2011 高考英语词汇总复习 高考英语词汇总复习 总复习R 字母开头
race n. group of people, animals, or plants 族类、种族、人种 a competition in which one tries to run, drive, etc. fastest and finish first 竞赛、赛跑 adj. racial 种族的 radio n. (pl. radios) [C][U] an apparatus to receive sound broadcast 无线电、收音机。 on the radio 通过无线电广播 =By using the radio rail n. one of the pair of metal bars fixed to the ground along which a train runs, or railway 铁轨、轨道 syn. railway, rail road rain n. [U] water falling in drops from the clouds, the fall of such drops 雨,下雨 vi. fall in drops of water 降雨 adj. rainy. raincoat 雨衣 rainfall 降雨量、一场雨 raise vt, lift up, cause to rise, in crease in degree amount, price, etc 升高、提高、增加 rapid adj. very quick, fast, swift 迅速的、急促的 adv. rapidly syn. fast, quick, swift ant. slow rather adv. more willingly with better reason. somewhat, fairly, quite 宁愿、相当 [来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K] rather than: more than. or instead of someone or something else 倒不如说,是……而不是…… ray n. [C] a narrow beam of light, usu, from sun or something else 光线、射线 syn, sunlight
read vt, ge t the meaning of (written or printed) speak 阅读,朗读。 n. reading 读物 realize vt. to know the importance of sth. to achieve sth. you want to achieve.意识到,实现 reach vt. get to. stretch, touch。达到,伸出,触及 ready adj. prepared, willing 已预备的,愿意的 get/be ready for sth. (to do sth.) real adj. actual, true. 实际的,真实的 adv. Really 真正的,确实 reason n. cause, motive 原因,动机 adj, reasonable 有道理的,合情合 理的 receive vt. take (sth, offered or sent), take or let in to the mind, suffer 收到,接到,遭受 recent adj. done or made not long ago 最近的,近来的 adv. recently. Lately, not long ago 近来,最近 reception n. a particular type of welcome for someone 接待 reception desk.(room)接待处(室) recognize vt. know again, accept. 认出,承认 reco rd v. set down in writing so as to keep for future use 记录
n. a written statement of facts, events etc. 记录,记载 keep a record of …记录下 recorder 收录机 recover v. get better after an illness, return to normal condition 恢复 recover from … recycle v. use again ( of objects that have been used ) 再循环,回收再用 red adj. having the colour of blood or fire 红色的,红色 reddish-brown 综红色
redirect v. send sth in a different direction.转移呼叫,更改方向
n. redirection reduce vt. make less or smaller in size. amount or price 缩减,减少 refer v. phr. Refer to mention or speak about someone or something to look at a book, map, reference materials etc. 提交,提到,参考(与 to 连用) refuse v. turn down, reject, say one will not give 拒绝,不愿,不肯 regard vt. consider, think of 当作,视为,看待 regard as: to consider (sb /sth) as being (something) regret n. vt. (regretted, regretting ) feel sorry for 遗憾,抱歉 regular adj. happening or doing sth very often or at a same time every day 规则的,固定的,有规律的,整齐 adv. regularly ant. irregular relate v. to show or prove a connection between two or more things, to speak of 有关,叙述 relate to 涉及,有关 n. relation 关联,联系,交往,亲属 adj. relative 有关系的,相关的 adv. relatively 相对地,比较地 remark n. notice, looking at, comment 注意,评论 v. notice, see, say sth. by way of comment. 注意,谈起,评论 remain vi. stay, continue, be left 保持,仍是,剩下 (always + adj. prep, linking verb) remember vt. call to mind, recall, keep in mind. 想起,记得 remember me to … 请向……致意 remind vt. to make sb. remember, st h /sb that they must do or they know
before 使人想起 remind sb that … 使某人想起…… remind sb of sth. remove vt. take away, move from a place, get rid of 移动,除去 [来源:Zxxk.Com]
repair v. mend, fix, make up for 修理 n. repair, the act of repairing sth. 修理 repay vt. pay back (money) 偿还,还钱 repeat v. do again, say over 重复,重说 [来源:Zxxk.Com] adj. repeated. adv. repeatedly
replace v. take the place of 取代 reply v. to answer or to do as an answer 回答, 答复 (usu. reply to…) [来源:学科网] syn. answer report v. n.. announce ,give a formal account of an account of events, experience, etc. 报告,汇报,报道 n.. reporter 记者 republic n.. a state completely governed by e lected representatives. 共和国 eg. the People `s Republic of China request n.. v. a poli te demand for sth. require.请求 syn. demand ,require require v. need, ask, demand.需要,要求 n. requirement rescue v. save sb./sth. from danger 营救,援救 [来源:学科网]
