??高三一轮[B 师大]英语卷( ??高三一轮[B 师大]英语卷(七) 高三一轮 选修 7 学校: 班级: 姓名:
考号: 第Ⅰ卷(选择题,共 105 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  7.5 分)
  1.How does the man usually go to work? A.By car. B.By bus. C.On foot.

  2.What do you learn about the man? A.He is impatient. B.He is proud. C.He is quiet.

  3.What will happen according to the conversation? A.The woman is going to take the man to the office. B.Linda might be leaving earlier than the woman. C.Linda might take the man to the museum.
  4.What will the students do? A.Visit a car factory. B.Have a picnic.
  5.Who do you think the man is? A.The woman’s boss. B.The woman’s coach. C.The woman’s teacher. 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  22.5 分) 听第 6 段对话,回答第 6 至 8 题。
  6.Where are the speakers speaking? A.In the office. B.At home. C.In a restaurant. C.Go camping.

  7.When does the conversation probably take place? A.In the morning. B.In the afternoon. C.In the evening.
  8.What is wrong with the man? A.He has a running nose. C.He has a headache. 听第 7 段对话,回答第 9 至 11 题。
  9.Why is Yang Mei going to the United States? A.To see the man’s grandma. B.He has a fever.
B.To see her parents. C.To work there.
  10.How long will Yang Mei stay there? A.Seven months. B.Half a year. C.Fifteen weeks.

  11.What do you think is the cheapest way for people to travel in America? A.By bus. B.By car. C.By train. 听第 8 段对话,回答第 12 至 14 题。
  12.What are the speakers talking about? A.Paintings. B.A painting house. C.A show.
  13.Who will be introduced to Susan? A.Brian. B.An artist. C.Brian’s friend.

  14.How does the woman think about the artist’s new works? A.They are more detailed and their colors blend together so well. B.They are less detailed but their colors blend together so well. C.They are more detailed and their colors are softer. 听第 9 段对话,回答第 15 至 17 题。
  15.Why does the man write to his mother? A.He wants to tell his mother something new. B.He misses his mother very much. C.He worries about his mother’s health.
  16.What does the man do? A.He is a worker. B.He is a student. C.He is a driver.
  17.What can be inferred from the conversation? A.The man works so hard on his studies. B.The man has been working for a year in many places. C.The man doesn’t want his mother to worry about anything. 听第 10 段独白,回答第 18 至 20 题。
  18.Who see to the safety of the supermarket? A.Thieves. B.Shop assistants. C.Detectives.

  19.Why do people take a basket in supermarkets? A.Because they want to buy it. B.Because they put things they want to buy into it and take them home. C.Because it’s convenient to carry things they want to buy with a basket.
  20.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
A.It’s important to be served before other people in a supermarket. B.You should wait for your turn to be served. C.British people have a good habit of queuing. 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分)
  21.The people of China are proud of Zhai Zhigang,man who has realized all Chinese dream of flying inspace. A.the;/B.a;the C.the;a D.a;/
  22.The seat can beto make you feel more comfortable.
A.adapted B.adjusted C.adopted D.arranged
  23.Michael found it difficult to get his British jokesto American audiences. A.through B.back C.across D.round

  24.The match was cancelled because most of the membersa match without a standard court. A.were opposed to have B.were objected to have C.were opposed to having D.objected to have

  25.you may be right,I can’t altogether agree. A.While B.As C.If D.Since

  26.Traditionally,Native Americans are believedfrom northeast Asia, arriving over a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska 12,000 A.to come B.to have come C.coming D.come years ago.

  27.the world thinks of the US these days,American labels dominate this year’s annual Interband Corp.ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands. A.What B.Which C.That D.Whatever

  28.Bill Gates said that he planned toalmost all of his vast fortune, largely to the cause of global health,during the course of his lifetime. A.give away B.give way C.take away D.throw away

  29.?Dad,we have been invited to uncle Tom’s birthday party this Saturday evening. ?Please remind me againI forget it. A.even if B.in case C.as if D.what if
  30.I can’tstaying with him;he is so selfish. A.tolerate B.remove C.pass D.compromise
31 . All their attempts to rescue the child from the burning building were.He died soon afterwards. A.in place B.in return C.in vain D.in order

  32.Yao Ming played games with children of the Jianshecun Village Elementary School, the first school built from Yao Ming’sto the earthquake?hit region. A.solution B.collection C.devotion D.donation

  33.young people see and hear in the media helps them to figure out how the world works. A.Which B.That C.What D.How

  34.Theirrequest is refused,which is not beyond expectation at all. A.abrupt B.absurd C.acute D.acceptable

  35.Many students findjobs during their summer holidays. A.permanent B.comfortable C.temporary D.contemporary 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) The power of encouragement is great.You may draw some inspiration from the following story. Dante Gabriel Rossetti,a famous 19th?century poet and artist,was once__36__by an elderly man.The old man had some sketches ( 素 描 ) and drawings that he__37__Rossetti to look at and tell him if they were any good,or if they at least showed__38__talent. Rossetti looked them__39__carefully.After the first few,he knew that they were worthless , showing not the least__40__of artistic talent.But Rossetti was a__41__man,and he told the elderly man as gently as possible that the pictures were of little__42__and showed little talent.He was sorry,but he could not__43__to the man. but The visitor was__44__, seemed to expect Rossetti’s__45__.He then apologized for__46__Rossetti’s time,but would he just__47__a few more drawings?these done by a(n)__48__art student?Rossetti looked over the__49__batch (一批) of sketches and immediately became enthusiastic over the talent they__50__.“These,”he said, “oh , these are good.This young student has great talent.He should be given every__51__and encouragement in his career as an artist.He has a__52__future if he will work and stick to it.” Rossetti could see that the old man was__53__moved.“Who is this fine young
artist?” he asked.“Your son?”“No,” said the old man sadly.“It was I who painted the pictures 40 years ago.__54__I had heard your praise then!For you see, I got discouraged and__55__drawing?too soon.”
  37.A.hoped B.approached C.inspected D.requested
B.made C.had D.wanted B.commercial C.over C.official D.spiritual

