高考英语必读: 个句型( 2011 高考英语必读:It 构成的 20 个句型(
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一、it 做强调句
  1. It is + 被强调部分 + that ... 该句型是强调句型。将被强调的部分放在前面,其它部分置于 that 之后。被强调部分可 以是主语,宾语,表语 或状语。强调的主语如果是人,that 可以由 who 换用。如果把这种 句型结构划掉后,应该是一个完整无缺的句子。这也是判断强调句型与其它从句的方法。 It was about 600 years ago that the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made. It was they that (who ) cleaned the classroom yesterday. It was in the street that I met her father.
  2. It is not until + 被强调部分 + that ... 该句型也是强调句型。主要用于强凋时间状语,译成汉语"直到……才……",可以说 是 not ... until ... 的强调形式。 It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star. = Not until she took off her dark glasses did I realize she was a famous film star. = I didn't realize she was a famous film star until she took off her dark glasses. 二、it 做形式宾语
  20. We think it important to learn a foreign language. 该句型中的 it 作形式宾语。为了记忆方便我们可称该句型为"6123 结构"。 6 指主句中常用的动词:think, believe, make, find, consider, feel; 1 指的是形式宾语 it; 2 指的是宾补的两种形式:形容词或名词; 3 指的是真正宾语的三种形式:不定式短语,动名词短语或 that 引导的宾语从句。 We think it our duty to clean our classroom every day. He felt it important learning English well. They found it difficult that they would finish their work in two days. 三、it 做形式主语
  3. It is clear ( obvious, true, possible, certain....) that ..... 该句型中 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的主语从句,常译为"清楚(显然, 真的,肯定……)"是主语从句最常见的一种结构。 It is very clear that he's round and tall like a tree. = That he's round and tall like a tree is very clear.
  4. It is important ( necessary, right, strange, natural...) that ... 该句型和上一个同属一个句型,做形式主语。要用虚拟语气 (should + 动词原形) should , 可以省去。建议记住该句型中的形容词。 It is important that we (should) learn English well.
It is necessary that he (should) remember these words.
  5. It is said (reported, learned....) that ... 该句型中的 it 仍是形式主语,真正主语是 that 引导的主语从句。该结构常译为"据说 (据报道,据悉……)"。 It is said that he has come to Beijing. It is reported that another earth satellite has been put into orbit.
  6. It is suggested ( ordered ... ) that ... 该句型和上一个同属一个句型,形式主语。主句中的过去分词是表示请求,建议,命令 等词时,that 后的从句要用虚拟语气(should + 动词原形),should 可以省。常译为"据建 议;有命令……) It is suggested that the meeting ( should ) be put off. It was ordered that we ( should ) arrive there in two hours.
  13. It happens (seems, looks, appears ) that... 该句型中 it 是形式主语,that 引导的是主语从句,主句中的 happen , seem 等词是不及 物动词. It happened ( so happened ) that he met his teacher in the street. 碰巧…… It seems that he will be back in a few days. 看来……
  14. It takes sb. ... to do sth. 该句型中的不定式是真正的主语,it 是形式主语,句型中的直接宾语是时间。常译为" 做……要花费某人……"。 It took thousands of people many years to build the Great Wall.
  15. It is no good (use ) doing sth. 该句型中的真正主语是动名词短语,形式主语。主句中的表语可以是 no good , ( not any good ) , no use , ( not any use )。 It is no good learning English without speaking English.
高考英语必读: 2011 高考英语必读:There be 结构
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句型常用的时态形式有一般现在时、一般过去时、一般将来时、 一、 There be 句型常用的时态形式有一般现在时、一般过去时、一般将来时、现在完 成时和过去完成时。 成时和过去完成时。例如:
  3. There is someone at the door to see you. 门口有人找你。 There will be a meeting this evening. 今晚有个约会。 Have there been any letters from Jack lately? 近日有杰克的来信吗? There had been many such accidents before you came. 你来之前就有过很多起这样的
No, there hasn’t. 不,没有。
  4. 事故。
There be 句型中 be 前面可用一些半助动词, be about to (就要), be certain to (一 前面可用一些半助动词, 如: 二、 定会), be going to (将要),be likely to (可能), be to (要), had better (最好), have to (必须), used to (过去常), appear/seem/happen to (似乎/恰好)等。例如:
  2. There used to be a grocery store on the corner. 以前在这个街口有家杂货店。 There is certain to be something wrong with the engine.
= It appears / is certain that there is something wrong with the engine. 发动机一定是出了毛病。
  3. There appears to have been a nasty accident. 似乎有一起严重的事故。
句型中的替换词有: 产生), 存在), 落下), 三、There be 句型中的替换词有:come (来), develop (产生 exist (存在 fall (落下 来 产生 存在 落下 follow (跟随 happen (发生 lie (躺着 live (住着 occur (发生 remain (还有 rise (升 跟随), 发生), 躺着), 住着), 发生), 还有), 跟随 发生 躺着 住着 发生 还有 升 站着)等 这些动词可以有时态变化,及物动词还可以有语态变化。 起),stand (站着 等。这些动词可以有时态变化,及物动词还可以有语态变化。例如: 站着
  1. There fell a deep silence. 突然一片寂静。
  2. There remains one more test to be carried out before putting the instrument into operation. 在使用这一设备之前要完成一项试验。
  3. Not long after this, there occurred a sudden revolution in public taste. 此后不久,公众的 情趣发生了突然的变化。
  4. There stands at the center of the square the Monument to the People’ Heroes. 在广场的 s 中央矗立着人民英雄纪念碑。 句型中,谓语动词和合后面的主语在数方面保持一致 和合后面的主语在数方面保持一致。 四、There be 句型中,谓语动词和合后面的主语在数方面保持一致。如果有两个或更 多的主语,则与离动词最近的那个主语保持一致。 多的主语,则与离动词最近的那个主语保持一致。例如: There is only a table, four chairs and a small bed in the room. 房子里有一张桌子,四把椅子和一张小床。 句型有不定式、现在分词和动名词形式,在句中用作主语、宾语、 五、There be 句型有不定式、现在分词和动名词形式,在句中用作主语、宾语、定语 或状语等。 或状语等。例如:
  1. There being a bus stop so near the house is a great advantage. 公共汽车站离家这么近是一个很有利的条件。(There being a bus 用作主语)
  2. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding. 我不想引起任何误解。(There to be 作宾语)
  3. No one would have dreamt of there being such a fine place. 谁也没想到会有这样的一个好地方。(There being 在句子中作介词 of 的宾语。需注意 的是,结构若出现在介词 for 的后面则要用动词不定式;若出现在其他介词后面则要用动名 词)
  4. There being no bus, we had to walk home. 因为没有公共汽车,我们只好步行回家。 (“There being + 名词”构成独立主格结构, 在句中作状语) 六、“There be no doing” 表示“不可能做”。例如: ” 表示“不可能做”
  1. There is no holding back the wheel of history. 历史车轮不可阻挡。

