作文练习 一、假如你是一位在杭工作的美籍专家,名叫 George,家住湖畔花园。几天前,你在家具展销会上,购置了一套家具。 现在,你给报社写信,反映下列问题,希望公布于众,并帮助解决。 1 三天前,家具送到家。 2 几件家具的颜色和尺寸与所定的不一样。 3 橱柜的一条腿短了。 4 要求退货,遭到拒绝。 5 打电话给厂长,他不同意。 注意:1 短文必须包括以上提示的所有内容,可适当增加细节,使文章意思连贯。 2 次数:100 左右 Hupan Garden Dear editor, I’d like to tell you something about the trouble I’m facing in buying furniture. The other day, I ordered a set of furniture exhibition. Three days ago, it was sent to my home. But I found the colour and the sizes of some pieces were not what I had ordered. What’s more, one leg of the cupboard was broken. So I asked them to take back the furniture and give me back the money, but they refused. I telephoned the director of the factory, and he also refused. I hope you will print my letter in the newspaper and helped me solve the problem. Best wishes. Sincerely yours George 二、请根据下述情况写一篇 80-120 词的英语新闻广播稿,准备在你校广播站拨出。 1 时间:昨天下午放学后。 2 地点:回家路上。 3 人物:高一(
  2)班田力和段凯。 4 事件:边骑车边谈笑。后追逐一辆公交车,觉得好玩。公交车遇红灯停下。两人来不及刹车,摔倒在地,一人左臂摔 断,一人腿部受伤。 5 警示:严格遵守交通规则,切忌在马路上嬉笑玩耍。 Two students from Senior One had a traffic accident on the way home yesterday. Tian Li and Duan Kai are two boy students from Class 2, Senior One. Yesterday after school, they went home by bike together, talking and laughing. Just then, a bus was passing by. They started running after it, considering that fun and exciting. All of a sudden, the traffic lights turned red and the bus stopped. They found it too late to stop their bikes and both of them fell to the ground. One had his left arm broken and the other was badly hurt in the leg. It’s really a good lesson to all of us. We have to obey traffic rules and mustn’t play in the street. We can never be too careful. 三、你学习英语有什么好方法吗?你是怎样学英语的?请用 4-5 句话写出来。 Learning English is fun if you are interested in doing it. There are different ways to learn English but I think the most important ways are: learning the words and expressions by heart first, listening and speaking and reading books and magazines and writing are also necessary. I do all these every day, which is very important. If you keep practicing every day, you will be better and better in English. 四、日前,钱江晚报和浙江大学等单位共同举办了以“大学生职业观”为题的论坛, 记者就此进行了采访。请你以记者 的名义,根据下列要点用英语写一篇 120 词左右的新闻报道。 题目:The Job Outlook of Graduates Changes 生词:网页 webpage 少数 mibority 论坛 forum 一)学生观点: 1 大多数想找一份薪金丰厚的好工作。 2 部分持观望态度,等待良机。 3 少数想自己做事情,如网页设计等。 二)专家提醒:不应坐等,应尽快找份工作,理由如下: 1 积累经验 2 养活自己
The Job Outlook of Graduates Changes A forum was held sponsored by Zhejiang University and Qianjiang Evening Newspaper recently. As we can see, university graduates start a new round of job hunting. For most of them, to find a good job with satisfactory pay is their biggest dream while the minority want to be self-employed, such as by doing webpage designing. However, a certain number of graduates are not in a hurry to hunt for jobs. They are just waiting . They advise those students to find a job as early as they can. Only by doing this, will they be able to support the mselves and get working experience, which will help them to find a better position in future. 五、假如你是一家电脑商店的营业员,有一个顾客想买一台电脑,但不知道买台式机还是买手提电脑,你向她介绍这 两种电脑各自的优缺点。台式机:在台式机上看电影、听音乐效果好,容易保养,价格便宜等。手提电脑:体积小, 重量轻,携带方便,占地方少,对人体危害少,但价格昂贵。 要求:100 词左右,可适当增加细节。