??高三一轮[B 师大]英语卷( ??高三一轮[B 师大]英语卷(二) 高三一轮 必修 2 学校: 班级: 姓名:
考号: 第Ⅰ卷(选择题,共 105 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  7.5 分)
  1.What does the woman wish to do? A.Sell caps for small boys. B.Exchange the cap for a larger one. C.Make this cap a little smaller.
  2.Where are they probably talking? A.Outside a bookstore. B.At an art gallery. C.In a shop.
  3.When will Mr Davis meet Ann? A.At 8∶
  45. B.At 9∶
  00. C.At 9∶

  4.What are the man and the woman talking about? A.Christmas holiday. C.Christmas gifts.
  5.What is the possible relationship between the speakers? A.Customer and shop assistant. B.Policeman and passer?by. C.Teacher and student. 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  22.5 分) 听第 6 段对话,回答第 6 至 8 题。
  6.Who is the man? A.A doctor. B.An actor. C.A reporter. B.Christmas dinner.

  7.What happened to the main character? A.He suffered from cancer. B.He got married to a girl. C.He wanted to be a doctor.
  8.What can you learn from the conversation? A.TV audiences know many famous doctors. B.The woman plays a role in the TV show.
C.The man likes the role he played very much. 听第 7 段对话,回答第 9 至 11 题。
  9.What’s the probable relationship between the speakers? A.Teacher and student. C.Brother and sister.
  10.What did the man do last night? A.He went to the cinema. B.He attended a birthday party. C.He went out to McDonald’s.
  11.Why is the woman calling the man? A.To invite him to a birthday party. B.To ask him for help with her physics. C.To borrow his physics book. 听第 8 段对话,回答第 12 至 14 题。
  12.What is Mr Carson doing when the man calls him? A.Having a talk with his customer. B.Having a meeting. C.Having lunch.
  13.What’s the man’s telephone number? A.Hong Kong?68261427 extension 40
  63. B.Hong Kong?68261427 extension 40
  66. C.Hong Kong?68261427 extension 40
  14.When can Mr Carson ring the man according to the woman? A.As soon as he returns from lunch. B.As soon as he returns from meeting. C.As soon as he knows about it. 听第 9 段对话,回答第 15 至 17 题。
  15.What is Mr Lewis’purpose of this visit? A.To visit friends and give lessons. B.To give a violin concert. C.To attend a wedding.
  16.What kind of violin did Mr Lewis use when he was eight? A.A full?sized violin. B.A half?sized violin. B.Classmates.
C.A two?thirds?sized violin.

  17.What do you know about Mr Lewis’ violin? A.He always takes it with him. B.It was made by his uncle. C.He borrowed it from his uncle. 听第 10 段独白,回答第 18 至 20 题。
  18.Who was Phil? A.My friend. B.A traveler. C.A businessman.

  19.What did the man want to know? A.He wanted to know where they were. B.He wanted to know what was in the sky. C.He wanted to know why the sky was strange.
  20.Why didn’t Phil tell him? A.Because he had drunk too much. B.Because he was in a strange town. C.Because he didn’t see anything in the sky. 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  21.The assistant charged me 100 dollars for the blouse,but my mumonly 50 dollars. A.bought B.told C.offered D.asked

  22.It is said that her dream of becoming a famous singerat last. A.turned true B.realized C.lived D.came true
  23.Thefrom the top of the building is amazing. A.scene B.scenery C.sight D.view

  24.Xiao Li is chosen toour city to take part in the country sports meeting.He is likely to get a good score. A.represent B.present C.leave D.attend

  25.It’s now quite commonfor married women not to take their husband’s second name. A.way B.practice C.custom D.method
26 . Usually banks require credit card applicants to have an ID card and a(n)income. A.common B.ordinary C.usual D.regular
  27.It is reported that heavy coffee drinking and heart attack is not necessarily
cause and. A.effect B.affect C.affection D.infect

  28. ?My stomacha lot.I guess that’s because I didn’t eat my breakfast. ?It won’tyou if you miss breakfast for once. A.hurts;hurt B.harms;hurt C.injures;harm D.wounds;injure
  29.I think fireworksthe beauty of the festival night. A.added up B.adding up C.added up to D.added to

  30.Since there are all kinds of cameras here,which do youI take? A.hope B.believe C.think D.suggest
31 . Several strong winds mayinto a hurricane when the suitable temperature is met. A.combine B.unite C.mix D.connect
  32.?Were you angry with your husband? ?Well,yes,.But it didn’t matter really. A.sort of B.of a sort C.some sorts of D.all sorts of 33 . Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard?,you failed. A.in the end B.after all C.in other words D.at the same time
  34.The teenager seemed to be a good driver;,I didn’t dare to travel in his car. A.therefore B.so C.even though D.even so

