1 Be concerned about sb 关心某人 2 as far as I am concerned = in my opinion 在我看来 3 settle down 定居,专心致志,安坐 4 suffer from 受?? ??之苦 5 recover from 从??中恢复过来 ? 6 recover oneself 使自己恢复到正常状态 7 recover one’s balance 恢复身体平衡 8 add up 把加起来 9 add up to 总计工达 10 add to = increase 增加 10 go through 经历,经受 11 set down 放下,记下 12 join in 参加 13 join sb in sb 和某人一起<正在进行> 14 be/get tired of 对??厌烦 ? 15 be tired from 因??累了/疲劳 ? 16 be fed up with 对??感到厌烦 ? 17 get along/on with 与??相处;进展 ? 18 fall in love with 爱上 <动作,不与时间段连用> 19 be in love with 相爱 <状态,与时间段连用> 20 I wonder if ?? ?? 我不知道?? ? 21 happen to do ?? ??when ?? ?? ??when ?? ? be about to do ??
be on the point of doing?? ??when ?? ? 当??的时候,碰巧?? ? ?? 22 commend sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事。 commend that sb. (should) do sth. 23 request sb. to do sth. request that sb.(should) do sth. 邀请/请某人做某事 用做动词时,宾语从句中用虚拟语气;用 做名词时,其定语从句和同位语从句也用 虚拟语气。 24 request 作动词时,其宾语从句的谓语要 用“(should+)动词原形”,这类动词有:一 个 “ 坚 持 ” : insist ; 两 道 “ 命 令 ” : order, command;三条“建议”:suggest, advise, propose;四点“要求”:ask, require, request, demand。这些动词相应的名词形式后的同 位语从句、表语从句等的谓语也用 “(should+)动词原形”。 25 recognize sb./ sth. as / to be 承认某 人/物是/为… be recognized as 被承认某人是….. 26
  6.present V/adj. 现在的,目前的; ? 出席的,到场的 ? present n [C]礼物 [U]目前,现在 ? presentation [u] 演出,陈述 [C] 授予,赠送 27 the present situations 目前的形式 28 the people present at the meeting 出席会议的人 29 present sth. to sb 向某人提交某物 present sb. with sth. 把某物赠给某人 30 In some ways 在某些方面 31 in no way 决不 in a way 在一定程度上 on one’s way 在…的路上 in the way 挡路
play a part/role in believe it or not be recognized as … request/ask sb. to do sth. make good/full use of be based on/be on the base of achieve one’s dream have a good command of be different from without a second thought come up such as at the end of 33 the largest number of 34 come up 常表示位置“上升”;从水中或 土中“冒 出”;芽苗等“长出”;“引起注意、被提出” 等 come up with 提出, 提供 come out 常表秘密等“传出、被获悉”,书籍等的“出 版”;“结果是 come to 苏醒,总计 come at 袭击 come about 发生 35 Take …as an example 表示拿…..作为例子时用 36 Believe it or not 信不信由你 37 This is because … 这是因为…… 38 That is why… 后面的从句表明结果 39 a determined look 坚定的神情 40 determine to do sth 决心干某事 表动作 be determined to do sth 决心干某事 表状态
在…中担任角色/起作用 信不信由你 作为…而被认同 要求某人做某事 充分利用 以……为基础 实现梦想 精通,掌握 和……不同 没有经过深思熟虑 走近;上来 例如……;像这种的 在……末期 最大量的… 41 persuade sb.to do/into doing sth 说服某人做…… 42 th. be familiar to sb. 为某人所熟悉的?? ? Sb. be familiar with sth./ sb 某人熟悉某人/某事 43 change one’s mind 改变主意 44 make up one’s mind 决定做某事 read one’s mind 看出某人的心思 speak one’s mind 直言不讳 记住 keep sth. in mind absent-minded 心不在焉 45 prefer + doing sth. 宁愿做某事(表示 一般倾向) prefer to do sth. 宁愿做某事(表示某 一次具体行为) prefer sb. to do sth. 宁愿某人做某事 prefer sth. to sth. 宁愿?? 不愿?? ? ? prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 宁愿 做 ? ?而 不愿做? ? prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 宁 愿做? 而 不愿做?? ? ? 46 fare:(车、船、飞机等的)票价。 fee: (付给专业人员的) 酬金; 入场费, 学费。 charge: 服务业、维修业等所收的费用。 47 It is / has been + 时间段+ since + 过去
式(did) 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 .be fond of doing care about change one’s mind make up one’s mind give in the attitude towards sth the best way to do /of doing sth .be determined to do sth can’t / can hardly wait to do be familiar with/to persuade sb to do sth dream about/of doing as usual from where it begins to where it ends lie beneath the stars put up the tent take a bike trip ever since It is reported that be trapped in… fall asleep organize sb. to do dig out in ruins fall down instead of rescue…from… everywhere they look burst into tears think little of.. be shocked at a (great )number of tens of thousands of give out give out give away give in give up give off It appears/happens that… be buried in take an active part in sth/ doing sth