  2. There’s no saying what he’ll be doing next. 他接下去要做什么,很难断言。
  3. There is no bearing such rude remarks. 如此粗话,叫人根本无法忍受。
高考英语必读: 2011 高考英语必读:代词的用法
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It 的用法
  1.作人称代词 . John likes playing Pingpong./ He always does it in the afternoon.(指代上下文提到的事 物);/It's time we went home. / How far is it from here to your home ? / It is getting warmer and warmer./ It's very quiet at the moment.(可指时间、天气、环境等)
  2.引导词 . A.作形式主语,代替由不定式、动名词或从句表示的真正主语。 It's important for us to learn a second language. It's no use talking to him. It's known to all / / that the earth goes round the sun. B.作形式宾语,代替由不定式、动名词或从句表示的真正宾语。 We feel it our duty to help others./ He made it clear that he would leave the city. C.强调结构:It is (was) +被强调部分+that (或 who)… 注意:在强调结构中,如被强调部分为时间状语或地点状语,其后的连接词也绝不能为 注意 when 或 where,而应用 that 。在复习中,一定要注意句式的不同。 It was in Shanghai that I bought the guitar.(that 引起强调句) It was Shanghai where I bought the guitar.(where 引起定从) It was twelve o'clock when we arrived there.(when 引起时间状语从句) It was at twelve o'clock that we arrived there.(that 引起强调句)
  3. it,one,that 的区别:作为代词,这三个词的对比使用是高考的热点之一。 的区别:作为代词,这三个词的对比使用是高考的热点之一 , , ?Why don't we take a little break? ?Didn't we just have ? A.it B.that C.one D.this
The Parkers bought a new house but will need a lot of work before they can move in. A.they B.it 提过的同一事物。 不定代词 不定代词种类较多,用法各异,在使用中一定要注意区别。
  1、both,either ,neither 都表两者范围,在句中作主语、宾语、定语 ,both 可用作 、 , 同位语。both 意为"两者都",either 表"两者中任一个",neither 表"两者都不"。 C.one D.which one 用以指代同类事物中的任一,that 特指性强,指代可数与不可数词,而 it 指代上文