  35.?What are you going to do this afternoon? ?I’m going to the cinema with some friends.The filmquite early,so weto the bookstore after that. A.finished;are going B.finished;go C.finishes;are going D.finishes;go 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) As we all know “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and “__36__every successful man there is a woman”.Both these__37__mean the same things.Men rule the__38__,but their wives rule them. Chinese people and other foreigners often say,__39__of the American women like
making their husbands and sons successful , but some of them want__40__for themselves.They want good__41__.When they work they want to__42__better paid.They want to be as__43__as men. In the 1960s,the American women’s liberation__44__was started by women who don’t want to__45__behind successful men.They want to stand beside them,with the same__46__for success.They don’t want to be told that certain jobs or__47__are closed to them.They refused to work side by side with men who do the__48__work for higher pay. In America,a liberation woman must be__49__of being a woman and have confidence in herself.If somebody says to her,“You have come a long__50__,baby”,she will__51__and answer,“Not nearly as__52__as I am going to go,baby.” On the other hand,this movement is quite__53__and many American women do not agree.__54__it has already made some important__55__in women’s lives.
  36.A.Before B.Behind C.Near D.Beside
  37.A.writings B.words
  38.A.family B.society
  39.A.most B.few C.all C.letters D.sayings C.earth D.none D.world

  40.A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything
  41.A.jobs B.clothes C.food D.houses
  42. A.be B.have C.make D.receive
  43.A.good B.wonderful C.successful D.much

  44.A.activity B.movement C.affairs D.incident
  45.A stand B.cooperate C.work D.help

  46.A.work B.job C.position D.chance
  47.A.offices B.schools C.shops D.places D.important

  48.A.better B.same C.less
B.afraid C.fond D.proud B.walk C.way D.journey C.laugh D.sob

  51.A.cry B.smile

  52.A.long B.far C.soon D.much
  53.A.new B.good C.important D.pleasing
  54.A.So B.And C.But D.Or

  55.A.progress B.improvement C.decisions D.changes
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Scientists are working to develop crop plants that can reduce the amount of water used for agriculture.Almost sixty percent of the world’s freshwater withdrawals from rivers,lakes and other water resources go toward irrigating fields.Scientists are using biotechnology as well as traditional breeding methods to develop water?saving crops to feed a growing world. Tommy Carter is a plant scientist in North Carolina working for the Agricultural Research Service in the United States Department of Agriculture.He leads Team Drought , a group of researchers at five universities.They have been using conventional breeding methods to develop soybeans that can grow well under dry conditions.Tommy started working on drought?resistant soybeans in 19
  81.His research has taken him as far as China,where soybeans have been grown for thousands of years. Farmers in the United States,however,have grown soybeans for only about a century.Tommy Carter says the soybeans they grow are for the most part genetically similar.More differences could better protect crops against climate changes that can reduce production.Those changes include water shortages which could increase from global warming.The Agriculture Department has a soybean germplasm collection (种质收集),a collection of genetic material passed from one generation to the next.Members of Team Drought studied more than 2,500 examples from the collection.They looked at those from Asia and searched for germplasms that could keep plants from weakening and wilting (枯萎) during hot,dry summers in the United States. Tommy says they found only five,but these slow?wilting lines can produce more than normal soybeans under drought conditions.The team is now doing field tests.The first breeding line is expected to be released next year for use by private seed companies and public soybean breeders. Scientists are also working on other crop plants that either use less water or use it better,or both.
  56.The scientists are developing the crop plants because. A.traditional crop plants can’t grow under dry conditions B.only biotechnology could lead to a success in this area C.irrigating fields has used almost 60% of our freshwater D.we need new crops to save more water than ever before

  57.From the passage we know that Tommy Carter. A.is now teaching at five universities B.organized Team Drought in 1981 C.once went to China to study soybeans D.discovered the genetic material of soybeans
  58.According to the passage,the five examples from Asia need less water under drought conditions because. A.soybeans have been grown in Asia for thousands of years B.the germplasms are different from those of American soybeans C.the history of soybeans growing in America is only a century D.the problem of water shortages in Asia is much more serious
  59.What will the writer most probably write about next? A.Some other research on crops that use less water. B.The conclusion that less water is needed for soybeans. C.More information about Tommy Carter’s new soybeans. D.The reason why the climate changes have taken place.
  60.The passage is mainly talking about. A.conventional methods of plants breeding B.efforts to develop crops using less water C.the history of soybeans growing in China D.what some scientists do to change the climate B Science and technology students in China and the US have a long way to go before they can develop a deep understanding of scientific reasoning,researchers have found. As part of a research to compare science education in China and the US,Lei Bao, a professor from the Department of Physics of the Ohio State University,gave 5,760 freshmen in three US and four Chinese universities two tests to evaluate content knowledge and another to assess scientific reasoning. Though Chinese students did better than their US counterparts in the first two tests that emphasized on learning facts,both groups “scored relatively poorly” on the third test,designed to assess their ability to systematically explore a problem,the results showed. Lei Bao said that the finding challenges conventional wisdom,which holds that
teaching science facts will improve Students’ reasoning ability.“Our study shows that,contrary to what many people would expect,even when students are thoroughly taught the facts,they don’t necessarily develop the reasoning skills they need to succeed,” Bao said.“Because students need both knowledge and reasoning,we need to explore teaching methods that target both.” The current education systems and assessment of China and the US do not emphasize on deep understanding of scientific reasoning in the disciplines of science, technology,engineering and mathematics (STEM),the study concluded. Bao explained that reasoning is a good skill for everyone to possess?not just scientists and engineers.The general public also need good reasoning skills in order to correctly interpret scientific findings and think rationally.STEM students need to excel__at scientific reasoning in order to handle open?ended real?world tasks in their future careers in science and engineering. How to boost scientific reasoning?The study suggests that educators must go beyond teaching science facts if they hope to boost students’ reasoning ability.Bao points to inquirybased learning,where students work in gr



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