90 be active in sth/ doing sth 喜欢 关心,忧虑 改变注意 下决心,决定 投降,让步 对某事的态度 做某事最好的方法 决心好干某事 等不及做某事 对……熟悉 劝说某人做某事 梦见,向往 照常 从源头到终点 躺在星空下 搭起帐篷 骑自行车旅行 从那以后 据报道 被困在…里 睡着 组织某人做…… 挖出 在废墟中 倒塌;掉下 代替;而不是 把..从..营救出来 目光所及之处 放声大哭 轻视/评价差 因……而震惊 许多;大量的 成千上万 分发;发出(气/热等) 分配,分发;用光;精疲力竭 赠送;不小心泄露 投降;屈服,让步 放弃,认输 放出,散发(光、热、烟等) 似乎/碰巧.. . 埋头于,专心于 “积极参与…”
“在…方面积极” 91 accept….as 92 It is generally accepted that… 93 accept 94 receive 95 devote …to… 96 devote oneself to… 97 be devoted to… 98 be addicted to … 99 be keen on… 100dive into… 101be absorbed in… 102concentrate on… 103focus on… 104be willing to do 1
  05.come to power 1
  06.blow up 107advise sb. on…. 108lose heart 109 beg for sth 110be active in 111fight against 112in reward for 113put sb. in prison 114sentence sb. to 115accept….as… 116 is equal to 117 as a matter of fact 118be free from… 119escape from 120 out of work 121die for 122 think highly of 123promise (vt )sb. to do sth. 124make a promise (n.) 125keep a promise 126break a promise 127carry out a promise 128promising 129allow sb. to do sth 130 allow doing sth. ( 131与 此 类 似 的 动 词 短 语 还 有 : advise permit /encourage/ forbid/recommend) 132compete against / with
133compete with sb. in… 认为是…..当作…..接受 一般认为.. . 接受,指的是主观上接受了 收到,指客观上收到,不一定接受 把……用在/献给…… 献身于/专心于/沉溺于/致力于…… 专心于/沉迷于/深爱/忠诚…… 沉迷于 沉迷于 沉迷于 沉迷于 沉迷于 沉迷于 乐于做... 上台掌权 爆炸, 炸毁 就…..出主意 灰心丧气 乞求 积极参与… 与…..斗争 作为……的报答 把…..投入监狱 判刑 认为是…..当作…..接受 胜任 事实上 脱离...; 独立 逃离 失业 而死 看重 对??评价很高 ? 答应干某事 许下诺言 遵守诺言 违背诺言 履行诺言 有前途的 adj. 允许某人做某事 允许做某事
136be related to / relate to 137compete for 138to host the Olympic Games 139be in charge of 140promise sb. to do sth. 141every other day 142in high spirits 143change one’s mind 144a set of 145 interview sb./ have an interview with sb. 146take the place of 147 stand for 148as a matter of fact 149hear of 150be admitted to college/university 151one after another 152 impression of sth/doing sth 153make/give an impression on sb 154make no impression on sb 155 be optimistic about 156 The instant (+句子) 157 The instant he saw her, he fell in love. 158remind sb. of sth catch sight of lose sight of speed up assist in in whisper in all directions space agency expect sb. to do sth. be lack of/ lacking in in no time be bent on carry up take up make an impression on back on one’s feet sweep up switch off /on compare…with…
涉及; 有关 为了……而竞赛 主办奥运会 负责……,管理 答应某人做某事 每隔一天 情绪高涨 改变主意 一套;一组 采访某人 代替 代表,象征,支持 事实上 听说 被大学录取 一个接一个地 对……的印象 给某人留印象 对……无影响 对……持乐观态度 一……就…… 他一见到她就爱上她了。 使某人想到……提醒某人… 看到 看不见 加速 帮助,援助,协助 小声 四面八方 宇航局 期待某人干某事 缺乏 立刻,马上 专心致志于… 被带到 接受,开始从事 留下印象 站立着,恢复 打扫,横扫 关掉/打开 把…和…相比
be experienced in… earn one’s living (=make a living) earn one’s own living earn money / praise earn a good reputation perform a miracle/wonder put on a performance give a performance form a good habit form the habit ofdoing sth. dream of doing sth . be honest with sb be honest in sth. earn/make money a year or so break up break out break down by chance /accident sort out give a performance stick to doing first of all / above all As the old saying goes, play jokes on sb. dance to the music in different directions come out form a band be confident about/of .be serious about benefit sb./sth. benefit from sb./sth. be of benefit (to sb)=be beneficial (to sb) combine business with/and pleasure.