  2、any,none ,all 表三者或三者以上范围,any 表任何一个、一些(不可数或复数概 、 , 念,用于否定句、疑问句或条件从句中);none 表三者或三者以上中的哪一个都不;表示不 可数物中的一点儿也没有;all 整个的;所有的(三者或三者以上);所有的(不可数)。 e.g.This book is a good seller,so you can buy it at any shop in Beijing./ None of us are/is perfect./ All of the village was flooded.
  3、no one,nobody,none,nothing:no one,nobody 表没有人,nothing 指没有什么 、 , , , 事物,none 兼指人和物。none 着眼于数量概念。"特指的人或物一个也没有,一点儿也没 有"。 ?How many people are there in the hall ? ?None. ?who wants to go with him ? ?No one(Nobody). ?What can you see in the bottle ??Nothing. ?Is there any water in it ??None.
  4、 、another, other, other+复数名词 或 the others), 复数名词(或 复数名词): ,the ,the 复数名词 ,other (或 other +复数名词 : 或 复数名词 another 表三者或三者以上范畴中的任一;与数词连用,表"再有";the other 表两者中的另 外那个,特指;the other+复数名词(或 the others),另外那些,表示其余所有的人或物,用于 特指;others (或 other+复数名词)另一些,表余下人或物中的另一些,泛指。 ?I don't like this,show me another one. If you want to change for a double room you'll have to pay$
  15. A.another B.other C.more D.Each (A) 人称、物主、反身、 人称、物主、反身、指示代词 高考重点要求
  2.重点掌 握不定代词的指代含义及数的情况,能通过语境准确选取答案。
  3.掌握 it 的基本用法。 一.人称代词
  1)分清主格和宾格形式。 eg:?I love you more than her,child ./ ?You mean more than love her or more than she loves? A. you;me B.I;you C.you;you D.I;me
  2)注意约定俗成的用法。 ?Who is it ? ?It's me .?I'd like to have a rest .?Me,too.
  3)使用 we 和 you 泛指一般人
  4)使用 she 代表国家、船只、月亮、大地等 China is a great country.She has a long history.
  5)并列主语或宾语中顺序是:you,he(she) and I; we,you and they 二.物主代词:名词性物主代词――在句中做主语、宾语、表语、补足语,构成双重所 物主代词: 有格:a friend of mine 。形容词性物主代词――只能起定语作用。 三.反身代词

  1) 在句中作宾语、表语和同位语;
  3)在一些语境中的特殊含义。 e.g. I'm not quite myself today.我今天不大舒服。



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   广州市小学一年级《英语口语》 广州市小学一年级《英语口语》第一册教材分析 小学一年级 渔沙坦小学 陈燕 指导老师:彭雪红 据我所知,许多英语教师都是担任高、中年级兼任低年年级口语,大家自然就 把主要精力与心思放在高、中年段的教学上,而低段英语口语的教学任务,老师们 往往希望能用最少的精力、最短的时间来完成准备的工作,大家在处理一年级英语 口语教材方面,都有自己的经验与见解。因为学生的差异都会直接影响着教师对教 材的处理,所以,我今天所说的只是我个人针对我所教过的学生的学习能力与水平 而采取的 ...

八年级英语上册Unit 9 When was he born__Section A导学案人教新目标版

   Unit 9 When was he born? Section A3a-4 导学案 ? 一.课前检测 Read the new words together. 1. 复习检测:Translate the following phrases. 乒乓球运动员_ 篮球运动员 网球运动员足球运动员 __ 多久在 1973 年开始做某事停止做某事 69 年 5 个月在 10 月 2. 预习检测:英汉互译 too….to 在四岁时 learn to do sth start golfing the g ...