高考英语一轮重点复习 高考英语一轮重点复习 英语 Module 1
一. 重点单词与短语
  1. persuade vt.说服; 劝服; 使相信 (
  1)persuade sb.说服某人 Advertisers try to persuade consumers to buy their goods. (
  2)persuade sb. to do sth.= persuade sb. into doing sth.说服某人做某事 We have persuade him to give up smoking. (
  3)persuade sb. not to do sth. = persuade sb. out of /against doing sb.说服/劝服某人别做某 事 His mother persuaded him not to give up the chance to take part in the competition. (
  4)persuade sb. of sth./ that+ clause 设法使某人相信 He failed to persuade the workers of his honesty = to persuade the workers that he was honest. 注意: persuade 强调说服、劝服的结果; 而只表劝说动作不表结果时需用 try to persuade 或换 成 advise。 考点例题:persuade/ advise
  1)I tried to my father to give up smoking, but in vain.
  2)I my father to give up smoking, but in vain.
  3)He wanted to his wife to see his cousin, but failed.
  4)He that they should start at once.
  5)Finally she him into going to the hospital.
  1. insist v. (
  1)坚决要求; 坚决主张 Insist on / upon doing sth.或 insist that-clause,从句动词用(should) do The government insists that waste water (should) be made clean before going into the river. She insisted on our staying there for supper. (
  2)坚持认为; 坚持说 Insist on / upon doing sth.或 insist that-clause,从句动词用陈述句语序和相应的时态 He insisted on his innocence. (无罪) The farmer insisted that the neighbor had stolen his sheep.
  2. determine v.决定; 确定; 下决心 + n. + to do sth.
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Unit3 & Unit4
+ clause + on/upon sht./doing sth. +疑问句+to do sth.
You had better determine a date for the meeting as soon as possible. It is unnecessary to determine what each word means while you are reading a passage. I haven’t determined where to spend the seven-day holiday. 拓展: determination n.决心; 决定 determined adj.决然的;果断的 be determined to do 下决心干……=make up one’s mind to do give sb. a determined look 坚定地看某人 a determined man 意志坚定的人
  3. familiar adj.熟悉的……;通晓…… The lady looked somewhat familiar, but I could not remember where I had seen her. 拓展: be familiar with…熟悉……;通晓…… be familiar to…对……熟悉的
考点例题:The song is familiar me. = I am familiar the song.
  1. rise(rose, risen) (
  1)vi.上升,起立(床) ,增长 The amount of money spent in dealing with the problem of pollution keeps rising year by year. (
  2)n. 上升,上涨,升起 arise in price 涨价 give sb. a rise 给某人提工资 a rise in the cost of living 生活费用的增加 at the rise of the sun 日出之时 拓展: raise vt.举起,提出,提高,饲养 The price of rice has been raised lately. = The price of rice has risen lately. raise chickens 养鸡 rise one’s voice 提高嗓音 raise one’s hands 举起手 考点例题:The living standard of the people in Nanjing since 19
A. has raisen
B. had been risen
C. has risen
D. rose
解:选 C. rise 是不及物动词,没有被动语态,而 raise 有被动语态。
  2. injure v.受伤,伤害 They were slightly/seriously/badly injured in the crash. Smoking will surely injure one’s health. 拓展: injured adj.受伤的 injury n.伤口,受伤处 hurt(身体部位)感到疼; (肉体或精神上)受到伤害 wound 受伤(枪伤/刀伤)等 harm 意指无形伤害,“对……有害”常指伤及一个人的健康、权利、事业等 damage 主要用于无生命的东西,常指对价值和功能的损坏,可修复 destroy 意为“毁坏,消灭”,指不可修复的破坏。 Reading in the sun harms your eyes. It hurts me to think that so many people died in the flood. In the battle, hundreds of soldiers were wounded and some were even killed. 考点例题: Although the city had been attacked by the storm several times, was done. A. a few damages B. few destroy 二、重点短语
  1. care with 关心,担忧,惦记 What she cares about is her own future. I don’t care about what he is talking about. 拓展: care for 喜欢; 照顾;关心 He had to care for his sister while studying in college. I care much for pop music.
  2. change one’s mind 改变主意 It is easy for him to change his mind, so don’t believe him easily. 拓展: make up one’s mind 下决心 keep one’s mind on 专心于 read one’s mind 看出某人的心思 bear/keep sth. in mind 记住某事 speak one’s mind 坦率说出心里话
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C. little hurt
D. little damage
翻译: 更深入地了解他之后,我改变了对他的看法。
  3. give in (to)(向……)屈服,让步 I will never give in to difficulties. 拓展: give away 泄露;送掉;赠送 give back 归还 give up 放弃(后接 sth./doing sth.) give off 发出(蒸汽、光等) give out 分发;筋疲力尽 give way to 让位于;妥协 We can’t give way to their demands. He had no choice but to give up going abroad for further education.
  4. for one thing…., for another 一方面……另一方面……;一则……再则…… I am not going to Beijing for a holiday with them. For one thing, I have no time; for another, I have been there. 拓展: On (the) one hand, on the other (hand)用以引出相互矛盾的观点和意见 On the one hand, the concert really is worth going to, but on the other hand, the ticket is too expensive.
  5. tens of thousands of 数以万计的 Tens of thousands of people were watching the game in the stadium when it began to rain heavily. 拓展: hundreds of 数百的 hundreds of and thousands of 成百上千的 thousands of 数千的 millions of 数百万的 dozens of 许多; 大量 scores of 许多; 大量 考点例题; Every year foreign visitors come to China. A. tens of thousands of C. over ten thousands B. ten thousands of D. thousands upon thousands
There were people in the hall.
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A. two scores of C. two and score
B. scores of D. two scores