  1.fell sick with
  2.be full of
  3. balanced diet
  4. be amazed at…
  5. be tired of be tired out be tired from cut down
  7,cut up
在某方面有经验 谋生,自食其力 自食其力 赚钱/赢得表扬 赢得一个好名声 创造奇迹 上演 演出 养成良好的习惯 养成做某事的习惯 梦想做.. 对… 说老实话 对… 某事诚实 挣钱 一年左右 打碎/ 分裂解体 爆发 出故障/谈判失败 偶然 分类 表演一个节目 坚持做… 首先/最重要的是 正如俗话所说 戏弄某人 伴着音乐跳舞 向四面八方 出版,发表 组建乐队 对……有信心 认真对待 使……受益 得益于;从……中受益 对某人)有益的 劳逸结合 因……而感到不适、恶心
  2.装满, 盛满
  5.对厌 筋疲力尽的 因…… 而疲乏
  6.砍倒, 削减 切碎,剪碎
get away with
  9. glare at
  10. get rid of
  11. feel down/ frustrated feel fit in debt
  13.be beneficial to sb.
  14. be of great benefit to =be beneficial to
  15. benefit from/by
  16. spy on 17 be/go on a diet.
  19. earn/make one’s living
  20. the weakness/ strength of the diet
  21.heavy food
  22.chat about
  1. go on/ make/ take a trip to sp. /on the tour of…
  2. Make / take a trip to sp.
  3. rather than
  4. from west to east across …
  5. be surrounded by …
  6. to the north of …
  7. settle down
  8.have a gift for doing sth \ sth
  9.thousands of square kilometers in size covers/has an area of… square kilometers
  10. get close to
  11. be close to ….
  12. at dawn
  13. speed up
  14. in the downtown
  15. figure out
  16.leave for...
  17.look across the lake
  18. flow into...
  19.as far as 20 catch sight of compare …with… die out in peace/ in danger at the moment
  11.感到沮丧,灰心丧气 保持精力旺盛
  18. 把……与……相结合
  19. 谋生
  20. 饮食的弱点/优点

  11.….靠近…, 离…近
  16.离开去…… ??
  20。看见 把……跟……比较 灭亡;逐渐消失 ? 和平地/在危险中 此刻
protect… from pay attention to come into being be concerned about get dressed have an effect/impact on... hunt for apply for year by year year after year have no idea as a result
  1.followed by sb.
  2. in a curious way
  3.reach one’s hand out to sb
  4.express one’s feelings
  5.be likely to do
  6.be similar to
  7.at ease
  8.give a hug to sb.
  9.avoid doing sth.
  10.take action
  11.watch out
  12. an exciting experience
  13. in general / generally speaking
  14. get injured
  15. fall asleep
  16. show respect to /for sb
  17.nod to/at sb
  18. introduce sb to sb
  19. shake one’s hand/ shake hands with sb
  20. misunderstand sb/ be wrong about sb
  21. an amazing thing
  22. shake the/one’s head nod the/one’s head express one’s thanks to sb look sb .in the eye assist (sb.) with/in sth. assist (sb.) in doing sth. be eager for / about sth be eager for sb to do sth
保护……不受(危害) 注意 形成;产生 使担心;关心 穿上衣服.穿戴起来 对……有影响 搜索



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