高考英语写作……怎样写人物简介 一. 教学内容: 英语写作……怎样写人物简介 二. 重点、难点: (一)人物简介的写作步骤
  1. Birthday and birth place
  2. Family background
  3. Education
  4. Big events in his or her life ( in order of time )
  5. Evaluation (二)人物简介写作中常用的词组及句子
  1. Birthday and birth place ??was / were born on…in… ,
  2. Family background ??
  1) a poor / rich family
  2) his (her) family was so poor that……,
  3) with the help of his parents ,
  4) his father was very strict with him……,
  5) the son of a poor family ,
  6) when he was a small boy ,
  7) as a child ,
  8) during his (her) childhood ,
  9) spend his childhood in……,
  10) live a happy (hard ) life ,
  11) a boy of 15
  3. Education??
  1) graduate from……department of ……university ,
  2) When at college , he majored in……,
  3) receive a doctor’s degree .
  4) get higher education
  5) go abroad for further studies
  4. Big events in his life??
  1) be interested in … ,
  2) work hard at … ,
  3) devote his lifetime to … ,
  4) do research about / into …
  5) make a big decision . make up one’s mind to do sth.
  6) do sth with great determination and perseverance .
  7) be fond of… ,
  8) be strict in sth.
  9) have a … way of doing sth.
  10) try one’s best to do sth.
  11) encourage sb to do sth.
  12) fight for , give up one’s life for sb / sth.
  13) win a prize in … competition .
  14) be good at .
  15) make rapid progress in … ,
  16) set a new world record of …
  17) become a member of …
  18) study hard . train hard .
  19) win a gold medal .
  20) work so hard as to improve…
  21) have a gift for…
  5. Evaluation??
  1) one of the best (most important) …
  2) set sb a good example .
  3) a model teacher .
  4) be respected by everyone .
  5) sing high praise for… speak (think) highly of…
  6) his hard work
brought him great success .
  7) his heroic story spread all over the city .
  8) remember sb forever .
  9) be honored as …
  10) be famous as … ,
  11) be regarded as … ,
  12) become a world champion at … Championships .
  13) He became famous for his new theory .
  14) The people had come to love him as an inspiring leader .
  15) Lei Feng has been praised for his communist spirit .
  16) People spoke highly of him and all respected him .
  6. 高考中描写人常用表达方式 (
  1)介词人物的姓名、出身 She was born in Poland on Nov. 7 , 1867 . (她于 1867 年 11 月 7 日出生于波兰。 ) a great scientist with the name Einstein (一个叫爱因斯坦的伟大科学家) Abraham Lincoln , the son of a poor family , was born in Kentucky on February 12 , 1809 . (亚伯拉汗林肯,一个贫苦家庭的儿子,于 1809 年 2 月 12 日出生于肯他基州。 ) Born of a poor clerk’s family . Charles Dickens had little schooling . (出生在一个贫困的小职员家庭中,查儿斯狄更生接受了很少学校教育) (
  2)描述人物外貌和性格特征的常用词语 good - looking (长得好看的) funny - looking (长相滑稽的) ugly - looking (长得难看的) ordinary looking (长相一般的) white - haired (白头发的) warm - hearted (热心肠的) kind - hearted(好心的) absent - minded (心不在焉的) bad - tempered (脾气不好的) near - sighted (近视眼的) far - sighted (远视的) tall (个高的) short (个矮的) pretty (漂亮的) naughty (淘气的) lovely (可爱的) easy - going (温和宽容的) smart (精明的) wise (明智的) bright (聪明的) diligent (勤奋的) lazy (懒惰的) clever (聪明的) healthy (健康的) humorous (幽默的) funny (滑稽的) silent (沉默的) attractive (有吸引力的) talkative (多话的) (
  3)表达人物兴趣和爱好的常用词组或短语 like … very much (非常喜欢…) love (喜爱) be interested in (对…感兴趣) be fond of (喜欢…) hate (憎恨) be tired of (对…厌倦) be crazy about (对…极度喜欢) enjoy (喜欢…) lose interest in (对…失去兴趣) (
  4)描述人物心情的常用词语: sad (难过的) happy (高兴的) excited (兴奋的) pleased (高兴的) satisfied (满意的) angry (生气的)
worried (担心的) disappointed (失望的) terrified (恐惧的) friendly (友好的) anxious (焦虑的) curious (好奇的) eager (急切的) (三)实例分析
  1. 说明: 上海出版的《学生英文报》 ,对象是我国的学生,请用英语为该报写一段人物介绍,介绍少 年体育明星孙淑伟。内容要点如下:
  1)简况:孙淑伟(Sun Shuwei) :男,14 岁,广东人(Guangdong)
  3)取得成绩:第十一届亚运会冠军,第六届世界游泳锦标赛冠军(亚运会:the Asia Games 冠军:Champion 游泳锦标赛:Swimming Championships)
  4)其他情况:从小就喜欢游泳,8 岁进广东省跳水队;在学校里认真学习,在跳水队时认 真训练,13 岁进入国家队,一年后(19
  90)夺得十一届亚运会金牌;今年年初获第六届游 泳锦标赛冠军。 注意:
  3)介绍的长度为 80~120 个词。
  2. 题解: 这是一篇人物报道, 根据所提供的材料组织文章。 首先应确定标题。 Sun Shuwei - A World 如: Champion in Diving . 其次应介绍人物的姓名、性别、年龄、籍贯,随后介绍他的成长过程, 最后介绍他取得的成就。
  3. 91 高考书面表达范文: Sun Shuwei - A World Champion in Diving Sun Shuwei , a world champion in diving , is a boy of 14 from Guangdong . He loved swimming when he was a small boy and at eight he became a member of the diving team in Guangdong Province . He studied hard at school and trained hard for five years before he came to the national team . A year later in 1990 , he won a gold medal at the 11th Asia Games and became a world champion at the 6th world Swimming Championships early this years . 【模拟试题】
  1. 请根据以下材料,写一篇介绍我国明代(Ming Dynasty)著名医学家(medical scientist) 李时珍的文章。 姓名:李时珍 出生年代:1518 著作: 《本草纲目》 内容:中草药(Chinese herbs)总集,近 2,000 种中草药,上百万字(characters) 写作经历:访民间,走群山,尝百草,亲身作试验 (call on , visit , taste , do experiments) 成书时间:1578 年,历时 37 年 评价:对我国医学(medicine)发展作出了重大贡献(make a contribution to)
  2. 有一个美国代表团想了解你们的英语老师,请根据下列提要,写一篇短文。内容提要
如下: (
  1)这位英语老师名叫 Bruce,是位英国人,40 岁左右,又高又瘦,戴着一副眼镜; (
  2)对学生要求严格,认真备课,认真批改作业; (
  3)教学方法不同于别人,鼓励学生思考,培养学生自学能力; (
  4)和学生打成一片,和蔼可亲,深受学生的爱戴和尊敬。 要求: (
  1)要有标题; (
  2)介绍必须包括所给要点,但不要逐条译成英语; (
  3)词数 110 左右。
  3. 根据下列内容,用英语写一篇介绍世界著名童话作家安徒生(Hans Christian Anderson) 的短文。词数 120 左右。 他生于 1805 年。十一岁丧父。由于家庭贫穷,童年时期没能上学,他跟人学习缝纫技术。 十四岁时到一剧院工作。 后来在一些热心人家的帮助下上了学。 1828 年接受高等教育 (higher education) 。毕业后献身于文学(literature) 。他坚持写小说,诗歌等。他努力创作,获得很 大成功。他一生共创作一百六十多个故事。1875 年去世。
  1. 介绍李时珍 Li Shizhen was a famous medical scientist in Ming Dynasty . He was born in 1518 . He wrote a famous book “Ben Cao Gang Mu” , which is a collection of Chinese herbs . It included 2000 Chinese herbs with millions of characters . He visited mountains , called on ordinary people , tasted different kinds of herbs and even did experiments on himself . It took him 37 years to finish the book . The book is considered to be a great contribution to the development of Chinese medicine .
  2. 介绍 Bruce Our English Teacher - Bruce Bruce , our English teacher , is from England and is about 40 years old . He is tall and thin with a pair of glasses on his nose . He is strict with us in our study . He prepares his lessons well and corrects our homework carefully . His teaching style is quite different from that of the others . In class he always encourages us to think hard and develop our ability to study on our own . He often helps and cares for us . He is very kind to us . In his spare time he plays basketball and football with us . We all love and respect him .
  3. 介绍 Anderson Anderson was born in 1805 . His father died when he was only eleven . Being poor , the family couldn’t send him to school . He had to go and learn sewing to make a living . At the age of fourteen , he went to work at a theatre . Later , with the help of some kind people , Anderson had the chance to go to school . In 1828 , he began his college life . After graduation he began to work on literature . He kept on writing stories and poems . His hard work brought him great success . He died in 1875 , leaving the world more than 160 stories .