Both a desktop and a laptop have their own advantages and disadvantages. In general, people feel more comfortable working with a desktop when listening to music or seeing a film, and a desktop is much cheaper than laptop. While a laptop is much smaller, lighter than a desktop, therefore it saves a lot of space. What’s more, you can take a laptop everywhere out on business. But the most important thing is that a laptop won’t do harm to your health, especially to your eyes. However, it will cost you more. 六、假如你叫王平,你在美国读书时认识了 Mark Baker。他对中国的教育很感兴趣,希望有一天能到中国来教书。现 在你得知首都师范大学需要一名外籍教师,请你依照下表所给信息,给首师大负责此项工作的刘先生写一风推荐信, 介绍 Mark Baker 的情况。(120 词左右) Name:MarkBaker Sex:male Nationality:US Birthplace:New York Date of birth: April,1968 Health: Excellent Work: Teacher in Washington University Degree:Doctor of history Second language: Chinese Education: 1974-1986 Julliard Primary School; Sidwell Friends Secondary School 1986-1992 History, Columbia University Dear Mr Liu, I have a friend named Mark Baker, who is now teaching history in Washington University. He was born in New York in April, 19
  68. He began his study in Julliard Primary School in 1974 and graduated from Sidwell Friends Secondary School in 19
  86. Then he entered Columbia University, where he studied for more than six good experience in teaching and his health is in good condition. He has always dreamt of coming to China to teach students . He would be most grateful if you would give him the chance. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Wang Ping 七、针对许多学生沉湎于电子游戏房,学生周刊发出了“No More Video Games ”的倡议。你作为该刊编委之一,执笔这 份倡议。倡议必须包括以下内容:
  1. 青少年在电子游戏房花费太多的金钱和精力。
  2. 电子游戏房里灯光昏暗, 空气浑 浊, 声音嘈杂, 有害眼、耳和身心健康。
  3. 青少年应从事有益活动, 如看书、锻炼、听音乐会、参观博物馆等。
  4. 电子 游戏房有害, 别去电子游戏房。 注意: 词数:100 左右 参考词汇:电子游戏房 video arcade Teenagers are spending too much time and energy on video arcades these days. Video games should be done away with. They are nothing but a waste of time, money and energy. Video games are bad for our eyes, ears and minds. In video arcades the lights are often dim. The air there is dirty and the games are noisy. In addition, a lot of money is spent on these games. Teenagers should be doing valuable things like reading, doing physical exercise and going to the concerts and the museums. Therefore video arcades are harmful to us. Let’s keep away from video arcades. 八、中国作为世界上第三个国家成功地发射了载人航天飞船,这是我国历史上依次伟大的成功。浙江某重点中学就此 事组织学生进行了一次讨论。你是该校的一名学生杨威,中国日报社 21 世纪报高中版特邀你将讨论情况写信告诉编辑 部。请你根据下表提供的信息,给编辑部写一封信,客观地介绍讨论。 参考词汇:通讯卫星 communication satellite 载
人航天飞船 manned sapceship 注意:次数 100-120 之间。 开头、结尾已写好,请写要求部分。 大多数同学认为 更多的机会探索太空 更容易向太空发射通讯卫星有效利用太空资源 体现我国的快速发展 部分同学 认为 投资太大 危险性大。如果操作失灵,宇航员就会有生命危险,营救工作困难 产生更多的太空垃圾 运用于军事 可能影响世界和平 Dear Editor, I’m writing to tell you the discussion that has been held in our school about the advantages and disadvantages of sending up the manned spaceship into space … Most students believe launching the manned spaceship is not only a good chance to do better research in outer space but also communication satellites can be more easily put up into space and send us more information we need. Especially we can make use of space resources and, most important, it shows how rapidly our country has developed. On the other hand, some other students think that sending up a manned spaceship is too expensive as well as dangerous. If something goes wrong, it is difficult to help and rescue the spaceman who may lose his life. Besides, more and more space rubbish will be produced and how to deal with the rubbish is still a big problem to human beings. What’s more, when it is used by the army, it will be a threat to the world. On the whole, in my opinion, these so-called disadvantages can be solved soon and we should be proud of our nation’s space achievements. L Yours truly l Yang Wei 九、按要求写一篇日记,包含以下内容: 5 月 1 日,星期六,晴。