2011高考英语复习 词类综合检测
名词,冠词,介词 ,代词

  1.In many places in China, C bicycle is still popular means of transportation. A. a; the B. /;a C. the; a D. the; the
  2. In the United States, there is always A flow of people to areas ofcountry where more jobs can be found. A.a;the B.the;a C.the;the D. a;a
  3.What pleasure it is to walk alone with full moon hanging in the sky!
A. a;a B./;the C. the;/ D. a;the
A apple fell falling from the tree B
  4. A(a) pple from the tree and hit and hitting Newton on head Newton on head. A. An,the B. The, the C. An;/ D. The, / inspired him.
A. An,his B. The, the C./, the D. The, his
  5.walk is expected to last all day, so bring packed lunch. A. A;a B. The;a C. A;/ D. The; / A
  6. Chengdu you see today is different city from what it used to be. A. The;a B./;the C. A;the D. The;/

  7. It is well-known to us all that B knowledge is treasure ,but practice is key to it. A. a;/ B.a;the C. the;the D. the;a

  8.He left his with my secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. B He said he would keep . A. words;his words B. word;his word C. word;word D. the word;his words
  9. The school advisers help you talk through your problems but they don’t A give you direct . A. solution B. target C. measure D. function
  10. The shoes were covered with mud , so I asked them to take them off before they got into car. A. girl’s, Tom’s B. girls’; Toms’ C. girls’; Tom’s D. girl’s ; Toms’

  11. As a result of the heavy snow,the highway has been closed until furether . B A. news B.notice C.message D. order

  12. -Where is the plane?I can’t see it. -It went out of its to keep away A from the sudden strom. A. course B. road C.flight D. direction
  13.Our waiter ,who seemed to have a bad cold,kept coughing on our table as C he took our . A. offer B. bill C.order D. menu

  14. Everybody thinks little of the film.In fact , there is no of it being tried D out in the film festival. A. sign B. use C.doubt D. possibility
  15. The cost of renting a house in central A Xi’an is higher than in any other area of the city. A. that B. this C. it D. one

  16. On my desk is a photo that my father took of when I was a baby. C A. him B. his C. me D. mine
  17. He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found Bof them again. A. neither B. either C. each D. all
  18. Helping others is a habit, you can learn even at an early age. A. it B. that C. what D. one

  19. -Have you any money on you? I need some badly. -Sorry,but at all. B A.no one B.none C. nothing D.only a little
  20. Take half and give to your sister. A.neither,either B. either;another C.either,the other D. it;it

  21. First, it is important to recognise what kind of person you are and which special equailities make you different from . A A. everyone else B. someone else C. the rest D. no one else
  22.Mom promised me to buy me a gift for my birthday, beyone my C imagination. A. one B.which C. something D.the one

  23. First, it is important to recognise what kind of person you are and which special equailities make you different from . A A. everyone else B. someone else C. the rest D. no one else
  24. I will insist on my plan , what C you said. A. though B.in spite C.despite D. /

  25. Would you mind not picking the c flowers in the garden? They are everyone's enjoyment. A. in B. at C. for D. to
  26. You can't wear a blue jacket A that shirt;it'll look terrible. A. on B.above C.up D. over
  27. If you really have to leave during the B meeting , you'd better leave the back door. A. for B.by C.across D. out

  28. The open-air celebration has been D put off the bad weather. A. in case of B. in spite of C. instead of D. because of
  29. Her smooth spoken English has given her certain advantages C others job hunting. A. for;of B. over; of C. over; in D. among;in

  30. It is reported that a merchant ship D sank 20 miles the French coast. A. on B. by C.along D. off
综合测试 形容词,副词 ,动词时态 非谓语动词

  1. I have seldom seen my mother A pleased with my progress as she is now. A. so B. very C. too D. rather
  2. ?Would you mind if I open the door? -, go ahead. D A. Surely B. As a matter of fact C. Of course D. Certainly not C
  3. It was a nice house ,but too small for a family of five. A. very B. fairly C. rather D. quite
  4. It’s said that trouble comes alone. I was late for work and I forgot to take the plan I had made the night before. A.ever B. even C. never D. just
  5. ?Did you take enough money with you? D - No, I needed I thought I would. A. not so much as B. no more than C. as much as D. far more than

