2011 高考英语词汇总复习 高考英语词汇总复习 总复习P 字母开头
pack [pAk]v.to put (things, esp. one's belongings) into ( cases, boxes, etc.for
travelling or storing 捆; 扎; 打包;
包装; 打行李 n.a number of things wrapped or tied together , or put in a case, esp. for carrying on the back by a person or animal 包; 捆; 束; 行李; a pack of 一群(包、副、盒、伙、派,......); packs of 大量的; 一大堆的 packet [5pAkIt]n.a small package; a number of small things tied or put together into a small box, case, or bag 小 包; 小捆; 小盒; 小袋; a packet of 一包(盒、捆, ......) page [peidV]n. one side of a sheet of paper in a book , newspaper, etc., usu. numered 页; 页码: turn to page...翻到......页; Open the book at page... 请把书翻到......页; turn the page over 翻过一页 pain [pein]n.
  1. [U]suffering; great discomfort of the body or mind 疼; 疼痛: have a pain in ones head(= have a headache) 头痛; have pains all over 浑身疼痛; cry with pain 痛得哭起来
  2. [C] a feeling of suffering or discomfort in a particular part of the body; a feeling of annoyance or displeasure[常 用复数形式] 劳苦; 苦心; (内心的)痛苦; No pains, no gains 不劳则无获; spare no pains 不辞劳苦; be at the pain of learning 刻苦学习 [同]ache [反]pleasure [辨析 同 辨析]pain 指肉体的、精神的痛苦; ache 指 反 辨析 连续的、局部的隐隐作痛 painful [5peinfUl]adj.
  1.causing pain 痛的;
  2. hard or difficult 费力的; painfully adv. [反] painless 反 paint [peint]v.
  1.to put paint on (a surface)粉刷; 油漆;
  2.to make a picture or pictures of somebody or something using paint(用颜料等)绘画; paint from nature 写生; paint in oils/water colours 画油画/画水彩画; paint the house 粉刷/油漆屋子; 艰苦的 痛苦的
paint sth. red/ green 把某物染成红色/绿色 n. liquid colouring m atter which can be put or spread on a surface to make it a certain colour 油漆; 涂料; (常复 数:paints)颜料: Fresh/ Wet paint!油漆未干! a peace of paint 一幅绘画作品; painter [5peint[]n.a person who paints pictures; artist 绘画者;(油)画家 paintbrush n.画笔; 画刷 painting [5peintIN]n. 油画; 水彩画 [同]drawing; picture [辨析 painting, drawing, 同 辨析] 辨析 painting 泛指油画、 水彩画等带有色彩的绘画作品。 drawing 泛指黑白类的绘画作品或线条画;指素描作品。 picture 泛指各类绘画作品、图片,亦可表示电影作品。 portrait 指人物的肖像, 或人物肖像的语言描写。 pair [pZ[]n. [C] something made up of two parts that are alike and which are joined and used together 一双; 一 对; 一副; 一条; 一把; a pair of ? plain(后接 “物”时, 谓语动词用单数;后接 “人”时, 谓语动词则用复数。)一双, 一对: a new pair of shoes(= a pair of new shoes) 一双新鞋子; in pairs 成双地 [辨析 pair, 辨析] 辨析 couple: 两者都含有 “双”、 “对”之意; pair 可以用于人或物, 指物时, picture, portrait:
常指其中之一受损, 另一个则不能使用的物品; couple 指被视为一体的, 同类的两个人或物: a couple of (= a few, several) (Am.E.) 几个 palace [5pAlIs]n. a large grand house where a ruling king or queen officially lives/ a large , often showy building for public amusement, dancing, eating, etc.宫; 宫殿:the Childrens Palace 少年宫; the Summer Palace 颐和 园 [近] temple(以供奉神祗为主的)宫殿;寺院
pale [peil]adj. having less than the usual amount of colour; rather white(脸色)苍白的; 灰白的;(颜色)暗 淡的:look / turn/ go pale 看起来苍白/变苍白;in pale 苍白的;pale blue 浅蓝色 [反]dark 反 pan [pAn]n. any of various kinds of container usu. with one long handle, used esp. in cooking.aaathey are often wide, not very deep, made of metal, and often without a cover 平锅; 盘子 pancake n. 薄煎饼 paper [5peip[]n. [U] material made in the form of sheets from very thin threads of wood or cloth, used for writing or printing on, coverying parcels or walls, etc.纸 : piece of paper (= a sheet of paper) 一张纸; a fine paper 一 a 种优质纸
[C]a set of printed questions used as an examination in a particular subject 试卷、a piece of writing 书面作业、论 文、newspaper 报纸. paragraph[5pAr[grB:f] n. [C] (pl. paragraphs) a division of a written or printed piece made up of 1 or more sentences, of which the first word is set a little inwards to the right of a new line(文章)段;节 pardon [5pB:dn]vt. (+for) to forgive; excuse 原谅; 宽恕: pardon sb. for (doing) sth.原谅某人做某事 n. (+for)forgiveness 原谅; 宽恕:I beg your pardon(= Beg your pardon =Pardon)? 常用于:①作错了 ( )? 事表示道歉(用降调)(相当于 Im sorry.);②谈话中提出导议(用升调)(相当于 Im afraid I disagree with what you have just said./ Im afraid I think that what you have just said is not true/proper.);③没听清对方的话, 要求重复一遍(用升调)(相当于 I did not hear/ understand what you said and would you like to repeat it / say it again?)[辨析 辨析]pardon, excuse:excuse 指原谅某人的小过失或疏忽。常用来客气地打断某人的话, 或引起 辨析 某人的注意:Excuse me(用升调);pardon 指饶恕严重的过失,尤其指法律或道德上的过失;也可以表示原 谅礼节上的疏忽(此词比较正式)。 parent [5pZ[r[nt]n. (often pl.常用复数) the father or mother of a person; the father and mother of a person 父亲 或母亲;父母亲 Paris [5pArIs]n. the capital of France 巴黎 park [pB:k]n. a large public garden in a town or city used by the public for pleasure and rest 公园 v. to put or place (a car or other vehicle) for a time; to leave something in a place for a certain time 停车;放置: No parking here 此处禁止停车! car park (Br.E.)/ parking lot(Am. E.) 停车场 part [pB:t]n.
  1. any of the pieces that make up a whole 部分; 部件: part of...部分......(作主语时, 谓语动词的数 取决于 of 后的名词或代词的数); a part of ...一大部分......; parts of...有些部分......; part of speech 词类; for ones part 就某人而言; 至于某人; 对某人来说; for the most part(= mostly; most of the time; in most cases)主 要地; 大部分时间地; 大部分情况; in part 一部分; 部分地
  2.a character acted by an actor in a play 角色:have /take a part of 扮演角色 play a part in (= have an influence on/ have an effect on)对......有影响/在......中起作用
  3.a share or duty in some activity 分担责任;参加:take part in 参加(某项活动)v. to (cause to) separate 分 手; 分别; 分开; 分裂: part from sb. 与某人分手; part with sth. 舍弃某物 partly [5pB:tlI]adv.
  1. not completely 部分地; 不完全地
  2. In some degree 有几分地 particular [p[5tIkjUl[]adj.
  1.worthy of notice; special; unusual 值得注意的; 特别的; 不寻常的

