2011 高考英语完形专练:记叙文篇 高考英语完形专练:
A 词数:305 体裁:记叙文 难度:4 I think we should try to find a happy memory, something to lift us up on those unpleasant days. I'm saying this because I think I just found mine! I had some work in Glasgow then. I was on a really 36 schedule, which meant I would have 37 and
no time for myself all day. I was having one of those days, the train was completely the conversation going on around me seemed to be particularly 38 headache. _39
. Besides, I had a bit of a
quickly across the station hall, I fished some 40 from my pocket. There 41 The Big Issue ( a magazine that helps homeless folk
was usually someone at the exit earn a living). _42
the crowd parted ways at the bottom of the hall, I saw someone selling the . Her clothes were 44 and she
Big Issue. She really looked like she'd been sleeping 43 obviously hadn't had a scrub up (擦洗) for quite a while. As I 45 the exit, I saw that she was 46
from side to side. At first I thought maybe she
was trying to keep
47 against the biting wind. But she wasn't, she was moving in time to a
48 . I couldn’t hear her, but I could see her lips moving. When I got closer, I saw a white 49 hanging from her elbow and noticed that she had sunken eyes. She was 50 , dirty and living on tile streets. I came closer and through the 51 traffic I heard her 52 world!" I bought her last magazine for twice what I'd originally 53 . She thanked me, then she 54_ of the
the immortal (不朽的)line, "... and I think to myself, what a wonderful
her belongings and went tapping off along the pavement ? still singing! So, I have my happy 55
  36. A. enjoyable
  37. A. crowded
  38. A. moving
  39. A. Crawling
  40. A. cigarettes for the day. And I think it will stay with me a long, long time. B. relaxing B. delayed B. interesting B. Walking B. sweets C. tight C. loaded C. pleasing C. Wandering C. change D. tiring D. crashed D. meaningless D. Searching D. paper
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  41. A. selling
  42. A. With
  43. A. comfortably
  44. A. ragged
  45. A. left
  46. A. jumping
  47. A. active
  48. A. dance
  49. A. issue
  50. A. deaf
  51. A. noise
  52. A. recite
  53. A. expected
  54. A. picked up
  55. A. decision
B. buying B. Since B. rough B. costly B. passed B. climbing B. energetic B. tune B. arm B. lame B. music B. compose B. charged B. throw away B. memory
C. collecting C. Until C. soundly C. tidy C. approached C. rolling C. warm C. step C. stick C. mad C. voice C. read C. intended C. put down C. program
D. delivering D. As D. anxiously D. fashionable D. examined D. rocking D. awake D. sound D. log D. blind D. whistle D. sing D. organized D. hid away D. design
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  36.C 考查形容词词义辨析。此处 on a really tight schedule"时间安排得确实很紧”。
  37.A 描述火车上十分拥挤,故选 crowded。
  38.D 从上下文看,作者认为周围不停的对话特别无聊,故选 meaningless。
  39.B 下车后,穿过车站大厅,walk across"穿过,走过”;wander "徘徊;漫步;闲逛”。
  40.C 从下文看作者要在出口处买一份杂志,所以从口袋里寻找零钱,change 符合意义。
  41.A 作者知道在出口处会有人买(卖)杂志(the Big Issue)。
  42.D 当拥挤的人群在大厅里散开时,故选连词 as。
  43.B sleep rough 是固定搭配,意为“露宿(在公园过夜);睡得难受”。

