2011 高考词汇短语总结A 字母开头
have the ability to do 有做…的能力 be able to do = be capable of doing 能够干 be about to do sth...when eg. I was about to leave when the telephone range. go aboard 上船 at home and abroad be absent from 缺席… 在国内外 (be present at 出席…) have access to sth 有接近/使用。。的机会 。
the access to sp 进入…通道(机会)
You can easily get access to him.你可以轻易见到他。 by accident = by chance 意外地 accomplish wonders 创造奇迹 account for 说明,解释 说明, (take sth into account = take sth into consideration = consider sth)
( on account of = because of = owing to = due to) accuse sb of sth 指责 (blame sb for … ; charge sb with sth 因…而控告某人)
be accustomed to doing = be used to doing 习惯于干… achieve success come across = meet with = run into 遇到 acquire skills/knowledg act as (serve as) 充当 take action ( take steps= take measures) 采取行动 take an active part in = be active in 积极参加 adapt sb to sth 使…适应 add to 增加 (add up these figures , The rain added to our difficulties. in addition to = as well as = besides 除了…还有 in addition = besides = furthermore =moreover=what’s more 此外,而且 He ate two large hamburgers, and in addition, he drank a large cola. address sth to sb deliver an address
add up to = come to ,
add A to B )
adjust one’s watch 把表拨准 adjust oneself to sth 使自己适应于 Animals adjust themselves to the environment.
admit doing/that = confess doing/that 承认 admit sb into/to sp 使…进入 be admitted to
take advantage of 利用 have advantage over sb
take advantage of his ignorance
to one's advantage 对…有利的是 in advance = ahead of time = ahead of schedual advertise sth 登…广告 提前
advertise for sth 为得到…而登广告
follow(take) one's advice 听从...劝告 advise sb to do sth 劝告,建议某人干… advise doing private affairs
foreign affairs 外交事务 affect sth 影响
have an affection for sb 喜爱… can/could/be able to afford sth be afraid to do sth… 不敢
show an affection for sb 向…表达爱意 买得起 (afford to do sth, afford sb to do sth)
be afraid of doing 害怕去做
She is afraid to go out alone at night. after-sales service 售后服务 be/run after 追求、追赶某人 after all 毕竟 lean against 靠着 The dog is running after the cat. be named after 以…命名 be in favour of = be for = be on one's side 支持 fight/struggle against 对抗 在蓝天反衬下山是灰色的。
be against = object to 反对 The mountain is grey against the blue sky. under age 未到年龄 for ages = for a long time the old = the aged = the elderly 老年人
I'm aged
  10.= I'm 10 years old.
agree on 对……取得一致意见 , agree with 同意(看法等) ,符合
agree to(suggestion, proposal, plan) 同意(计划、建议) (The milk doesn’t agree with me)
ahead of sb 胜过, 超过 aim at 瞄准
ahead of time 提前
(aim at doing = aim to do 以…目标 )
This book aims at giving a brief outline of the history of Ming Dynasty.
by air = by plane
on the air 在广播中
in the open air 在露天
give/sound/raise the alarm 发警报 catch sb alive all over 到处 in all 总共 活捉某人 I’m wet all over. after all 毕竟 允许 egg: He can't walk, let alone run. above all 最重要的 first of all 首先
allow sb to do sth
let sb alone 让…单独留下 let alone 更不用说,何况 get alone with 与…相处 along with = together with
have no alternative but to do = have no choice but to do be always doing 总是干… (He is always making mistakes. 他怎么老是犯错) amaze sb (surprise , astonish) be amazed to do/at/that 吃惊 reach a goal 达到…目标 amount to 共计为 (= add up to = come to)
achieve one's ambitions 达到…志向 a large amount of , amounts of 大量的 be filled with anger 满腔愤怒 be angry at (言行) , an annual report 年度报告 one another = each other
lose one's temper 发脾气
be anxious to do = be eager to do = long to do be anxious for = be eager for = be long for tell sth apart 区别开 tear sth apart 撕开 apart from 此外,除外 (=besides,except) make an apology to sb for doing It appears that he is honest.
apologize to sb for ( doing ) sth appear 出现 (seem, happen) 显得;好像 have applications in 在…(方面)应用
apply for 请求, 申请 apply A to B appoint sb 把 A 应用到 B 中 We should apply what we have learned to our practice. sth 任命某人做… appoint sb to the position of …任命某人做…(职位) I interviewed him by appointment. 通过预约定
have an appointment with sb 与…有个约会 appreciate doing 感激
I would appreciate it if you would… 如果你…我将万分感激 approach 接近 Spring is approaching. 进入…的通道
He is difficult to approach.
the approach to this town
approve of 赞成,批准
(disapprove of )
Our school covers an area of 50 mu. argue with sb about/over sth 与…争吵 carry a baby in her arms lay down one's arms.放下武器 show sb around 带领某人参观… arouse my interest 引起我的兴趣 arrange to do 安排 arrange for sb to do 安排某人去做 make preparations for 为…作准备 arm in arm 手挽手 with open arms 张开手臂欢迎,热烈的
make arrangements for sb to do 安排某人去做… arrest sb 拘捕
arrive at an agreement 达成协议 artificial silk/rainfall 人造的
arrive at sp + 小地方
arrive in sp + 大地方
as soon as (had no sooner ... than , had hardly ... when ) I had hardly got home when it began to rain. = Hardly had I got home when it began to rain. as...as...同…一样 not as/so ...as...不如…那样 as for/to 关于,至于
as if 似乎 He looks as if he were tired. act as 当作 serve as 当作 as/so long as 只要, 在…的时候 ① She broke it as she stood up. ② Do as I say. ③ He is as old as I. ④As is known to all, he is good. ⑤Young as he is, he knows a lot. 把..烧成灰烬 (burn sth into ashes) be ashamed to do ask for 寻找 be ashamed of doing ask about 查问,打听 be ashamed of oneself 为自己感到惭愧 ask after 问候 such...as 像…之类 as far as 据…所知 regard...as 把…认作
ask for leave 请假
ask for a day off
ask sb a favour/a favour of sb, fall asleep be ( sound / fast ) asleep
in this aspect = in this respect 在…方面 assign sb sth 分配, 布置 assign sb to do sth
assist sb with sth, assist sb to do sth, assist sb in doing sty associate A with B
把 A 和 B 结合在一起 , 联想到一起
assume the cost 承担费用 ( I assume that he was there. 假定 ) assure sb of be astonished to do assure sb that 使(某人)相信 be astonished at be astonished that 惊讶
to one's astonishment = to one’s surprise at once 立即,马上 at the moment 此刻,目前 aim at 瞄准, 针对 shoot at 向…射击, now = at present = for the time being = right now 现在
a heart attack 心脏病 (a heart disorder, a heart disease) attach the label to your luggage 连接;附属
a bedroom with a bathroom attached attempt to do 企图干
make an attempt to do attend the meeting = be present at the meeting pay attention to 对…加以注意 catch/draw /attract/hold one's .attention an attitude to/towards 对…的态度 attract sb/sth 吸引注意力
show one's attitude 表明态度
attract one’s attention 有…的观众 (vocabulary ,population , staff)
have an audience of a small(large) audience in early/late fall
sth be available to sb 可取得的 on average 平均而论 keep sb awake 使…醒着 award sb sth 授予 wake sb up 唤醒… award sth to sb give sb a reward of...for... be away from
reward sb with sthfor doing sty
be aware of = be conscious of 知道意识到

run away 逃走 throw away 扔
put sth away 收起
give away 泄漏
turn away from 避开,不理睬
awkward 笨拙的,困难的



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