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2011 高考英语 高三英语阅读理解答题规律与秘诀
一、 解的十个特征:
  1、 体现中心思想(包括段落中心)的是解
  2、 照抄原文的不是解,同义替换的是解
  3、 含义不肯定的是解,如:can could may usually might most more or less relatively be likely to 含义绝对的不是解: must always never the most all any none entirely 含义相反的是解
  4、 具体的不是解,概括性的、抽象的是解
  5、 带有 some 的是解:someone somebody sometime something certain
  6、 简单的不是解,复杂的是解,字面意思不是解,含义深刻的是解
  7、 带虚词的解: another other more either both also beside additional extra different same particular nearly not enough
  8、 “变化”是解: change delay improve postpone increase
  9、 “重要的、基础的”是解:important necessity essential basis be based on
  10、 二选一:反义项有解;形似项有解;近义项有解 阅读题的四种题型及其命题思路
  1. 主旨题-中心思想 ① Main idea -what is the main idea / point of this passage? ② Main topic -what is the main topic / subject / title? ③ Purpose -what is the author’s main purpose in the passage? 对策:答案多在文章的首句或末句;解:多为概括性的选项
  2. 细节性问题 ① Accroding-考查对文章内容的掌握,如:时间、地点、事件等细节问题。 对策:利用题目中的关键词找文章中的对应词,在对应词的周围寻找答案。 ② Number-考查对文章中数字的掌握,
  1) 运算型:通过简单的四则运算求解。 对策:原始数据不是解。
  2) 多选一型:文中出现多个时间或数字,对应不同的事物,考其中的一个。 对策:对号入座。
  3) 范围型,
  4) 世纪型 ③ Except 题型-即三缺一型,要求选出一个不符合文章内容的选项。 ④ Which 题型 对策:这两种主要考并列句、列举句 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度,输入"沈阳英语家教吴军"查询! 或上百度,输入" 沈阳英语家教吴军"查询!
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  3. 推断型问题 命题包括以下动词:infer, imply, suggest, conclude, assume. 对策:
  1) 根据文中的关键词、短语、结构进行推断;
  2) 通过阅读某段或几段内容
  3) 注意:要根据文中内容进行推断,不能凭空猜测。
  4. 词汇型问题 ① 考查熟词偏义或在特定场合具体的词义 对策:常见含义不是解 ② 生词的含义推断 对策:根据上下文判断其合理的词义才是唯一的出路。 总结:常见的命题思路: 总结 文章的中心、段落的中心 指代关系 make gains make a profit 因果关系 ① 正因果关系 文中 A 导致 B,问题:有了 B 这一结果,为什么,答案是 A ② 反因果关系 文中 A 具有 X 特性,B 与 A 不同,问,B 有何特点,答案是非 X 特性。 或A B, 考非 A 非B 二、 文章的十大考点 细节题,特别是 Which 型和 Except 型;
  1、 列举处常考
  2、 转折处和对比处常考 However, but, yet, in fact, although, 转折:unlike, until, however, but 等。
  3、 例子常考 推断题和细节题 as, such as, for example, for instance, i.e. etc.
  4、 数字和年代常考 文中的数字、年代和日期常常是命题的重点。
  5、 最高级和绝对性词汇常考 答案具有唯一性 must, all, only, anyone, always, never,或 most, first.
  6、 专有名词常考 人名、地名等专有名词
  7、 细节处常考 细节题 同位语,插入语,定语,长句的后半句,从句,副词,介词,不定式。
  8、 因果句常考 推断题 因果连词:because, since, for, as, therefore, so, consequently etc 因果动词:cause, result in,originate from, etc 因果名词:base, basis, result, consequence. etc 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度,输入"沈阳英语家教吴军"查询! 或上百度,输入" 沈阳英语家教吴军"查询!
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  9、 段落中心句常考 主题题和细节题 段首句和文尾句往往是作者表达中心思想和进行总结综述之处,
  10、 特殊标点常考 细节题 破折号、括号、冒号表示解释,引号表示引用
列举处, 因果关系
  1、 Space is a dangerous place, not only because of meteors(流星)but also because of rays from sun and other stars. The atmosphere again acts as our protective blanket on earth. Light gets through, and this is essential for plants to make the food which we eat. Heat, too, makes our environments tolerable and some ultraviolet rays penetrate the atmosphere. Cosmic rays of various kinds come through the air from outer space, but enormous quantities of radiation from the sun are screened off. As soon as men leave the atmosphere they are exposed to this radiation but their spacesuits or the walls of their spacecraft, if they are inside, do prevent a lot of radiation damage. Radiation is the greatest known danger to explorers in space. The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to be sure about radiation damage a person may feel perfectly well, but not cells of his sex organs may be damaged, and this will not be discovered until the birth of (deformed) children or even grandchildren. Drugs might help to decrease the damage done by radiation, but not really effective ones have been found so far. At present, radiation seems to be the greatest physical hazard to space travelers but it is impossible to say just how serious the hazard will turn out to be in the future.
转折,长句 后半句