  44.A 根据上下文可知买杂志的妇女衣衫褴褛,故正确答案是 ragged。
  45.C approached "接近,靠近”.符合意义。

  46.D 当走近出口时,看见买杂志的妇女身体在左右摇摆,故选项 D 为正确答案。
  47. 开始我认为她也许是为抵御刺骨的寒风而摆动身体保持温暖。 C keep warm"保持温暖”。
  48.B 但事实并非如此.她是在准确地随着曲.周而舞动。tune 意思是“曲调,旋律”。
  49.C 根据下文“…and went tapping off along the pavement(用拐杖敲打着沿人行道离去)”及 凹陷的眼睛(sunken eyes), 可判断出她是一位盲人, 故手肘部位挂着的应是一根拐棍(stick)。
  50. 根据上文看见买杂志的妇女手肘部位挂着的白色拐棍和凹陷的眼睛(sunken eyes)。 D 故 可判断出她是一位盲人。
  51.A 当我走得更近一点时,透过交通的喧闹声。
  52.D 根据下一段最后的“still staging”可知她在唱一首不朽的歌词。
  53. 我从她那里以两倍的价格买了我原本就想买的最后一本的杂志。 C intend“打算, 想要”。
  54.A 她收拾起她的东西,用拐杖敲打着沿人行道离去,嘴里还哼着那首歌曲。pick up 在 此是“收拾”的意思。
  55.B 根据第一段便知答案应选 memory,文章结尾与开头呼应,作者找到了这一天快乐的 记忆。
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词数:351 体裁:记叙文 难度:3 Many years ago, there was a king in China. He 36 a beautiful girl named Chang Er and made
her stay in the palace so that he could see her 37 he wanted. However, the girl did not like the frightened figure of the king. She 38 spoke a word in the palace. Each time the king went to 40 her.
her place, he 39 show her some treasures and brough some gifts to
On every full moon, the girl would light candles to worship the moon. People believed that there was a god living in the moon that made the moon 41 . three pills to show her. “ This is from
One day, the full moon of the eighth month, the king 42
the priest(道士) of the palace. If we eat them up, we can live forever.” He 43 . Because the king was afraid that the pills would have side effects. He forced the girl to take the 44 first. If nothing wrong with her after taking the pill, he would take it immediately. 45,
the girl recognized that if she took all three of them, the king would 46 her eventually. Therefore, she 47 I will not try at all.” The king was 48 50 that the girl talked to him. So he 49 the pills to the girl. She did not say the king for the first time, “ Let me have a look at the pills first. Otherwise,
but eat all of them. The king was extremely angry. He wanted to kill her. 51 . She could fly for the sake of the 52 of the pills. The the moon and disappear.
At this moment, the girl started to
king could not catch her but had to watch her fly 53
After that, people 54 . that there was a beautiful girl stay in the moon with a little old man and a bunny. The old man was believed to be the god inside the moon and bunny was his 55 . Day after day, Chinese believed that there were people lived in the moon.
  36.A.met B.married C.inspected D.loved D.whenever

  37.A.wherever B.however
C.whatever D.always

  38.A.seldom B.never C.ever
  42.A.took B.might
C.would D.could D.please D.hide
B.show C.guarantee B.light C.appear
C.carried D.fetched
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  43.A. answered
B.responded C.exclaimed D.forecasted C.moon D.bunny C.Besides D.However


  46.A.forgive B.give up C.leave D.give away
  47.A.turned to B.talked with C.depended onD.spoke to
  48.A.surprised B.confused
  49.A.donated B.returned
  51.A.fly B.rise C.angry D.scared C.awarded D.handed D.everything
B.nothingC.anything C.develop D.strike

  52.A.quality B.variety C.intake D.instructions
  53.A.into B.toward C.onto
  54.A.argued B.estimated D.within C.guessed D.believed

