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  2.历年高考完形填空常 ――
  2. 2010 年高考英语复习精典素材――
  2.历年高考完形填空常 用词汇总结
动词类: 1“看” look 看的动作/ see 看的结果; watch 观察 观察/observe 为了研究进行的 stare 好奇地看 glare 好奇地看/
观察; 看见/ 观察 Notice 注意 catch sight of 看见 瞪着看 Glance 瞅见/glimpse 瞥见 2 “说” telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth 告诉的内容 者之间的交流 see a film
watch TV
talk with sb about sth 强调说话
Say sth 诉说的内容 speak in English 说的语言 Inform sb of sth 通知某人某事 Bargain 讨价
whisper sth to sb 耳语
reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事 还价 chat 聊天
repeat 重复 explain 解释 warn 警告 remind
提醒 Discuss 讨论 debate 辩论 figure 指出 declare 宣布 claim 自称 mention 提起 admit 承认 deny 否绝 describe 描述 announce 公布 introduce 介绍 complain 抱怨 3“叫” cry 哭叫 call 叫 shout 大喊 scream 尖叫 moan 呻吟 sigh 叹气
quarrel 大吵 4“问” 5“答” ask 询问 interview 采访 express 表达 question 审问
answer 回答 respond 回应 用其他方式回应 reply 回复 回应(用其他方式回应 用其他方式回应) hear 听的结果 pick up 收听 overhear 无意听到
6 “听” listen to 听的动作 7“写” dictate 听写
write sth 写 describe 描写 drop a line 写信 draw 画
take down/write down 写下,记下 8 “拿/放” take 拿走 bring 拿来 hold 举着 carry 扛, (无方向性) fetch 挑 拿来拿去 lift 举 Put 放 lay 铺/放置 9“抓” take hold of 抓着 seize 紧抓 grasp 握住 pull 拉/push 推 scratch 抠
10“打” hit 一次性的打击 beat 不间断的打击 strike 突然的击打 突然想到 突然的击打/突然想到 blow 吹刮 attack 攻击 11“扔” throw 扔 drop 掉 放弃 错过 fall 倒下无意掉下来 wave 招手 shake
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12“送” send 寄送 deliver 递送 give 给 offer 主动给予 see off 给某人送行 13 摸/抱”touch 摸 /fold 折叠 “ /embrace 拥抱 / hug 抱/hold 握 in one’s arms
14“踢/碰” kick 踢/knock 敲/ tip 轻敲 15“行” walk run climb jump skip 单腿跳 slip 溜 come/go crawl 匍匐前进 take a seat/ stand 站,耸立/ lean enter 进入
move 搬迁 drive 开车 ride 骑 fly 16“坐” 斜靠 sit down be seated seat oneself
17 “睡/休息” lie /on one’s back/ on one side/ on one’s stomach a rest rest 18“笑” smile 微笑(不出声) laugh 19“哭” cry shed tears 留泪 take a nap 打盹 be asleep bend
stay in bed
turn over 翻身
burst into laughter burst out laughing sob 抽泣 burst into tears
weep 呜咽地哭
/burst out crying 20“找/查” find 找到 look for 正在找过程 现/探索 hunt for search for Search sb 搜身 seek / seek for in search of 寻找 find out 查明 discover/explore 发
search sp. for sth 为某物而搜寻某地
Check 检查,核实 examine 考察发现问题 体检 test 检测,检验 检查, 考察发现问题/体检 检测, inspect 视察 21“穿” put on 动作 wear 穿戴 have on 试穿 be dressed in 穿的状态
make-up 化装 get changed 换衣服 22“吃/喝” eat/drink sip 吮吸 be in red have a meal Take off 脱 remove 去除 have supper toast taste
treat sb to 请某人吃 23“得” 24“失” get obtain
help oneself to 随便吃 possess
acquire 获得知识和技能 gain
lose 丢了 be lost /be missing 人错过失踪,不见 gone 不见(物) 人错过失踪, 不见( great loss die die off 相继死去 die away 逐渐消失 occupy 占有=possess

own 是自己的
conquer 征服
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26“无” nothing left 27“增/减” 人主动抬价 the remaining thing disappear
嘉兴英语教学整理 be missing /gone
rise / go up /drop raise /bring down /reduce pay increase/decrease pay off pay for sell on sale
28“买/卖” buy purchase afford bargain Bill / cheque / cash/
credit card
notes/ coins
discounts live show turn up
29“存在/消失”come into being exist Disappear die 30 “变化” develop die out
appear survive
pass away be out of sight grow go+ bad /wrong/ sour /without reform
improve become
( negative adj.) turn + colour change /change into ) 31“认识的过程”feel realize Understand to 32“成功/失败”make it succeed dream win Lose Into reality 33“努力” try /manage make efforts can to do 34 祝贺 congratulations on sb attempt do ones best fail to do make progress come true remember be familiar with recall sense guess suppose wonder doubt
know /learn
realize one’s
failure defeat suffer loss beat turn sth.
do as much as one
celebrate observe 庆祝 get together 聚会 blame sb for sth/ sb is to blame have a low opinion of sb Speak ill
35 赞美 批评 praise think highly of / 赞美/批评 criticize /scold sb. for sth. of 36 喜/恶 like love 恶 prefer enjoy be fond of
be keen on be crazy about adore be into Dislike hate be awful/disgusting
in favor of
ignore turn off 37 判断 think believe consider find reach return to feel get to conclude infer doubt stay in sp visit leave
38 到达 arrive at
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leave for on one’s way to 39 受伤 hurt injured from suffer a loss 40 损坏 damage destroy 41 修复 repair rebuild ruin break down be broken upon one’s arrival wound cut kill on doing sth drown bleed
get burnt
restore fix
recover oneself refuse turn down
42 支持/反对 agree disagree accept receive be against 43 做饭 cook brush wash elect cut chop vote for/ against boil cooker urge
fry steam
make mix
cover uncover
44 建议 advise suggest recommend persuade 说服 45 花费 sth/doing sth+cost sth
propose demand
sb+spend+ in doing sth
Sb+afford +n/to do
It +take some time/ money/energy +to do sth one’s expense 46 省/存钱 save /save up 存钱 47 参加 take part in 48 控告 accuse sb. of 49 救治 help /help out sth Aid sb in doing sth / to do sth 50 敬佩 admire respect of 51 逃避 ran away escape from flee hide help sb with sth set aside put away join /join in charge sb. With save /rescue sb from sth. attend
sb+ pay+$ for sth.
