2011年高考英语 形容词副词复习
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  1)Do you have anything else 其他事 (其他事 情) to say? rope 500 metres long 五
  2)I need a (五 百米长的绳子) 百米长的绳子 .
  3)the present students 现在的 the students present 在场的 a responsible man 可信赖的 the man responsible for the plan 负责的

  4)little,flowers, some , red, beautiful . some beautiful little red flowers old, a(n), round , wooden, French,brown , dinning table. a round old brown French wooden dinning table

  2. 功能 True or false?
  1) The fish is alive. T
  2) Tom is elder than I. F
  3) The desk is wooden. F
  4) The ashamed boy couldn't say anything. F
  5) The boy was sleepy after staying up. T
  1). 只作前置定语:latter,little, many, live, main, only,inner,outer,wooden, elder e.g. a little boy, live fish, main reason, inner space, a wooden desk
  2). 不作前置定语: afraid, alone , awake , asleep,alive , alike,ashamed ,well, sorry,unable,worth,sure.
The movie is worth seeing.
I found the movie worth seeing. 宾补 Can you recommend me a movie worth seeing?. 后置定语 他是健在的最伟大的诗人。 他是健在的最伟大的诗人。 He is the greatest poet alive. 我发现他独自在教室里。 我发现他独自在教室里。 I found him alone in the classroom.
  1. enough
  1)He works hard enough to make great progress.
  2) 当做如此重要的一个决定是,你再 谨慎也不为过。 When making such an important decision, you can never be careful enough.

  2. high,highly; wide,widely; deep , deeply; close,closely;hard , hardly;late,lately,
  1) The headteacher came in , closely (close/closely) followed by 2 students.
  2) Shocked by the news , the lady's mouth was (wide/widely) wide open.
  2) I have received a great many lately letters(late/lately) .
知识总结: high,highly...是形式相近,意思或相关联 或完全不同的一组副词,如意思相关联, 则一个有具体的衡量标准,一个表达抽 象的程度。
  1. as...as...
  1). 他和我一样高。 He is as tall as I am.
  2). 这座建筑高达200米。 The building is as tall as 200 metres. as far/tall/deep/long/good as. as far as I know As long as you give , you will get more. The second-hand car is as good as new.

  3). 葛优是和周润发一样出色的一名演员。 Ge you is as wonderful an actor as Zhou run fa .
  2. 修饰比较级 rather, much, still , even , far, any , a lot a little, a bit, twice. 他的健康甚至比以前更糟糕。 His health is even worse than before. 你感觉好些了吗? Are you feeling any better?
注意:very,quite , fairly, too 不用于 修饰比较级或最高级。
  3. 比较级 and 比较级 天越来越黑,这些迷路的孩子们开始 感觉害怕。(独立主格) It getting darker and darker, the children who got lost began to feel feared.
  4. the+比较级 ,the+比较级 站得越高,看得越远。(独立主格) The higher point you stand at, the further you will see.

  5. the+比较级+of 两座山中较高的那座是泰山。 Mount Tai is the higher of the two mountains.
  6. more A than B 与其说他勇敢,不如说他鲁莽。 He is more brave than reckless. 与其说他是一名歌手,不如说他是个明星。 He is more a star than a singer.

  7. China is larger than any other (任何) country in Asia.
  8.中国的人口比日本的大。 The population of China is larger than that of Japan. 小结: 使用比较级时,应遵循:
  1.比较对象 一致原则

  7. no more than, not more than
  1) The tree isnot more than20 meters high.
  2) How could you finish the task in no more than 20 minutes? How amzing! no less than, not less than
  1) We have no less than90 guests,so we have to be busy.
  2) Not less than 5 students are willing to be volunteers .
小结: not more than=at most 至多,不多于 no more than=only 仅仅 not less than=at least 至少,不少于 no less than=as much as 多达
拓展: You are than the twins, for all B of the students finished the paper on time except you three. A.not more intelligent B. no more intelligent C. not less intelligent D. no less intelligent
Kaká plays football as well as,if than Messy. A A.not better B. no more better
C. not worse D. no worse no more intelligent than= 和...一样 不聪明 no less intelligent than=和...一样聪明
  1. by far ,nearly/almost , by no means
  1). 他绝不是他们当中最聪明的,但他 肯定是最刻苦的。 He is by no means the smartest among them,but he is surely the most hardworking.
  2. 我从来没有听过比这更美妙的歌声。 I've never heard a more beautiful song.
世界上从没有一种爱比父母对子女的爱 更加伟大。 There is no greater love than that of parents to their children. 否定+比较级=最高级。
  13). The island is attractive in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A. partly B. merely C. nearly D. equally
  32).Drunk driving, which B occurrence, is was once a now under control. A. general B. frequent C. normal D. particular
  3. (安徽卷
  31). , she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile. A. Shy and cautious B. Sensitive and thoughtful C. Honest and confident D. Lighthearted and optimistic
  25). If I find someone who looks like the suspect, my B reaction will be to tell the police. A. physical B. immediate C. sensitive D. sudden
  22). Father goes to the gym with us although he dislikes going there. A. hardly B. seldom C. sometimes D. never

  23). Jim went to answer D the phone. , Harry started to prepare lunch. A.However B. Nevertheless C. Besides D. Meanwhile

  7.( 辽宁卷
  27).We only had $100 and that A was to buy a new computer. A. nowhere near enough B. near enough nowhere C. enough near nowhere D. near nowhere enough
  22). Studies show that people are more A to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A. likely B. possible C. probable D. sure

  9.-What did you think of the exam? ? D -It was more difficult than I had expected. A. fairly B. pretty C. quite D. far
  10. ?How is everything going on with you in Tibet? -Quite well. Not so smoothly as I had B hoped , . A. instead B. though C. either D. also

  11.-What did you think of the exam? ? D -It was more difficult than I had expected. A. fairly B. pretty C. quite D. far
  12. How she looked without her B glasses! A. good B. better C. well D. best
  13. The children all looked at the C model plane and felt . A. sad,sad B. sadly,sadly C. sadly,sad D. sad,sadly

  13. Be quiet! Something important is A being broadcast on TV! A. live B.alive C. living D. lively
  14. He visited the bookstore every A week.He became such a customer that the bookseller gave him some books as presents! A. regular B.normal C.usual D. common

  14. ?Do you need any help? - No.The job is I could do myself. D A. not less than B. more than C.no more than D. not more than
  15. ?Does Jim do his new job well?
  15. ?Does Jim do his new job well? - his old job. A D - his old job. - How stupid! I fearguess there’s great - How wonderful! I there’s no hope for him. him. hope for A. No better than B. Not better than A. No better than B. Not better than C. As well well as D. No worse than C. Not so as D. No worse than



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