research n. ( u ) an advanced study of a subject, so as to learn new facts or scientific laws 调查,研究 n. researcher 研究人员
respect v. n. honor, expression of respect, show honor for 尊敬,尊重 rest n.. sleep, ease after work, absence of motion, the remaining part of something
  2.剩余部分,其余 v. sleep, relax ,stop working. 休息,歇息. take ( have ) a rest restaurant n. place to buy and eat a meal 饭馆 result n. something that happens because of something that happens before
结果,效果 as a result of …作为……的结果 return vt. put or pay back, come back 归还,返回 reuse vt. use again, recycle 重新使用,循还使用 review v. look at again; look back on 复习, 回顾 n. reviewer 评论家 n. revision 复习 温习 revolution n. a complete overthrow of government 革命 n. adj. revolutionary 革命的 革命者 rewrite v. write again 重写 rice n.[U] any of several kinds of food grain grown in wet tropical places 大米 米饭 [来源:学&科&网] rich adj. having much money, fertile abundantly supplied
有钱的 富有的 丰富的 ride vt. sit on a horse, bike, etc. And make it go 骑 right adj. just; correct; normal; on the side of the body that does not contain the heart 公正的; 对的; 正常的 ; 右边的 adv. properly ; correctly 正好 ; 恰恰 n. the right side; morally just or lawful claim 右; 右边; 权力 all right: yes , good ; well in health on the right: on the right side right away: at once . immediately right now: at present without delay ring v. (a bell, telephone )sound or cause to sound (钟,电话)响
n. a piece of jewellery that you wear on your fighter or a circle 环,戒指 ring back 回电话 ring ring off 挂断电话 up 打电话
ripe adj. (fruit or crops) fully grown and ready to eat, suitable
成熟的,适宜的 rise vi. go upwards, increase, get up, come up 上升, 升高, 起床
n. the act of growing grea ter or more powerful 升高,增长 river road rock n. a long natural stream of water 江,河,川 n. way or course, high way between places.路.公路. n. a stone or a type of stone.岩石,大石头
rocket n. a vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space 火箭 role n. the way in which sb./sth. is involved in an activity, a part,
character in a play or film 作用,角色 [来源:学科网] roll v. move along by turning over and over 打滚,翻滚 roof n. (pl. roofs) the top covering of a building 屋顶,顶部
room n. [C] a par t of a house with walls separating it from the rest of the building 房间 , 室 n. [U] space 地方, 空位, 余地 [来源:学.科.网 Z.X.X.K] make room for… 给……腾出地方
standing room 立足之地 root n. part of a plant that grows down int o the soil, holds it in place and feed it 根,起源 rope n. a strong , thick line or cord. 粗绳子 rose n. red, pink, white or yellow flower that grows on a bush with strong stems 玫瑰花 rot v. decay, cause to go bad 腐烂, 使腐烂
rot away: to disappear by decay 烂掉 rough adj. not smooth, not exact, not gentle 粗糙的 粗暴的 round adj . shaped like a ball.圆的,圆形的. adv . in a circle, on all sides.循环地,围绕地. all round: in a circular position.四周 prep. around , surrounding.围着,围绕一周. row n. a neat line ( of people or things ) a line of seats I a cinema or
theatre 排 robber n. a substance used to make types, gloves, bouts, etc. which is made from the juice of a tropical tree; a thing that you use to remove pencil marks 橡胶,橡皮 rubbish n. [U] waste stuff of no use 废物,垃圾 syn. garbage. rude adj. impolite, rough in manners.无礼的,粗暴的 adv. rudely.粗暴地 ruin vt. spoil or destroy sth. completely.毁灭,毁坏
rule n. principle governing conduct, action, etc.规则,规定. vt. govern, control 统治 ruler n. someone such as a king who has official power over a country, a flat narrow piece of plastic, metal etc. with straight edges. 统治者, 尺子 run v. move quickly on foot , control operate.奔跑,操作. [来源:学科网 ZXXK] run away 逃走 逃脱 run out of 用完 [来源:Zxxk.Com] running water 自来水 rush v. move very quickly 冲, 奔 rush hour ( 上下班) 车辆拥挤的时间 Russia n. ( the name of a country ) ( 国名) 俄国, 俄罗斯 adj. Russian : related to the language and people of Russia 俄国( 人 )的 n. Russian 俄语



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