在车上看见一位老人给一位抱婴孩的妇女让座。看到这一切,你想到老师的教育。你感到羞愧, 连忙站起来让座给老人。你将牢记这件事,决心做一个文明礼貌的中学生。 要求:语句连贯。词数 100 左右。 May 1,Saturday Sunny In the morning I went to the bookstore by bus. There were a lot of people on the bus. The bus stopped, and a woman with a baby in her arms got on. All the seats were taken. Just then an old man stood up and gave his seat to the woman. When I saw this, I thought of what the teachers taught me. I felt ashamed. So I immediately got up and asked the old man to sit in my seat. I will never forget that. It is good manners to give a seat to others. I will try to be a student with good manners. 十、假设你是李越,你的美国朋友 Max 来信说,他将在七月处来浙江作一次短期的旅游,先请你推荐两个地方。根据 下表提供的信息,请你给他回一封信。 参考词汇: 推荐 recommend(v.) 注意:词数 100 左右 Dear Max, I’m so glad to learn that you are coming to Zhejiang at the beginning of July. I’d like to recommend the following two towns. Town A is where you can find many Chinese traditional gardens by its plenty of lakes and rivers, and it is also where a great many famous people were born. Town B is mountainous with lots of caves and you can enjoy yourself with so many natural scenic spots and local special products. A 4-day-or-so tour of Town A may cost you 700 RMB yuan while a 2-and-a-half-day tour of Town B may ask for 500 RMB yuan. Please let me know soon if you want to visit these two kinds of places. T Yours, Li Yue 十一、有则广告说:“ 三个月学会英语,无效退款!” 请以此为出发点写一片短文,谈谈学英语并非如此轻而易举。 并简单写出一两点关于学好英语的建议。 注意: 题目自拟 2 词数 100 左右 An ad says, “Learn English in three months, 1 or your money back!” Of course, it never happens quite like that. As we know, no language is easy to learn, including one’s mother tongue. English, as a language, has its own difficult points to learn. For example, there are so many idioms in English. Another example is the spelling. Learners have to spend a lot of time learning them by heart. And they must put practice into the first place. The more practice, the more benefit. So English learners are required to speak more and read more. English becomes easy only in practice. In a word, in order to learn English well, learners have a lot of things to do. 十二、请你以 We need a better class of teacher 为题, 续写以下一段文字。 内容包括:
  1. 提出问题:传统的好老师是否能成为 今天的好教师呢?
  2. 今天的教育应该是对人的全面的培养,而不是只能考出 好成绩。
  3. 生活在信息时代,教育的最大挑战是 对学生能力的培养。
  4. 有四中教师能胜任这种挑战,他们善于叙 述、解释、演绎和激励 随着信息技术的不断发展, 传统的靠读报获取信息的方式逐渐被看电视、 上网所取代。 对此你们学校开展了题为"Views
on Newspapers" 的社会调查。请你根据下表中的提示给中学生英语报投稿,客观介绍调查情况,并简单陈述你的看法。 45%的人喜欢读报 55%的人不喜欢读报
  1. 不受时间限制, 方便
  2. 阅读使人思考, 有利于智力的提高
  3. 可以随个人兴趣获取信息
  1. 没有声像, 不够生动
  2. 信 息传递速度相对较慢 Dear editor, Recently students of our school have made a survey of "Views on Newspapers". The people whom we interviewed have two different opinions.45% of the people enjoy reading newspapers. First of all, as a convenient source of information, reading newspapers is not limited by time. Secondly, reading also makes people think, which



