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第四部分.高考英语复习专练-非谓语动词 第四部分.高考英语复习专练 非谓语动词 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 、 、 、 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  1.__Sunday, the students are at home. A.Being B.To be C.It is D.It being

  2.The boy lay on his back, his teeth__and his glaring eyes __. A.set; looked C.setting; looked B.set; looking D.setting; looking

  3.All the thing__,his proposal is of greater value than yours. A.considered B.considering C.to consider D.consider

  4.__who she was, she said she was Mr.Johnson’s friend. A.Asking B.Asked C.To be asked D.When asking

  5.He hurried to the station,__the
  9:30 train had already left. A.to find B.found C.only to find D.only finding

  6.Which do you enjoy __your weekends, fishing or watching TV? A.spending B.to spend C.being spent D.spend

  7.__all my letters, I had a drink and went out. A.Finished B.Having finished C.Finishing D.To finish

  8.She had no money __a birthday present for her children. A.to buy with B.buying C.bought D.with which to buy

  9.From the dates__on the gold coin, it is conformed that it was made five hundred years ago. A.marking C.to be marked B.marked D.having been marked

  10.__time and labour, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only 3 fingers and a thumb. A.To save B.Saved C.Saving D.Having saved

  11.O’Neal works hard.He is often seen __heavily before his teammates start.
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B.to be sweated
D.being sweated

  12.I can hardly imagine Peter__across the Atlantic Ocean in 15 days. A.sail B.to sail C.sailing D.to have sailed

  13.Such__the case, I couldn’t help but__ him. A.being; support C.has been; supporting B.is; to support D.be; supported

  14.Does the way you thought of__the water clean make any sense? A.making B.to make C.how to make D.having made

  15.In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours__in my study. A.locking B.locked C.to lock D.being locked

  16.You will find the word “psychology”__under “P” in your dictionary. A.have listed B.list C.listed D.listing

  17.Sandy could do nothing but__to his mother that he was wrong. A.admitting B.admits C.admit D.to admit

  18.When I caught him cheating me, I stopped __things in his shop. A.buying B.buy C.to buy D.bought

  19.A doctor can expect__at any hour of the day or night. A.calling B.to call C.being called D.to be called

  20.Nearly every great building in Beijing was built_ south. A.to face B.facing C.to have faced D.being facing

  21.With his son___, the old man felt unhappy. A.to be disappointed B.disappointing C.being disappointed D.to disappoint

  22.It was__computer games that cost the boy a lot of time that he ought to have spent on his lessons. A.to have played B.playing C.played D.having played
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  23.And there, almost__in the big chair, sat her little brother, who never had to be told to keep quiet. A.having lost B.losing C.to be lost D.lost

  24.As I will be away for at least a year, I’d appreciate__from you now and then__ me how everyone is getting along. A.hearing; tell C.hearing; telling B.to hear; tell D.to hear; to tell

  25.The students are forbidden, unless they have special passes, __ after 11 pm. A.to stay out B.from staying out C.staying out D.not to stay out

  26.I worked so late in the office last night that I hardly had time__ the last bus. A.catching B.to catch C.having caught D.to have caught

  27.__to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’s skin. A.Exposed B.Having exposed C.Being exposed D.After being exposed

  28.Mike didn’t start__the importance of a foreign language till he graduated from school. A.knowing B.to know C.know D.to have known

  29.? Why was a special meeting called? ?__a new chairman. A.To elect B.Electing C.Our electing D.Elected

  30.? Why did Bob weep? ? He couldn’t bear__like that before the whole class. A.making fun of C.to be laughed at B.being made fun of D.being made fun

  31.The students expected there__more reviewing classes before the final exams. A.is B.to be C.being D.have been

  32.I don’t mind__by bus, but I hate__in queues. A.traveling; stand B.to travel; to stand
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C.traveling; to stand
D.traveling; to standing

  33.We are looking forward to__the film__at the Grand Cinema. A.seeing; to show C.seeing; shown B.see; shown D.see; to show

  34.At the shopping-centre,he didn’t know what__and__with an empty bag. A.to buy; leave C.to buy; left B.to be bought; left D.was to buy; leave

  35.The policeman put down the phone, __with a smile on his face. A.satisfied B.satisfying C.to be satisfied D.having satisfied

  36.__, your composition is full of mistakes. A.Writing carelessly C.Having written carelessly B.Written carelessly D.Being written carelessly

  37.She made a candle__us light. A.give B.gave C.to give D.given

  38.? What do you suppose made her worried? ? __a gold ring. A.Lose B.Lost C.Losing D.Because of losing

  39.I know it’s not important, but I can’t help __about it. A.to think B.and think C.thinking D.being thought

  40.__several times, the young scientist still kept on making his experiments. A.Having been failed C.Though failed B.Having failed D.Because of failure

  41.__all over the hill and around the lake are wild flowers of different kinds. A.To grow B.Growing C.Grown D.Grow

  42.?Who are you going to have__this letter for you? ? My secretary. A.type B.typed C.been typed D.been typing
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  43.The food__at the moment is for the dinner party. A.cooked B.to be cooked C.is being cooked D.being cooked

  44.A kind old gentleman offered__my bags to the taxi stand. A.his help carried B.carrying C.me to carry D.to help me to carry

  45.You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had__her children. A.brought up B.to bring up C.bringing up D.to have brought up

  46.He was___today, but was asked to stay for___week. A.to have returned; another C.returned; another B.returning; one more D.to return; other

  47.? Where should I send my form? ? The Personnel office is the place__. A.for sending it B.to send it to C.to send D.to send it

  48.I could feel the wind__on my face from an open window. A.to blow B.blowing C.to be blowing D.blown