  6. Although badly hurt in the accident, A the driver was able to make a telephone call. A. still B. even C. also D. ever
  7. ?These oranges are only a dollar eighty-nine a pound. B -Well, they are than the others, but they don’t look good. A. prettier; very B. cheaper; as C. better; too D. more expensive; so
  8. If we the other road, we might have arrived here in time for the meeting. A. take B. had taken C. took D. have taken
  9. Traditional folk arts of Tianjin like c paper cutting at the culture show of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. A.are exhibiting B. is being exhibited C. are being exhibited D. is exhibiting

  10. I’m sorry but I shouldn’t have been so rude to you. C -You your temper but it’s OK. A. have lost B. had lost C. did lose D. lose
  11. The news came as no surprise to A me. I for some time that the factory was going to shut down. A. had known B. knew C. have known D. know

  12. John and I friends for 8 years. D We first got know each other at a Christmas party but we each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have seen B. have been; saw C. had been; saw D. have been; had seen
  13. The plane at 7:30 p.m., so I have to be at the airport by 6:40 at the latest. A. has left B. is leaving C. leaves D. will have left

  14. You’d better not call the manager between 7 and 8 this evening , for he B an important meeting then. A. will have B. will be having C. is having D. will have had
  15. Though to see us,the professor gave us a warm welcome。 A. surprise B was surprised C. surprised D. being surprised A
  16. at my classmates' faces, I read the
same excitement in their eyes. A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked

  17. I'm calling to enquire about the position A in yesterday's China Daily. A. advertised B. to be advertised C. advertising D. having advertised

  18. Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock , A supplies to Yushu, Qinghai province after the earthquake. A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent
  19. Listen! Do you hear someone A for help? A. calling B. call C. to call D. called
  20. I have a lot of readings before the end of this term. A. completing B. to complete C. completed D. being completed



   2011 高考英语听力完胜妙招 来源:天星 更新日期:2011-04-12 点击: 215 我们都知道听、说、读、写是 英语中重要的四大组成部分。而听力这所以排在最前面 也是有原因的。因为我们必须先听懂 foreigner 怎么说,我们才会说,能听懂并说出来这是 学习语言最基本的要素。然后我们才会进行更高级的训练,也就是读写。因此,学好听力在 英语学习中就显得尤为重要了。那么,如何有效地练习听力,并提高我们的听力水平呢? 第一、 第一、泛听 换句话说就是什么都听,并不一定要完全听懂。比如:电 ...


   支招: 支招:2011 高考英语复习策略 传统方法中,学生常常立足于若干个是什么,忽略一个根本的为什么,而思维高速公路则恰 恰相反,它强调一个根本的为什么,自然而然地引申出若干个是什么。这样的学习方法省时 省力,见效快,事半功倍。 第一招:单词与词组的记背与理解 掌握单词与词组:求本溯源,入木三分 1. 词根与前后缀 英语单词属于拼音文字,绝大部分单词像汉字一样也是由各具含义的部分组成。 比如前缀 ab 表示否定含义,ab sent 缺席,ab normal, 不 正常;异常 ab use ...


   2011高考英语复习 词类综合检测 名词,冠词,介词 ,代词 1.In many places in China, C bicycle is still popular means of transportation. A. a; the B. /;a C. the; a D. the; the 2. In the United States, there is always A flow of people to areas ofcountry where more jobs can be ...


   2011 高考英语复习:4 大板块按部就班 新东方中学个性化英语专家建议考生们根据英语考试的不同题型按 4 大板 块进行考前冲刺复习。 一、听力 对于听力而言,语音、场景词汇和解题方法都是至关重要的。同学们可以 总结一下类似邮局场景,购物场景中经常出现的单词,做到能熟练认知快 速反应。 故事题的听力一定要注意文章的逻辑, 通过 but, however, luckily 这样的词语听出原文真正想要表达的意思。另外,高考听力是在下午三点 开始的,建议在考前要将自己的听力兴奋度调整到与考试时间一 ...


