高考英语作文写作基础??英语写作中句子的表达 一. 教学内容: 英语写作中句子的表达 高考英语书面表达要求内容充实,句式丰富,用词准确,行文连贯,思路清晰,过渡自然。 要想达到这一目的, 句子的正确运用和表达是至关重要的。 高考书面表达不仅要求学生正确 运用语法规则,即结构完整,主谓一致,时态、语态准确,还要有效的使用并列、转折、递 进、因果、比较等表达方式,同时“运用较多的语法结构和词汇”进行表达。 [学习过程] 一. 句子的基本结构和表达方式
  1. 简单句 Early in the morning, we set out at the school gate. The Internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life. Much of Canada is covered by forests, but in China the area of forest is much less. We can send e-mails anywhere at any time and get the latest information through Internet.
  2. 复合句 (
  1)状语从句 The car hit the man when he was crossing the street. (时间) As soon as we got to the campsite, we started to put up the tent and cook food. Wherever I am, I will be thinking of you. (地点) She took some books with her so that she would get bored during the long journey. (目的) As long as we don’t lose heart, we will find a way to overcome the difficulty.(条件) Although it is difficult, we will try our best to finish it on time. (让步) (
  2)定语从句 Yuan Longping, who is a pioneer of agriculture,is called “the father of rice”. We chose Beijing World Park as our destination, which lies in Fengtai in the southwest of Beijing. (
  3)名词性从句 Where we are going this weekend hasn’t been decided. (主语从句) My idea is that we should stick to our original plan. (表语从句) The fact that the earth is seriously polluted is well-known.(同位语从句) I don’t know whether Tom will come to the party tonight (宾语从句) (
  4)非谓语动词 Surrounded by a variety of buildings, we found ourselves deeply absorbed in the sight. We left the park feeling joyful. Having graduated from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953, he devoted to finding ways to grow more rice. It is unnecessary to argue with him about it. The book explains how to solve the problem.
  3.固定搭配的结构 It was this park that was full of history and fun.(强调结构) As the destination is located in Fengtai in the southwest of Beijing, we had to spend one hour and a half getting there by bus. Upon arrival, we visited Lincoln Memorial.
We went to Beijing World Park, which lies in Fengtai in the southwest of Beijing, in order to see the world-famous architecture. Yuan Longping is known as a pioneer of agriculture. Walking through the park was a feast for the eyes. The whole world could benefit from his work. His great contribution to agriculture is of great importance. . Instead of being satisfied with his work, he was driven by a strong desire to continue to develop his rice. For his great achievement, he was honored by Chinese government. 二. 英文写作中常见错误句型分析
  1. 粘连句 Beijing is a beautiful city, I enjoy living here.
  2. 句子结构不完整 There are many people agree to keep pets at home. Although pets may pollute the environment.
  3. 不平衡结构 The new house is large, beautiful and has enough rooms for people to live in. There is a great different between dining out and to have a snack at home.
  4. 悬空修饰 Comparing with Zhongguancun, Silicon Valley is far more developed. To finish the task perfectly, more practice should be done ahead.
  5.汉语式英语 Who will instead of Miss Green? We all against all kinds of terrorists activities. There were 20 people died in the car accident. Don’t worry. Your body will get well soon. I was very glad to hear from her letter. The film had begun for 5 minutes when I got to the theatre. The western part of the city rained heavily yesterday evening. Our school have taken place great changes. Welcome you to visit Beijing. 三. 写作中常用的句型结构
  1. He worked very hard in order to achieve his goal.
  2. Having walked the whole day, we were so tired that we could do nothing but sleep.
  3. No matter what problem he faces, he never gives up.
  4. It is too long a journey to make in one day by car.
  5. You’d better start by introducing yourself.
  6. Tom prefers to stay up late to finish the work rather than leave it done the next day.
  7. Forests can not only fresh the air but also reduce noises.
  8. You could either buy an MP3 or go to Yunnan for a visit if you pass the exam.
  9. He is such a boring man that he likes neither entertainment nor learning.
  10. Football as well as computer games is popular with young people.

  11. Everyone is busy in the classroom. Some are reading, others are writing.
  12. Beijing has a population of 13 million, making it one of the largest cities in China.
  13. The distance from east to west is over 5,500 kilometers and the country covers 6 of the world’s 24 time zones.
  14. I didn’t know the truth until she told me what had happened.
  15. It is no good talking without thinking carefully.
  16. People find it important to have some working experience.
  17. It is ten years since I met him last time.
  18. It won’t be long before we graduate from this school.
  19. It is convenient for us to be able to get lots of information through Internet.
  20. It took us quite some time to collect so much information.
  21. It’s time for us to leave the park.
  22. It is friendship that we value most.
  23. It is time that we did something to protect the environment.
  24. They believe it their duty to help those in need.
  25. It is said that more chances will be given to the students.
  26. It is known to all that China is a country with a long history.
  27. As is known to all, the 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing in 20
  28. What excited me most greatly was that my novel had been published.
  29. There is a beautiful girl living in the small village at the foot of the mountain.
  30. The reason why I was late was that I caught in the traffic jam this morning.
  31. There used to be a library, but now it has been torn down.
  32. There is no doubt whether he is fit for the job.
  33. To my great surprise, he managed to complete the task only in a couple of days.
  34. I had a roll of film developed last week.
  35. Thanks to our efforts, everything is going smoothly.
  36. I’m not sure when I saw her last.
  37. But for the rain, we should have had a pleasant journey.
  38. I was about to go out when the telephone rang.
  39. Some people waste food while others don’t have enough.
  40. He was so tired that he fell asleep with his shoes on.
  41. Once you are here, listen to your teacher’s instructions.
  42. The population in and around San Francisco is now ten times more than it was in 19
  43. The more you practice English, the easier it becomes.
  44. The Chinese diet is considered to be the healthiest in the world.
  45. Mobile phones play an important role in our daily life.
  46. Besides his work in physics, he spent a lot of time working for human rights and progress.
  47. Instead of going to the bank, they will use a computer and a telephone to change money and to pay their electricity bills and so on.
  48. That is because this professor has disease which prevents him from speaking.
  49. Although many families became separated, people still kept in touch with each other.
  50. China Daily has all usual sections of newspaper, including Home News, International News, Business News and Sports news.



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