   2011 年中考英语作文题目预测及范文 一、关注时事 H1N1 流感 ★ 范文 01. 根据中文大意和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯、符合逻辑、不少于 60 词的短文.所给英 文提示词语供选用.请不要写出你的校名和姓名. 世界上已有许多国家发现了新型 H1N1 流感病毒(H1N1 flu virus)病例.据了解,人感染该 病毒后会出现咳嗽、 发烧、 疲劳等症状.为了加强同学们的预防意识, 世纪中学生英语报> (21 正在举办征文活动, 请你给该报投稿, 描述感染该病毒的症状并谈一谈为了预 ...


   上百度,输入 沈阳英语家教吴军"查询 输入"沈阳英语家教吴军 查询! 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度 输入 沈阳英语家教吴军 查询 高考英语作文完美炮制法 紧扣高考英语作文评分标准 紧扣高考英语作文评分标准 高考作文采用总体评分方式,集中在以下四个方面: -覆盖了题目提出的所有内容要点和要求; -应用了较多的语法结构和词汇,内容比较丰富; -在使用复杂结构或高级词汇时允许有些许错误; -有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,全文结构紧凑流畅。 ●高考英语作文完 ...


   2011 年高考英语作文题目预测之一:环境保护 假如你是李华,现任你们学校的学生会主席。你将代表学生会起草一份倡议书,号召全 校同学行动起来,为环保运动做出自己的努力。同时下周六学校将组织同学 在全市进行环保宣 传活动,征召志愿者到校学生会报名。 注意:(1)短文应该包括以上所提供的主要信息,可适当发挥;(2)词数:120 左右; (3)倡议书格式以提供,不计入总词数;(4)参考词汇:征召(新人) recruit。 15 May, 2010 Dear brothers and sisters ...


   2011 高考英语作文 高考英语解决方法型模板 要求考生列举出解决问题的多种途径 1.问题现状 2.怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点) In recent days, we have to face I problemA, which is becoming more and more serious. First, (说明A的现状).Se cond, (举例进一步说明现状) Confronted with A, we shoul d take a series of effective meas ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 2011 高考英语听力仿真练习 Part A: Short Conversations Directions: In part A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about wha ...


   书面表达一直在历年高考中占有很重要的地位,而且相对于其他题型,书面表达最容易 在短期内有所突破,因为其他的题都是客观题,只有书面表达是主观题。主观题就意味着需 要人工阅卷而不是机器阅卷, 也就是说只要考生可以抓住阅卷老师的心里, 按照他们所期待 的模式去写,必定能在高考中取得高分。在历年的高考评卷过程中,阅卷老师是如何评判一 份卷子的,阅卷人最注重的是什么,是每个高考考生迫切想知道的,笔者将结合多年的高考 阅卷经验,告诉大家如何在高考中胜人一筹,在书面表达上拿到高档次的分数。 书面表达 在评 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 议论话题类作文 一、锦囊妙计 议论文是以议论为主要表达方式的一种体裁,它主要用于剖析事物,论述事理,发表意 见,提出主张,作者可以通过摆事实,讲道理,直接表达作者的观点。一些是关于学校或社 会存在的某些现象及焦点问题,要求学生表明见解,进行论述。在写议论文时, 应注意以下 几点: 1. 条理要清晰,观点明确。 2. 注意运用基本的论据来阐明观点,同时切记用 5 句话表达全文。 3. 上下文要连接自然,适当运用连词、副词、 ...


   中学学科网学海泛舟系列资料 WWW.ZXXK.COM 上中学学科网,下精品学科资料 年全国各地中考英语作文题目及范文汇编 2010 年全国各地中考英语作文题目及范文汇编 上海:I'm proud of myself 上海 1、What kind of person are you? 2、What makes you proud of yourself(Give an example/examples) 3、Why are you proud of yourself? 要求:至少 60 字。 ...