   书面表达一直在历年高考中占有很重要的地位,而且相对于其他题型,书面表达最容易 在短期内有所突破,因为其他的题都是客观题,只有书面表达是主观题。主观题就意味着需 要人工阅卷而不是机器阅卷, 也就是说只要考生可以抓住阅卷老师的心里, 按照他们所期待 的模式去写,必定能在高考中取得高分。在历年的高考评卷过程中,阅卷老师是如何评判一 份卷子的,阅卷人最注重的是什么,是每个高考考生迫切想知道的,笔者将结合多年的高考 阅卷经验,告诉大家如何在高考中胜人一筹,在书面表达上拿到高档次的分数。 书面表达 在评 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 议论话题类作文 一、锦囊妙计 议论文是以议论为主要表达方式的一种体裁,它主要用于剖析事物,论述事理,发表意 见,提出主张,作者可以通过摆事实,讲道理,直接表达作者的观点。一些是关于学校或社 会存在的某些现象及焦点问题,要求学生表明见解,进行论述。在写议论文时, 应注意以下 几点: 1. 条理要清晰,观点明确。 2. 注意运用基本的论据来阐明观点,同时切记用 5 句话表达全文。 3. 上下文要连接自然,适当运用连词、副词、 ...


   上百度,输入 沈阳高分英语家教"查询 输入"沈阳高分英语家教 查询! 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度 输入 沈阳高分英语家教 查询 2010 高考英语单项选择考点详解 备考期间同学们往往忙于做题而疏于整理和静下心来仔细地研究, 其 备考期间同学们往往忙于做题而疏于整理和静下心来仔细地研究, 实研究往年各地的高考试题不难发现有些考点几乎是每年必考, 因此 实研究往年各地的高考试题不难发现有些考点几乎是每年必考, 归纳总结这些考点是很有必要的! 归纳总结这 ...


   学而思教育?学习改变命运! 南京中考网 nj.zhongkao. com 中学英语易错集锦大全 211 道题 (精华珍藏版) 本人所整理收集内容基本囊括初中阶段英语易错内容大全 1.Because he was ill yesterday, so he didn’t go to work. (×) Because he was ill yesterday, he didn’t go to work. (√) He was ill yesterday, so he didn’t go to w ...

2011年高考英语第一轮复习 必修5 Unit 5

   Book 5 Unit 5 First aid 练习】 【练习】1. 写出下列英语词组 触觉/视觉 听觉/味觉 嗅觉/幽默感 美感/ 视觉/听觉 味觉/嗅觉 幽默感/美感 触觉 视觉 听觉 味觉 嗅觉 幽默感 美感 紧迫感/失落感 自豪感/责任感 失落感/自豪感 责任感/方向感 紧迫感 失落感 自豪感 责任感 方向感 the sense of touch /sight hearing/ taste / smell humor / beauty/ urgency loss/ pride/res ...


   高考英语改错易考点 " 1.冠词a←→the 7.代词主格←→宾格 " 2. but ←→ and ←→or (me ←→ I)、 " 3.this morning/last " 上下文不一致,(we ←→ they) year前不加介词in " 8.情态动词+动词原 " 4.adj ←→ adv 形 " 5.可数名词加s或前加 " 9.以动词原形开头句 a、不可数名词去s或 要当心。 a " 6.-ed ←→ -ing " 10.so ←→ such " 11.that ←→what ...



   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   高考资源网(www.ks5u.com) ,您身边的高考专家 标准英语阅读理解试题及答案详解示范 标准英语阅读理解试题及答案详解示范 8 篇 英语阅读理解 说明 本套试题共 8 篇,每套试题,有以下几部分组成:文章,五道试题, 词汇注释, 难句译注, 写作方法与文章大意, 答案详解等六部分组成。 写作方法与文章大意, 答案详解等六部分组成。 (一) The only way to travel is on foot The past ages of man have all been care ...


   TEST FOR ENGLISH MAJORS (2005) TIME LIMIT: 130 MIN PART I DICTATION [15 MIN ] Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to un ...


   2009 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 英 语 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。录音 内容结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答案转涂到答题卡上。 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话 后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的 相应位置.听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小 题.每段对话仅读一遍. 例: How much is th ...


   面试英语口语对话 英语面试是求职中很重要的一个环节, 所以充分的准备一些英语面试口语一定对 英语面试有很多的帮助,所以今天我们要来学习一些英语面试常用的口语对话。 What experience do you have for this kind of job? 你有过和这种工作相关的经历吗? Here is a copy of resume. Please have a look. 这是我的简历,请您过目。 How long have you been at your present pl ...