂英语编辑部 前言 近百年来,人们一直在苦苦寻求英语学习的秘诀,尤其 是改革开放以来,这种寻求的力度更是无以复加,然而人们 不知道,这一秘诀早在几千年前的中国古代就存在,这一方 法,不仅传承了中华文明,而且培育了中华民族千千万万的 优秀儿女, 被人称为 "中华民族的国粹" 这一方法就是 , "背 诵"! 在当今社会, 我们背离了这一方法, 因为人们不愿意背, 理由是与国家所倡导的素质教育的口号 ...


   Translate the following into English 75 分) 丁玲幼年就领略了世态炎凉,目睹过封建社会人们悲惨的遭遇。是“五四”运动的浪潮,把她 推向广阔的社会。年青时代的丁玲一步入文坛,就显露出非凡的才华。三十年代“左联”时代 血与火的洗礼造就了她更坚强的性格。 她曾遭受敌人的绑架囚禁, 也曾活跃在西北战场的枪 林弹雨中。华北农村土地改革的风浪孕育了长篇名著《太阳照在桑干河上》 。新中国诞生后, 她满腔热情地为繁荣社会主义文艺事业辛勤奔波。 她脚下的路过于崎岖。多次 ...


   石家庄世纪人和管理培训学校 Web:www.rhmanager.com.cn 倾尽全力传播和创新管理知识 Tel:0311-87883376 2010 年在职研究生英语真题 Section Ⅰ Use of English Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered bland and mark [A], [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1.(10 ...