B.guide C.pet
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  36.B 依据下面提及的让嫦娥呆在宫殿里可知, 这里应该是国王娶了嫦娥, 所以用 married。
  37.D 既然上文是让嫦娥呆在宫殿里,那自然是想何时见就何时见,所以选 whenever。已 经提及了宫殿,所以 wherever 不符合。
  38.A 上文说的是嫦娥不喜欢国王丑陋的外表,所以应该是很少与他说话。从来不与国王 说话不符合实际。
  39.C 这里的 would 表示倾向性,说的是每次国王来,都会给嫦娥带些珠宝及小礼物之类 的东西。Should“应该”;might“可能”;could“能够”。
  40.D 上文提及嫦娥不喜欢国王,很少与国王说话,国王应该也知道,所以每次来总是带 些东西来,理当是为了取悦嫦娥。Please“取悦”;satisfy “使满意”;guarantee“保证”; show“展示”。只有 D 最符合语境。
  41.A 人们认为月亮发光是因为有神仙住在里面,让月亮发光的。light“亮”;apear“出现”; hide“躲藏”;shine“发光”。
  42.B 国王这次带来的是一些药丸。通过上文第一段的叙述可知,每次国王来看嫦娥,都 会带来东西,用 brought。
  43.C 国王说药是从宫殿的道士那里弄来的,如果吃了这些药,就会长生不老。这是国王 说的话,而且可以看出国王说话时很兴奋,所以用 exclaimed。anwered 及 responded 都是问了之后说的话,回答:forecasted“预测”。
  44.B 下文的 after taking the pill 可知这里是 pill。
  45.D 下文嫦娥答应了吃药,而且打算将药丸全部吃掉,这是国王没有料到的,所以用转 折意义的 however。therefore 表因果;besides 表递进;moreover 而且。
  46.C 既然是长生不老的药物,如果嫦娥都吃掉了,国王自然会很生气,就会将嫦娥“打入 冷宫”,也就是离开她,所以用 leave。Forgive“原谅”;give up“放弃”;give away“泄 露,赠送”。
  47.D 这里说的是嫦娥打定主意后对国王说话,下文的“the king was talked to him”中的 talked to 给出了暗示。
  48.A 文章第一段提及嫦娥很少跟国王说话,这一次跟国王说话了,国王的感觉理当是惊 讶,所以选 A。confused“迷惑不解的”;angry“生气的”;scared“害怕的”。
  49.D 国王让嫦娥吃药,嫦娥答应了,自然此时是国王将药丸交给嫦娥,用 handed。 Donated“捐献”;returned“归还”;awarded“授予”。
  50.C 嫦娥什么也没说,就吃下了全部的药丸,所以用 anything, not anything 在些相当于
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that the girl
  51.A 下文”she could fly for the sake of the 52 of the pills”给也了暗示是飞起来了。
  52.C 这里说的是嫦娥之所以能飞, 是因为服了国王给她的药丸, 所以用 intake。 Quality“质 量”;variety“种类”;instructions“暗示”。
  53.B 这里说的是只以眼睁睁地看着嫦娥飞向月亮,而且下文还用了 disappear,所以应该 是飞向月亮,而非飞进月亮。
  54.D 人们相信月亮里面有个漂亮的女孩子,而且下文应该的“Chinese believe that there wre people lived in the moon”中的 believed 也给出了暗示。Estimated“估计”; guessed“猜想”;argued“坚持认为”。
  55.C 老人们认为小兔子是嫦娥的宠物。Companion“伴侣,伙伴”;guide“向导”;choice“选 择”。
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C 词数:223 体裁:记叙文 难度:4 A passenger told an air hostess that he needed a cup of water to take his medicine when the plane just took off. She told him that she would 21 him the water in ten minutes. Thirty minutes later, when the passenger’s ring for 22 sounded, the air hostess realized it at once. She was kept so 23 that she forgot to deliver him the
  24. As a result, the passenger was __25 to take his medicine. She hurried over to him __26 a cup of water, but he 27 it. In the following hours on the 28, each time the stewardess passed by the 29, she would ask him with a 30 whether he needed help or not. But the passenger 31 paid attention to her. When he was going to get 32 the plane, the passenger asked the air hostess to 33 him the passengers’ booklet(意见簿). She was very
  34. She knew that he would write down 35 words, 36 with a smile she handed it to him. Off the plane, she 37 the booklet, and cracked a smile, 38 the passenger put it, “On the flight, you asked me whether I need help or not for twelve times
  39. How can I refuse your twelve sincere smiles?” That’s 40! Who can refuse your twelve sincere smiles from a person?
  21. A.
  22. A.
  23. A.
  24. A.
  25. A.
  26. A.
  27. A.
  28. A.
  29. A.
  30. A.
  31. A.
  32. A.
  33. A.
  34. A. take food tired water B.bring B.drink B.silent B.help C.carry C.service C.calm C.milk D.hold D.medicine D.busy D.warning
held on B.held up for refused seat B.about
C.held out D.held down C.with D.in D.hated
B.accepted B.air
D.flight C.guest D.visitor
glance B.look C.smile D.cry never on hand glad B.often B.to B.take B.angry C.always D.from D.lend D.sad D.seldom
C.throw C.curious
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  35. A.
  36. A.
  37. A.
  38. A.
  39. A.
  40. A.
important B.sharp So hid if in all B.Because B.tore B.for
C.polite D.nice C.And D.But D.closed D.when C.or else D.or so
C.opened C.after
B.above all
wrong B.wonderful C.impossible D.right
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21B 考查动词词义。根据文意可知,十分钟之后拿水来。此处 bring 带来。 22C 考查名词词义。the passenger’s ring for service sounded 乘客需要服务的铃声响起。 23D 考查形容词词义。因太忙忘记给那位



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