   英语作文练习题 两篇作文题目,愿意的话写一写,写完后可以拿给我 看! 一、 写一篇短文,介绍自己:①每天几点钟起床、吃早 饭、上学;②下午几点钟放学、回家;③晚上几点钟吃晚餐、 看电视、几点睡觉。要求 40 字左右。 二、假如你叫 Daniel,你的网友 Amy 想知道你的日常生 活,现在请你根据以下提示,给你的网友发个邮件,告诉她 你的情况。 1.在济南燕山学上学。 2.6:30 起床 7:30 上学。 3.8:30~11:30 上课。 4.下午 4:30 后与同学打篮球,然后回家。 5. ...


   高考英语作文范文 47 篇 I. 看图作文类 1. 今年寒假,你参加了社会实践活动,去某旅行社当业余导游。请根据该旅行社提供的数据和你的所见所闻,用英语 今年寒假,你参加了社会实践活动,去某旅行社当业余导游。请根据该旅行社提供的数据和你的所见所闻, 写一篇短文,作为寒假作业交给你的英语老师。 写一篇短文,作为寒假作业交给你的英语老师。 Number of people in City X travelling abroad in 1996, 2001 and 2006 140000 1200 ...



   第一章阅读理解B节题型:技巧与实战第一节选考题型之一语段选搭题 一、大纲解读 语段选搭题考一篇500~600词的文章,该节共5题,每题两分,共10分。该部分的测试重点在于把握文章结构,主要考察考生对诸如连贯性、一致性、逻辑联系等语篇、语段整体特征的理解,即要求考生在理解全文的基础上弄清文章的整体和微观结构。 该节分为两个部分:主干部分和选项部分。主干部分的原文约600词,其中有5段空白处,空白处的位置可能在段首、段落中间、段未,但不会是文章的第一句,一般情况下 也不 ...


   自考英语语法复习资料(19) 2007-5-23 【大 中 小】   (10)强调结构   1. 强调句的定义   强调是有效地进行思想交流的重要手段之一。人们在交际过程中,为了使自己的思想能为听者或读者恰当的理解,必须突出重要的内容,这就需要运用强调的手段。   2. 强调的构成   在现代英语中,人们可以通过语音手段、词汇手段、语法手段来进行强调。   (1)语音手段   在口语中,人们可以根据交流的需要,通过语句重音来对不同的词语进行强调。例如 He speaks English wel ...


   三、船舶机械类(Words about marine machinery) 1.船用锅炉 Marine boiler 2.废气锅炉 Exhaust boiler 3.辅锅炉 Donkey boiler 4.组合式锅炉 Combined boiler 5.火管 Fire tube 6.给水管 Feed pipe 7.炉膛 Furnace 8.炉墙 Furnace wall 9.火侧 Fire side 10.水侧 Water side 11.燃烧器 Oil burner 12.安全阀 Safet ...


   a(an) art.一(个);每一(个);任一 A.M. ad.上午,午前 able a.能够,有能力的 about prep.关于;在…周围;在…各处 ad.大约 above prep.在…上方;(数量,价格等)大于… abroad ad.出国,在国外 according ad.按照;根据 across prep.穿过;在另一边,在对面 ad.横越 afraid a.恐怕的;担心的;害怕的 after prep.在…以后 conj.在…以后 ad.以后 afternoon n.下午 agai ...


   四川省大学英语三级考试考场指令 [注意: 1.本指令制作在听力磁带上,9 时正由监考人员开始播放。方括号中为说明,不朗读。 2.大学英语三级考试的书面材料为试卷一 1 袋、试卷二和答题卡合装 1 袋。 ] 1.请考生按座位上准考证号坐好;准考证和学生证放在座位左上角。15 分钟后,即 9:15,考 试正式开始,到 11:15 结束,共 120 分钟。考试结束前,考生不得离开考场。宣布考试结 束后,请留在座位上,待监考人员将所有试卷及答卷全部收齐点清后,方可离开。请严守 纪律,任何舞弊行为,一 ...