  39.A.up B.on

  40.A.sign B.mark
  41.A.rude B.kind
C.chance D.view C.talented D.creative D.quality

  42.A.help B.price C.value
  43.A.speak B.apologize
C.listen D.lie C.delighted D.puzzled

  44.A.disappointed B.annoyed
  45.A.achievement B.adjustment C.statement D.judgment
  46.A.taking up B.turning up
C.making up D.looking up
  47.A.aim at B.glare at
  48.A.old B.young
  49.A.first C.look at D.stare at
C.famous D.talented
B.second C.third D.last C.revealed D.rejected

  50.A.reviewed B.exposed
  51.A.help B.time
C.chance D.work C.promising D.touching D.deeply D.As long as

  52.A.charming B.booming

  53.A.slightly B.smoothly C.barely
  54.A.If only B.Only if C.Now that

  55.A.insisted on B.gave up C.headed to D.led to 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A
They crossed in front of me as I was driving out of the store parking lot (停 车场).I would be delayed for a whole ten seconds.However,I realized that it was
an elderly couple who were briefly delaying my departure (出发).No more anger. The man leaned on his wife who walked in front of him.He not only used her for support but it was obvious that he was blind.She was his eyes as well.The two of them worked as one?each needing the other to function in this fast?changing world. That little example of true strength that day changed my whole personal perception of life.Suddenly I wasn’t so mad about having to work a few extra hours on Saturday.I had my strength,and I was still relatively young. That picture of those two elderly people walking with dignity and strength stayed with me the entire week.My life wasn’t so bad after all.I had my health and a good job.My wife always gave me good advice whenever I needed it.I started to think ?not only was I lucky to have it all,but so was that wonderful old couple,who, despite the trials and hardships of a long life,still had the love and support of each other to carry them through this world. There are so many people out there just like that couple.My wife and I sometimes picture ourselves in our old age,walking arm?in?arm into the sunset.That image always gives us a warm feeling of comfort.Just remember,none of us would be here if it weren’t for our elders.We should spend an extra minute to listen and learn when it comes to helping our elder friends.They need it.
  56.What was the author’s first reaction when he was stopped by the old couple? A.He showed great pity for the couple. B.He didn’t mind at all. C.He got angry at being delayed. D.He waited patiently.
  57.Before meeting the old couple,the author had a(n)attitude towards life. A.energetic B.enthusiastic C.desperate D.negative
  58.From the fourth paragraph,we can learn that. A.the author once decided to change his job B.the author’s wife gave him lots of support C.old people are more likely to get impatient with others D.it is a bad thing to live a long life full of hardships
  59.The main message that the author wants to get across in the last paragraph is that. A.everyone should live with dignity and strength
B.we should be patient when dealing with old people C.old people can teach us many important lessons D.happiness lies in a positive attitude towards life
  60.What do we know about the author? A.He and his wife are in their old age. B.He has a good but busy job. C.His life is very bad actually. D.He and his wife often walk arm?in?arm. B John was waiting for the girl whose heart he knew , but whose face he didn’t.Thirteen months ago,in a Florida library he took a book off the shelf with the previous owner’s name,Miss Hollis Maynell,and took great interest in the notes in the margin.The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. With time and effort he located her address.He wrote her a letter introducing himself and inviting her to correspond. During the following days the two grew to know each other through the mail.John requested a photograph, she refused.She felt that if he really cared, wouldn’t but it matter what she looked like.Later they scheduled their first meeting?7∶00 p.m.at Grand Central Station in New York. “You’ll recognize me,” she wrote,“by the red rose I’ll be wearing on my lapel.” So at 7∶00 he was in the station looking for the girl with the red rose. A young woman in a green suit was coming toward him.Her figure was long and slim and her eyes were blue.Almost uncontrollably he made one step closer to her,and just at this moment he saw Hollis Maynell?a woman well past
  40.The girl was walking quickly away.He felt as though he split in two,so keen was his desire to follow her,and yet so deep was his longing for the woman whose spirit had truly accompanied him and upheld his own. He did not hesitate.He squared his shoulders and said,“I’m John,and you must be Miss Maynell.I am so glad you could meet me;may I take you to dinner?” The woman smiled,“I don’t know what this is about,son,” she answered, “but the young lady in the green suit begged me to wear this rose on my coat.And she said if you were to ask me to dinner,I should tell you that she is waiting for you in the restaurant across the street.She said it was some kind of test!”
  61.We can infer from the passage that.
A.John succeeded in winning the heart of Miss Maynell B.Miss Maynell was a very funny woman C.John had known the secret and prepared in advance D.John got Miss Maynell’s address from the book
  62.We can learn from the passage that. A.it is useful to read often in the library B.Miss Maynell wa



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