  1、According to the passage, without atmosphere A) spaceships can never be shot into space B) sunlight can’t reach the earth (具体不是解) C) plants can produce varied food D) our environment would be intolerable(概括是解,含义相反的是解) (概括是解,含义相反的是解)
  2、When men spend long period in space they will protect themselves by A) taking special drugs B) wearing special suits(替换 spacesuits 是解) 是解) ( C) using a protective blanket D) no solution has been found yet
  3、The greatest danger to men in space is A) meteors B) weightlessness C) radiation D) magnetic force
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  4、Which of the following statement is true according to the passage? A) the grandchildren of astronauts are deformed B) the children of astronauts have damaged sex organs C) radiation damage may show only in later generations(may 是解) 是解) ( D) radiation does not seem to be very harmful
  5、Radiation is dangerous to men, A) but we don’t know exactly how dangerous it is B) but only in space 替换是解) (替换是解) C) so we should build up our health D) and we can do nothing about it at the present time 转折, 长句 转折, 后半句 示例
  2、 Every we are all influenced by the mass media. Although some critics of the media claim that these means of communication are used mainly to control our thinking and get us to buy products that we don’t need, the media also contribute to keeping people informed. In other words, while dangers do exist, the benefits of the media far outweigh the disadvantages. Most of the messages brought to viewers, listeners, and readers are designed either to inform or to entertain, and neither of these goals can be considered dangerous or harmful. If consumers of the media could be taught at an early age to examine messages critically, i.e. to think carefully about what is being communicated, they would be able to take advantage of the information and enjoy the entertainment without being hurt by it. The key to critical thinking is recognizing the purposes of the news or scriptwriters, the advertisers, and so on. Are both sides of an issue being presented? Is the amount of violence and killing shown necessary to the point of a story? Have enough facts about a product being advertised been presented? Besides, in a country with a democratic form of government, the people can be kept informed by the mass media. To be able to express their views and vote intelligently, citizens need the opportunity to hear news, opinions, and public affairs programming. Information about current events is presented in -depth on publicly funded TV channels and radio stations as well as in newspapers. In addition, the public broadcasting media can help viewers and listeners to complete or further their education. The media also give people the information they need in their daily lives and the media can be a valuable means of educating the public. Even though the media can be misused, most of their effects are positive.
  1. The main point the writer tries to make in this text is that A. Advertising is harmful when it presents incorrect information. B. The positive effects of the mass media outweigh the negative ones.(概括是解) (概括是解) C. People should learn to take advantage of the media’s benefits. D. TV is more useful as a means of entertainment than as a means of providing information.
  2. What should consumers of the mass media be taught at an early age? A. To bring their imagination into full play when watching programs of low quality. B. To buy products advertised so that the demand increases. C. To turn off the TV set when hurt by bad programs.
举例, 长 举例, 句
因果 , 列举 , 长句后 半句
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D. To think carefully about the messages brought to them.(替换是解) (替换是解)
  3. We can learn from paragraph 3 that citizens will be in a better position to express their views and make their choices if they are A. Highly educated through TV and radio. B. Well protected by the government C. Highly paid by the employers D. Well informed by the media(概括是解) (概括是解)
  4. The underlined phrase “in -depth” in paragraph 3 could be best replaced by A. Thoroughly(句义,词形) (句义,词形) B. Partly C. Relatively D. Simply
基本上不看短文内容仅看选项, 基本上不看短文内容仅看选项,2010 年高考有人竟然过了 100 分!
高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能?
谁能让你不用花很多时间和心思学习,英语就能提高至少 20-30 分?要是真的话,简直 是白捡的分数!不仅如此,当你了解了高考真题答案的所有内幕规律,看到了绝密的解题招 式,就会豁然开朗。哇!原来也可以这么做题!你的思路因此将会被彻底打通,提高的分数 将不仅仅是 20-30 分!无论现在的英语成绩是 60 分,还是 110 分,任何人都可以做到!这 些绝密招式是太简单、太震撼了!所以,如果你看到了,切勿告诉他人,否则,他们会在高 考中轻松超过你! 请注意 ! 如果你不相信这世上有考试秘诀,请立即将您的眼睛离开; 如果你习惯于按照传统思路做题,不希望有思维上的突破,请你立即将您的眼睛离开; 如果你现在的成绩已接近满分,甚至已是满分,请你立即将您的眼睛离开; 如果你患有心理疾病或心脏病,请您立即将您的眼睛离开; 如果你选择留下来,那么接下来的事,很可能让你目瞪口呆! 如果我告诉你 N 个秘诀,在做完形填空和阅读理解题时,不用看文章和题干,只是简 单的比较四个选项,就能瞬间选出正确答案,你是否想看? 请先看下面的例子,它是辽宁卷 2010 年真题的第 36 题,是一个完形填空题. 在此我 只列出它的四个选项,试试看,只是比较选项,你是否能够在 3 秒之内选出正确答案?
  36. A. worried B. sad C. surprised D. nervous 正确答案是 C, ABD 都是一个人状态不好的倾向词,而 C 则为中性词,表述态度不一致 都是一个人状态不好的倾向词, 则为中性词, 者是答案。 者是答案。.如果你知道了这个秘诀,可以解决很多类似的完型填空题! 看一下辽宁卷 2010 年完形填空真题的第 52 题:
  52. A. Largely B. Generally C. Gradually D. Probably 正确答案是 C, ABD 都是含义不肯定的副词 排除表述不明确的选项,答案就水落石出 都是含义不肯定的副词,排除表述不明确的选项 排除表述不明确的选项,
请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度,输入"沈阳英语家教吴军"查询! 或上百度,输入" 沈阳英语家教吴军"查询!