  2.single and different from others; of a certain sort 独特的; 某一种的
  3.showing (too) much care or interest in small matter 考究的; 讲究的
  4. hard to please 难以取悦的; 挑剔的
  5.careful and exact 详尽的 in particular(=especially)特别地; 尤其 particularly adv. especially; in a way that is special and different from others 特别; 尤其; 与众不同地 [反]generally 一般地 party [5pB:tI]n.
  1.an association of people having the same political aims, esp. as formed to try to win elections(通常要大写)政党; 党派: a political party 政党; the Communist Party of China 中国共产党; the Party 共产党; Party member 党员
  2.a gathering of people usu. by invitation for food and amusement (宴饮性的, 娱乐性的) 聚会: have an English party 举行英语晚会; give / hold a party 举行晚会/宴会; a dinner party 宴会; a tea party 茶话会; a garden party 游园会; a birthday party 生日聚会; [来源:学&科&网] an evening party 晚会
  3.a group of people doing something together 团体; 一群人 pass [pB:s]v.
  1.to go forward; advance 向前行; 前进
  2.to reach and move beyond ( a person or place); (of a car or motorist) to reach and move beyond (another car); overtake 走过; 超过; 赶上
  3. to get or go through, across, over, or between 通过; 穿过
  4.to move, place, or be placed (in or for a short space of time)(短时间内)移过; 掠过
  5.to give (esp. by hand)传送
  6.to kick, throw, hit, etc. (esp. a bal l) to a member of ones own side 传; 送; 打击
  7.(of time) to go by; to cause time to go by(指时间)流逝; 消磨(时间)
  8.to succeed in (an examination)(考试)通过; 合格 [反]fail