  49.? Lucy, why didn’t you come last Sunday? ? I__, but my father was in hospital. A.would B.had C.was going to D.did

  50.?What terrible weather! I simply can’t get the car__. ? Why not try__the engine with some hot water? A.starting; filling B.start;filling C.started; to fill D.to start; fill

  1.D。本题考查独立主格结构,因为前后主语不一致,所以前面分词的逻辑主语不可以省略。It being Sunday 相当于 As it is Sunday。
  2.B。独立主格结构在句中作伴随状语, teeth 与 set 两个词之间含有逻辑上的被动关系,所以 用过去分词;look 这一动作是 eyes 所发出,所以用 looking。
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  3.A。 独立主格结构在句中作状语,因为 things 与 consider 之间含有被动关系,所以用过去分词。
  4.B。分词短语作状语,因为 ask 与句子的主语(she)之间有被动关系,所以用过去分词。
  5.C。 本题考查“(only)+不定式”与“-ing 形式”作结果状语的区别。“only+不定式”表示该结果 在主语的预料之外;接“-ing”形式表示由主句所产生的逻辑上的结果。
  6.B。本题考查不定式作目的状语,本题极易误选 A。其实 enjoy 的宾语为 fishing or watching TV。
  7.B。 finish 这一动作发生在 I had a drink and went out 之前,所以必须用现在分词的完成式。 因
  9.B。本题考查非谓语动词作定语。不定式作定语时,表示将来的动作;现在分词作定语,表示 主动、进行;过去分词作定语,表示被动、完成。因为 dates 是被标在 gold coin 上,所以用 过去分词表示被动。
  11.C。分词在句中作主语补足语。因 sweat 这一动作是 he 所发出,所以为主动。
  12.C。Peter 为逻辑主语,与 sailing 构成复合结构,作 imagine 的宾语。
  13.A。can’t help but 为固定短语, but 后面接不带 to 的不定式;Such being the case 为独立主 格结构,the case 为逻辑主语。
  15.B。lock 与其逻辑主语应含有动宾关系,即 “被锁在书房里”。
  16.C。单词 psychology 被列在 “P”之下,有被动关系。
  17.C。but 表示 “除了”,为介词,当其前面有动词 do 的各种形式时,but 后接不带 to 的不定式。
  18.A。当 stop 后面接不定式时,表示“停下来去做某事”;如果接-ing 形式,则表示“停止正在做 的事”。
  19.D。expect 后面接不定式。由题意可知,doctor 与 call 之间是被动关系。
  21.B。with 复合结构在句中作状语,表示原因,意为“由于儿子很是令人失望。”
  22.B。本题为强调句型,被强调的部分是句子的主语,所以采用-ing 形式。
  23.D。 lost in 是固定短语, be 意为“陷入……之中”。 变为分词短语作状语时, 仍用过去分词 lost。
  24.C。appreciate 后直接接-ing 形式作宾语。
  25.A。本题考查 forbid 的用法。当 forbid 用作被动形式时,构成 be forbidden to do 结构。
  27.C。由题意“暴露在阳光下太久,会伤害人的皮肤”可知应采用-ing 形式的被动式作主语。
  28.B。 start 后可以接-ing 形式或 to do,但如果 start 后面的动词表示心理活动的词时,必须用不 定式。
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  29.A。回答 why 引导的问句,一般用不定式;回答 what 问句,一般用-ing 形式。
  30.B。 bear 意为“容忍”, 后面接-ing 形式; make fun of 与其逻辑主语有被动关系,所以用 being done 形式。
  31.B。expected there to be 的形式相当于 expected there would be...。
  32.C。mind 意为“介意”, 后面接-ing 形式; hate 后可以接-ing 形式或 to do 两种形式。
  33.C。 look forward to(to 为介词)后面接-ing 形式;film 与 show 之间含有被动关系,所以用过去 分词作定语。
  34.C。“特殊疑问词+不定式”结构在句中作宾语;left 与 didn’t know 并列。
  35.A。be satisfied with“对……满意”,即 satisfy 与 with 紧紧相连时,必须用其过去分词。
  36.B。 write 所表示的动作与其逻辑主语有被动关系。 Being written 为现在分词进行时的被动, 表示该动作正在进行,与题意不符,所以选 B。
  37.C。不定式作目的状语, 意为“她制了一些蜡烛用来照明”。
  39.C。can’t help 表示“忍不住”后面接-ing 形式;表示“不能帮助”时,后面接不定式。
  40.B。fail 这一动作发生在主句谓语动词之前,所以用现在分词的完成时,并且为主动概念。
  41.B。all over the hill and around the lake 为地点状语提前。 flowers 是长在“山上及湖的周围”的。 wild
  42.A。who 为 have 的宾语。
  43.D。根据句子意思可知该动作正在进行,所以用 being done 形式。
  44.D。本题考查 offer 与 help 的用法, 即 offer to do sth.与 help sb.(to) do sth。
  45.C。本题考 查 have difficulty(in) doing sth.这一结构。 本句中 the woman had 为定语从句,修饰 difficulty。
  46.A。be to+have done 结构,表示本应该做某事,但事实上却没有做。
  47.B。本题考查不定式作定语的用法。根据 send 的用法,send sth.to some place,故选择答 案 B。
  48.B。blow 这一动作是 wind 发出的,所以为主动,因此选择 blowing。
  49.C。 该题考查了动词不定式的省略现象。 由题意可知是表示过去的一种打算或计划, 在“was going to”后省略了前面的内容或动作,故应选 C。
  50.A。get the car starting 意为“使汽车发动起来”;try doing 意为“试着做某事”。



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