2011高考英语 高三英语阅读理解答题规律与秘诀

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   所周知,考研是人生的一次重新洗牌和重大机遇,而在考研的四门课程中,英语成了许多考 生前进征途上的一只凶猛拦路虎和十分困难的羁绊与障碍。 详细分析历年考研英语试卷, 又 可以发现主要矛盾在于阅读(占 60%的分数),故可谓:得阅读者得天下。阅读的 60 分细 分为 Part A、Part B 和 Part C,其中 Part A 为四篇阅读理解,占 40 分,是阅读理解考试 中的主战场。那么,阅读 Part A 有没有什么技巧呢? 技巧一:看懂 阅读理解其实主要考的是“阅读”之后的“理解”,所 ...


   大学英语四级阅读理解命题规律应试技巧 大学英语四六级考试阅读理解部分是众多考生最为担心的部分。 此部分得分高低, 对整个考 试的成功与否起着决定性作用。阅读理解不仅考查学生的词汇量、语法知识、阅读速度等基 本功,而且还考查学生判断、推理、归纳、总结等综合能力。阅读理解题虽说对考生要求较 高, 但我们在深入研究历届四六级阅读理解真题后发现, 阅读理解的命题考点和测试题型均 有一定的内在规律。 考生只要基本功尚可, 然后掌握了这些规律, 其应试技巧必将大大提高, 从而在众多强手中脱颖而出。 命题 ...


   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 高中英语阅读理解专题训练 (广东专版 每篇 5 小题) (第 10 套) 第一节:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。 A (words:291&182) Ruben lived in a small village. There was no school there and he had to study in a ...



   考研英语语法复习:融会贯通, 考研英语语法复习:融会贯通,活学活用 万学海文 语法是考研英语的基础,这部分在考试当中虽然没有明确一种题型单独测 试,但任何其它一种题型中都贯穿很多的语法知识,这部分基础如果欠缺,其它 的综合能力提高起来将会很慢,所以所有复习考研的学生都要重视语法知识.对 于英语基础比较差, 英语语法基础本来就不好的同学, 考研就要放弃吗?当然不, 大家不要被眼前的困难吓倒.英语语法固然重要,但是只要你潜心复习,很快就 会重拾记忆.当然,其中需要一定的方法和技巧. 语法复习起来 ...


   中考英语语法总复习专项实战演练 专题一名词 ( )1. At the end of the volleyball match, our school won by 3:1. A. members B. group C. team D. fans ( )2. Jack is interested in reading very much, so his parents often take him to the . A. library B. concert C. cinema ( )3. Y ...


   教学步骤与建议 1、热身/复习(Warm-up/Revision) 1)课前播放歌曲 Father and mother 渲染课堂英语气氛。 2)唱 Father and mother 歌。 3)学生四人一组,分别戴上 father,mother,teacher 的头饰表演 Lesson 13 的对话。 4)做 Listen and do 活动。教师给出指令 Act like a father/mother..学生做 . 出相应的动作。 2、 新课导入(Presentation) 1)教师通 ...


   初二下学期期中考试 英语试题 级初二下学期期中考试英语试 期中考试英语 暨大附中 2004 级初二下学期期中考试英语试题 第一部分 姓名: 班级: 学号 听力部分( 听力部分(15 分) 一、听写(共 5 分,每空 0.5 分) 听写( 1. The ants were working the grasshopper was having . 2. If you are not , you may yourself. 3. What a it is! 4. Don’t : Do your ...

英语必修2 词汇复习

   Unit One Revision Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. 成功不在力量大小, 成功不在力量大小, 而在于坚持多久. 而在于坚持多久. Topic Festivals 中国主要节日 The Spring Festival Lantern Festival Pure Brightness Festival Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Dou ...