  9. to give an official acceptance 通过; 批准: pass (...) on (to...)传给 pass by 从旁经过; 路过; 略过; 忽略
pass sb. sth.(= pass sth. to sb.)递给某人某物 pass away(= die)[委婉语]去世; 逝世 pass through (从空间内)径直经过; 穿过 n.出入证; 山口; 关口; 要隘; (河流)渡口 [辨析 pass, 辨析] 辨析 cross: pass 表示从某地, 某物或某人的旁边 经
过, 也可以表示从某物内部, 或人与人, 物与物之间 穿过, 还可以表示时间或空间的 经过; cross 表示从表面 “横过、越过、穿过”, 强调从一边到另一边;注意与 across (介词, 副词)的区别。 passage [5pAsIdV]n.
  1.a usual narrow way through; opening 通道;走廊
  2.a usual short part of a speech or a piece of writing or music, considered by itself (演讲或文章的)一段;一节 passenger [5pAssIndVe]n. a person going from one place to another in a public or private vehicle 乘客; 旅客 passerby[9pB:s[5bai] (pl. passersby) n. a person who happens (by chance) to pass by a place 过客; 过路人 [来源:学科网] past [pB:st]adj.
  1. (of time) much earlier than the present (指时间)早就过去的
  2. (with the perfect tenses) (of time) a little earlier than the present; up until now or until the time of speaking(与 完成时连用)(指时间)刚过去的: in (for, during , over )the past / last few days (weeks, years, etc.)在过去的几天(星期、年等)里
  3.finished ; ended 结束的
  4.former 以前的 prep.
  1.after; beyond in time 在......之后; ( 性上)越过: half past(= after 美) seven 七点半
  2.farther than; up to and beyond 比......远; 越 过 n.① (the +) time before the present 过去: in the past 在过去 ②(the +) what happened in time (long) before the present 往事 ③(of a country) history; (of a person) life, actions, etc., before the present time,(指国家的)历史; (指个人的)过去的生活, 行为 adv. by; to and beyond a point in time or space 过; 越过(时间或空间): walk past 走过去 go past(= go by, pass) 流逝 [辨析]
  1.past, passed: past 用作形容词、介词、副词、名词,用作表语或状语时说明动作发生时的状态;passed 是动词 pass 的过 去式和过去分词,说明某一行为或状态的完成, 并对以后产生影响;
  2.at present, future:at present 在目前; in the past 在过去; in the future 在将来
  3. across, in the past, over, in the past:
across 表示动作是在某一物体的表面进行的;through 表示动作是在某一空间进行的; over 指从上方跨越 而过; past 指从某物体旁边经过 path [pB:W]n.
  1.(=pathway) (+ to)a track or way made by people walking over the ground 径; 小路
  2.footpath 人行道
  3. (+ through) an open space made to allow forward movement 通道
  4.a line along which something moves 路线
  5.(the +)( of action, thought, living, etc.) a way 途径; 方式 [辨析 辨析]path, road, street, way: 都有 “道路” 的意 辨析
思, 有时可以通用。path 指未经开凿,通过践踏而自然形成的小路;road 常指城市与城市之间的大路或 乡村大道,在城市内部 road 常与 street 通用; street 指城市或村镇中两旁有房屋的路, 注意:英国英语 习惯说:in the road/street; 美国英语习惯说:on the road/street; way 一般指去某地的走法, 又可以泛指在 途中。 patient [5peiF[nt]n.
  1.a person receiving medical treatment from a doctor and / or in a hospital (住院)病人
  2.a person who goes to a particular doctor when he needs medical treatment 患者; 病人 adj. having or showing patience 忍耐的; 有耐心的: be patient with sb.对某人有耐心 [反]impatient 反 patience [5peiF[ns]n. 容忍; 耐心 pattern [5pAt[n]n.
  1.ornamental design 图案,花样, 样式
  2.the way in which something happens or develops 方式
  3.sample 样品, 样本
  4.a person or thing that is an excellent example to copy 模范,典型 pause [pC:z]n. a short but noticeable break (in activity, or speech)停顿, 中止, 暂停 : give somebody pause (= to cause somebody to stop and consider carefully what he is doing)使(某人)停下来三思 v. to make a pause; stop for a short time 中止, 暂停 pay [pei]vt. (paid, paid)
  1.to give money for goods bought, work done , etc.付 (款) pay (...) for sth.付......的钱; : 买; 赔偿
  2.to settle ( a bill, debt, etc.) 付清: pay off 还清债务; pay back 偿还(借款等)

  3.to bring or give one money or something of value in return 报酬; pay sb. for sth 为......



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学英语 GRE形近词

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   !"#$ !"w+Sk8y!z{ n o $| % * | " Y " U G Y ! } ~ ! " w + S k 8 y ! ^ ¨ ! p5!"w+Sk8yv,1{U+Sk8Uz{$ $R %+ S k 8 ) ! " w $ % 6 %$%#&%' %&( ))$ E %*))$ E %( +",- .( /012++!34,- 44%%- 45 !"# ...


   人教版初三英语上 人教版初三英语上 Unit 1 基础题复习 初三英语 一,选出正确的词完成句子: 选出正确的词完成句子 1. There is a big test ( in; on; at; for) Tuesday. 2. I really need some ( help; helps). 3. Can you tell me how you study ( for; to; in) a big test? 4. I study English by ( make; making; ...


   教案?? ??Unit 牛津小学英语 6B 教案??Unit 3 Asking the way 第一课时 一、 教学内容: 6B. Unit 3 A 部分,Listen ,read and say 二、教学目标: 1 初步掌握理解课文,并能在交际中口头运用关于问路的句型 2 掌握四会单词 . stops, turn left /right , post office ,get on /off, along, street。 3 掌握三会单词和词组. city, crossing, away, ...