高考英语词汇 高考英语词汇 英语

  3.动词+back keep back 隐瞒,忍住 hold back 控制住 call back 回电话
  4.动词+for run for 竞选 ask for stand for 要求得到 代表,表示 look back(on) 回顾 give back take back 归还 拿回,收回
wait for 等候 long for 渴望 care for 关心,喜欢 search for 查找 call for 需要,要求 change…for apply for seek for 用……换 申请 寻找
hope/wish for 希望得到 beg for look for hunt for charge…for take…for come for 乞求 寻找 寻找 收费,要价 误以为……是 来拿,来取

  5.动词+down burn down take down cut down pass down calm down 烧毁 记下,记录 削减,砍倒 传下来 平静下来 break down 坏了,垮了,分解 turn down slow down put down 调小,拒绝 慢下来 记下,写下,镇压
bring down 使……降低,使倒下 come down 下落,传下
settle down 安家 tear down
  6.动词+at come at run at tear at
向……袭击 冲向,向……攻击 用力撕
shout at work at look at
冲(某人)嚷嚷 干……活动(研究) 看,注视
stare at 凝视 glance at 匆匆一瞥 knock at 敲(门、窗等) smile at 冲(某人)笑 aim at 向……瞄准
glare at laugh at point at
怒视 嘲笑 指向
strike at 向……打击 shoot at call at 向……射击 拜访(地点)
wonder at 惊讶
  7.动词+from differ from 与……不同 hear from 收到……来信
suffer from die from
受……苦 因……而死 向……学习
keep/stop/prevent…from 阻止…… learn from result from 由于
date from 始于……时期
separate…from 把……分离开
  8.动词+of think of 想到 consist of 由……组成 approve of 赞成 talk of 谈到 complain of 抱怨
  9.动词+off start off leave off get off see off put off cut off keep off 出发 中断 下车 送行 延期,推迟 切断,断绝 避开,勿走近 set off 出发 show off 炫耀 take off 脱下,起飞 ring off 挂断电话 come off 脱落,褪色 fall off 跌落,掉下 go off 消失;坏了,爆炸,不喜欢 break off 打断 carry off 携走带走,赢得 give off 散发出 dream of 梦到 speak of 谈到 die of 死于 hear of 听说 become of 发生……情况,怎么啦
knock…off 把……撞落 pay off 还清 get off 脱下(衣服等)
turn(switch) off 关掉
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  10.动词+on depend on insist on 依靠 坚持 rely on 依靠 carry on 继续,进行 spend…on 在……花钱 call on 拜访
keep/go on 继续 put on 穿上,戴上,上演 move on 继续移动,往前走 feed on 以……为生 take on 雇用,呈现(新面貌等) have on look on
  11.动词+out break out 爆发 pick out 选出 burst out 进发 carry out 执行,进行 hold out 坚持下去 穿着 旁观
live on 以……为生 bring on 使……发展 try on 试穿 pass on 传授,传递 turn(switch) on 打开
point out 指出 figure out 算出,理解 bring out 阐明,使表现出 help out 救助 set out 出发,着手,摆放 turn out 结果是,生产,培养 come out 出版,出来 leave out 省略,删掉 work out 算出,想出办法等 give out 散发,分发,用完 look out 当心,提防 speak out 大胆讲出 send out 发出,派遣 go out 熄灭
wear out 穿破,使……疲劳 make out 理解,看清楚 cross out 划掉 keep out(of) 使不进入,挡住 find out 查出,弄明白 try out 试用,试验 put out 扑灭 hand out 散发 run out 用完 let out 泄漏,发出(声音),出租
  12.动词十 in give in 让步 bring in 引进,使得到收入 result in 导致
die out 灭绝
hand in drop in
上交 拜访
succeed in 在……获成功
join in 参加 get in 收获,进入 fill in 填写 cut in 插入 look in 来访,参观
  13.动词十 into look into 研究,调查 burst into 闯入,进发 change…into 把……变成 run into 碰到
  14.动词+over turn over 翻倒,细想 go over 审阅,检查,研究 get over 克服 take over 接管,接替 fall over 跌倒,摔倒
  16.动词+up grow up 成长,长大 build up 建立
take in
break in 强制进入,插话 call in persist in 召集,来访 坚持
turn into
变成 把……分成 把……译成
send sb to/into sleep 使进入状态
think over 仔细考虑 look over 翻阅,检查 run over 压死,看一遍 watch over 看守,照看 roll over 翻滚
give up 放弃,献出 set up 架起、建立
put up 搭起,架起,安装,住宿,张贴,盖起 do up 整理,包装,打扮 go up 增长,上涨 get up 起床,站起 pick up 拾起,学会,用车,来接,收听到 bring up 抚养,呕吐,提出 出现 turn up 开大(音量等),出席 stay up 挺住,熬夜 take up 开始学,从事,占据 sit up 熬夜 eat up 吃完 tear up 撕碎 make up 构成,组成 编造 弥补
use up 用完 lay up
cut up 切碎 end up 总结 speed up 加快速度
join up 联结起来,参军 come up 上来,长出,出现 throw up 呕吐 look up 查找,找出
clear up 整理,收拾,放晴 bum up 烧毁 hurry up 赶快 keep up 保持 send up 发射 open up 开创,开辟 break up 分解
  17.动词十 through
catch up 赶上 fix up 修理,安排,装置 hold up 耽搁,使停顿 ring up 打电话 divide up 分配
get through 通过,干完,接通电话 look through 翻阅,看一遍,仔细查看 go through 审阅,检查,学习 put…through 接通电话 check through 核对
  18.动词+with deal with 处理,对付 meet with 遇到,遭受 agree with 同意,与……一致 combine with 与……相联合 cover…with 用……覆盖 end up with 以……结束 provide…with 以……供给
  19.三词以上的短语动词 add up to 总计 break away from 摆脱 do away with 废除 do with 处理,需要 talk with 同……交谈 compare with 与……相比 equip…with 以……装备 begin with 以……开始 supply…with 以……供给 play with 玩,玩弄 see through 识破 pull through 渡过危机,康复
keep away from 避开,别靠近 look down on 轻视 put up with 忍受 keep up with 赶上
look up to 仰望,尊敬 catch up with 赶上 run out of 用完
make up for 弥补
go on with 继续 look forward to 盼望
get on(along) with 和……相处 get close to 接近 get out of 逃避,避免 set fire to 放火烧 take notice of 注意 do well in 在……干得好 take a photo of 拍……照片
take hold of 握住 get down to 认真开始 pay attention to 注意 set an example to 为……榜样 pay a visit to 访问 take the place of 取代
强化练习: 强化练习:

  1. The novel is so badly written that I can hardly what the writer is trying to say. A. find out B. figure out C. look through D. get through

  2. The students were told to their English before going abroad. A. give up B. polish up C. use up D. end up

  3. What's wrong with Jane? A letter from home an attack of homesickness. A. sent out B. set out C. sent off D. set off

  4. Your article will have to be to fit into the magazine. A. cut out B. cut up C. cut down D. cut off

  5. Our teachers promised to attend our class meeting, but they haven't yet. A. turned up B. turned out C. reached D. turned over

  6. Will you walk a little faster? I was afraid you could not . A. walk up B. go up C. keep up D. catch up

  7. I heard Back Street Boys will sing at the New Theatre. Where did you ? A. pick that up C. make that up B. put that up D. take that up

  8. It is a pity that the quarrel their friendship. A. broke up
B. put down
C. gave up
D. took away

  9. Please make sure the light will if no one is in the room. A. turn off B. put out C. take away D. go out

  10. The simple joy of reading is something we take for granted. But many people have had to this pleasure because of poor eyesight. A. give in B. give off C. give out D. give up

  11. It was dark, we decided for the night at the farm house. A. put away B. put down C. put up D. put out

  12. After recovering from his illness, he was advised to gardening as a bobby. A. take away B. take off C. take on D. take up

  13. David likes country life and has decided to farming. A. go in for B. go through C. go on to D. go with

  14. You may studying English, but in the long run, you'll be glad that you did. A. get interested in C. get used to B. make use of
D. get tired of

  15. Chemicals in the body our food into useful substance. A. mix up B. deal with C. bring in D. break down

  16. Let's go to the lecture on International Trade this evening. That' s great. I'll you at 6:
  30. A. call up B. call to C. call for D. call on

  17. I tried to work on, but I was so tired that I could no longer . A. bear out B. hold on C. hold up D. work out

  18. What a large and bright room ! Is it a classroom? No, It the students' reading-room. A. refers to B. stands for D. is meant for
C. is supposed to be

  19. Once the poison is , there is no further danger. A. brought up C. brought back B. brought in D. brought about that Tom looked at her.

  20. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.

  0. It was only when her sorrow A. broke out B.
that Tom looked at her.



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