spare no effort/ time compete in/ for/against
Treat 过程 / cure 结果 sb. Of
assist sb in doing sth
show respect for/to
adore envy /be jealousy in honor
52 阻止 禁止 prevent / keep/ stop sb. From doing sth 阻止/禁止 prohibit
forbid doing sth.
对付/处理 53 对付 处理 handle / do with / deal with /tackle /overcome sth
solve settle
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54 效仿 copy imitate learn from learn
54 爆发/发生
come about happen to burst out go off
take place break out
55 安装 装备 安装/装备
set equip
be armed with 用什么武装 be equipped with 装备有 56 追求 pursuit 跟上 57 想/考虑 think of 考虑 虑 考虑/+as 把什么看成 think about 想起 consider think over 仔细考虑 be concerned 担心 be considerate sb. 58 打算 plan / intend / design to do be going to do /be about to do /will do as though end close down towards ran after seek after chase catch up with 赶上 keep up with
59 似乎/好象 seem appear look like as if 似乎 好象 60 开办 关闭 open 开办/关闭 名词类“ 1 假期 vacation holiday spring break days off start set up
close/close up
ask for leave be on holiday have two
2 旅游 trip journey tour voyage travel tourist passenger go camping/picnicking/hiking 3 职务人员 clerk secretary passer-by friend minister manager waitress guest host hostess Assistant customer adult neighbor relative patient /vet staff crew nurse teacher Conductor tailor sailor inventor gardener guard kitchen menu bill salad order tip dash fork and fruit
4 餐馆/定餐/就餐 inn restaurant knife reserve /book table tray napkin
Taste delicious
5 诊所/看病/服药 clinic hospital take one’s temperature take medicine/pills have a fever/flu/headache doctor physician patient surgeon specialist
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6 车站/机场 7 身体部位 8 意志 airport arm head on board miss the train/bus waist back
嘉兴英语教学整理 catch a train shoulder pulse effort confidence meet sb. wrist
hair brain
will courage patience determination faith
ambition energy 9 才能/品质 talent gift ability potential intelligent promising smart stupid
careful proud Strict honest cold serious easy-going learned weakness knowledgeable
10 优缺点 advantage 11 目标 aim goal
disadvantage strength intention
purpose belief faith
12 方式 means
way manner approach be well keep slim/ fit cut weight/put on
13 身体素质 strong weak pale sick ill weight
14 图表 photo picture graph drawing table line/bar graph 划草图
pie chart
draw a sketch
15 文章 reading translation essay poem paper novel/fiction newspaper journal 日志 diary 日记 Files
article magazine make a list of
16 课堂 class course lecture example reason message notes words phrase scholarship degree Subject question trouble difficulty grades read comment 17 学校活动 match marks
game activity hold a meeting /debate /speech/ ceremony idea proposal view recommandation
18 建议/观点 advice suggestion
19 气候/天气 climate weather storm windy cloudy rainy snow hot/cold/freezing/heat/warmth 20 交通 by train/bus /boat bike on the train/bus /a bike drive a car give sb. a lift/ride 21 习惯 habit custom get used to regular 有规律的(形容词) practice 惯 有规律的(形容词) ride a bike
例(名词) 22 感觉 23 情感 sight hearing touch smell sense sadness sorrow
feeling emotion
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嘉兴英语教学整理 be
24 财富 money possessions wealth belongings fortunes treasure diamond rich/well-off 25 运动比赛 on the playground match sports player on the track and filed Coach pitch event
judge jogging
play volleyball/soccer/ 26 衣服 clothes, cloth, clothing clothes 统指各种衣服,谓语动词永远是复数, cloth 指布,为不可数名词 clothing 服装的总称,指一件衣服用 a piece of, an article of 27 事件 形容词类 1 人的各种感受 乐 happy delighted 悲 sad to one’s joy pleased bitter peaceful amused incident, accident incident 指小事件, accident 指不幸的事故
unhappy painful
平静 calm quiet 烦 bother bored 震惊 surprised 怕
be fed up with astonished shocked /amazed
in fear be frightened /scared /afraid hopeless be depressed
失望 desperate disappointed 满意 be satisfied 生气 Annoyed
with /be content to do angry disgusting burst into rage
2 表程度的副词类 narrowly/ Nearly/ almost hardly/ hard extremely/ very far / by far however/ therefore/so/thus very/ quite
Accidently/ once in a while Farther/ further …. 易考的近义词组 Run/ manage Hit/ beat/strike
occasionaly/ once
better/ worse be well/ good
grow/ plant meet/ satisfy
leave/remain touch /feel
fit/ suit/ match play /performer
Contain/ hold /seat/ fill
help/work/ do
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Fall/ sink/ drop Cause/ reason Last/ continue matter/ problem /trouble/ that’s why/ that’s because keep/ stay/
嘉兴英语教学整理 money/ account because/ since,as/ for separate/ divide
treat/ cure/ operate
Stand/ bear/tolerate/hold
Provide/supply/offer/ give/send
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