beautiful that it is worthwhile, I think, for a short holiday. A. of going to go
  88. The teacher asked more to prevent the students' eyes from being injured. A. to do done
  89. Some of the schools in Shanghai have moved one step closer to with the global education community. A. being connected C. having connected B. connect D. be connected B. done C. to be done D. being B. to be going C. your going D. you

  90. The performance of the host, to please the audience silence, and draw their attention, was greeted with a cold silence, however. A. had intended intend
  91. and out of breath, we reached the top of the mountain and stopped the beautiful scenery. A. Tiring; to admire Tired; C. Tired; to admire B. Being tired; admiring D. Tired; admiring B. intended C. being intended D. to

  92. The 18-storeyed building, when , will shut out the sun 版权所有@高考资源网
- 15 -
up the rooms in my house. A. completed; lighted C. completing; lighted B. completing; lighting lighting D. completed; lighting

  93. I hear Warren in a middle school. What? I can't imagine him as a teacher. A. teaches; working C. teach; to work B. teaches; work D. teach; working
  94. he's only been learning English for a year, he speaks it very well. A. Considered C. Having considered B. Considering D. To consider

  95. It was computer games that cost the boy a lot of time that he ought to have spent on his lessons. A. to have played B. playing C. played D. having played

  96. At no time does the salesgirl get up late in the morning, for she is always too busy a good rest. A. to take B. taking C. took D. taken

  97. as the most excellent student in her university, as university, most classmates had expected, made her parents very happy. A. Mary was chosen C. Mary being chosen B. Mary chosen D. Mary's being chosen

  98. the big snake, the little girl stood under the tree 版权所有@高考资源网
- 16 -
to death. A. Seeing; frightened Seeing; C. Seen; frighten B. Seeing; frightening D. To see; frightening

  99. You will see this product made in this factory wherever you go. A. to be advertised advertising Mr. 1
  00. Mr. Green is said an experiment to prove the new method of solving the problem when young. A. to do doing 1
  01. The weather fine, they decided to go out for a walk. 1
  01. A. were B. was C. is D. being B. to have done C. to be doing D. to have been B. advertised C. advertise D.
  02.The composition given by the teacher , Alice went to watch TV. A. being done well C. having done well B. has been done well D. done well
the 1
  03. The last plane , they had to stay in the hotel for another night. A. left leaving 1
  04. It is a beautiful village with a mountain it. 版权所有@高考资源网
B. having left
C. having been left
D. be
- 17 -
A. Surrounded B. surrounding been surrounded
C. having surrounded D. having
  05. Everything into consideration, his work is well done. A. taking taken 1
  06. All his work, he left his office at ease. A. finished finish 1
  07. station 1
  07. The power station was built on the river with our village and some others with electricity. A. to supply B. supplied supplied 1
  08. five minutes before the last train left, we arrived at the station. A. There being; to go C. It had; left B. It was; left D. There was; to go C. supplying D. having B. had been finished C. finishing D. to B. taken C. has been taken D. being
  09. Christmas, the family was full of excitement. A. was then only days away C. then only days away away 1
  10. They first reach an agreement on the basic principle, the details later 版权所有@高考资源网
B. were then only days away D. having been then only days
- 18 -
A. to work it out C. to be worked out
B. having been worked out D. being worked out
police. 1
  11. The purse, they went to the police. A. not yet found C. being not found B. hasn't been found D. not having yet found
  12. They sat in the room with the curtains. A. drawing C. drawn B. having been drawn D. being drawn
  13. Cars, they were punished by the police. A. parking illegally C. being parked illegally B. parked illegally D. having parked illegally
  14. Mr. Smith stood beside the window, his attention the outside. car outside. A. focus on on 1
  15. There, we left. A. being nothing else to do C. was nothing else to do 参考答案 60 1115 16211--5 BCABB 6--0 BCCCC 11--15 DCBAA 16-20 CDABB 21-25 CDCBB --5 2626-30 CCDBB 31-35 CABBA 36-40BADBB
B. focusing upon C. focused on D. been focused
B. is nothing else to do D. having nothing else to do
41-45 CCCCD 41-
46-50CCADC 51-55 CDDAD 4651版权所有@高考资源网
- 19 -
5656-60 DDCAB 61-65 BDABC 66-70 CACDB 71-75 CDCDA 76-80 DDBBD 81-85 ADDBC 86-90 6166717681869196101106ACCAB 91-95 CDABB 96-100 ADABB 101-105 DDBBB 106-110 ABACC 111111-115 ACBCA
- 20 -



   09 年全国各地英语一模试题单项填空分类选编 8?非谓语动词和独立主格结构 年全国各地英语一模试题单项填空分类 分类选编 非谓语动词和独立主格结构 26 . With no central government , the island was ruled by kings , a different region of the country. 09 临沂市高三教学质量一模 (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) A.each controlling B.each controlled C.ea ...


   非谓语动词与独立主格结构 Sally Dec.2010 Part1非谓语动词 " 1.非谓语动词概述: 非谓语动词概述: 非谓语动词概述 在英语句子中不单独做谓语,而具有除谓 语外其他语法功能的动词叫做非谓语动词。 非谓语动词主要有三种形式: 动词不定式( ①动词不定式(to do) ) 动名词( ②动名词(V-ing) ) ③分词(包括现在分词和过去分词) 分词(包括现在分词和过去分词) " 2.动词不定式 动词不定式:(一般是to do形式) 动词不定式 " 2.1动词不定式的时态和 ...