   高考英语写作……怎样写人物简介 一. 教学内容: 英语写作……怎样写人物简介 二. 重点、难点: (一)人物简介的写作步骤 1. Birthday and birth place 2. Family background 3. Education 4. Big events in his or her life ( in order of time ) 5. Evaluation (二)人物简介写作中常用的词组及句子 1. Birthday and birth place ??was / w ...


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   一,常用句型 1. There be( exist, live, lie , stand…) sb./ sth. 2. sb. have ( has / had ) sth. 3. sb. find / think /feel + it + n./ adj.+ (for sb. ) to do sth. We think it our duty to work hard. She finds it necessary to take down notes while listening. T ...


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   书面表达一直在历年高考中占有很重要的地位,而且相对于其他题型,书面表达最容易 在短期内有所突破,因为其他的题都是客观题,只有书面表达是主观题。主观题就意味着需 要人工阅卷而不是机器阅卷, 也就是说只要考生可以抓住阅卷老师的心里, 按照他们所期待 的模式去写,必定能在高考中取得高分。在历年的高考评卷过程中,阅卷老师是如何评判一 份卷子的,阅卷人最注重的是什么,是每个高考考生迫切想知道的,笔者将结合多年的高考 阅卷经验,告诉大家如何在高考中胜人一筹,在书面表达上拿到高档次的分数。 书面表达 在评 ...


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