  6. be known/well known as = be famous as 作为……而出名 Shenzhen is well-known as a modern city. 拓展: be known for 因为……而闻名 be known to sb.为……所熟悉 It is known (to all) that…众所周知…… As is known (to all), ….众所周知…… It is well-known to us all it is very important to keep the balance of nature. =As is well-known to us all, it is important to keep the balance of nature.
  7. break out(战争、火灾、疫病等)突然发生,爆发 A fire broke out in the supermarket last night. 拓展: break down 出毛病,不运转 break away from 脱离,摆脱…… break in 插话,破门进入 break into 破门闯入 break off 突然终止 break through 突围,突破 考点例题: The fire was put out 15 minutes after it .
  8. lose hope 绝望 He never loses hope even when he fails. 拓展: lose heart 泄气;灰心 lose courage 沮丧 lose face 丢脸;受屈辱 lose touch (with sb.)与某人失去联系 lose one’s way 迷路 lose one’s breath 上气不接下气 lose one’s head 昏了头 lose one’s life 丧生,遇害 考点例题: Never even after you have failed several times.
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  1. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.是我姐姐首先想到骑自行车沿湄公河从它的源头骑到终点的 It was …who…引导的是一个强调句型。两个 where 引导的从句均作介词宾语从句。 强调句型结构: It is/was +被强调部分+that/who+其余部分 It was they that put forward the problem at the meeting. It was not until you told me that I realized that she hadn’t turned up yet. What is it that is happening there? 考点例题: Is it in the town he worked last year he will set up a company. It wasn’t he came I knew that basketball match would be delayed. I am sure that it is at 10:00 the plane for Dalian takes off.
  2. While dairy writers try to record how they feel very soon after things happen, journal writers try to better understand what has happened to them much later. 虽然日记作者试图在事情发生后不久就记录他们的感受,但是日记作者要在很久后才能 努力尝试更好地理解发生在他们身上的事。 while 引导的是一个让步状语从句,how 和 what 引导的均为宾语从句。 while 作连词用法小结: (
  1)=though/although 尽管,虽然 While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they can’t be solved. (
  2)与……同时 He listened to music while doing his homework. (
  3)在……期间,当……时候 He fell off the bike while he was practicing riding. (
  4) (表对比)而,却 He was against the plan while the majority was/were in favor of it. 考点例题: She has golden hair when she was a child but she got older and older, her hair went darker and darker. A. while B. when C. after D. as
【模拟试题】 模拟试题】 一. 用框内所给词组的适当形式完成下列句子(其中两个是多余的) be familiar to; change ones’ mind; give in; at an end; dig out; prepare…to…; right away; give out; persuade ..to…; a number of; no wonder; dream of
  1. The student helped the teacher English papers.
  2. It is always the husband who first when a quarrel breaks out between the young people.
  3. In my opinion, Kurt will think it over and .
  4. I must warn you that my patience is almost .
  5. letters are never delivered because the addresses are incorrect.
  6. The song he sang at the party all of us.
  7. I must remember to that book for you.
  8. John was himself sit for the examination.
  9. When I answered the telephone this morning, I knew the lady had the wrong number.
  10. Have you ever there being such a good chance for further study abroad? 二. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式完成下列句子。
  1. I left him, (determine) never to set foot in that house again.
  2. She (insist) that he must go out no more until he was cured.
  3. They have to (persuade) to buy a stock, or indeed , sell it.
  4. The firemen succeeded in (rescue) three women from the burning house.
  5. American airplanes helped (transport) the soldiers to the front. 三. 根据所给提示翻译下列句子。
  1. 更深入地了解他以后,我改变了对他的看法。
  2. 这次广播是事先录音的,不是现场直播
  3. 他救出了一个快要淹死的人。
  4. 那次坠机事件是今年最严重的空难。
  5. 我必须努力把生活安排得更有条理。
  6. 今天晚上我要跟 Peter 会面。他要带我去看戏。
【试题答案】 试题答案】 一.
  1. give out
  5. A number of \
  9. right away 二.
  1. determined

  2. gives in
  6. was familiar to
  10.dreamed of
  2. insisted

  3. change his mind
  7. dig out

  4. at an end
  8. preparing to

  3. be persuaded

  4. rescuing

  5. (to)transport 三.
  1. Since getting to know him better, I’ve changed my mind about him.
  2. The broadcast was recorded in advance, not live.
  3. He rescued the man from drowning.
  4. The airplane crash was the worst air disaster this year.
  5. I must try to organize my life a bit better.
  6. I’m meeting Peter tonight. He is taking me to the theater.



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