   十 A. to be breathed B. to breathe 非谓语动词 1. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good . 2008 年全国卷 I C. breathing D. being breathed 2. The director had her assistant some hot dogs for the meeting. 2008 年全国卷(II) A. picked up B ...


   英语语法专题 独立主格结构 一、概念: 概念: 概念 “独立主格结构”是由名词或代词作为逻辑主语,加上分词、形容词、副词、动词不定式或介 词短语作为逻辑谓语构成。这种结构在形式上与主句没有关系,通常称为“独立主格结构”。 二、独立主格结构的句法功能 独立主格结构的句法功能 “独立主格结构”实质就是带有自己主语的非限定状语从句。众所周知非限定性从句通常以 主句的某一成分作为自己的逻辑主语, 从而依附于主句。 而有些非限定性从句和无动词从句 带有自己的主语,在结构上与主句不发生关系,因此成为独立 ...


   独立主格结构讲析高中英语 独立主格结构讲析 高中英语 一、独立主格结构的概念 独立主格结构(Absolute Structure)是由名词或代词加上分词等构成的一种独立结构,用于修饰整个 句子。独立主格结构中的名词或代词与其后的分词等构成逻辑上的主谓关系。这种结构与主句不发生句法 上的联系,它的位置相当灵活,可置于主句前、主句末或主句中,常由逗号将其与主句分开。需特别注意 的是,独立主格结构与主句之间不能使用任何连接词。 二、独立主格结构基本构成形式 名词(代词)+现在分词(过去分词;形容词 ...


   独立主格结构 一、概念:“独立主格结构”是由名词或代词作为逻辑主语,加 概念 上分词、形容词、副词、动词不定式或介词短语作为逻辑谓语构成。 这种结构在形式上与主句没有关系,通常称为“独立主格结构”。 二、功能: 功能 “独立主格结构”实质就是带有自己主语的非限定状语从句。众所周知 非限定性从句通常以主句的某一成分作为自己的逻辑主语,从而依附于 主句。而有些非限定性从句和无动词从句带有自己的主语,在结构上与 主句不发生关系,因此成为独立主格结构。其实,虽然叫做独立主格结 构,并不是真正的独立, ...


   2010 年 6 月 第 13 卷第 3 期 西安文理学院学报( 社会科学版) Journal of Xi’ University of Arts and Science ( Social Sciences Edition) an Jun. 2010 Vol. 13 No. 3 论英语语法中的独立主格结构及其翻译 马巧正 ( 西安文理学院 外国语言文学系, 陕西 摘 西安 710065) 要: 为了对独立主格结构这一较为复杂的语法现象加以全面深入的研究, 从独立主格结构的定义入手, 通 总结 ...


   2011 届高三英语总复习 句型结构 1. you think will make a trip to Paris? A. Who can it be that B. Whom do C. Whom can it be D. Who will it be 2. ?Where was it the road accident happened yesterday? ?In front of the market. A. when B. that C. which D. how 3. It is ...


   知识点: 知识点:动词的语态 ( ) 1.(2009广州) 广州) ( 广州 by the nurses. B. take good care of D. take good care Don't worry. All the children A. are well taken care of C. are taken good care ( ) 2.(2009山东淄博) ( 山东淄博) 山东淄博 ?Hi, Jack. Did you go to Jim's birthday party? ...


   Grammar 词 非谓语动 非谓语动词功能比较 to do的复合结构 do的复合结构 form的复合结构 -ing form的复合结构 非谓语动词的否定式 -ing form 与 pp 的区别 by liu xiaoyu 动词不定式的基本形式 主动语态 一般式 进行式 完成式 to do to be doing 被动语态 to be done to have done to have been done 不定式与谓语同时发生 不定式比谓语先发生 进行式 完成式 1.He is too yo ...



   1 accelerate vt. (使)加速, 增速【例】 accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速经济增长【派】 acceleration n. 加速 accelerating a.加速的 2 account n. 账户、 考虑 【考】 take sth. into account 把…考虑在内 3 accustome vt.使习惯 【考】 accustomed to 4 adapt vi. 适应 【考】 be adapt to… 适应 5 adj ...


   念英语第二册课后习题答案详解 Lesson 1 1. b 选 b 最为正确。因为 a. d.都与课文内容不符合, 也不合乎逻辑; c.的意思是 “他们没有注意他” 而作者的意 , 图并不是想让他们注意他, 而是想让他们停 止谈话。 所以选 b. 最能表达作者当时心里的感 受。 2.c 其余 3 个答案都与原句意思不符 合。 3. 因为 a. to 不对, b 可以是 He went to the theatre;c. into 也不对,可以是 He went into the theatre ...


   写作模板??提纲式作文 1. 对立观点式 A.有人认为 X 是好事,赞成 X, 为什么? B. 有人认为 X 是坏事, 反对 X,为什么? C.我的看法。 Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支持 X 的第一个原因。They also argue that 支持 X 的另一个原因。 However, other people stand on a different gro ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来 ...


   2009~2010 学年第一学期期末水平测试 五年级英语 (时间:60 分钟 满分:100 分) 听力部分 30% I.听辨单词 10% 听音,从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中选出你所听到的单词或短语,把其标号 填入题前括号内。每小题读两遍。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. city ) 2. A. run ) 3. A. wash ) 4. A. smart ) 5. A. kitchen ) 6. A. sweep ) 7. A. holiday ) 8. A. b ...